Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You

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Taken from JRE #1368 w/Edward Snowden: usshow.info/watch/efs3QRr8LWw/video.html

Robert Coughlin
Robert Coughlin 2 hours ago
Ed Snowden barely survived. People are in denial about how deadly and controlling Obama/Clinton were and are. Seth Rich was assassinated for crossing them and they would have done that to Snowden if he hadn't run. Of course, Joe Biden wouldn't do that and you'll vote for him. He won't give the kill order. Hillary didn't give the kill order for Seth Rich. There's always a political handler who carries it out in their name. Do you want that Democrat mafia back?
Stephen Antonicelli
Stephen Antonicelli 3 hours ago
Not sure what someone from Russia did what this young man did would be able to live and have interviews on USshow. USA maybe still best country in human rights.
Moe H҉O҉L҉Y҉ M҉O҉L҉Y҉
Moe H҉O҉L҉Y҉ M҉O҉L҉Y҉ 3 hours ago
the great reset people...
Jai Rori
Jai Rori 4 hours ago
Me : Hey Siri tell me a joke. Siri : Apple is Privacy.
Jaime Wallace
Jaime Wallace 5 hours ago
I sure hope Trump pardons him so he can come home. No I don’t agree with leakers but I really don’t agree that the US government should have been lying to American citizens.
Hugo Guerra
Hugo Guerra 7 hours ago
People s Life's are being stolen...
ja v
ja v 8 hours ago
It's way worse than that.
kylie Vick
kylie Vick 8 hours ago
Vielen Dank an #coder_natee auf Instagram für den Zugriff auf meinen Freund WhatsApp
kylie Vick
kylie Vick 8 hours ago
Ich empfehle #coder_natee auf Instagram für alle Hack-Arbeiten. Er ist ein Genie und sehr zuverlässig
Best Inspiring Life Changing Motivational Quotes
Best Inspiring Life Changing Motivational Quotes 8 hours ago
Claymon Gross
Claymon Gross 9 hours ago
Every time you turn around it seems you run right into little Eddie running down the hall, how is he avoiding the hall monitors when even I could catch LITTLE EDDIE? Maybe he still works for the good ole boys.
Claymon Gross
Claymon Gross 9 hours ago
This guy is not who you think he is. He gets WAY WAY to much air time for a little bitty well hidden and can't come out and play little boy scout. because the big bad NSA got him scared to death...bullshit
Hey You
Hey You 9 hours ago
Stella 11 hours ago
cem oğuz
cem oğuz 12 hours ago
So this Guy is betray his country?
brr johnson
brr johnson 13 hours ago
There's a drone in the sky (almost) every night. Usually it's about 1 mile away, sometimes directly overhead. A second is about 2 or 3 miles away, almost in line. I want to know what they're watching, besides me flying a bird for them.
Ray Walker
Ray Walker 17 hours ago
He was an IT admin. I worked at the same place he did at the same time. I know his ability level. He's not that technical, and his explanation of cell technology is rudimentary and doesn't actually reveal true privacy issues.
Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love 20 hours ago
Snowden, I Wanna Thank You For Coming Out In The Open. Your A Hero For Being Brave. Edward I got mail from electric company saying I needed to return this paper stating that I agreed that I wanted this clean energy..Funny thing was I never agreed for nothing lol there the ones who checked the box. Another words forget if you agree I done it for you..I was like really. (GARBAGE)
John Google
John Google 21 hour ago
Thats why I always have my mbl in airplane mode.
George Bowman
George Bowman 23 hours ago
We own nothing. We just think we do. There is an entity who states very clearly and authoritatively that they have the right to use and own...everything.
Bruno Villar
Bruno Villar Day ago
Brazilians: A death just occurred. Muscle faces ok, no contraction, calm. Americans: Let a coin drop in the floor: WAR FACE
Eugene Weaver
Eugene Weaver Day ago
So you think ur cell phone is spying on you? Better leave that shit alone my man. Eugene Weaver
USA Citizen
USA Citizen Day ago
Sehen Sie: Drachenreiten: Die chinesischen Geheimnisse des Biden (vollständige Dokumentation) + Glenn Beck "UKRAINE-SKANDAL ERKLÄRT: Tafel auf DNC-Absprache, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More" -1,192,881 Aufrufe • 4. Oktober 2019 41K / 1K.
