D&D Story: DM.exe has crashed! || Attack at the school

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

Got another Dungeons and Dragons story from when I started up a new campaign. This one takes place 500 years after my previous story ended. The players tracked down a Lycan cult and invaded a boarding school, leading to a rivalry between our paladin and samurai. Enjoy! D&D Story: DM.exe has crashed! || Attack on the school
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SupaDanteX 14 hours ago
Im sorry is it explained how / why the monk is permanently invisible? are we just skipping over that? Is that part of a different story / video I haven't seen?
Widdershins Day ago
"Don't worry! I know just the thing that will defuse this situation!" "Oh. Great. What did. You have. In mind?" ... **ARSON!!!**
Cidacit Day ago
You know the campaign is going to be interestingng when it starts off with a school shooting...
jay quickblade
jay quickblade Day ago
Did the player find it funny
ericb31 2 days ago
omg, i was looking at the thumbnail of the "related stories", and i realized... this is the SAME group that named their team "the W.O.R.S.T. solutions"!
ericb31 2 days ago
oh, that "wild things" gag!
Axelfirekirby 3 days ago
5:45 to steal a line from krimsonrogue "BUT THEN THERE WAS A SCHOOL SHOOTING!"
Chris Charlwood
Chris Charlwood 4 days ago
There should be a class called nedlesly distracts the plot with nonsensical antics. They learn wish on first level and they have proficiency with gambling, slight of hand and makeshift explosions.
Megan B.
Megan B. 4 days ago
The paladin looks like a wizard?
Obeid Eldick
Obeid Eldick 4 days ago
Dragon Unity
Dragon Unity 4 days ago
press F for every invisible friend become too stealthy and dissapiar from your team :D
Bryce Burns
Bryce Burns 4 days ago
I always like watching this vid, makes me crack up everytime. Thanks @puffinforest your the best
Toxic Jellywing
Toxic Jellywing 4 days ago
Michelle is the best character
foxith 4 days ago
a hat is not a development. unless it transforms into a dude with duel welding flintlocks. >_
Mister Bracey
Mister Bracey 5 days ago
Ive said it before but Im gonna say it again, you have the absolutely worst players.
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking 5 days ago
I love how the invisible one is the only one who doesn't take the sneaky route
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking 5 days ago
Love that
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking 5 days ago
Honestly if he built his character like that I'd be all good with it
Kyle Klendworth
Kyle Klendworth 5 days ago
man you're a shit dm
Kyle Klendworth
Kyle Klendworth 5 days ago
@The Viewer I was moreso referring to his dismissive/passive aggressive treatment of the shadow monk, which likely led to them not communicating about the invisibility issue. Beyond that, if the party could see him (and the pc didn't speak up prior) they lose the right to be invisible then and there. Ezpz
The Viewer
The Viewer 5 days ago
How? Sometimes parties decide to take the worst possible actions and unless the DM wants to railroad things often get a bit crazy.
Mouthy's Channel!
Mouthy's Channel! 6 days ago
I recently played in a game with a Player like that Samurai. Life Domain Cleric cause it was the only one on D&D Beyond. We were negotiating with hostile undead cultists and our Cleric, the one guy who hates undead more than anyone, hid in a bush and shouted passive-aggressive things at his own party members for not giving into the cultist demands. Later found out he tried to cast Command on us to give up the maguffin to these cultists. I then made him clean the cum wagon as punishment.
Darragh 6 days ago
"so we are looking for a place called the carnival" yep "and its where animals come" correct? "i guess then its the" SWEAR TO GOD SHUT UP "THE CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS"
hendrick lol
hendrick lol 6 days ago
i love the puns so much hehehehehe
thomanator1000 7 days ago
Worlds first school shooting
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 9 days ago
That is one allowing DM, I would immedeatly strike down perma invis, the character that has to be waaay overleveled and the gunblade.
marty nicholls
marty nicholls 9 days ago
If they couldn't hear him either maybe he was trapped in an illusion and when they approached him it cause the illusion to wear off. Other wise I'ma say he got turned ethereal because if they can't hear or see him I have no other explanation. On top of that. Ben if that samurai is murdering people and trying to kill other PCs why didn't you put your foot down? It looks like he was actively causing problems for the group for little to no in game reason. I hope that game turned out okay.
WyvernFortune 11 days ago
Wait, I thought Will hated RPGs...
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle 13 days ago
Was the Samurai evil, or the player?
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon 14 days ago
SO FAR! There has been: -Mobile Suit Gundam Wing -Solid snake and REX. -Shredder
TheTabaK23 15 days ago
Murder hoboism alienates your friends
Padparadscha 18 days ago
I may have taken inspiration from Michelle (& Detective Clancy) & made a character who believes he's permanently invisible
Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs 19 days ago
RWBY Joke below! Puffin: A hat, does not count, as _character development!_ Rooster Teeth: *Sweating intensifies*
Yuriy Chizhov
Yuriy Chizhov 23 days ago
Be honest, Mr. Forrest, you liked it... Not only have you allowed it to happen, you kinda pushed them there...
Nadavos 0
Nadavos 0 23 days ago
Every time I watch this video it only becomes funnier and funnier.
bcfb21 24 days ago
“I’m taking ALL of you with me!”
Tien 25 days ago
7:57 ...What is that Samurai's alignment? if he isn't chaotic evil, change it.
Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth Clark 27 days ago
I Warned You
ree ree
ree ree 29 days ago
Basically murder hobos
Spencer Sonnefeld
Spencer Sonnefeld 29 days ago
The samurai is chaotic stupid.
hatchcrazy 29 days ago
...Anyone else starting to wonder if maaaaaybe the samurai player has a few unresolved issues left over from their school days?
Ωmega Month ago
I like how now we know that the monk is his brother.