Burden - White Privilege (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Burden
Produced By Josh Petruccio
Video Credits: DirectedByGhost

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I’m bout to stir up the pot, imma say everything they don’t want me to say,
This division of race, is a spit in the face
Of America, look at how far we done came,
- oh what a shame,
How does the media fill you with hate,
how do you feel like it’s racist
For someone to say that they’re keeping America great,
Let’s talk about this white privilege
-I’ll Make it clear so that yall get this
I ain’t never had an opportunity in life that was given based what the tone of my skin is,
You ain’t oppressed,- look at what year it is,
It ain’t no talking to you, you ain’t hearing this,
he’s just a cracker who walks around talking his shit Hes politically wrong and Hes arrogant, right?
fist in the air, black pride, that’s great,
But if do the same for my race, thats hate,I can do what I want, is what a lot of you say,
Like if I play with police it won’t be a bad day,
you must high,
-Done already told you I don’t wanna die,
Who said it was better they told you a lie,
You think that my color gone help me survive?
I don’t despise my hair and my eyes and my heritage made me as handsome as I ,
don’t make me no better or worse than no other person just saying I’m happily white,
Is that straight?,
-Plus we the same, lemme explain,
work the same jobs, and get the same pay,
-Want to pass school, had to get the same grades,
If you make the same choices, you go the same places,
Lemme speak,
I work hard for what you see,
I was taught ain’t nothing free,
If someone got it,
it aint ME,
White privilege
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Don’t exist,
With God as my witness
It’s easy to see,
You think I don’t get it cause I don’t agree,
Like I didn’t make it from out of the street
With No where to sleep and nothing to eat
everything that we do by choice,
Your racist movement, ain’t muting my voice,
My life been hell, as far as I can tell,
The idea of white privilege been destroyed,
where is this card they say I can pull,
-kicked out of school, for bein too cool,
I went to jail,and I didn’t get Bail,
I wanted to rent, I’m a felon I can’t
So Where is all the inequality at,
I applied for jobs, they ain’t calling me yet,
My eyes are green, and my skin is white,
Maybe they’ve been busy, yeah that’s got to be it,
Haaa you prolly Believe it,
-now you got to get even,
Even though I ain’t seen it
that ain’t the way that I’m treated
Telling me you got expectations
Of me paying you reparations
Well I’m the voice of a million people feel the same exact way afraid to say this,
that ain’t right
I’m bout to stir up the pot, imma talk about what they don’t want me to say,
This division of race, is a spit in the face
Of America, look at how far we done came,
- oh what a shame,
How does the media fill you with hate,
how do you feel like it’s racist
For someone to say that they’re keeping America great,
Lemme speak,
I work hard for what you see,
I was taught ain’t nothing free,
If someone got it,
it aint ME,
White privilege
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Don’t exist,
With God as my witness

BurdenWorld Month ago
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE ‼️ Dont forget to like and subscribe so you get all my new music and if you want to support by getting merch I have hoodies, shirts, beanies, etc! Shop.BurdenWorld.com thanks again🙏🏻
America & The Patriots
America & The Patriots 21 hour ago
here sum real exmple hereusshow.info/watch/teCCZ7ICM5c/video.html
Johnna Smith
Johnna Smith 2 days ago
Would love it if you could collaborate with my friend Loza Alexander who is another 🔥 rapper and a true Patriot Proud Boy! Check his stuff out! usshow.info/goPL7fbfsk-lyx5hT8QiRZ_X0UZObaio7Ss0.html
King Dank
King Dank 4 days ago
Funny you say we gotta get same grades when right before I clicked this song I was talking about how Asian people need to get better grades to get into college because so many if them get accepted and black, spanish, excreta... people sometimes get accepted easier under the guise of stopping racism.
John Cisneros
John Cisneros 8 days ago
@Gordy Freeman oh wow
Gordy Freeman
Gordy Freeman 9 days ago
@John Cisneros Sent a private email to corporate. Told them they were tearing this nation apart.
