D&D Curse of Strahd Replay (Episode 2): The Long, Looong Road to Vallaki

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Puffin Forest

6 months ago

Hello everyone! This is Episode 2 of our Curse of Strahd Replay. In this episode we travel to Vallaki. Hope you guys enjoy!
EDIT: The video contains a slight error. I accidentally say her name is "Anastasia" instead of her correct name "Anastrasya". It was a common error through the Replays and the group notes. It will get fixed in later episodes.
CHARACTERS: (3rd Level)
Gouda Thyme- Gnome Wild Magic Sorcerer
Boshack- Lizardfolk Warlock
Krusk- Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin
Garo- Wood Elf 2 Cleric (Light) / 1 Monk
Music Credits:
"Waltz to Death" by Sir Cubworth
"Gaia in the Fog" by Dan Bodan
"Quiet" by The Mini Vandals
Lamentation by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100607
Artist: incompetech.com/
Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500027
Artist: incompetech.com/

My Nerd Forge
My Nerd Forge 9 days ago
Love your videos, I watch these all the time when crafting dice and making minis for our store!
Gj Behrendt
Gj Behrendt 12 days ago
I see you peeking out of the forest at me!
Gho5tRUN3R 26 days ago
"Gouda, our gnome warlock" Wait a warlock?
Colin Stewart
Colin Stewart 29 days ago
Two ladies who made the dream pastries... wait I think he did a story about that one?!
Trick Stur
Trick Stur Month ago
Somebody give Gouda a burger.
supremepanda Month ago
Rick Tavio sounds similar to Abserd.
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
oh yeah, kallistraee, yinzi and barin, just murdered everyone in this town, along with all the demons
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
cloe would probably meet the same fate asking the hag why she uses evil magic knowing it makes her ugly
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
"oh no not ghouda" my words exactly
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
i joke that she is a mourniglord drow. but maybe she is a hag, she doesn't have that beam of light spell like other paladins, but she has lightning bolt. but as a paladin she thinks sunlight proves lich superiority
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
we actually had an easier time on epic, doing this than on normal, depite technically being more underleveled for the epic version. but fug the alpha of the pack has a high DR
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
but i still need to find a shrine and re summon my skeleton, mid quest
Charles Reeves
Charles Reeves 2 months ago
however wayfinder server just had a snow ball of rewards so my pal/wiz doing strahd is already level 27 so it makes barovia everything in its rawest form, but still be able to handle the onslaught of werewolf pack after werewolf pack
Anders Schmich
Anders Schmich 2 months ago
Upon re-watch, did you call Gouda a Warlock at 15:05? I though she was a Sorceress, or did she multi-class?
M Balazs
M Balazs 2 months ago
16:41 WTF .... just what is death in this game/campaign......this is BS....if I use intimidating tong on my player's it works because they know I mean business if they cross a line, dos anyone take this dm seriously after all this BS!?
M Balazs
M Balazs 2 months ago
13:12 the dm of this section is either terrible at balancing encounters or too nice lol well at least he keep the party going lol
Introvert 2 months ago
Honestly i love the old bone grinder just beacuse of the interactions my character had with the witches i was playing a warlock who was a young witch in her backstory her name was lilly blue and i asked the dm if i could know any of the witches from a black magic town that ended up being taken over by 3 beholders the dm said roll a history check i got an 18 + 4 and passed the dm described as the witches old faces twisted into a kind smile as they see my character and remember your character learning how to make dream pastries from the witches so long story short my character had a nice chat and some banter (and some speech checks i was playing warlock with high charisma) with the witches and they gave us what we needed and some dream pastries and kindly waved me and the party goodbye as we left allowing us to get in and out with no killing
Justin Bassett-Green
Justin Bassett-Green 2 months ago
What were the mechanical implications of the other hag options besides "last breath"?
Overseer76 2 months ago
"You hear a muffled 'HELP!' coming from above. Do you want to go upstairs?" "Do I??!" I rofl'd hard.
WexMajor82 2 months ago
Pastries are made of human children? Yes, that's how they do them in Menzoberranzan. What's the problem with that?
Carlo Galbiati
Carlo Galbiati 2 months ago
That “I’m beginning to see how you do business here in Barovia” and making a compromise with a more powerful evil being hits different after the epilogue.
Aaron Stoner
Aaron Stoner 3 months ago
Guys, Abserd iz back!
emperor trajan360
emperor trajan360 3 months ago
I just started watching these and they a brilliant... Whispers "do you think we can take her?" "No she's probably a level 15 vampire, plus she's got people with her." I don't know why I thought that was so funny but it was. Hey it's the little things in life right?