OtakulunZ Day ago
For those people who believe this, then stop using Phones... Stop being Hypocrites...😁🤣
OtakulunZ Day ago
I don't care, if the Gov. Spies me, as long as I don't do any Illegal thingz...🤣🤣🤣👌
OtakulunZ Day ago
After watching this.... Still using my cellphone....🙏
Abri Day ago
You can Believe in JESUS CHRIST now and get saved while there is still time. GOD loves you The Bible says ''Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'' Mark 12:30 One either loves GOD or loves the world, never both. and the result of loving the world + the things of the world is death , death in sin, no salvation, eternal damnation, judgement ,rejection by GOD. Are you going to finally get it ? or you keep playing and neglecting the precious LOVE and SALVATION GOD offers through His only Begotten Son JESUS CHRIST, who died on the cross to redeem your soul. Please repent and accept JESUS CHRIST now, get saved usshow.info/watch/lbb4xwYj19g/video.html
Franklin Hortman
Franklin Hortman Day ago
To this day the fbi has not done nothing to clinton ...or biden but they want this guy for explaining how corrupt they are....
Alex Mattie
Alex Mattie Day ago
I was wanting to show snowden is how you use your cell phone for success
Reefahholic Day ago
Let He who has an ear...Hear. There needs to be big changes in the US to the MSM, Big Tech Companies, and how we deal with the CCP. Most of these corrupt people need to go to prison. They have stolen, lied, and spied on all of us. It's time we take America back again.
Betsy’s Hood
Betsy’s Hood Day ago
America should free Snowden and Julian they r heroes being honest to Americans
XxbananaBishxX was here
XxbananaBishxX was here Day ago
I watched them watch me on my phone on acid
Mark Ford
Mark Ford Day ago
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Mark. Hapsis
Mark. Hapsis Day ago
Yes. Secret society. Revealed. Praise god
guyontheblackchair Day ago
Hello government. Would you please let me know when Carhartt has a sale on their heavy flannel shirts? The red ones. Thank you, data-people. Vote for Donald Trump!
Shaun Archangel
Shaun Archangel Day ago
In other words big brother is watching us .
guyontheblackchair Day ago
Twits think platforms care that they are informed. If it's free, you're the product.
Will Wade
Will Wade Day ago
I use a dumb phone and I don't always keep it with me. Many times I go to the store, theater, park and leave my phone at home.
Will Wade
Will Wade 21 hour ago
@guyontheblackchair Only when I have my Zoomies open.
guyontheblackchair Day ago
@Will Wade They hear you coming!
Will Wade
Will Wade Day ago
@guyontheblackchair I drive a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda with a .060 over 340 pushing 660 horse power. How can that report me to anyone?
guyontheblackchair Day ago
The car has reported on you. But then you probably walk to those places.
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Day ago
INTERVIEW YOUNG PHARAOH ASAP!! THE TRUTH FAMILY!! usshow.info/watch/oMQ4_rGpMmU/video.html
Nutkin B
Nutkin B Day ago
Forreal, even the right to repair your OWN physical device is threatened/governed by manufacturers
ModeerF Agaz
ModeerF Agaz Day ago
Scary reality humanity have allowed: cellphones, apps, Alexa, Googlevoice, Xbox, printer, sim card, laptop, computers, all electric devices kitchen, bathroom home is capturing 247 data.
guyontheblackchair Day ago
@ModeerF Agaz Looking forward to the movie.
ModeerF Agaz
ModeerF Agaz Day ago
@guyontheblackchair on Halloween
guyontheblackchair Day ago
The toaster, HVAC, and food processor are thinking about getting you...tonight.
Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te
Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te Day ago
Europe has more freedoms just with the GDPR then America by far. let the boomers whine and cheese. The simple act of having the right to be forgotten make the EU more free then the USA. There my proof we are living in a slave society
Misty Groves
Misty Groves Day ago
Listen to this.... I don't have a smart phone. Mine is an old one, not connected to the internet. You can take the battery out of mine. One evening my aunt called me on that phone from her landline. She doesn't have any computer or internet. I had just been watching USshow on my laptop, and paused the video, but left the page open. My laptop is also an old one. It has no microphone and no camera. My aunt talks a LOT. I end up saying "yes....mmm....right... and....uh-huh". She was talking about a certain subject to which I was replying "right, yes" etc. She was saying all the "keywords" and I was just replying like that. The subject she was discussing doesn't personally interest me. I have never conducted google searches for it, or watched videos about it, or discussed it with anyone either online or on my phone. So the call ended. I finished watching the USshow video, then clicked on another video, and the page refreshed of course. Then I saw videos in the sidebar with "recommended for you" on them, and those videos concerned the subject my aunt had been discussing.
Geary Kunkel
Geary Kunkel Day ago
I never used to need a cell phone ....Now I know what I need to do !.....Hammer Time !
Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders Day ago
Free this patriot!!!!
Bledi838 Day ago
A True man with charachter..... very bright, real man. Free Snowden ....
kos Molossi
kos Molossi Day ago
such a shame this dude s freedom from TAKEN away. He s the definition of a patriot not a traitor. Americans should have statues of him for trying to protect all 300M citizens.
kos Molossi
kos Molossi Day ago
TimBo Day ago
Could not continue listening because of all his smacking sounds
S A Day ago
But, what if it has being gone to where that everybody knows but no one can do a thing about it. Do you know that unless you look for a middle finger you must accept and agree to their TERMS and CONDITIONS.
Dianne Anderson
Dianne Anderson Day ago
Sometime when using my Android cell phone LGL84L Stylo 4 lately I have been hearing ringing in the background when talking to s\o on my cell phone. If I be quiet I can hear the whole 2 way conversation of people TALKING to each other. That's weird and scary, although, these are everyday people. That tells me that the same thing is problem happening to me, too, which means our home & cell phones are NOT privacy any more, if ever they were.
Lisa Owens
Lisa Owens Day ago
All politics aside, I respect Mr. Snowden's knowledge and I am learning a lot. Never mind I can't effectively use my PSE app, I'm still learning. I like the way he breaks everything down into small, understandable details that can explain in plain language and give examples of exactly what he means.
Vida Jordan
Vida Jordan Day ago
3 years ago the prosecuting attorney submitted photos taken remotely of the inside of the defendants car when their phone was off sitting on their lap. Its invading.... Collecting.... Profiling us all. Anyone care? No one I know cuz they are playing games, taking pics of everyone they know...everywhere they go... And every nice meal they plan to eat. Google cataloged my whole family and presented to me like I thought I would thank them.... Frightening and out of control already.
Amirouche The Lion of Numidia
Amirouche The Lion of Numidia 2 days ago
1984 is here!!!!
Erik D.P.
Erik D.P. 2 days ago
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Marz Marz
Marz Marz 2 days ago
Afif Sahrin
Afif Sahrin 2 days ago
I hate that outro sound so much
VibeZ OnVibeZ
VibeZ OnVibeZ 2 days ago
New world order illuminati
bill dwyer
bill dwyer 2 days ago
seems like a case where defensive countermeasures would be mostly futile. i.e. no outreach effort, aclu lawsuit, PSA effort or campaign to spread the good word through articles, books etc. will ever stand a chance against tech + government. so what is the feasibility of doing a counterattack? is there a way to, instead of protecting against data collection, do the complete opposite -- feed a sh*tton of data, including bogus and/or erroneous (deliberately unparseable) data? ok, maybe not from one's own device, but from a dedicated servers placed near cell towers? i've thought of this approach regarding advertisements on my laptop. e.g. ok, google can tell i'm shopping for, say, AH-dee-dahs shoes (see what i did there?), but what if it looks like i'm shopping for EVERY shoe known to man every ten seconds? it makes me giggle maniacally just thinking about it.
Ruben Benedetti
Ruben Benedetti 2 days ago
Snowden is a hero
Barbara Taaffe
Barbara Taaffe 2 days ago
Thank goodness I can take the battery out of my phone. I have another phone that Ed talker about the back does not come off. But I never activated that. And all my other cell phones. I have taken the battery out of!!! In fact I like to get rid of them period!