Eric Dark
Eric Dark 5 hours ago
For real im white with a ebt card lol
James Edwards
James Edwards 5 hours ago
Funny how the poorest counties in the US are mostly white
Promethean Persona
Promethean Persona 6 hours ago
"White privilege" is an anti-White superstition.
Pernicious. Music
Pernicious. Music 6 hours ago
this is quality! glad I found this! subscribed
scarface 25
scarface 25 18 hours ago
republicans speak through music But the Democrats speak through violence
Blake Williamson
Blake Williamson 21 hour ago
Look at this guy trying to be Tom Macdonald. Good song tho
Hi Malone
Hi Malone 23 hours ago
stormtropper88 Day ago
Fucking great lyrics ! Great track ! Kudos I’m tired of everyone yelling white privilege , and having the victim mentality
kingcopycat Day ago
I'm white person and I'm not racist nor am I white privileged you know what is racist tho criminalizing one race and victimization another race its what devides people and police brutality racisem and other things effects everyone
Martin Lowery
Martin Lowery Day ago
Listen. I'm someone who deplore anyone who professes a phenotypical skin expression as being better or worse than others. This isnt a race issue, it's a class issue, end of story.
Aaron Trout
Aaron Trout Day ago
Yup let’s go
Euph0ric 0ne
Euph0ric 0ne Day ago
Just found you because of TooLitMafia's reaction...found my new favorite right next to Tom Macdonald. Straight fire and straight FACTSSSS. Killin' it big homie!
mona bram
mona bram Day ago
Just came across your videos. Some pretty amazing stuff! I'm in, you now have a new subscriber. Keep spreading the truth! 👍👍
Youllnever knowmeto
Youllnever knowmeto Day ago
Please Please try to do a track with Tom Macdonald. OMG that shit would be crazy
Firefighter with a stache
Firefighter with a stache 2 days ago
Glad to see someone who is not afraid to speak there mind in 2020. Supper tellented man God bless.
Shane Jackson
Shane Jackson 2 days ago
Just ran across you from a reaction video. Glad I did because there's a few but not enough young and talented white dudes speaking facts. With that said, you have a new fan here...keep bringing the 🔥
Luca 2 days ago
You would sound fucking awsome with tom macdonald
By I
By I 2 days ago
Alex G
Alex G 2 days ago
panda much lol still good from the 304 boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
The Logic Party
The Logic Party 2 days ago
I’ve noticed that ask 100 people what “white” privilege” is and you’ll get 100 different answers. Seems most agree it exists in some way, but what it is and how it should be addressed or spoken if varies widely.
330Kid 2 days ago
Tiffany Clark
Tiffany Clark 2 days ago
Been white for 40yrs still waiting on my privilege to be instated
Johnna Smith
Johnna Smith 2 days ago
Would love if he collaborated with my friend Loza Alexander 😍 If everyone likes Burden’s music they would love Loza’s music too! It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥 usshow.info/goPL7fbfsk-lyx5hT8QiRZ_X0UZObaio7Ss0.html
Joseph Guida
Joseph Guida 2 days ago
I hope that when this social distancing bs subsides, you go on a world tour and reap the rewards of your talent.
J. G.
J. G. 3 days ago
"White Privilege" doesn't mean Caucasians don't have hardship within there lives; it just means the color of their skin has NEVER been an obstacle to overcome within society. Systemic racism is real in America. It has stopped people of color from receiving employment, mortgages, personal loans, where you can live, school funding for education and excessive policing within non-white neighborhoods. This has all been done to keep the most impoverished enslaved within America and it's the "Big Businesses" (Corporations/Monopolies) that perpetrate this fraud upon the American people.
TheWhiteDeath Day ago
Bullshit, the only thing that has held people of color down are liberals.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 3 days ago
I really would love to see you work with Tom Macdonald
Bo Ling
Bo Ling 3 days ago
Christina 3 days ago
Let’s stir up the pot for Thanksgiving because we all worked hard for our turkey meal 🥘✊
Stoner Gaming
Stoner Gaming 3 days ago
I don't see anyone mad i guess no racist seem it yet
Iceman 19
Iceman 19 3 days ago
Right on brotha! Happy Thanksgiving!