Alresu 3 months ago
Okay, that GM really hates Stan Velsing. Not surprising.^^
Pillzbruy3 3 months ago
Wow lol that was a nuts day for you guys. My group somehow managed to kill all the wolves and all the hags. Good times lol
Patrick Gervais
Patrick Gervais 3 months ago
The way we did this was all of us cast invisibility, and I used spider climb found the children, and yeeted them onto the windmill fans and just booked it
HitechRedneck Toby
HitechRedneck Toby 3 months ago
These Curse of Strahd Videos are AWESOME.
Brooks Brigmon
Brooks Brigmon 3 months ago
I actually like this format better for longer content. As I watched this series I sat down and played Animal Crossing while I listened (similarly to a podcast, which this basically is). While with an animated video, instead of being able to drift off and listen, I have to put all my attention on it, which is good for your shorter videos, but my personal attention span is to short to watch a 40 minute animation in one sitting. I know you could just listen with both, but uh...
coolhandjake 3 months ago
I like the Resurrection even if that’s not In the story I might need to borrow that idea for my playthrough
Sarin Earthsea
Sarin Earthsea 4 months ago
*me thinking* OK, if I had a character and they were tied up by the children baking monsters I would have them sing "LRA LRA". Time for some song of storms.
Zach Pickett
Zach Pickett 4 months ago
Those hags sound like they were ran amazingly
Owen McCord
Owen McCord 4 months ago
In the windmill my party got wrecked by the hags so bad we had a barbarian Dragonborn, human rouge ( with six shooters), mountain dwarf ranger, and I was a home brew death knight, I was standing guard outside while the rest of the party was getting wrecked in there, they jumped out of the 3rd floor taking dmg we barely escaped
Maurice Pete
Maurice Pete 4 months ago
Oh look. Curse of Strahd. Another Campaign I want to run... To bad... I don’t Have friends...
DWPF Horsemen
DWPF Horsemen 4 months ago
Did your DM make up y'all's dark gifts, because i can't find them in the book with the other dark gifts
Rudi 4 months ago
In my game, my Christian...ish Paladin gave the Hag an ultimatum of 5 days until I will come and smite her into oblivion. So now I have to powerlevel without a long rest ... Barovia is fun
Staticka 4 months ago
Hey Puffin Have question for you, i know its usually up to the DM but morgantha and the others seemed pretty strong especially with sleep, wanted to know how your dm changed them or if i was running them wrong ( probably was ) , in terms of combat how long do u believe a round goes for? currently my players as well as some people say 6 seconds which would mean allot of different spells last a lot longer then expected out of game time.
Wesley Webb
Wesley Webb 4 months ago
So Gouda became a Hiei season 1 type of creature?
The Doctor
The Doctor 4 months ago
That lizardfolk should have tired to eat Goro after he dropped
Joshua Kan
Joshua Kan 4 months ago
In our playthrough of the Curse of Strahd, we killed Strahd because one of our group called him out. He almost killed us but we managed to kill him, we were just on our way to Vallaki from Barovia, we were just at the bridge where the pack of wolves attacked the group in this video.
Joshua Kan
Joshua Kan 4 months ago
We also burned down Vallaki and killed off half of the inhabitants. Opps
Ian Kittle
Ian Kittle 4 months ago
Ahh the joys of DM failure. 1: allows both good and evil aligned characters in the same party (including a freaking Paladin) 2: refuses to allow characters to die when they go against horribly overpowered enemies. Sooooo almost guaranteed party strife and probably PvP combined with the near certainty that you can't die unless the DM wants you to. What fun..... Edit: 3: effectively force good characters to commit evil acts.
DigDug Dude
DigDug Dude 4 months ago
hey does anyone know were those reserection patron things came in from? because I for the life of me can not find it
Blahdalizer2 4 months ago
So the two characters that look like humans no longer look like humans? Interesting.
Klaital1 4 months ago
And this is why you should never allow evil player characters. But on the positive side, at least they killed that super annoying gnome.
Deadmetal 4 months ago
11:46 Come on DM. Just let the poor monk die. Stan Velsing needs his moment.
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 4 months ago
every episode someone dies and is reborn I mean what if someone didn't want to become a half beholder half gnome with eyes on her whole body
Liam Douglas
Liam Douglas 4 months ago
Hey do you have a copy of the things that the hags take to let the character leave the windmill? Your play through inspired me to run CoS for my players and I'm using some elements that you have in this game to change it up from the book
Isaac Karr
Isaac Karr 4 months ago
I don't think I could run a vampire game called curse of Strahd. At least not without him having a straw as his weapon of choice.
