Best AEW pay-per-view entrances | Double or Nothing, Fyter Fest, Revolution

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6 months ago

There have been some awesome pay-per-view entrances at AEW since the promotion started with its first show at Double or Nothing in 2019. Watch the best of the best here, including Awesome Kong, Cody, The Elite, Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, and Chris Jericho.
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The Gent
The Gent 3 days ago
Cosplay is fun.
Brendan B
Brendan B 3 days ago
Kenny Omega's Sans entrance better be on here. Update: SMDH
t2p 4 days ago
Shows how out of touch WWE is ...
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 9 days ago
I like how much of a reaction Cody to breaking the throne got, because you have people on side complaining how it was so unnecessary and the other side like "well that happened, he had a pretty good match too" and the other side being like "well no, he didn't need to do that and I mean I don't care" and the other side being like "yeah, so what else is going o-" and the other side stating again "it's just Cody didn't have to do that, but like I said I don't care"
Mohi 19 days ago
0:30 that guy sitting over there at the entrance please give him some popcorn :-)
Joseph Myers
Joseph Myers 20 days ago
Love the Akuma get up.
Mighty T 'The Chief'
Mighty T 'The Chief' 21 day ago
The Lé Champion can make a entrance when he wants to.
Alam Rodriguez
Alam Rodriguez 21 day ago
We still waiting till awesome Kong to destroy the bella twins
yourefat andlazy
yourefat andlazy 22 days ago
the weeb entrances was pretty cringe
Will Hautamaki
Will Hautamaki 23 days ago
My top fav was the cody destroying throne
Gheran Nor
Gheran Nor 24 days ago
Cody destroying that throne is EASILY the biggest jab at WWE and Triple H
MiichaelJr YT
MiichaelJr YT 26 days ago
The american dream would be proud cody your farther would be proud
MiichaelJr YT
MiichaelJr YT 26 days ago
Ik why cody derstory the thorwn he knew what it meant it meant to triple H thrown
gudalupe vp
gudalupe vp 29 days ago
Kenny Akuma omega
P. Dilla
P. Dilla Month ago
F-U COVID!!!!!!!!!!
Mwila Chola
Mwila Chola Month ago
3:27 "Die 1000 deaths!!!!!!"
Vishal Van de Berg
Vishal Van de Berg Month ago
That Chair Cody broke is it Triple H's one?
Jordan L
Jordan L Month ago
Man AEW would be WAY BETTER if they weren't ALWAYS on WWE's nutsack. AEW is better when they dont make the chips on their shoulders so obviously painful
Angel Yala
Angel Yala Month ago
When Brandi said "Awesome" I thought the miz was making his debut 💀
ariuk bn
ariuk bn Month ago
cody fully mocking triple h
Undisputed Zeroes
Undisputed Zeroes Month ago
Cody breaking the throne one is the best thing in pro wrestling in the past decade.❤️
K Lalramngaizuala
K Lalramngaizuala Month ago
That throne looks familiar.. Does it resemble triple h's
RobloxQueen Month ago
triple h:THATS NOT THE THRONE I USE ANYWAY nobody: triple h: starts crying
King Arsine
King Arsine Month ago
Its funny how they intentionally yet subliminally take shots at WWE Lol Brandi Yelling "Break it Dowwwwwn" when Cody hit tha throne was Classic
MVWF ManchVegas Wrestling Federation
MVWF ManchVegas Wrestling Federation Month ago
ishan khisti
ishan khisti Month ago
2:24 Cody taking shots at hhh
Roman Maksymow
Roman Maksymow Month ago
Brandy is beautiful Cody a lucky man dam
Smol Sammich
Smol Sammich Month ago
I love that Orange Cassidy's description is even "Whatever"
Wegster Month ago
Justin Roberts annoucing Orange Cassidy's entrance: from wherever. weight in whatever. ORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYNGE CASSIDYYYYYYY
LacaZ 38
LacaZ 38 Month ago
Justin Roberts is so fucking Amazing when he introduce Jon Moxley.. *_*
Joshua Muniz
Joshua Muniz Month ago
What ever happened to Awesome King
DarkHeartTheEmo Month ago
So this was the first time that Street Fighter had crossover with AEW? Becausethis year they sold 200 t.shirts and that t-shirt was a crossover between AEW and Street Fighter ,of course that Capcom give them premission to use their franchise as kind of a collab and besides Capcom is amazing, especually lately, people are stiil mad because they blame the fans, because Megaman Legend 3 doesn't exist, but I think we can forgive them, they made Megaman 11 that was a great game.
