Hairdresser Reacts To People Going Black To Silver

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

Month ago

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some girls attempt to go from dark brown hair to silver all on their own!
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notice me senpai
notice me senpai 5 minutes ago
I cut ugly bangs halp
xMARISHx 3 hours ago
Brad: Everytime i see your damn face, its get more and more beautiful Me: thank you, this body shop tea tree oil range works really well
living with ava
living with ava 6 hours ago
he reminds me of skin care hyram but for hair
Dano Danonino
Dano Danonino 8 hours ago
No se como llegue aquí entiendo nada Jaj solo se que están interesantes los cambios
ezequiel elias
ezequiel elias 8 hours ago
Love your outfit!😍
Mikaela 9 hours ago
I'm living for Brad cheering when their hair turns out amazing!
Zeuishi 9 hours ago
I remember when I bleached my hair and it was orange! I went to Sally’s and the lady told me to get T18 and it did NOTHING. I was so sad and I didn’t know what toner to get.
Aya Samer
Aya Samer 10 hours ago
So all these ppl who make videos like him and Hiram are gay no hate but straight ppl do something😂
Layla Tacocat
Layla Tacocat 10 hours ago
video: ima dye my hair brad: those LASHES gOrL
it'z meh Arita
it'z meh Arita 11 hours ago
Brad mondo i have really thick hair and i mean thick thick it gets tangled when i brush it for one or more hours it's very long and i don't know what to do please tell me
Isabella Ross
Isabella Ross 12 hours ago
He’s like the Hyram of hair
hot cocoa
hot cocoa 13 hours ago
“Hi beautiful” Me: **just cut my bangs blindfolded** 👁👄👁
yikes !
yikes ! 15 hours ago
this just got recommended to me when i’m thinking of dyeing my dark brown hair silver/white. thank you brad and youtube
S A 15 hours ago
I think she means not to leave the bleach kit from drugstores on for longer than 45 mins, because that shit will cook your hair cause its cheapish products
Sugar Kittens
Sugar Kittens 16 hours ago
I love how Brad complimented us at the start. I feel welcomed 🥺❤️
hI mY nAmE iS cArLa
hI mY nAmE iS cArLa 16 hours ago
hI mY nAmE iS cArLa
hI mY nAmE iS cArLa 16 hours ago
My brother asked is he gay ;-;
Emalyn Street
Emalyn Street 17 hours ago
Brad has to realize that these people don’t know what they’re doing and they just want to have fun and live life so they dye their hair! Let them live without judging them so much! They haven’t been trained like you have BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Triminio
Karen Triminio 17 hours ago
Brad: He kind of looks like the cute kpop boy with the yellowy orange hair....they always have this ugly yellow hair. Me: Searches for picture for example
Kallie Chaidez
Kallie Chaidez 17 hours ago
I’m bleaching the front peices of my hair right now, wish me luck y’all
Mystery Cousins
Mystery Cousins 18 hours ago
Someday im thinking on getting white hair with purple tips my mom wants black hair and some pink but im gonna need my hair bleeched because my hair color is brown...oof
Ramya Smriti Soma
Ramya Smriti Soma 18 hours ago
0:00 -0:13 Brad looking at himself in the camera and talking 😄
Crystal Heart Fox
Crystal Heart Fox 22 hours ago
New sub, u are awesome so far!
star vs the forces of evil
star vs the forces of evil 23 hours ago
Your intros give me confidence lmaoooooo
Rosie Day ago
been maybe a lil over a year...what the hell does brad do so well that makes me wanna come back..🖤🖤
Frost the wolf
Frost the wolf Day ago
Brad Mondo is the Gordon Ramsey of hair😂
::ToXicc:: Day ago
Can anyone tell me where I can get a fishnet top like that?
Ala’a Atari
Ala’a Atari Day ago
*Me screaming internally bc my mom is a hairstylist and some of this PAINS ME to see: 👁👄👁*