OriginalWholeHog 5 months ago
Damn,I honestly never thought Id hear Puffin say fuck
Naxer 5 months ago
Seems like first death is more of a powerup. Also I have feeling that Puffin is inherently suicidal...
Stalkin U
Stalkin U 5 months ago
why arent you playing this with 4e rules bra xD
The Rambunctious Riolu
The Rambunctious Riolu 5 months ago
I played curse of strahd with a wild magic sorcerer!
BlackMage 5 months ago
I hate your DM.
Nathan 5 months ago
I really wanna know what the other curses were other than the "last breath" one. I've looked up lists of Hag's curses on home-brew forums before but they are mostly far too brutal with like half of them basically guaranteeing death or making the character virtually unplayable.
Isaiac 5 months ago
Love the videos so far this early on! Also, wasn't Gertruda in Ravenloft? Or, is my memory failing me...
okuyasu nijimura
okuyasu nijimura 5 months ago
So I looked up night hag stats since she used LIGHTNING BOLT THERE WERE 2 OTHER NIGHT HAGS FOR PEOPLE WHO DIDNT KNOW THAT THEY ARE SO SCREWED AGAINST 3 1 maybe at 5th lvl but uh 3 yeah they gonna need to lure one away from the others from 31 feet so theres that
Briar Barfield
Briar Barfield 5 months ago
"The Curse.......of Strahd." *Roll Credits*
Firel Paul
Firel Paul 5 months ago
Borovia is Bavaria
devon marcus
devon marcus 5 months ago
This reminded me of your D&D story: Why won't my character just die already
Eliot Gallienne
Eliot Gallienne 5 months ago
What would you have lost if you'd have given up or memory, victory, or silver tongue?
Pranay 5 months ago
So when my group played this, we fought 2 of the witches downstairs and killed them after finding out the kids were being baked. During that, I went up to the attic, saw one of the witches, ran away cause I thought it was just the witch and told our sorcerer to throw a spell in there (can't remember which). It started a massive fire but at the last second I see one more kid in one of the closets (we saved a few of the others before). We killed the hags (silence was placed just well enough to hit all 3 in two floors so it was okay). But we couldn't save the kid and I ended up getting PTSD cause I basically got an innocent child burned alive
Nyxy 5 months ago
Binches killed Sprinkles the skeleton with their lightning and turned my wizard into a frog. RIP Sprinkles, he was a good skeleton and my only one.
B3 Productions
B3 Productions 5 months ago
I feel like some stuff was skipped...
Baggins .mp4
Baggins .mp4 5 months ago
Puffin: "windmil..." Me: fuuuuuuuuuuuuc
Awsorne 6 months ago
Does anyone know what the Memory, the Silver Tongue or the Victory would have taken form them? My players are getting to Old Bonegrinder soon, so I may want to present them with that deal.
sept imo
sept imo 6 months ago
There's a bit too much meta gaming for my taste but everybody plays differently. The party was not aligned by a bigger theme anyway, one was a goody-two-shoes, one an anime girl, a paladin, and an evil warlock XD
HeadHunter 549
HeadHunter 549 6 months ago
Okay so i got to the point where the old woman reveal they make their pastries from children's dreams and i am already ready to take a nice big guess and say that they are Hags and that the girl is a hag's child that still looks human. . . well she might end up human it really matters if her mother has had time for the ritual yet. . . my only question left is just what type of hags they are. . .
HeadHunter 549
HeadHunter 549 6 months ago
Oh so they where night hags. . .yeah that makes sense since they are the most profit motivated of hags. And i seem to of been right about the girl too, yay.
Jacob Underhay
Jacob Underhay 6 months ago
18:25 "We rescued Vasilli" Me: Oh...... Oh no.....
Jacob Underhay
Jacob Underhay 6 months ago
Last I remember Gertruda wasn't a hag... But this being said last I remember we never found Gertruda so.....?
John Loman
John Loman 6 months ago
Anastasia, Hoi4 Anime Mod but in d&d. Stalin-kun is that you?
fmakofmako 6 months ago
I hope that your group somehow salvages the rough position its found itself in.
Oliver Hel
Oliver Hel 6 months ago
totally just got the warlock joke
Helix 6 months ago
Wait a minute, I thought Dendar the Night Serpent was a god, not an Old One. Shouldn't Boshak be a death cleric or something?
