Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever

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Danny Gonzalez

27 days ago

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Spooky House is very bad.
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hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr Hour ago
I like that it’s up to your interpretation in the end :) 10/10 would love to spend 10 years as a Jaguar
SASSY Hour ago
The movie showed if u want to watch it urself *The topic was Comedy*
Eriona Derguti
Eriona Derguti 2 hours ago
Because I watch so many movies, I kinda thought the wife would come out if the rocket ship then where that scenes came on I threw my pillow on the wall.
collecting with Logan
collecting with Logan 3 hours ago
12:24 You will feel the full power of the dark side!
Jake K
Jake K 3 hours ago
Finally a kids movie that takes risks and doesn't fucking spoon-feed its audience. A perfect movie to start kids off on before easing them into David Lynch, Charlie Kaufman, etc.
Some Idea
Some Idea 4 hours ago
5:23 is that a cigar or a spliffy aka blunt
Poké GO
Poké GO 8 hours ago
20:17 20:27 I had a great right cross
GeneeInABottle 8 hours ago
Batman made 978 accounts to dislike this video.
ayla chapin
ayla chapin 10 hours ago
Danny: "I don't know...never been an orphan so...fuck yeah👌 Me: .... weird flex... but okey...
Michael McWhorter
Michael McWhorter 11 hours ago
14:32 key word: loved his wife, so he killed his wife after he didnt love her anymore
Aria Secret
Aria Secret 11 hours ago
Max: walks into the spooky house If I were one of the friends: nah fck that. See ya ✌️
• Kenma •
• Kenma • 12 hours ago
huey helicopter
huey helicopter 14 hours ago
That's a spooky meatball
SnowglobeLover 38
SnowglobeLover 38 14 hours ago
Hmmmm yes I trust this man who may or may not have killed his wife, has the traits of a psychopath, owns a dangerous animal and utterly hates children with this young child in a large and dangerous house with a large yard with many trees and overgrown grass. Nothing suspicious here.
D Zuke
D Zuke 15 hours ago
I think Danny is missing a very important plot point here that helps this movie make a lot more sense: See, it's implied in the beginning that the great Zamboni may have killed his wife. I hope that helps.
BIGFAT_NEWB 2 15 hours ago
I love how you have a picture of you drinking water on your wall
glitch 67
glitch 67 15 hours ago
... thats deep lore
Alondra Cepeda
Alondra Cepeda 17 hours ago
the way 4th grade me rented this from BLOCKBUSTER and loved this movie so much that i rented it AGAIN to bring into school and begged my teacher to play it for the class.
Sage 17 hours ago
I really love your channel- but you spend a lot of time looking over the viewers' left shoulder, I'm guessing at yourself in the monitor? Not a huge deal obviously but it can get pretty distracting IMO Otherwise I appreciate the hilarious content bro 🙏
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan 18 hours ago
I remember I saw a behind the scenes of this movie, they where talking about the ending off the movie and how it was only the producer and director who knew about it so they shot all the magic scenes (beginning and ending parts) in one day, and when the movie came out Ben Kingsley walked out of the screening and scalded the director apparently saying “what the fuck was that” and “your insane”, what a rollercoaster of emotions that must of been for everyone lmao.
Lauren Davies
Lauren Davies 18 hours ago
Danny needs to make a "can't believe this nah nah nah" song
Sullivan Landy
Sullivan Landy 19 hours ago
i legitimately knew the cat was the wife i SWEAR
Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell 20 hours ago
If Danny was in this movie it would be so hilarious 🤣
William Klocko
William Klocko 22 hours ago
maybe he wanted to kill his wife so he could get the jaguar, which she wouldn't let him get.
ai 23 hours ago
Max is peak Gen Z 😂
Józef Poniatowski
Józef Poniatowski 23 hours ago
the movie is from this year stevie
Nerd Girl
Nerd Girl Day ago
why would he dive head first into a basement that probably has a hard floor? Does he not realize that he will break his neck???
Arthur Braga
Arthur Braga Day ago
I haven’t watched you since February when I was at the airport
Smart Alek
Smart Alek Day ago
When I was looking through my subscriptions I saw that this was posted 3 weeks ago! I thought it has been waaaaay longer. Damn corona time.
Malia Terrade
Malia Terrade Day ago
The great Zabonie looks like Severus Snape
The ballistic Tree
The ballistic Tree Day ago
12:20 the mans emperor palpatine
