Making of Aliens 1986 documentary (2003)

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7 years ago

making of aliens 1986 documentary 2003
This documentary is also availiable on my channel in HD quality !!!

disgruntled pedant
disgruntled pedant Day ago
Chaplin's photographer invented the reverse camera shot. CHARLIE chaplin. These douches think they are geniuses, but they are just douches.
IntheeyesofMorbo Dodge
IntheeyesofMorbo Dodge 3 days ago
almost as good as the film itself. aliens is my all time top SF film. I like it for its hard SF setting, intriguing characters and the unrelenting nature of the aliens
Bman 1970
Bman 1970 5 days ago
Back when they made movies that centered around a good story. Great characters emerge, new universes made. Instead of making movies around sjws and environmental issues and cobbling the storyline to fit in there somewhere. Ripley: a complete character, feminine, able to show herself to be vulnerable yet can suck it up and rise to the challenge of defending herself and those she cares for even if it costs her own life.
Plusgood Productions
Plusgood Productions 5 days ago
Aliens is cheese and has no style. It is an excellent horror film for children though
RPG Freddy
RPG Freddy 6 days ago
Mieses Bild, keine Untertitel.
RandomReevuze 13 days ago
British make the best movies confirmed.
raga raga
raga raga 13 days ago
think the sergeant forgot he was in a movie....
John Mellor
John Mellor 15 days ago
Doing a whip round on a Friday. So British hahaha.
nilsonfisica 16 days ago
Colocar um video importante desse em 240p é sacanagem.
raccoon681 17 days ago
can we just forget about aliens 3
Twisted llama
Twisted llama 18 days ago
This just came out of nowhere in med recommended
Gregster 18 days ago
Weaver: "I don't like guns." Also Weaver: "Fortunately my principals stop where my paycheck starts."
Gregster 18 days ago
I didn't know Syd Mead died in 2019 and Ron Cob this year! Can't believe I never heard a word about it.
Johann Minharo
Johann Minharo 20 days ago
6:40 Not a remake? I mean, I love ALIENS and the original ALIEN, but it's incredibly clear it's a remake with almost all of the same beats. They did change it to be more action-focused and did add some new things, but ultimately it was a remake of the original.
Geoffrey Thorne
Geoffrey Thorne 20 days ago
Sigourney Weaver is a magical actress and the entire cast and production unit were utterly brilliant. I have never felt so exhausted after watching a film (Terminator was close, but Aliens is an entirely different feeling). A wonderful film and everyone who participated deserves all possible praise for what they produced.
ANNAKKi Hz 21 day ago
Man i remember the day i went to see this movie with my year 7 class. My teacher was an old lady who was a prude and did not have a clue what was in store for her. The swearing, the violence and jump scares thrilled us kids. But this poor woman must of shit herself by the look on her face. Good memories.
Prince hectoroftroy
Prince hectoroftroy 21 day ago
what you mean they cut the power...they are animals.... RIP Bill Paxton.
Chief E
Chief E 21 day ago
Those special effects guys made those wigs look amazing on those pudgy fellas Ahhh when toupee wigs were a thing
123612100 22 days ago
David Giler seems like a phony to me
RUFF SACK 24 days ago
When women say they had no badass role models in films obviously never saw this
therugburnz 24 days ago
I loved the power loader. I think some entities like the military made note of it and had some success making some, or possibly many.
Muppet Lansing
Muppet Lansing 25 days ago
I love the amateur power-loader story at the end of this!!!
HAnsi Fischer
HAnsi Fischer 26 days ago
Wtf I Am The CHOOSEN One Born IN 1986, I can see all the signs, I know the illuminati is going to kill me,
Tom Caffrey
Tom Caffrey 26 days ago
Gave me nightmares when I was a kid. I'm glad this one isn't based on a true story. 😆
Roter Fuchs
Roter Fuchs 27 days ago
All these years later with all the new tech i still haven't seen any sci fi/horror movie better than this.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 29 days ago
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Mark Dem
Mark Dem Month ago
This is all cool and all, but I want James Camerons shirt.
Boyd Wilson
Boyd Wilson Month ago
Dave Alden
Dave Alden Month ago
So, for James, lesson learned. Dont film in Britain, or utilize a British crew EVER again.
RPG Freddy
RPG Freddy Month ago
wieder mal keine untertitel, zum kotzen.