Jacob Underhay
Jacob Underhay 6 months ago
Ben: They ate the pastry Me: Oh..... Oh no.....
Tommonius 6 months ago
im suprised the hags were so difficult, my party was a 3 man cleric, figghter and artificier (me) we literately vast silence on them, i had my steel defender grapple one and i rammed cloth in the ones mouth and the fighter went to town on the downed one, after another turn she was dead and the best they did was scratch us a bit ran down the second one to but the elder hag who was selling the pastries legged it until she was far enough to teleport and we were not even well geared.
Joel McCartan
Joel McCartan 6 months ago
Jerrod Baldwin
Jerrod Baldwin 6 months ago
So when we encountered the hags at the windmill one of them was upstairs tending to something and the other was outside. We were also there to rescue the kids. One of our members attempted to haggle with the hag outside but eventually failed and had to kill her. The other sister heard commotion but didn't check out the window because she was baking. Fortunately I had some illusion magic as a sorcerer and used it to disguise my voice and convince the sister upstairs to let me come up there and talk recipes. A few sessions earlier we...acquired...a large amount of the dream pastries so I had a few for this next part. When I went upstairs I was able to convinced the second hag to try my "not dream pastry" to help he improve her recipe. I was only partially successful as she wanted to share the pastry with me. I used illusion magic to make it seem like I ate my half. She went into a walking dreamlike state where she was very susceptible to suggestions. I convinced he to walk over to the window to talk to her sister. Once she was over to the window, I then proceeded to slit her throat and kicked her out the window. My party was in stitches and it's still one of my favorite personal moments in DnD.
Ritro 6 months ago
I’m starting to feel like your characters are immortal
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite 6 months ago
'Let me introduce you to my familiar, I named him after my favorite food, say hi to Femur"
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson 6 months ago
I love this. As a DM, I love throwing these kinds of situations at my players.
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen 6 months ago
This is a fun video series, but it could use some more illustrations and some more animations.
Willis _
Willis _ 6 months ago
2:45 OwO notices wound
Keith Clinger
Keith Clinger 6 months ago
One thing in lizard folk culture eating people is perfectly normal
Tristien 6 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed the half- orc named Krusk? Like, from the 3.5 PHB
Xarvon 6 months ago
I see that the DM took many inspirations from the CoS subreddit, wonderful!
Amanoob105 6 months ago
It feels like it would have been a better option for Puffin to give them his Silver Tongue. Seeing as his one has so far shown itself to be extremely defective, it's not that much of a loss.
Tiernan 6 months ago
Where does the dead players coming back transformed come from? I haven't read the entire book yet but I've never even heard about that
Tokromar 6 months ago
Dying seems to just make you stronger in this game, everyone should do it
alon ben nun
alon ben nun 6 months ago
I'd like one of this for your campaign
Cosxcam Games
Cosxcam Games 6 months ago
I am really enjoying this series, I would be interested in hearing more about the mechanics or resource the DM used for the resurrection gifts.
Redx army
Redx army 6 months ago
When my friends group got to this section on the mojual they killed all the night hags by tieing a rope around there neck at attaching it the the spinning wind mail so they decapitated all the hags.
chy03001 6 months ago
So this was your suicidal character ;-)
Toxac Okami
Toxac Okami 6 months ago
I thought Dendar was FEMALE?! 🐍
NullenTV 6 months ago
“I named him after my favorite food to eat, Say hi to femur”
siberiusrahl 6 months ago
Generic awesome comment to increase USshow analytics, now with more keywords like really good, fantastic video.
Faultiplayer 6 months ago
Riktavio sounds verrrry... absurd
Zachary Hawley
Zachary Hawley 6 months ago
I'll admit I did play an evil character for this. The Coven was very cordial and I did invest in them. Allies are so hard to come by after all.
Jared Hite
Jared Hite 6 months ago
To put this into perspective, the windmill as written in the book is so overpowered for the level characters are supposed to be that one of the authors of the adventure suggested on Twitter that you make them green hags rather than night hags, and have one of them be away selling pastries at the moment the players arrive (so no coven magic). Yeah, it's that bad.
Giant Booger
Giant Booger 6 months ago
Good work. Very entertaining.
Radioactive Pugman
Radioactive Pugman 6 months ago
one of my party members decided to unleash a plauge upon this town because she failed to mug someone
Traceable 6 months ago
Hey, puffin? Would you mind releasing the full description of the dark gifts. They all seem really interesting and I’d like to use them in my games. Please?
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