Marv Pott
Marv Pott Month ago
When brandi said awesome...Pourquoi?
Tri State Refuse
Tri State Refuse Month ago
me sitting here watching jerichos entrance singing along
Tony Harris
Tony Harris Month ago
So we just gonna skate past the fact the he Called jr a 09er with the street fighter reference think I need to start watching aew
M Hale 2
M Hale 2 Month ago
Leave it to a stupid boomer to still be pronouncing it "Rie-You" in 2020.
Hyper10sion Month ago
Mox's entrance from the street should have been here. It was something wrestlers don't just do. You don't walk in the front door. But Mox does cause he gives zero fucks about the pyro and screens. He's there to wrestle.
MrWicked505 Month ago
0:00 ButterCream
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt Month ago
Cody giving a middle finger to wwe
kle2videoproductions Month ago
Probably the best was Jericho’s entrance on his cruise.
Bownhed Month ago
Nobody: Cody: FUCK HHH
adrian cruz
adrian cruz Month ago
Low key brandy is annoying. Young bucks Cody and Olivia are wanna be click. Young bucks are not even as good as they think they are.
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
click ? I think you meant the Kliq you moron. If anything the Kliq are a wanna be NWO. The Bullet Club are their own thing and are even better than they were. Name another stable that transcends wrestling and has ties all over from NJPW to ROH, Impact, WWE, AEW etc. I'll wait. The point is Kenny Omega and the Bucks are the greatest wrestlers alive today.
Miguel Triana
Miguel Triana Month ago
Cómo no querer a Orange Cassidy, the show man!!!
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 months ago
3:36 this is why people don't take wrestling seriously anymore
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
@Random Dude Who gives a flying fuck ? That entrance wasn't even one of their PPV's they were just having fun, but clearly you hate that.
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer Month ago
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 months ago
@Technoblade Fan It's goofy.
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 months ago
Random Dude bruh that was epic.
Shaggzila 2 months ago
I like AEW but lets face it, if these men and women put the kind of thought into there matches like they do there entrances they'd be killing Vince and the WWE right now. The only thing AEW and the WWE can compete on is whose got the better entrance because right now both companies wrestling sucks a lot of balls! Case in point is how do you get the hottest tag team in the world in FTR and they've really yet to make any sort of major impact!
Shaggzila Month ago
@Technoblade Fan Marc Mero was a regular! He was Johnny B. Badd in WCW. The Brooklyn Brawler was a regular, he wrestled on screen and worked for Vince behind the scenes. The Conquistadors were a regular tag team even appearing at the first survivor series because Vince ran low on teams. Doesn’t change the fact they’re jobbers and NOT suppose to put on a competitive match with the superstars. Again that devalues the superstars. The WWF always put superstars in the ring with jobbers. Again the match isn’t meant to be competitive it’s meant to showcase the stars talents and abilities. Jeff Hardy was a jobber once so was Matt! I’m talking in the early 90s not the Hardy Boyz tag team during the attitude era. If you want your talent to beat others that know what they’re doing you stick them in the ring with another superstar. The WWF routine was using jobbers to showcase talent as a buildup to the main events. Rick Rude would showcase himself one night, Ultimate Warrior another night and through out the months leading to a pay per view they’d meet head on in matches on Saturday Nights Main Event. They’d fight to draws, DQs, usually the heel winning in some form of cheating creating a buildup to the match on PPV in which the baby face would come out on top. Paul Roma and Jim Powers were a tag team called the Young Stallions and were in a story that got them to challenge the Hart Foundation for the WWF tag titles. They were broken up because Paul and Jim hated each other and were turned into Jobbers. Jim remained a jobber his entire WWF career only getting wins over other jobbers until he left for WCW while Paul went on to team with Hercules as Power and Glory. Even regular talent can go from high profile to jobber status and back again. But the fact remains and It’s not a hard concept to understand that when you're in jobber status your matches don't last long and the whole point of a jobber is to job and make the superstar look good! Hence the word "job!" Alan Angels a jobber, kicking out of the V-trigger and having a 10 minute match with one of the "Elite" makes Omega look bad. Omega doesn't look very "Elite" if it takes him more than two minutes and several signature moves later to beat a jobber!