Robert Nivoa
Robert Nivoa 2 days ago
But then there is God who sees the creeper and the ones being creeped on, so the monitor is being monitored him or herself, therefore if you have nothing to hide with other humans then why would you even worry because in the end we only have to give account to God when we all stand at the White Judgment Seat of Christ, because we all must stand before the White Judgment Seat of Christ_ this is an appointment that every single person Dead or Alive will keep. 📖 "For as it is appointed unto mankind once to die and then the Judgment."
guyontheblackchair 20 minutes ago
@Robert Nivoa You are welcome, and thank you. Hopefully another is reading these and learning! satan does the fleeing! What a little worm. A lifer in jail turned and told a younger Christian that all he needs to do is say "boo!" to the devil and he will run. When the "boo" we say is from a heart full of "perfect love drives out fear" the despicable accuser knows it and can't stay. Thank you, Father, for the Blood of Jesus, making it possible for us to become Your children.
Robert Nivoa
Robert Nivoa 11 hours ago
@guyontheblackchair I wasn't directly saying that You were suggesting that Satan was omniscient, just speaking in general terms - for example there are many people it seems today that adulate Satan, and this happens to be the time of year - 31st of October. Still I understand that you know that only God is Omniscient. And Satan did at one time probably wanted to be like God, but what really happened was Lucifer became proud since he was the most beautiful of God's Creation, and God had put him in charge of everything, and God told Lucifer that he was perfect _ but iniquity was found in him by God. And also as we know Satan cannot be in two places at the same time, but of course there are all the other demons. still Satan and all his demons and all angels Holy or none holy are all spirit beings. So that old serpent has nothing with us although he can possess a person and so can the demons but if you are a Christian born again from above Satan cannot enter You, because the Holy Spirit lives in us, and Greater is He(Christ Jesus) who is in us, than he (that old serpent the devil) who is in the world. Although Satan can tempt us through other people outside of us he can bother us but all we have to do is flee from him and temptation. sometimes it's not always easy but God always gives us a way out of temptation. But We can't always blame Satan for our sins, many times it comes from our own hearts because the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it. Only God knows the heart of man. Thanks for answering my comment and so forth.
guyontheblackchair Day ago
@Robert Nivoa I did not say, nor suggest, that satan is omniscient. Scripture makes it clear, though, that he covets God's omniscience, and works to draw us into his pathetic jealousy. Do we leave off learning since we can just ask gewgle? I appreciate the great points you make from Scripture, Robert!
Robert Nivoa
Robert Nivoa Day ago
@guyontheblackchair Yes if Satan can read which I suppose he can, and he can read what you are reading if you entertain him. But as you partly probably know There is nothing in God's Word to indicate that Satan is omniscient. there are no verses that say he knows everything or that he can read our thoughts. But that old serpent is very adapt at predicting human behavior because he's seen it operate for so long, he can anticipate what you might do in a given situation without knowing your thoughts because of his knowledge of human mankind, and because satan has a supernatural mind. But in terms of being omniscient and being able to read your thoughts 'as God can' the Bible does not support that idea at all. It never tells us that Angels are omniscient, and if a Holy Angel isn't omniscient neither is a Falling One. So, that old serpent and the devil cannot read our thoughts even if he's great at predicting human behavior because he's seen so much of it. And Jesus through His death and Resurrection destroyed the power of the devil, if the devil were omniscient he would have known this ahead of time and never allowed Jesus to be crucified. In like fashion if the devil were omniscient he would know exactly how to tempt us at all times in order to get us away from God. I believe the devil only uses what has worked in the past - and when We learn to conquer that particular temptation the devil tries something else. 🌿 If the devil were omniscient he would be God.📖 There is a passage that points to this discussion in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 which says 🌿📖🌿 "Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect, yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nothing _ but we speak the Wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world - to our glory, which none of the princes of this world knew, for had they known it, they would not have Crucified the Lord of Glory.
guyontheblackchair Day ago
Interesting, isn't it, that the internet is closest satan will ever get to omniscience?
Tony P
Tony P 2 days ago
Snowden is a P.O.S. I hope the SEALs extract you from your hiding place and bring you to the US so you can face your treason charges.