OG_Dacs Month ago
audio not synced up pfff
rgerber Month ago
Bill motherfacken Paxton
Dab on the Cancer
Dab on the Cancer Month ago
W rfmxjkm
Mike Lynge
Mike Lynge Month ago
James Cameron should have made the sequel to Prometheus, the designer Ridley Scott destroyed his own design making Alien Covenant by him self, blessed us with Prometheus fucking us with Alien Covenant
Esp Ltd
Esp Ltd Month ago
What was up with newts accent?? It was really bad in the movie. It changed multiple times. I thought she was terrible in the movie.
jetsilveravenger Month ago
Finally, someone else with this opinion. I love the movie but she's so bad it's distracting. And the "they mostly come at night....mostly" line is so bafflingly stupid, I don't know how they decided to keep it in.
Kevan Gunn
Kevan Gunn Month ago
All without CGI, there is way too much greenscreen these days, once you realize its just computer-generated something gets lost. The Jaws shark, was not very realistic, but it stopped millions from going in the water, Meg was more lifelike, but you knew it was just graphics and it loses something for me. I am sure, all you budding directors will be mocking my opinion, but hey, I'm entitled to that as I saw Jaws at the cinema the first time around, and, like the Exorcist, it frightened the bejesus out of everyone.
RuralPrepper Month ago
Excellent documentary. I was 18 years old in 1986.
Gerrie Month ago
48:28 l believe the heart being placed where it was is pure bravado, . for use as a bullseye, . but the concept being, . he's too good a marine to be concerned, . plus any sentient life form could see it and check for a pulse. . plus any markings outside cammo design would be a visual cue to investigate. . finding a human beneath. 1:59:03 omg l love her even more now hahahaha
Besides the great visual effects. Besides the fact "Jim" Cameron also did The Terminator, one my GOAT movies! Sigourney Weaver's Ripley was such a different angle to take a female protagonist. It was effective great story superb effects non stop action instant classic. One of the rare times a sequel out did its box office smash hit prequel Alien! 💯
Dr. Cool
Dr. Cool Month ago
RIP Bill Paxton
Anthony B Pringle
Anthony B Pringle Month ago
Favorite quote from Hicks..."I say we nuke em from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" .
det animation
det animation Month ago
What is up with those 1400+ dislikes? What an awesome movie...a director with a vision and a great making of....
Panters Animation Clips
Panters Animation Clips Month ago
James sullivan
James sullivan Month ago
Cameron should have dumped their tea in the harbor.
Christian Ritter
Christian Ritter Month ago
how to watch in 240p ??
FogStarMoss Month ago
Everybody trying their hardest to not say that Cameron was a tyrant is pretty funny.
Mike Jardin
Mike Jardin Month ago
Aliens was the greatest action/adventure, sci-fi movie ever made.
Melvorgazh Month ago
In ALIENS did the explosion of the nuke reactor damage or destroy the alien ship? How far is that ship fr the colony base?
Onkel B
Onkel B 24 days ago
In the Colonial Marines Technical Manual ( there is a suffix of corporate guys talking about it. It is said that the ship is several miles away from the colony, and allegedly shielded by a mountain range. They are also talking about outfitting an expedition to go there and obtain more samples. Could have been a perfect setup to turn the Dark Horse comics into movies that kept Hicks and Newt alive and made for way better continuation of the story... oh well, it wasn't meant to be.
Not Sure
Not Sure Month ago
I remember going to Alien in 1979 with my girlfriend. She was wearing a long clingy red dress and no panties...hehe...I saw some of that film I guess. This film was good though.
RandomReevuze 13 days ago
she is old and disgusting now haha
DiLLy DaLLy Month ago
sooooo lucky to have grown up in the 80's/90's. so many absolute belters.
DONALDSON51 Month ago
Funny. The studio said they'd wait for him to finish the script. These days they'd say 'don't worry just start the film now then it can end up a rushed muddled mess'
Alexander Reid Hinchcliffe
Alexander Reid Hinchcliffe Month ago
Wunk Skorks
Wunk Skorks Month ago
“His name is JAYYY- JAMES CAMERON- the worlds bravest pioneer! No budget too steep, no ocean too deep- who’s THAT?!- it’s him, James Cam-er-ronnnnn”
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Ryon Webster
Ryon Webster 2 months ago
Wish the quality was better but, great doc👌
ramjb 2 months ago
The snippet at the end about the guy building a powerloader just to win a halloween bet is the stuff of legends. No shit Cameron hired him!
L M 2 months ago
Gene siskel didn’t like this movie. Feeling cute might piss on his grave later
MG Sparky
MG Sparky 2 months ago
You may dislike the British crew but this is the best looking movie ever. They delivered big time.
L Peterson
L Peterson 2 months ago
lol 5 dollar fridays is a major part of set life. don't mess with crew rituals.
The Consolian
The Consolian 2 months ago
RIP Bill Pax!