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan Month ago
Shaggzila but their jobbers are regulars. They aren’t just enhancement talent all the time, but they aren’t in storylines either. How is it impressive for somebody to beat a guy who weighs 90 pounds and can’t wrestle? It’s better if your talent beats someone who knows what they are doing. The jobbers aren’t just some weak losers, it makes the talent being enhanced seem better.
Shaggzila Month ago
@Technoblade Fan Jesus Christ! Let me say this again....when you have some shit unknown wrestler going 10 minutes with one of your main attractions you devalue the star because the star should be able to kick the jobbers ass no problem! Let me put it too you like this, Stone Cold was set to face Marc Mero at one point because Vince liked Mero. Mero was involved in a story with Sable just before Mero was to face Austin for the title. Sable came out kicked Meros ass and power bombed him. Austin phoned Vince and said so now what? No one is going to believe I can’t kick this guys ass in 2 minutes if his wife just beat his ass! Mero became an instant jobber! Does it make sense for Vince to say fuck you Austin you’re going 15 minutes with Mero? Or is Austin right that he’d look fucking stupid putting on a 15 minute match against a guy whose wife beat his ass? That goes for any jobber match! You don’t have Hogan go 10 minutes with the Brooklyn Brawler or the Road Warriors do a 10 minute match with the fucking Conquistadors! The Brawler and conquistadors are simply there to help showcase the star nothing more nothing less! That’s why they’re called jobbers because that’s there job. MayBe they get a punch or a slam but they sure as fuck aren’t getting an offensive run and kicking out of a finisher or signature move. I never said FTR wasn’t old school in a way. I said they’re the best thing AEW has and AEW uses them like shit.
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 months ago
Shaggzila so I guess your type of professional wrestling would be much more basic, right? They use jobbers to make actually good matches. They let them have offense. FTR just does old school wrestling.
Shaggzila 2 months ago
@Technoblade Fan Please don't tell what I've watched and haven't watched! I grew up watching great tag team wrestling like the Road Warriors, The Rock N Roll Express, The Steiner Brothers, The Hart Foundation (Jim and Bret), The British Bulldogs, Demolition, Strike Force, and more. You do realize jobbers aren't meant to be stars any where! They're only job is to put the superstar over so I shouldn't see a match in which an AEW jobber or unheard of is getting more than 4 minutes in the ring with someone like Kenny Omega because it shouldn't take more than 2 for Omega to squash a jobber! If he takes more time than that, I don't know why Omega is being pushed, wearing gold and honestly not getting squashed like a jobber himself. Kenny Omega vs Alan Angels was at least 10 minutes and Angels kicked out of the V-Trigger! What fucking jobber kicks out of a guys signature move? Explain that please! The only great tag team on that roster is FTR and they use them like shit! They don't have some of the greatest wrestlers, they have a bunch of young guys who don't follow the direction of the vets they've brought in like Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and more. The matches are a bunch of spotfest, put together poorly and they sell nothing! The Darby Allan vs Sammy Guvarra match in which Guvarra used a very long ladder with no give to jump on Darby pretty much sums up the AEW matches. Within the first few minutes of that match a ladder is being used, Allan doesn't sell any of it and continues to make comeback after comeback. Its just horrible. Again I like AEW and I hope they turn it around but until they figure it out the only thing they have going is the entrances!
Boogie Vazquez
Boogie Vazquez 2 months ago
Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Louis Katergos
Louis Katergos 2 months ago
I think the best would be if Jericho had fozzy play judas for his own entrance. Side note I think that might be the only time a wrestler sang they're own song during their entrance
Jeremy Month ago
R-Truth does it every match.
XxTravdamanxX !
XxTravdamanxX ! 2 months ago
Troy 2 months ago
Who’s the ring announcer, again? He’s KILLING IT!
Pgh Comix
Pgh Comix 2 months ago
Best entrance is Penelope ford.......because you get to look at Penelope ford
TherealEzE08 2 months ago
Why does a 9 min. video need four unskipable ads
Noctis Caelum
Noctis Caelum 2 months ago
My man!! Kenny with the Akuma entrance. Legendary
Chris LeDoux
Chris LeDoux 2 months ago
So if you hit a throne with a sledge hammer and nothing happens people should boo.