Summer Lynn
Summer Lynn Day ago
He’s giving me Kendall vibes BTR
PlatinumShiro Day ago
So this is somewhat failed bit success at home dark to silver....which isn't the best recommended. However, is it better recommended at a salon? Cause I have an appointment to do the same thing to my hair but at a salon.
Maribel Gomez
Maribel Gomez Day ago
Blue + yellow = green
chloe bee
chloe bee Day ago
brads fits are always to die for I’m in love w his style
Alleesha Dean
Alleesha Dean Day ago
she looks way better with her brown hair. If I were her, I wouldn't go silver unless my roots are grey.
Dakota Meeker
Dakota Meeker Day ago
If ive learnes anything about bleaching hair its DONT BLEACH THE ROOTS. I let my boyfriend bleach my hair and i told him so many times dont do my roots till youre done with my lengths. And my hair turned out amazing
Olivia Akers
Olivia Akers Day ago
Am I the only one who watches Brad just to feel better about themselves. No only me? Okay
Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez 15 hours ago
U not da only one gurl
Karen Billings
Karen Billings Day ago
I did but I went to a professional lol.
MissMatilda Day ago
I love watching this guy! And I’ve learned a lot too
Caitlyn Gates
Caitlyn Gates Day ago
hi everyone!! i have almost black curly 3b hair and i really want to dye parts of it white/silver, but i have no idea where to go to have it done and have my hair not turn out horribly/ fall out. I did have it cut short about 2 weeks ago, but i’ve never dyed my hair and am at a complete loss as to how to go about it
Dalila Chacon
Dalila Chacon Day ago
Tell me he dosnr look like ian somerhelder
MichieTV Day ago
Brad stop you’re making me ✨ b l u s h ✨. 0:08
bex17_a _
bex17_a _ Day ago
His outfit looks like the hairbrush in the thumbnail
Alayna Kendall
Alayna Kendall Day ago
That intro made me year 😂😂😂
Dawn I
Dawn I Day ago
Lollllllllll....I'm in the industry 22 years...this gives me the worst anxiety...I gotta get some wine now.....
Alexaaandraa 55
Alexaaandraa 55 Day ago
czemu żaden polski fryzjer nie nagrywa takich filmów☹️☹️
JANNAH Javed Day ago
Brad ur the best
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Day ago
I love your positivity. ❤️
priyanka chaturvedi
priyanka chaturvedi Day ago
This is so cute how brad makes his viewers feel at the starting 💖
itzindia 2 days ago
Why’d she bleach the roots and then dyed it black
char star
char star 2 days ago
the roots are like the nice guys in life they always finish last :(
Juliette Sorum
Juliette Sorum 2 days ago
19:54 The man on the vid looks like friggin DRACO MALFOY FOR GOODNESS SAKE! ;-;
Jona-Marie Liebe
Jona-Marie Liebe 2 days ago
I- his intros... They make me ✨😢🥺❤️
Nessa 2 days ago
"do the ends first" uhhh what happens when my hair is really short?
cole garcia
cole garcia 2 days ago
Hair: Brad Mondo Face: Hyram Body: Chloe Ting Btch it all free
Azaria Dontgaf
Azaria Dontgaf 2 days ago
He pause the video to much for me
Distian Librada Gonzalez Heraldez 6OM
Distian Librada Gonzalez Heraldez 6OM 2 days ago
I go back to blonde after black and isn't funny.
Angel Brock
Angel Brock 2 days ago
"blue and yellow makes white" wait but...then my whole life is a lie cause i thought it made green lol
Hayley Baker
Hayley Baker 2 days ago
Brad: Hey beautiful Me with second degree sunburns on my face:👁👄👁
Apple Pi
Apple Pi 2 days ago
The first girls first bleach looks like kenma
Caitleen Marie Santos
Caitleen Marie Santos 13 hours ago
Yooo, i love the reference
Elizabeth Sosa
Elizabeth Sosa 2 days ago
brad: "hey beautiful" me: hello! brad: "i swear that face gets prettier every time i see it" me with a facemask on and half asleep: "why thank you!"
Alexia Xx
Alexia Xx 2 days ago