Courtie Shay
Courtie Shay 2 days ago
"you can't awaken someone who's pretending to be asleep" -Edward Snowden
yuggs 2 days ago
I love this dude I been telling my wife this she said I was crazy
Michael Pappas
Michael Pappas 2 days ago
Uninstall the battery when your phone isn't in use.
Gary CA
Gary CA 2 days ago
“When exposing a crime is treated as commuting a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” , an apt description of the US deep state and it’s agents...
Gary CA
Gary CA 2 days ago
That’s right Ed, Catch-22 if you want to be connected but in this wired or wireless world, you’re either IN and agree o everything or you’re in a black box...
Gary CA
Gary CA 2 days ago
We also make all our connections for Google too, and even them in them getting our private information to private corporations to earn money to do more snitching...
isturbo1984 2 days ago
12:12 I love how he cannot fathom any possibility why someone would use Facebook lol
guyontheblackchair Day ago
Facebook is completely unnecessary. Many of us have never signed on to it. It is perfectly dispensible.
Francisco Rosa
Francisco Rosa 2 days ago
The problem is not spying on A or B or C (unless they are journalist activists, etc. The problem is that they are doing social engineering with the help of social scientists and big data. One of these experiences is this virtual epidemic crisis that will originate a great artificial economic crisis, which will give the international elite the jackpot when negotiating with the sovereign debt securities of most countries, who will be on their knees and who will have to go into debt completely to return to normal (until next economic crisis they’re going to create) They’re in control of the media, they own it, and they own the politicians, they’re the ones who paid for the elections. It’s easy for them to increase sovereign debts. A virtue of our debt economy!
Steve Perryman
Steve Perryman 2 days ago
So what? This is no great revelation? You'd have to be pretty paranoid (or guilty of something) to be worried about any of this. Any time you interact with anyone you're submitting information about yourself. He's making an industry of making people unneccaserily paranoid about nothing. Anyway, if you don't like it don't carry a smartphone, or any phone! Yawn .....
dokha 2 days ago
Flat earth evidence
Flat earth evidence 2 days ago
The devil spies on you.
Phyllis Bynum
Phyllis Bynum 2 days ago
I heard even if you take the batteries out of your phone, they can still track you? Even if you turn it off and no batteries?
Staffotex 3 days ago
There is a way out coming, read "life after google"
Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson 3 days ago
F#ck Fakebook F#ck Google F#ck Microsoft I hate all of these companies and support antitrust laws against them all
dokha 3 days ago
When he says “now, these things are stored” but does not say under what law or what certain circumstances happened to allow that. So I need him to talk more intellectually and less dumbed down.
dokha 3 days ago
The part about the IMEI , He is talking about CDMA which is mainly only in the US .. GSM works differently
Khaba Mkhize
Khaba Mkhize 3 days ago
Greetings Gen 1 Cyborgs. Just passing by to my cave. Primitive ways are civilized ways for human existence. Carry On as you were.
Brunno Lazzarotto
Brunno Lazzarotto 3 days ago
As always, knowledge is the key. Once the common people have the knowledge and be aware, the companies will change. Will change to another creepy way to control us.
Watching Videos
Watching Videos 3 days ago
When a revelation gives an advantage to the bad guys, one wonders what the payoff is?
MrDvaz 3 days ago
all good and well documented ....any advice how to fight back? that would be more helpful ...just stating a problem that we all know exist does not help!!!
Patrik Markebro
Patrik Markebro 3 days ago
But it is possible to reprogram that IEMI, there are simple programs to use to do that, so I am possible to change to any other IMEI that I like it to have, and change it next time I ever like to change it. So even if he tells the truuth about many things, the truth are that those who like to be away for real, are able to be even with most new phones. D, Trump complains China and TikTok, but have no idea, or just close his eyes for what Apple do. The thing are, that there are 10s of 10s settings not even possible to disable on an Apple Phone, but it is possible on my Samsung or even a HTC. THe thing at the moment are, My wife get really, really topnailed advertising, but I do not get it at all. We both have same apps, except that I have a ton more over her, my are tech apps... like carOBD.. none of them seems to spy. But the scary thing are that the Apple phone really do spy on the user. The truth are that it do it more then any other brand or Android phone do at standard settings. And why does the US govenrment protect Apple so damn hard? They protect it from be overrunned by Microsoft even if MS are mostly US connected. But they can not controll it like Apple and their phones, Obviously, and that are really scary. And should make D. Trump just shut up. And that Snowden talks alot about but in wowen in terms. Anyhow Snowden are welcome to my house at any time any day. D.T are not. Obama are, even Putin are. Sorry D.T....
foresaken to none
foresaken to none 3 days ago
Knowing the Deep State by being a part of it!!! Confirming it by whistleblowing about it... Admirable....Questionable...Treasonist??? Hmmm...dilemna ensues...