456swagger 2 months ago
Yeah girl Marines. They got their asses kicked. Just like real life.
Jean Bartok
Jean Bartok 2 months ago
Alien the first one is the one... this one is the second.
Rick 2 months ago
49:10 if anyone has ever seen Goldfinger you might remember the drive up through the estate when he first meets Oddjob and he decapitates the statue!
Jim Cars
Jim Cars 2 months ago
@17:00 does she really say Fantastical? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
jetsilveravenger Month ago
Well, it is a word and it does fit what she was talking about...
TWW 2 months ago
Crazy how newt had a proper british accent as a child but a full american accent as an adult.
Dagann 2 months ago
I'm sorry to hear that Sigourney is such an outspoken critic of the second amendment. That is a deal-breaker with me. You can bet she hires armed security for her public appearances. And, let's face it, such "notions" are always those who live in crystal palaces. For those who live in high-crime environments is something they simply don't care to consider in a person's safety. Like New York's Mayor, Bill de Blasio. Hannity of FOX News fame interviewed Bill on the subject and asked a simple question that required a yes or no answer. The question was: "Do you believe an unwed mother at home with her children alone facing a violent home invasion should have the right to own a firearm to protect herself and hers? Yes or no! Hannity asked multiple times and all Bill would offer was spin claiming she has no need to own or have a firearm because "he" has the best police department on the planet! What an ass! Tell that to a woman in need and at the moment of being killed and or her watching her children being killed, too. Although Bill or Sigourney would claim this scenario is rare, the fact is, too many people are murdered under bizarre circumstances nation-wide. Texas, who sentence people with death on a conveyor basis, still have new offenders to punish. However, Texas has a more reliable population to protect themselves. Murderers always attack those who are easy targets. The elderly, children, or women. They tend to seek the meekest who pose no threat whatsoever to kill. Like rural hunting but in urban environments. In fact, the statistics by the FBI clearly shows the need for citizens to not rely on police protection and to rely on some alternative means to protect you and yours. Now, Sigourney or Bill will argue otherwise, but, they or their resources are not there to protect you. It is that simple. Basically, what they want is the population to be martyrs for their agenda. It is that simple. if given to opportunity to debate with both, once the smoke clears and spin has lost all momentum, that is the only obvious conclusion of what they want. And, all the gift-wrapping and slick talk can't hide it. Therefore, it's too bad Sigourney is so critical of that constitutional right. I will no longer see her in the same light as before. She is a great actor and I'll give her that, but quite contrary in matters of extreme importance. Don't get me wrong, she has a right to her opinion, but, she should never be in a position to make public policy that is dangerous for the rest of us. America needs to encourage concealed & carry with monthly training on the proper use of firearms. To encourage people to become quite cognizant of their weapon and to participate in trials of competition shooting. Maybe to be enforced to keep people qualified. Although people may find that too controversial, my mother always had a small pistol in her purse for any condition and was able and quite determined to use it if need be. During her life, she pulled it to encourage compliance with her safety twice. But, she showed she was quite capable to shoot and I knew her accuracy. She loved a line in a movie and often joked about it. The line is, "Freez and make no movements whatsoever, If you blink your eyes, you will die in the dark!
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 2 months ago
Hard to believe the guy who wanted all this in camera physical effects then went ‘ah fuck it’ and made Avatar🙄🙄🙄🙄 and has wasted his life ever since making sequels nobody is interested in.
Cuntboy McCuntface
Cuntboy McCuntface 2 months ago
Jim Cameron has those soulless sociopath eyes but his earlier movies were incredible!
Lisa Leone
Lisa Leone 2 months ago
"they can bill me"
Pete Geiger
Pete Geiger 2 months ago
I wish the resolution was better than 240 P
drew fava
drew fava 2 months ago
I love the practical affects it is so much better than CGI.
Brandon 2 months ago
Tea Time... Everyone: 😄 James Cameron: 🤬
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 2 months ago
R.I.P., Al Matthews. Thank You for service, _both_ for the military _and_ for *ALIENS....*
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 2 months ago
R.I.P., Syd Mead. I *HOPE* the future will resemble what you imagined....
RocKITEman _ 2001
RocKITEman _ 2001 2 months ago
_"Somebody wake up Hicks...."_
Gaz 2 months ago
I didn't know Ricky Gervais worked on the miniatures.
John Arispe
John Arispe 2 months ago
Sequels are never better then the predecessor but look at terminator 2 and aliens. I dont know about you but I cant wait to see avatar 2. Jim is gonna paint his masterpiece
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell 2 months ago
1:53:15 “Get away from her, you bitch!"
