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We did an overnight survival challenge, using thrift store items ONLY!
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Today we did an overnight survival (24 hours) challenge in the woods. We used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from Goodwill (thrift store) to survive overnight. The plinko board had budgets ranging from $10 to the max prize of $1000! Once we had our budgets, we bought all the items from Goodwill only. We had to use part of our budgets to get food from a different store because the thrift stores don't have any food for us to survive overnight. We showed off our custom survival forts and tried to survive as long as possible.
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Ryan Reasonover
Ryan Reasonover 3 hours ago
Lmao the part with the Xbox I’m still laughing Edit:can someone animate the whole Xbox skit
Olivia Pedone
Olivia Pedone 4 hours ago
On that Spinning wheel I wanna put destroy Your most expensive item
Nate Webb
Nate Webb 5 hours ago
The fact that y’all didn’t lock him in that clothes cabinet. 🤦🏿🙄🤣
Mouse Pie
Mouse Pie 8 hours ago
they are just man children i wonder what their wives think
Jan Roman
Jan Roman 10 hours ago
Now this is plainrock124 50 ways to break a xbox
Fuelerism Duo
Fuelerism Duo 12 hours ago
Caleb try’s to hard to be funny
Tray Stone
Tray Stone 17 hours ago
And 14:58 is my most favirot
Tray Stone
Tray Stone 17 hours ago
14:48 that’s so funny
Tray Stone
Tray Stone 17 hours ago
Look at Caleb at the end he was so tired
human 2000
human 2000 21 hour ago
how can day sleep if i were there id get insomnia
MA9YT Gaming
MA9YT Gaming 22 hours ago
Instead of destroying all of those things, you guys could've donated it to charity or something.
Oops It Slipped
Oops It Slipped 12 hours ago
T Bahry
T Bahry Day ago
It’s a thrift store
The BMB Day ago
Beckee Harris
Beckee Harris Day ago
Definitely top 3 video
Zedricks' animation
Zedricks' animation Day ago
22:00 i see a two spider like if you too
K K Day ago
I swear they buy so many snacks and they are only staying one night outside like what do they do with them after? 😂
InterstellarSnow Day ago
Underwater base
Sawyer McDowell
Sawyer McDowell Day ago
I can not stop laughing after the Xbox Scene
Patrick Ferlias
Patrick Ferlias Day ago
Thanks for the. Content your the best!
Evan Raes
Evan Raes Day ago
Why don’t you guys where masks like your suppose too
purp Chef
purp Chef Day ago
Y no mask wtf
Jefferson De la o fuentes
Jefferson De la o fuentes Day ago
Who else saw the spider on caleb
Boostio Day ago
Anyone else recognize that Xbox has the red ring of death
Dare devil
Dare devil Day ago
I wanna see you
BTB On 60 FPS Day ago
15:01 The Absolute Best Part In Any USshow Video
Bryan Laprise
Bryan Laprise Day ago
1 year later in backyard. "What is this Xbox doing here? Huh a heated blanket?"
Edwins World
Edwins World Day ago
Second Chance Sports
Second Chance Sports Day ago
I can’t be the only one that said “MY HOUSE!” When he threw the banana 😭
Emmalyn Yazzie
Emmalyn Yazzie Day ago
Nice etiting the spiter looked real
Outdoors n More
Outdoors n More Day ago
That duck was a wood duck not a mallard
Madison Craig
Madison Craig Day ago
whatisupman 123
whatisupman 123 Day ago
I saw hans nove the wheel
whatisupman 123
whatisupman 123 Day ago
Desiree' Bishop
Desiree' Bishop Day ago
hi gg gg gg gg gg gg g g g gg g g
go chiefs
go chiefs Day ago
caleb,s was the best
Nikodem Rutkowski
Nikodem Rutkowski Day ago
I am team justin/caleb
Silver Gardener
Silver Gardener Day ago
24:17 SUdenT REliSiOn *sorry bad grammar
Grant Paterson
Grant Paterson 2 days ago
I got one of them blasters
ProfessorShadow 2 days ago
Why they throw food away tho..:(
Teddy Tobing
Teddy Tobing 2 days ago
I cannot stop laughing at caleb because hes so funny and hes my favorite
RAGER ZANDI 2 days ago
You may not be worried about the pandemic. Washing hands in the toilet?! Bruhh
Shxfty- Fliks
Shxfty- Fliks 2 days ago
14:46 only true spongebob fans understand
Micah Games
Micah Games 2 days ago
Who wants to know why they put music over random parts
Woke Pikachu
Woke Pikachu 17 hours ago
Elijah Bramell rude
Elijah Bramell
Elijah Bramell Day ago
Master Mason Gaming
Master Mason Gaming 2 days ago
Hey anyone remembers fort Friday? To those who see this and thinks I Stole there idea well I didnt
Aidens gaming Life
Aidens gaming Life 2 days ago
21:52 does anyone else se spiders
Levi Rochleau
Levi Rochleau 2 days ago
Rip Xbox 360 to 2020 and 2020
YYD RaZe 1
YYD RaZe 1 2 days ago
The spider edit one Caleb is so realistic?
ClemoP YT
ClemoP YT 2 days ago
That bloody spider I thought was real and remembered oh ye the editor always edits them in
Ethan Frye
Ethan Frye 2 days ago
Justin SUCKS cuz 99% of the time HE SUCKS XD he gets the smallest buget
Everything butTheBLT
Everything butTheBLT 2 days ago
he was worried when they threw an xbox at his house but not a shovel.
animalad 2 days ago
what is this song
j. beltraffio
j. beltraffio 2 days ago
kaylala12 2 days ago
Where is this thrift store?! They want at least 50x more $$$ for the junk in my town 😂
Andrew Kalvinek
Andrew Kalvinek 2 days ago
Emily HF
Emily HF 2 days ago
Angel Montanez
Angel Montanez 2 days ago
xbox red ring or death never ever do that AGAIN
The lyons Den
The lyons Den 2 days ago
I think that might have been my xbox
Tangee Burnett
Tangee Burnett 2 days ago
Did anybody else see the spiders on Caleb
Dev!ous Boy
Dev!ous Boy 12 hours ago
And this one
Dev!ous Boy
Dev!ous Boy 12 hours ago
Hyper Killer they were there in the Amazon vid
Hyper Killer
Hyper Killer 20 hours ago
Tangee Burnett no
Neveah Nookie Lim
Neveah Nookie Lim 2 days ago
24 hours pls🥺
Cherie Anderson
Cherie Anderson 2 days ago
My Xbox my house