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I kept this a secret from him for MONTHS and he had no idea...
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You are loved!

Sofia Ali
Sofia Ali 3 days ago
U guys say where’s Waldo when I say where’s wally
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 5 days ago
Why does that intro remind me of Liza Koshy?
Hayden Hoppes
Hayden Hoppes 5 days ago
Pierson your most likely not gonna see this but where did you get that where’s Waldo jacket
maryam anaqbi
maryam anaqbi 5 days ago
your brother sooooooooo cuties I love her so much💜💜💜.
themagicgaming 5 days ago
Pierson let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that you dressed up as,jackie,hyde,kitty,and Michael from that 70s show! Legit I got obsessed with that show,and when it got removed off netflix I cried for 2 hours at midnight. Lmao @Pierson
Royal Sisters
Royal Sisters 7 days ago
In Australia it’s where’s wollie so I was like is she doing that on purpose??😆😆
Trinity Calder
Trinity Calder 7 days ago
Awww you have such a kind heart❤️
Amanda Lowman
Amanda Lowman 8 days ago
Like and subscribe to this channel
Amanda Lowman
Amanda Lowman 8 days ago
I can subscribe to this channel
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 8 days ago
3:55 I just recently uploaded a video on my channel of the time when Kyle performed this song in my High School❗️🎶
Lee Robbins
Lee Robbins 10 days ago
Happy birthday
Nathan Hedgecock
Nathan Hedgecock 11 days ago
ok i cant be the only one who came here to see who the fuck this c tier celebrity is. i watch the entirety of this piece of shit to still be confused on who this random ass person is. for all i know its some random person off the streets. ( sincerely does anyone know this person?) (retraction: i now know it is kyle but am still clueless on which kyle this is.) (ps: he dont seem so super duper until i hear those bars)
Cookie_ XD gacha
Cookie_ XD gacha 11 days ago
When I saw him coming in the car I choked on my water.
Cookie_ XD gacha
Cookie_ XD gacha 11 days ago
I love I spy :)
SENARGY MUSIC 12 days ago
Ayyyyyy Kyle!!!
Brody Moore
Brody Moore 12 days ago
audriana Rufat
audriana Rufat 12 days ago
Omg It so nice
Sarahi Clavasquin
Sarahi Clavasquin 13 days ago
happy b-day 😀💚😜💜
Rosio estrella
Rosio estrella 13 days ago
I love the 70s show
Royal Morrison
Royal Morrison 13 days ago
"I Spy."
Selly L
Selly L 14 days ago
Janavi Anand
Janavi Anand 14 days ago
My sis would never do anything like this to me😭
Erikka Dickson
Erikka Dickson 14 days ago
the waldo sent me
Salem Little
Salem Little 15 days ago
You have the best intros
Alex perez
Alex perez 15 days ago
Pierson: When I'm dressed as- Me: TODOROKI WITH GLASSES- Pierson: WHERES WALDO-
SilvaBellie Jellies
SilvaBellie Jellies 15 days ago
You’re totally ugly and I hate you so much
SilvaBellie Jellies
SilvaBellie Jellies 15 days ago
I hate you you’re showing off all the time
Crystal Claire Wolf
Crystal Claire Wolf 16 days ago
Her intro (the yellow background intro) is so basic, yet so good
Monica Valverde
Monica Valverde 16 days ago
i love you pierson
Drew Krohn
Drew Krohn 16 days ago
I love the end with the that’s 70 show
Maya Major
Maya Major 17 days ago
Loved the That 70's Show part
Petra Leda Ekmedžić
Petra Leda Ekmedžić 17 days ago
Logan has the best sister in the world 🐱
taytayisakitty .V
taytayisakitty .V 17 days ago
Queen. N.N
Queen. N.N 17 days ago
I love you so much 💖
Taylor Box
Taylor Box 17 days ago
Emily's World
Emily's World 18 days ago
I love u so much Pierson u are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammed Yusuf Mehtar
Muhammed Yusuf Mehtar 18 days ago
Happy birthday
The Double Trouble Sisters
The Double Trouble Sisters 19 days ago
I wish that was my birthday present but the surprise was Pierson
Malak Galal
Malak Galal 19 days ago
I love you so much
Natasiaa issabellah Alexanndra P.
Natasiaa issabellah Alexanndra P. 19 days ago
Wow, loved the video and loved that 70’s show outro😂
Beth Brown
Beth Brown 19 days ago
Happy birthday to you
Ranil Athuluwage
Ranil Athuluwage 20 days ago
Hi Pierson i just wanted to tell u, u have a cool family i wish i was apart of it. k i love u soooooooooooo much ur the funniest person ever u rockk. and also i would not forgett HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYY LOGANNN I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH HOPE U HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY/BIRTHDAY - Rishmi Bernadette k i love u all sooo much k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Linda Gutaj
Linda Gutaj 20 days ago
Hi pirson you got a 1 mil sub and im so happy for you
M W 21 day ago
Were you trying to recreate team kaylie
Sophie Cat
Sophie Cat 21 day ago
Wow that’s crazy my brothers birthday is on September 13!!
Abel Feleke
Abel Feleke 21 day ago
Wow, her brother was so surprised, and Pierson was like laughing the hole time. And the singer was like "hey man what can I get for you". This is a great video, like it's good surprising you sibling so you can get there reactions so like when you getting older you can remember this, your going to be like "hey do you remember this" and your sibling is going to be like "yes we filmed this like when we here young" Ok that's going to be it for this comment. So like this comment if you subscribed Pierson, and comment on this comment if you liked Piersons video. Byeeeeee
Christy Hansen
Christy Hansen 21 day ago
i guess the stoke twins watch anime bc one of them was wearing a mask with keisaka on it i think that haw you spell keisaka
Gamers Outlet
Gamers Outlet 21 day ago
Isn't it wheres Wally?
