7 Incredible Details In Games We Completely Missed

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3 months ago

We love it when games include amazing little details for us to find. Sometimes they hide them so well we don't notice them for years! Here are 7 incredible details we completely missed. Did you spot any of these? Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments!
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Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Month ago
I've been playing dishonored for like 5 years and never noticed that
BroodMango 2 months ago
It's the exact opposite with Metal Gear actually.. It's neglect, not attention to details >.> The model of the player shoots a round, as it's programmed to do in the cutscene, and then they didn't bother to program the ammo refill once the cutscene ends.. If that was attention to details the ammo would have been missing even if you skipped the cutscene...
Jasonrelentless Gaming
Jasonrelentless Gaming 2 months ago
I found an npc on Hitman playing Pokemon Go on Sapienza he caught a Charmeleon XD
Abishek Nair
Abishek Nair 2 months ago
574,000 gil in his pocket but 500 gil is costly....πŸ€¦β€β™‚
Ivin3690 2 months ago
"The fact that people I kill in Skyrim stay dead, makes the world feel so alive." - Rob
Aleph Sharp
Aleph Sharp 2 months ago
SO much of horizon has ridiculous levels of detail. Allll the extra audio and text logs, the info included on the machine parts, with serial numbers and such, the machines armor increasing as you kill them, etc.
Shannon Giasson
Shannon Giasson 2 months ago
rob doesn't really understand how photoshop works the dishonored one prolly took them 2 seconds to make the second one they would've just cut the bottle out and finish the drawing from there.
PlayStation Access
PlayStation Access 2 months ago
Shannon, this is less to do with the creation of the image of the painting itself, and more about designing a game world filled with the kind of possibility and attention to detail that means two unrelated non-essential actions several missions apart can lead to the discovery of a tiny difference in the world. Think about all the stuff you have to do just to make a game like Dishonored playable! The environments and the missions and the gameplay. And then imagine being so determined to build a world full of player choice and detail that you add things like this on top.
Sombraelerizo 3 months ago
I live for these little details, GTA V and Persona 5 always got me in this regard.
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado 3 months ago
Really? rest mode but u would still go back to the same place where u left off? I didn't know that. I will try that
Shannon Hamilton
Shannon Hamilton 3 months ago
Psychonauts was loaded with small details. I hope Psychonauts 2 continues the tradition.
Brigadier Blue
Brigadier Blue 3 months ago
We love ya Rob Don't change for anything πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
Jack Osborne
Jack Osborne 3 months ago
Rob it such an intelligent critical writer. I've always loved his videos they don't just feel like Playstation propaganda, there's a real love for videogames at the crux of everything he says.
James Watson Atheist Gamer
James Watson Atheist Gamer 3 months ago
I love dishonoured.
Herowebcomics 3 months ago
These details are awesome! You should check out the PS5 reveal!
mikeymay 3 months ago
A tiny detail, but the loading screen in AC Odyssey fills up with cultist masks the more cultists you kill. (I think. Or is it just my imagination)
zelda foxx
zelda foxx 3 months ago
i love how playstation access ignores the existence of other consoles lol
matthew 3 months ago
"which is why i've included skyrim and final fantasy for a change of pace." made me smile and laugh. great video as always.
Morris Loninia
Morris Loninia 3 months ago
I can't wait to know what are the reaction of team Playstation Access about the PS5.
Bryan Cadents
Bryan Cadents 3 months ago
I liked in MGS3 after Snake gets the eye patch, there are those two shadowed corners on the screen when looking in 1st person view. Didn't actually notice on my first playthrough until the internet pointed it out to me.
phil barton
phil barton 3 months ago
The sheer ambition and attention to detail rockstar games are full of always staggers me, for example if you fail a mission and restart it you'll receive a whole new part of dialogue while travelling, something that most people won't even hear! The effort to acknowledgement ratio is bonkers!
mikkdc 3 months ago
4:45 Could not stop laughing. NOT getting to the cloud district very often :D
Cuiasodo 3 months ago
"The poor artists had to make the picture twice!" Do...do you know how Photoshop layers work?
Eric Whitney
Eric Whitney 3 months ago
Thought this same thing. Lol. Although there would be two different files for each one.
J Lyons
J Lyons 3 months ago
Marcjames Whelan
Marcjames Whelan 3 months ago
Narrator very annoying
Dave Wiik
Dave Wiik 3 months ago
Should there be a game like the movie "polar"? It's like hit man but you and they after you as well. Protecting a lost like daughter yet at times it's messed up interrogation and sometime mission impossible. Love the opinion
Apathy Guy
Apathy Guy 3 months ago
In Dragon Age: Origins they took the time to get actual rat noises for the rodents in the Dwarven citadel. I had pet rats at the time and every time I heard them in game I thought my rats were wrestling with each other. I got up at least 4 or 5 times to make sure they were OK before I caught on to it. Somebody took the time to sample rats for a game. Crazy. I bet I'm the only person who ever played it to notice that.
Anna 3 months ago
The pebbles in Bloodborne are eyes.
alarsenal10 3 months ago
A second part of this would be great
peterhaase1982 3 months ago
Hello, you've caught me playing modern hyper realistic games, wishing I was playing PS2 era games instead because, let's face it, that was my era of gaming, and I'm proud of it. Not that modern games aren't just as good if not better, that is what I'm paid to say after all. No, I think I'll keep including the same games in my lists each week, to passive aggressively show my true feelings, but which will go over the heads of most viewers. Lovely.
the204cool 3 months ago
Pretty sure Michael was in the back seat of the car after having an argument with his wife
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor 3 months ago
Rob performs genocide and the people stay dead, β€œit just makes the world seem so alive”
Bleriiks 3 months ago
Detail = Immersion, and I love immersion!
liam sherratt
liam sherratt 3 months ago
You guys gonna upload anything about the reveal?
Ian Tyler
Ian Tyler 3 months ago
Friday features makes my week. Cheers Rob
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart 3 months ago
Can't wait for Rob to talk about PS5. :D
Deetsitmeister 3 months ago
I want to give a shout out to a game that doesn't get talked about enough, Hunt: Showdown it has lots of amazing details, but the one I want to mention is, Some guns in the game, when you start a match, have the last bullet unloaded (to compensate for the bullet chambered into the gun) if you partially reload the gun, you lose the the chambered bullet (unless you've got the bulletgrubber perk) but not if you reload from empty. Some guns also reload faster from empty over partial reloads, so cool.
Luk3y 93
Luk3y 93 3 months ago
Theres a picture of nathan drake in the opening cut scene in crash 3 warped of the n sane trilogy
Luk3y 93
Luk3y 93 3 months ago
Playstation access has only played 10 gamesπŸ˜… according to rob anyway lol New idea for a friday feature. 7 games that aren't final fantasy or metal gearπŸ˜…
Udhaya Bhaskhar Kumar
Udhaya Bhaskhar Kumar 3 months ago
The best joke here is rob saying that instead of always showing footages of msg he is showing footages of ff7 and skyrim! LOL
AluXia 3 months ago
There should be an opposite list video about the continuity error of games, im talking about re2 remake where in the cutscene leon can still shoot his gun even tho I dumped all the bullets on the zombies before the cutscene.
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