20 PlayStation Games You Must Play In 2020 And Beyond!

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9 months ago

There are absolutely loads of amazing games coming to PS4 in 2020 (and beyond...) Here's a look at some of the biggest and most exciting.
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Devil Olivia
Devil Olivia 3 days ago
Lemme grab my grandma hold on-
Brat Gaming
Brat Gaming 6 days ago
I dnt wannA play doom cause its scary and demons jump like dogs
vishnu vzzu
vishnu vzzu 9 days ago
I want Rob's voice in my answering machine ❤️
Peter Grahame
Peter Grahame 10 days ago
Any games with no killing?
Samuel Slack
Samuel Slack Month ago
Haha rainbow 6 predicted 2020
M Psylocke
M Psylocke Month ago
Watching this in August 2020 still looking forward to playing the games listed here
actorben Month ago
Now that I've got a PS4, I'm holding my breath for, "Cyberpunk 2077!"
Andjela Wolfx
Andjela Wolfx 2 months ago
You dont ask for horizon zero dawn😡😡
Agust Ast
Agust Ast 2 months ago
I have come very late to this video. Just wanna say that see doom in the middle of all the other games, made it seem more tiny and unflavored... I dont know how people keeps eating something like that.
ʟᴜɪᴢᴀɴɢᴇʟᴏシ 2 months ago
Gonna buy Ghost of tsushima and Dayz gone
Part Sweat Part Bot
Part Sweat Part Bot 2 months ago
I just wish there was a video that would just show you what games you should play right at the beginning
randum vids
randum vids 2 months ago
But like the games a lot
Naeem Kidwai
Naeem Kidwai 2 months ago
Mostly hyped for Marvel's Avengers and Assassin's Creed Valhalla
きらしゅん 2 months ago
Great choice!
Jonathon Scott
Jonathon Scott 2 months ago
Please let me dislike this 20 minute advert more than once
kevin thatcher
kevin thatcher 3 months ago
4 days.
Haya Busa III
Haya Busa III 3 months ago
Who knew that we will be waiting for Rainbow Six Quarantine during the quarantine
Alwaba Siwali
Alwaba Siwali 3 months ago
Who else saw john wick on the thumbnail??
Yxng God
Yxng God 3 months ago
shut up
Average Gamekage
Average Gamekage 3 months ago
Do you thing horizon dawn zero will run on the ps5?. This year I'm only buying ps4 games that may work on the ps5
We need a steambot chronicles 2 or a bumpy trot 2
xXTurelNosgothXx 3 months ago
Let's see, well, not really.
Justin Case
Justin Case 3 months ago
Thank you from Norway 🇳🇴
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan 3 months ago
How bad are you people at your jobs??
Luka Zorko
Luka Zorko 3 months ago
I don't know i'd say I'm pretty good at my job, why do you ask?
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 3 months ago
Still getting it don't care of the leaks I've loved the game through and through and I don't care what happens in it can't wait might get ghost of tshima too if I have enough saved up you have to play to experience it and I f the game isn't for you don't play it
All WillDie
All WillDie 4 months ago
Currently playing CoVid19 experience. It is a survival game where the govt of the world has gone insane and locked down the normies that do not have the virus. You can also play as a crazed toilet paper hoarder. It's should win game of 2020.
Rederen 2 months ago
@tilenkobe You aren't?
Florian Simunovic
Florian Simunovic 3 months ago
But the graphic is good tho
tilenkobe 3 months ago
you're still on lockdown?
Dillan Robison
Dillan Robison 3 months ago
Ricardo Andrade
Ricardo Andrade 3 months ago
highly unbalanced experience and full of pay to win
Juan Campos
Juan Campos 4 months ago
I need for ps5 metal gear saga 4k and pro evolution soccer and John wick and GOW and uncharted. O man
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming 4 months ago
Bless up fam 🙏
Fraz 4 months ago
And that's pretty obvious
Fraz 4 months ago
It's sushima u don't say the t
Chicken Tricep
Chicken Tricep 4 months ago
Ryan Kolp
Ryan Kolp 4 months ago
I am new to any solo player games. Anyone have recommendations?
Kebabtout 4 months ago
PUMATV 4 months ago
You guys are giving wrong release dates . Was cyberpunk and avengers delayed?
Cowboy Gamer
Cowboy Gamer 4 months ago
My bank account and poor wallet left the chat rip 2010-NOW
Malabika Prusty
Malabika Prusty 4 months ago
The 1000th comment.
TA station
TA station 4 months ago
Hey bro.I dont have any computer or ps4 gametool.I cannot play even if i want to.😭😭😭😭
Rushil N
Rushil N 4 months ago
Rainbox 6: Quarantine At least one of them knew what was coming.
Rudi Barton
Rudi Barton 4 months ago
I feel like ps5 is just a waste of money
Nilraj Punvar
Nilraj Punvar 4 months ago
Is it just me or is it really Keanu Reeves in the thumbnail of the video?
Flower Power3
Flower Power3 Month ago
Nilraj Punvar It is
Lee Northcombe
Lee Northcombe 4 months ago
Dragon age 4 its not 2020 but i cant wait for it gonna be insane