Fast as Ali
Fast as Ali 3 days ago
If President Trump gets a second term he should give this man a Full pardon! Edward Snowden is a Very smart man who was only trying to do the right thing for the American because he could no longer stand by & allow our Evil, out of control, corrupt, TREASONOUS-government known as the military industrial complex to continue violating our great US constitution and do what they were doing to the completely unsuspecting naïve American people! Edward Snowden is a hero, not a villain, BUT just like with so many other great American heroes throughout our nations existence, like all the great man who signed our Declaration of Independence, our corrupt treasonous government, which was Great Britain at the time, destroyed all of these heroic men! In the case of Edward Snowden, our own treasonous government used the mainstream media, (which in reality is just another arm of the government), to spread a propaganda campaign throughout this nation in an effort to destroy this man because he dared to stand up against the military industrial complex! If President Trump is truly going to clean out the swamp he needs to give Edward Snowden a full pardon!!
Deb Rasche
Deb Rasche 3 days ago
Smart dud please give us insight on other things. You have to convince Hillary of this with her vanished emails
David Nord
David Nord 3 days ago
what you have here is ""rarum novarum""
Lynn Begley
Lynn Begley 3 days ago
I Hope this Happens before but if nothing else hopefully the next political generation. ( 2024 )) will pardon Snowden whose been teaching all of us in interviews TY 👍🔑📚🙌
useyourallusion mind
useyourallusion mind 3 days ago
Big Brother is Always Watching
guyontheblackchair Day ago
...and how nice....he fits in your pocket!
Soul Journey
Soul Journey 3 days ago
So basically if you full bars your phone calls out loudest compared to if you one bar?
Kelvin Owen
Kelvin Owen 4 days ago
He helped me get some info such as whatsapp, facebook, text messages, call logs and even phone conversations that I helped needed for proof of his secretive affair, the first time we spoke, we had a very long phone consultation in which he gave me all my options that he could think of to resolve my case, and he even recommended I try other options before hiring him, which shows that he is honest. I decided to hire him and I am glad I did. He is a fantastic. investigator and a great person; to all loyal partners out there if you have a dishonest partner don't hesitate to contact him via at WhatsApp +1 754-227-6376
PAG 1 4 days ago
The Perfect Alibi.... let your phone at Home 🤷🏼‍♂️
guyontheblackchair Day ago
...the car too. Remember, it's reporting on you too.
Silram 4 days ago
But smartphone contributed to the investigation of a murder ... without that it would have been impossible. So sometimes helpful.
ً 4 days ago
Choco Mucho
Choco Mucho 4 days ago
this is the reason why DITO telecom want their tower to be in our military areas and that tower shouldn't be built in those areas.. idk whats happening in our country Philippines..
Peyton Brian
Peyton Brian 4 days ago
*I got blackmail which already took me to hell have paid off my last amount to those guys, they even told me not to tell anyone, the blackmail is to higher than me till extent that if I got my salary, they got there own shares, I don’t live happily with family, I can’t confess to my wife I know she’s will kill me, it being a sorrow months for me because I fell that as payment of cheating my wife, until my cousin detect and introduce me to hacker when I later speak up to him, and am glad all info got wiped and later found out who sent them and how they got the info all thanks to Trustedcyberhacker you can contact him on WhatsApp:+13182391871*
Toan Hien
Toan Hien 4 days ago
He's got this sexy voice that makes people h**ny, you know.
Thor 4 days ago
This is literally totally against the constitution but we don’t have the constitution anymore do we
Braeluke 4 days ago
I would have no problem listening to him for 4 hours. Lol.
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