N1tro lol
N1tro lol 3 days ago
My dad said to listen to your music and I shrugged it off cause usually I don't like people my dad does but ur fire
no name
no name 4 days ago
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 4 days ago
Wow, this was well done. You have a strong opinion that many would judge. I want tell you you're wrong, but that would be ignoring the disfranchising of a whole race. Your struggles are valid and real. I can see how as a white man, with all the struggles you faced, a similar amount of discrimination, it would be hard for you to see how the racism is real in this country, especially in the context of the fact that you face these problems too. I would like to present the arguement that white privledge theory is based on why would a whole race as a whole would do worse in a society than another race. Its is racist to say that black people are worse off in today's society, or more correctly doing worse (which is a statement generally agreed upon, in an over arching level) because of something that makes black people inherently worse or less in value, or inherently different by nature. Not only is it racist, it is untrue. This is something im sure we agree upon, atleast for the most part. A big arguement that BLM makes is that black people don't have any semblance of a foundation. They don't have generations of wealth that some white people are privy to. The real problem, would be the fact that certain families could hold onto wealth within their own communities while leaving black people behind (who were very obviously discriminated against when looking in history). The problem lays in the fact that those few rich white people hold all the power and influence. This includes media, politics, business, etc. And they would lay a foundation and system that would help people like them. I'm not blaming these people either, because over time, as a community, we made it more and more fair. But the nature of people in power is that their biases are important. People will try to please them. Try to cater to them. Be more relatable to them. Serve them. If we have a system that has a focus on pleasing rich powerful men to get their money, we are going to skew things in a way that please them. And while this is not your fault, it means that people will work towards them, using them as a ruler or benchmark of sorts. It is to say that our reality is generated not only based on not only what these "rich white people" want, but how people (you and me, businesses, and media) respond to them. If we live in a world where we are constantly working with powerful white men mostly,, This favors white men, and disfavors black people (and people of color). Thats why we want more diversity when it comes to positions of power. It is important. Image isn't just a superficial thing, it's a thing that exist in the reality you live in. I dont think trump is racist, but I think he is ignorant. Its a complicated issue that I dont feel like he understands enough to fight against it. So when he fights against the idea, he comes off as ignorant to people who see the world this way. And ignorance is often conflated with racism. That is all, hope you guys have a great day 😀 (P.s. I think its also a valid POV to agree with BLM message, and totally disagree with the solutions they come up with, and disagree with how they go around for change. It is also valid to completely disagree with BLM, but I think one should know what they're disagreeing with before they disagree. )
Kewl Vision
Kewl Vision 4 days ago
Love it brother got into it with my xs family on this topic most people don’t get its classism all about the money not our skin colors keep putting it out there bro educate people so I don’t feel like the only one that’s been screaming this message since 1991!!!! Thank you bro god bless you and yours
Ronaldo Robertson
Ronaldo Robertson 4 days ago
Ok is this dude hearting EVERY comment?
n n
n n 5 days ago
Embrace your beautiful white skin brothers and sisters Dont ever be made to feel ashamed of being white ❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻❤️
Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman 5 days ago
It’s a 15 points advantage in a certain test.
DjShodown TV
DjShodown TV 5 days ago
This slaps! I’m black and he is speaking a lot of facts.
Sarah Frank
Sarah Frank 5 days ago
Squids Sky
Squids Sky 5 days ago
So I went to the f trump song and they can’t even say his name right they say don Trum like if u won’t say f trump at least say his name right they are a idiot trump 2020
Jody Rigsby
Jody Rigsby 6 days ago
I love this song 🤗😁❤
Richard Dille
Richard Dille 6 days ago
real fucking shit though
Jesse Nibley
Jesse Nibley 6 days ago
This one is the truth for sure I'm 41 and I have been saying this for years
Scott Richard
Scott Richard 6 days ago
Nailed it !!! Thanks for saying our thoughts on your platform...we the people agree and embody this message...one love✌🇺🇸🙏
Anthony LaMantia
Anthony LaMantia 6 days ago
lmao this aint it cheif.