GamebroTV 2 months ago
God we need crowds again!
MrAnt_onio1000 2 months ago
kenny omega's hair tho
ringo barooka
ringo barooka 2 months ago
Nobody is gonna be ready for jerichos face turn!
Pvt. James Ramirez
Pvt. James Ramirez 2 months ago
Tell me why the girl singing for Jericho has a cleaner fade then most dudes.
sammyeverhart 2 months ago
Being at Fyter Fest for the Elites entrance love was badass, trying to explain the street fighter entrance to my dad was a time 😂😂
Eduardo Dotel
Eduardo Dotel 2 months ago
God damn it I wish to watch AEW, but I no longer have cable
David B. Davis
David B. Davis 2 months ago
It was Awesome(Amazing?) Kong's entrance, but I loved seeing one of my favorites, Kylie Rae, already in the ring.💖
TalyCat 499
TalyCat 499 2 months ago
Kenny Omega did the best one doing a street fighter entrance awesome💥💥💥💥💥💥💥!!!!!BANG!!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Sean Styles
Sean Styles 2 months ago
That throne smashing one is just cringe as fuck
ClipZy King
ClipZy King 2 months ago
Now can you not love AEW I love AEW and I am new I started watching in April and love it I can’t wait for fans to come back
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 2 months ago
Getting ppv footage is great
unknown 2 months ago
Way better than wwe
Ernest Hoh
Ernest Hoh 2 months ago
Orange's PYRO is so awesome. LOL
Dart Dude
Dart Dude 2 months ago
Jericho had the heffer crew
Moo 2 months ago
Holy shit is the Cody/Throne entrance cringe inducing.
planb436 2 months ago
I just watched to humor myself because I'm a fan of real wrestling and this is just lmfao
Anthony E
Anthony E 2 months ago
Crazy how big of a pop Awesome King got.
Bibin Thomas
Bibin Thomas 2 months ago
No matter what they say.....No matter what y'all say......AEW is just a WWE rip-off. It's walking in the same shoes as WWE. This new SO CALLED evolution in wrestling industry.....will fade eventually. That's the BOTTOMLINE. IT'S TRUE, IT'S DAMN TRUE. BELIEVE THAT
Bibin Thomas
Bibin Thomas Month ago
@Hunter Horse Helmsley I agree WWE is worse in terms of maintaining relationships with their talents. But if you ask the talents released by AEW, their opinion is not different about AEW either. WWE is an OLD SHIP that has been weak each passing year but before it sink completely, AEW will be extinct from the face of this planet. You can say REVOLUTION and say few good things about you and trash talk Ur opponent but in the end u r following the same footsteps.
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
@Bibin Thomas Dude stop. AEW >>>>>>> WWE, they do treat their stars right, have you seen BTE ? You can honestly tell they love working there, and AEW is different just look at Orange Cassidy and the Stadium Stampede match as proof of that. These days WWE is an AEW RIP-OFF. AEW are also improving and increasing on every front, they ain't going anywhere anytime soon. There hasn't even been that many wrestlers released by AEW so idk where you're getting that from, and like I said earlier no-one working there hates it, also THEY'RE A FUCKING YEAR OLD, so you really can't say anyone has been underutilized, people have been begging for a Will Hobbs push and guess what ? Now he's with Moxley, the same happened with OC. They're also using LONG TERM BOOKING.
Bibin Thomas
Bibin Thomas Month ago
@Technoblade Fan How is your comment even relevant? R u in support or against the biggest pro wrestling company? I agree with other fans ( not with you coz I couldn't understand your point) that WWE is losing fanbase because of its contents and how they treat their talents. Every pro-wrestling company in modern time does the same. They lack refreshing content and crappy treatment of their superstars. AEW is nothing special. It was built with pure hate against WWE by its former scorned wrestlers or wrestlers from other promotions. And AEW is just following the same shit like WWE. AEW's women division is super crap. Many wrestlers there have been underutilized. While some others are not happy there. Many wrestlers have been fired or released by the management. Their content is NOTHING but an ATTITUDE ERA RIP-OFF.