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage 2 months ago
I get the feeling that weiver was always money hungry...
raythackston1960 2 months ago
Strength comes in not having a weapon...well the movie would have been 15 minutes long and everybody dies. Not much of a movie. History shows what happens when the people don't have weapons, and it was NEVER good.
Jibriltz 2 months ago
They certainly don't make films like this anymore. Getting parts from decommissioned RAF Vulcans, using mirrors to make rooms look bigger, crew vs director, people almost getting killed with flamethrowers, asbestos, poisonous fumes, a runaway aircraft tug and falling pieces of set. They could make a feature film just about this production.
Ethan Niedorowski
Ethan Niedorowski 2 months ago
I hope everyone who had a part knows how fycking awesome this movie is... this was awesome as well.. i was so young an it just blew my mind.. God bless all of you. An Ripley
Flayne009 2 months ago
What's with the 1.4K downvotes? Are they people against piracy or butt hurt Alien fans that know in their heart ALIENS is superior?
DavidJG 2 months ago
Not too sure. Probably Marvel fans
Michael Marko
Michael Marko 3 months ago
Interesting to me the tension between the Brit and US labor cultures. I really like the Brit culture they talk about. It's a sane approach to even the hardest work. American's are used to self destructing at and for work. We Were then and we still are.
Tom Camp
Tom Camp 3 months ago
Fuck. Make it stop. I don't give a shit about 'making of' documentaries about him cameron films. I don't give a shit. Why can't I put you tube autoplay on without this shit coming up.
Zero The Hero
Zero The Hero 3 months ago
No need for the Brits now. Pinewood Toronto.
RandomReevuze 13 days ago
and theyve never maid a single good movie lol gg
JOSH2625 3 months ago
240p authentic
Rubin4749 3 months ago
Am I the only one who consciously knows Bishop is not in the first film, but somehow my mind keeps playing tricks on me that he was in the first film somehow?? Probably am.
Rubin4749 3 months ago
Paul Reiser, what a typecast---jack-A$$ supreme. Worst stand up comedian ever, I still don't know how he carved out a career, he was like the satirical version of Seinfeld. But he fit as the "company guy" 'cuz he's annoying as hell.
lthammox 3 months ago
Funny how Hurd doesn’t mention that James Horner also got nominated for an academy award. They treated him terribly, and yet, under such pressure, he produced one of the most memorable scores in film history. RIP
Dan World
Dan World 25 days ago
so sad - i loved his music, especially Braveheart , titanic and Apollo 13
mdd1963 3 months ago
"I want the movie shot with such high quality film which enables folks in the future to zoom in and pour over Sigourney's protruding muff shots when the crew wakes!' James Cameron, 1985
ABOlsen80X 3 months ago
Would love to see what this had been, had Dan OBannon written it. Interesting in the beginning how Gale talks about how "they" found Arnold for Terminator. There's one person, and one person only that should get the credit for casting Arnold as the terminator, and that,s Stanzi Stokes,
BriBri BeWry
BriBri BeWry 3 months ago
game over man
Kasper 3 months ago
Moon landing (1969) - Stanley's Greatest Film
ItMadeMeSignUp 3 months ago
1:09:40 Aww, Sigourney, no responsible person who actually owns or shoots firearms thinks anything like that. Your lack of knowledge is showing...
Andy Horn
Andy Horn 3 months ago
Filmed at Acton Power Plant. I never knew that. Ten minutes from my house!
aimlvl 3 months ago
the first time I was watching this movie I was still a kid. an older brother of a friend had the movie and we were watching it secretly when his parents were not at home. we were 5 boys aged 10-11 at the time and everyone of us had a pillow to put in front of our faces when things got too scary. So at the end of the movie when they were flying away we obviously put those pillows away because we thought the movie is over - huge mistake!
David Frederick FrontRow
David Frederick FrontRow 3 months ago
I dont think they mention it but did the Newt actress "Carrie", did she actually do that high pitch scream or was the post sound production?
Down The Rabbit Hole
Down The Rabbit Hole 3 months ago
At 1:19:50 Cameron has a great quote, one that I think many filmmakers could learn from. Benefit from. "You don't create fear with gore, you create disgust. A whole different emotion." I think he hit that mark perfectly. It's about the same reasoning behind why "jump scare" is usually used as a negative critique of a moment or moments in films. Surprise isn't fear any more than disgust is. It only takes SFX to create disgust, and it only takes editing to create surprise. It takes *talent* to create fear.
F'er MaGee
F'er MaGee 3 months ago
Aliens is my all time favourite movie out there. I was 6 when I first saw it, scared the shite out of me and every time I watch it, it never gets old!
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