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 6 days ago
One race and one America
Jesse Nibley
Jesse Nibley 6 days ago
Another banger I actually just recently found you and you're becoming one of my favorites I mean jelly roll it's still the greatest but burden is pretty damn good
abnerbeebee 6 days ago
HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!
Paul Pud
Paul Pud 7 days ago
Not my music styles but you wrote the lyrics so good and really addressed the truth
That one Kid you hate, Daniel
That one Kid you hate, Daniel 7 days ago
Completely agree, I’ve gotten in trouble in my high school for defending some white guys being called racist because they didn’t agree with the black chicks on presidential policy, and I got called a wetback Mexican by the black chicks even though I’m Brazillian lmao
Squids Sky
Squids Sky 7 days ago
Let’s go
Urethra Franklin
Urethra Franklin 7 days ago
This is Hip-Hop's Minor Threat "Guilty Of Being White" usshow.info/watch/He7EPYdJEkU/video.html
Jaylen Washington
Jaylen Washington 7 days ago
This Israelite speaking FACTS
Prod Paper Beatz
Prod Paper Beatz 8 days ago
Who Cares
Who Cares 8 days ago
Can't believe this hasn't gotten more views. People NEED to be speaking up like this, like yesterday. On behalf of ALL Americans & especially Trump voters, who clearly haven't done their homework & figured out the CHEATING IS LEGAL... "WE the people DO NOT WANT what is currently the *LEGAL* vote to be counted, but the TRUE people's vote. We want the actual, **LIVING-PERSONS-WHO-VOTED-FOR-THEMSELVES'** vote to be counted. AND we want that to be *MADE the *LEGAL vote. AND *MOST OF ALL,* we want our *STATE ELECTORS* to FOLLOW THAT vote. US governance is supposed to be "OF the people, *BY* THE PEOPLE, and FOR the people." *STATES* MUST CHANGE these UNJUST election LAWS, & LET the PEOPLE DECIDE. WE the PEOPLE are TIRED of these CORRUPT LAWMAKERS, with their HALF-TRUTHS & their LEGAL LOOPHOLES that are constantly being used AGAINST the very people those LAWS are SUPPOSED to PROTECT. The PEOPLE DID NOT CHOOSE BIDEN." If the people do not learn this & stand up against their STATE leaders, to make them USE the people's vote, BEFORE the dispute deadline on DECEMBER 8, the court WILL NOT find fraud & Biden WILL be the President in January. READ your STATE LAWS. The President is NOT chosen by general election, ONLY by the electors. The STATES decide how to choose electors. They DON'T HAVE TO go by the people's vote. They USED to do so, but ALL STATES updated election laws about a month before the election. I know for certain that California DOES NOT have any law saying they'll choose electors based on the LIVING-PERSONS-WHO-VOTED-FOR-THEMSELVES' vote, or ANY persons vote for that matter. That's why they were able to call the election LITERALLY just MINUTES after polls closed. I'm guessing AT LEAST all the key states are also lacking such law, if not ALL states. Constitution of United States of America Article II, Section 1 "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows: Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector. The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, of whom one at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same State with themselves. And they shall make a List of all the Persons voted for, and of the Number of Votes for each; which List they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the Seat of the Government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President"
snubbynoze38 8 days ago
Anything for the cash......
Bella Hassen B
Bella Hassen B 8 days ago
All i can say its that u guys have a very good president who cares about ur country!!!! Too much hate for not reason . Time to save ur powerful country !
mike honechell
mike honechell 8 days ago
lol nice
colin mcfarland
colin mcfarland 8 days ago
340 sjws didn't like this 😂😂😂 lyrics are so true. This tune is 🔥🔥🔥
Celtic Dude
Celtic Dude 9 days ago
I think my card is broken.
Jesse Nibley
Jesse Nibley 9 days ago
Yeah it don't exist trust me I know I'm white and I'm a felon I know how shitty it is
Gordy Freeman
Gordy Freeman 9 days ago
I did a vid on my So-called "white privilege." This video and song is fire.