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 months ago
Bibin Thomas wdym wwe rip off? You think WWE even invented professional wrestling? It’s only growing non stop, it’s something different.
Bumbo Rumbo
Bumbo Rumbo 2 months ago
Honestly annoyed with Cody destroying the throne because it's so painfully obvious
the elite gts goat
the elite gts goat 2 months ago
Jericho had the crowd singing Judas
dacapn 0045
dacapn 0045 2 months ago
I like both promotions do things like what cody did and then be like, "we dont care about another promotion" lol
Anirban Barik
Anirban Barik 2 months ago
Was Triple H's throne during cody's entrance ?
Juanma Navarro
Juanma Navarro 2 months ago
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
Garrett Green
Garrett Green 2 months ago
AEW kills WWE. Coming from a long time WWE fan.. the company is washed up. I hope AEW destroys them.
Rex Lint
Rex Lint 2 months ago
So glad that Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Orange Cassidy never went to WWE for Vince to ruin their careers.
monkeyjoepaul 2 months ago
The thing I love about AEW is the fact that they're champions live up to the word "champion", not passing it around like a hot cake or using it as an afterthought in a storyline.
Jesse Braithwaite
Jesse Braithwaite 2 months ago
I know I am going to get hate for this but I cannot stand Cody at all I think he is so overrated
EthanDub 2 months ago
From... wherever... Weighing... whatever... ORANGE CASSIDY
David Works
David Works 2 months ago
That throne breaking entrance will be iconic in 15 years. In the words of Jake Roberts, trust me.
Nobar JKO
Nobar JKO 2 months ago
Trust a snake!? Never trust a snake...
Dhvanit Vyas
Dhvanit Vyas 2 months ago
Jericho's entrance at revolution was lit 🔥🔥 By the way that ppv set looks sick 🤢
Daryl Sablan
Daryl Sablan 2 months ago
Someone in innner circle needs to be the next champ...Hager or Jericho...heck inner should make a run to occupy all the titles...even the FTW belt...
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
Nah, it's gonna be Kenny and then Hangman.
Rahman Chowdhury
Rahman Chowdhury 2 months ago
Josef Santos
Josef Santos 2 months ago
I wonder if cody said f#*k hhh when he saw the thrown
Djinn Devyl
Djinn Devyl 2 months ago
Jericho should've retained
Douglas Pittman Jr.
Douglas Pittman Jr. 2 months ago
JERICHO has the best entrance ever!!!!
Terrence_YT25 2 months ago
Taten Bassett
Taten Bassett 2 months ago
AEW vs WWE in the future
JKF Vids
JKF Vids 2 months ago
Awesome Kong vs Nyla rose
El Mundo de Hades
El Mundo de Hades 2 months ago
OC's gimmick is so stupid it's magnificent XD
Joseph RAKOTONDRAMANANA 2 months ago
john moxley returns for raw please cody rhodes returns for raw please
Hunter Horse Helmsley
Hunter Horse Helmsley Month ago
No way, Raw sucks.
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith 2 months ago
Random guy runs on stage with the Young Bucks Kenny Omega I might just knock this man out
Lone Wolfff
Lone Wolfff 2 months ago
I hate one & just one thing in AEW and that is Brandy Rhodes. Can anyone tell me why she is even on TV. She is represented as the pioneer of Women's wrestling but in reality she is not a wrestler and she can't cut good promos.
Technoblade Fan
Technoblade Fan 2 months ago
Lone Wolfff she helped lead the women’s wrestling in AEW in a way, that’s all. She’s a decent wrestler
Nicki J
Nicki J 2 months ago
She's Codys wife..
Robert Finney
Robert Finney 2 months ago
John Moxley got that DDP STYLE ENTRANCE
Robert Finney
Robert Finney 2 months ago
2:25 shots fired
Samuelpilli619 Samuelpilli619
Samuelpilli619 Samuelpilli619 2 months ago
Chris Jericho entrance was awesome
Spider Punk
Spider Punk 2 months ago
My brother calls Kenny omega twinkle toes mcfinger bang
Lane Ross
Lane Ross 2 months ago
Am I the only one who realizes that cody's outfit was inspired by George Washington. A revolutionary defeating a king.
JOHAN Hernandez
JOHAN Hernandez 2 months ago
Is it actually
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