Anayah Ramirez
Anayah Ramirez 22 days ago
Wow what a great sister she’ll make a great comedian
Asani Salmon
Asani Salmon 22 days ago
The 7o,s show
Karl Benedict Padilla Panganiban
Karl Benedict Padilla Panganiban 23 days ago
I feel it's good to have a friend like pierson she is so fun to be with❤
zayaan mahajan original
zayaan mahajan original 23 days ago
intro is unique as mr bean
zayaan mahajan original
zayaan mahajan original 23 days ago
i meant acting as mr bean as funny as him
Wow sunshine
Wow sunshine 23 days ago
Kiki De bitter
Kiki De bitter 24 days ago
That 70’s show intro love it!!!!!
Abbey Smith
Abbey Smith 24 days ago
that was so sweet what you did for your brother Pierson
Lliguer TizOr
Lliguer TizOr 25 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Kyle came dressed like Popeyes?! 🤨🤷🏽‍♂️😄👌🏽
Lliguer TizOr
Lliguer TizOr 25 days ago
I couldnt understand what you were doing with the four characters filmed with the camera moving to the sides. Until the end i notice you are doing that thing they do on "That 70's Show" and i also noticed your outfits (specifically on "Michael" & the other one with the glasses) AND that's when i hear "Michael" again and then "Jackie" and i go & start 😂 Btw, i love THAT 70'S SHOW. i watched all seasons! 🤩😍👌🏽
Cory Crittenden
Cory Crittenden 25 days ago
Happy birthday logie😀😀😀😀😀
Severus Snape
Severus Snape 25 days ago
people say pierson only has AMERICAN fans. like if your a refrigerator.
CRAZY GAMER 25 days ago
Your brother is funny
Rayan Butt
Rayan Butt 25 days ago
Pp Qq
Ava OMG 25 days ago
In Britain it's called where s wally
Frankie Teagardner
Frankie Teagardner 25 days ago
From that's 70s show to where's waldo❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🤎🤎🤎🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍
Arpitha .p
Arpitha .p 25 days ago
Pierson can u do more videos with ur brother ...when ur together ..the video is so cool..
Rejan Vojka
Rejan Vojka 25 days ago
logan has an sharingan on his hand (DANZO) FROM NARUTO (ANIME/FAN)
Joudy's Kitchen
Joudy's Kitchen 26 days ago
Logan's reaction was priceless 😂
Angelle Anne Fegarido
Angelle Anne Fegarido 26 days ago
logan just freaked out like FREAKED OUT
Kaylee Trotter
Kaylee Trotter 26 days ago
Who else knew the scene from that 70’s show at the beginning
Jouza Alshammari
Jouza Alshammari 26 days ago
She is the best sister ever 🌻
Joella Lee
Joella Lee 26 days ago
Pierson is the best sister ever.
_Olenjimani_ 27 days ago
The intro 😂😂😂😂😂 my fav series ever
volleyball2512 27 days ago
Happy birthday
홍희승 27 days ago
so nice
Irene Reddy
Irene Reddy 27 days ago
Debbie Redman
Debbie Redman 27 days ago
Y'all like if you think Pierson and Logan are soooo alike in looks and mannerisims.
Debbie Redman
Debbie Redman 27 days ago
Happy Birthday Logan, and can I just say Pierson you are so kind, such a great Sister. Glad you came into the sqaud!
Craig Purcell
Craig Purcell 27 days ago
Where I'm from we call it "where's Wally" instead of Waldo
B-ball Girl
B-ball Girl 27 days ago
Hi person I love how u did something so nice for him ur the kindest person I’ve ever seen keep up the good work
Saanvi Ramkumar
Saanvi Ramkumar 28 days ago
the day u sent this was my birthday
Brittany Cruz
Brittany Cruz 28 days ago
I don't know who is he
I s a b e l l e Tan
I s a b e l l e Tan 29 days ago
Perison’s bro has a shairgan tattoo!
I s a b e l l e Tan
I s a b e l l e Tan 29 days ago
Mitchel Stacy
Mitchel Stacy 29 days ago
Aaaaw..we share a birthday with him Happy belated Logan
Alaa Mustafa
Alaa Mustafa 29 days ago
Lily Spiers
Lily Spiers 29 days ago
It’s where is Wally here
Karen Velásquez
Karen Velásquez 29 days ago
Pierson channel is the only thing i love
Leah Eyob
Leah Eyob Month ago
Your so awesome 👏😎😝
Sean Tucker
Sean Tucker Month ago
Happy b day
carys James
carys James Month ago
Happy birthday logan
Zara Macy
Zara Macy Month ago
WHERES WALDO?????????? I thought it was where’s Wolly 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Mia_ Equestrian
Mia_ Equestrian 17 days ago
It is i think its different in America
Theo Townsley
Theo Townsley Month ago
She has such good intros 😌😀
Sunny Starlite
Sunny Starlite Month ago
Perison is so nice #team berison
Neha Kumar
Neha Kumar Month ago
I hope you get up to 1M subs good luck and I love you
harlee foster
harlee foster Month ago
Jade Serra
Jade Serra Month ago
Pierson ur so. nice and ur awesome
Eddie Month ago
Your finally nice to your brother lol. -Pierson fan
Alyssa Ledbetter
Alyssa Ledbetter Month ago
Happy birthday
Joel Alvarez
Joel Alvarez Month ago
Lol I loved when she tackled Alex and his brother hahahah I can’t tho!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🙃
lol Chavez
lol Chavez Month ago
You like the 70 show that’s my favorite show ever
Rylee Harrison
Rylee Harrison Month ago
Happy birthday
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen Month ago
Your the best 😁