Jesse Nibley
Jesse Nibley 9 days ago
This dude is also great
Jesse Nibley
Jesse Nibley 9 days ago
Climb To Glory
Climb To Glory 9 days ago
No Wiki site? You should put one together about your life. Would probably help increase your subscribers
Climb To Glory
Climb To Glory 9 days ago
FIRE! Glad - USshow recommendation engine isn't compromised, lol, yet!
Joshua Vallot
Joshua Vallot 9 days ago
is this song on the "california dreamin" CD?? i want to buy whatever album its on
NO EXP 10 days ago
The only country where you can lose it all from serious injury and disability only to come out on top. Docs said I’d never work again but with God and fight for family I own my own business now. That is something I never thought would happen when I was healthy let alone disabled.
constentine Final Fantasy XV a new empire
constentine Final Fantasy XV a new empire 10 days ago
😂😂😂 the beginning was a nice touch. The song was awesome you did that
bob stock
bob stock 10 days ago
im happily white.
Sanon ymous
Sanon ymous 10 days ago
The privelage not to have an excuse to blame someone else for your own lifes bs.
Jamal Hussey
Jamal Hussey 10 days ago
God is not your witness he will ne your downfall
Teags A
Teags A 10 days ago
New fan 🇦🇺🙏🏼 Ain’t nothing free
Elizabeth Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy 10 days ago
theHOODBILLY 10 days ago
They call it white privilege, i call it white sacrifice!! #FAFO
Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan 10 days ago
I'm so happy I found your music! LOVE literally every one of your songs! Please come to St. Louis when this Covid shit is over and you can tour!
Tom Worth
Tom Worth 10 days ago
That's right our brothers don't keep us down that's "them" the ones we don't see but controls all we see 🧐🤔🤯🤫🤫🤫
Autis Hick
Autis Hick 11 days ago
Yooo Based 😎 💯
Ghosts Inc Wayne
Ghosts Inc Wayne 11 days ago
Great track homey! Keep spittin them 🔥🔥🔥🔥 bars. 💯
President-Elect Mik3
President-Elect Mik3 11 days ago
Burden is a real burden on these democrats right now
Steven Dunagan
Steven Dunagan 12 days ago
Dude you have became my new favorite artist I’ve even went back and listened to the older songs man you got a talent run with it
Emmanuel Graham
Emmanuel Graham 12 days ago
Stop rapping if you don't appreciate black culture
IG mycalicrush
IG mycalicrush 12 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! So glad you're getting views. I saved it to my KAG playlist that I blast it everywhere when I drive.
Wade Morris
Wade Morris 12 days ago
Simply bangin, simply truth
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 12 days ago
% 12 days ago
Tigerlily Lily
Tigerlily Lily 12 days ago
Love This! Thanks Dude ❤
Asa Keener
Asa Keener 12 days ago
Play this for your friends. You’ll find out real quick what they think of you as a white boy. For real though
Draxvelo 12 days ago
Thank dude for keeping it real
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 12 days ago
Just found ya! Instant fab bro. Keep serving the truth.
Joe Vandeventer
Joe Vandeventer 12 days ago
Live that life.
James McAndrew
James McAndrew 12 days ago
Awesome song. I love my brothers regardless of color
Tija Marshall
Tija Marshall 12 days ago
Brian Koontz
Brian Koontz 12 days ago
Him and Tom macdonald need to do a vid
Mighty Mouse and Little Mouse
Mighty Mouse and Little Mouse 13 days ago
Just discovered you, but quickly becoming a fan. Good shit man!
Dawn Nicolas
Dawn Nicolas 13 days ago
I like to know where my white privilege is? Had to work my entire life, and never had any handouts for being white.
Asia Ramsey
Asia Ramsey 13 days ago
Didn't know what to expect.... Love this
Timothy Stotesbery
Timothy Stotesbery 13 days ago
I’m an artist like him, I’m good, but this dude got bars too for real!!! Speak it bro
Jessika Beery
Jessika Beery 13 days ago
Have you heard of the convention of states it's the true and only way we can fix our nation and be able to keep what made us the greatest nation
baby shark
baby shark 13 days ago
ohhh so that's why there aren't any comments disagreeing with you, you delete them all!
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