cinnamon_stikz Day ago
Carly Ramos
Carly Ramos Day ago
I got the vine reference, and I loved it
Sara Rene
Sara Rene Day ago
17:56- LOL! Sounds about right...
Devin Lee
Devin Lee Day ago
I bet Danny has a triangular door in his house
Facetious Times
Facetious Times Day ago
His wife was the Jaguar lmao wow
Siegmeyer of Catarina
Siegmeyer of Catarina Day ago
1:27 Jason FUCKS
Jennifer Hook
Jennifer Hook Day ago
Not to be a pain in the ass... but my then-boyfriend had his 2004 Tahoe stolen out of the parking lot of our complex, and they just rode all over town in it, running into other cars and mailboxes and whatnot, and then left it in North Memphis ON FIRE. You know, just cause. At one point the fire was so hot, it MELTED THE METAL TAILGATE OFF THE TRUCK lol Criminals, man...wtf?
Calagastro Is me
Calagastro Is me Day ago
I don’t know about you guys but that skeleton dance was the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever seen
joonie babie
joonie babie Day ago
Reminder: that was a child dancing
Lord Of Bananas
Lord Of Bananas Day ago
You should do a video on the incredible bulk. it sucks
underuined Day ago
can't believe this no no no song
OwlLee Day ago
Ok ok so the movie is weird but max is honestly so cute though lmao and like the way he put the bandaid on was adorable
Maya G-L
Maya G-L Day ago
I think that his wife was cursed
Alaska Day ago
24:09 Unus Annus UNUS ANNUS
Vigilante1824 Day ago
Wait who was that strange lady in the begining? Does anything else happen with them?
Hannah Hughes
Hannah Hughes 2 days ago
was dawn star the jaguar or did she just do a trick and switch out again ??
E. Waldorf
E. Waldorf 2 days ago
danny's energy is just immaculate and always makes me feel better
E. Waldorf
E. Waldorf 2 days ago
3:06 3:13 3:36
Wolf_King 2 days ago
11:14 is when it says great right cross
BackwardsFacedFred 2 days ago
Brook R
Brook R 2 days ago
To me the worst movie is jack and the cuckoo clock heart
Pink Blossoms
Pink Blossoms 2 days ago
WHY does the great zamboni look like Snape lmao
Jake The glorious leader
Jake The glorious leader 2 days ago
The j was the wife
Zero 2 days ago
I’ve seen dis it’s pretty bad tho
Poké GO
Poké GO 2 days ago
Its 3 in the morning stop making me laugh!!!
0enone 2 days ago
i think the whole wife jaguar thing was just that she had disappeared after he said he hated kids, because she wanted them so bad? and then once she heard that he adopted a kid she came back (and like switched places with the jaguar like max did) and was like hey babe im back lol nevermind i just saw the part about the collar what the fuck okay
Amal Abualrahi
Amal Abualrahi 2 days ago
I watched this movie when I was like 10 years old. I thought Americans are aliens or something lol.
Kasey Chasse
Kasey Chasse 2 days ago
I very vaguely remember this movie... weird.
Max Nasume
Max Nasume 2 days ago
You are great and you are dan BUT you also have a boney
Isabelle Chase
Isabelle Chase 2 days ago
The Spooky House AKA Boo Radley's place
Draiman Nebeker
Draiman Nebeker 2 days ago
Everything you need for a good movie: 1. A creepy guy that likes to watch children suffer 2. An orphan that can't stop telling you about it 3. Exploding Wives
Jackie 2 days ago
Danny please react to hedgehogs on Netflix. I can honestly say it is one of the worst kids movies i have ever seen. me and my friends couldn't even get through half of it lol
o Cheshire o
o Cheshire o 2 days ago
24:04 *unus annus chanting slowly fades in*
Charley Parsons
Charley Parsons 2 days ago
i was eating while i watched this and it made me want to throw up. i wish i was joking.
ekf5018 2 days ago
I know there's a shit ton of plot holes and really bizarre choices but this movie looks like it would totally be my jam lol I had to check the wikipedia page for it in case there was any further explanation on the plot but only found that apparently it was a top grossing film during its release and won 2 awards, one of which was the Children's Jury award at Chicago International Children's Film Festival where it was unanimously picked as winner (something that's never happened before in the festival's entire 17 years of existing at that point). That's both shocking but kinda nice to hear
Sunimec 2 days ago
RWS Joker
RWS Joker 2 days ago
yo I didn’t know Justin whang made a movie
TyleR 2 days ago
Rebecca Britt
Rebecca Britt 2 days ago
When the guy who killed his wife won't let you live with him so you take his advice and give him a great right cross mood it be like that sometimes
Nevaeh Dicaprio
Nevaeh Dicaprio 3 days ago
why does the great zamboni look like snape from harry potter
💚⛓ Saxuka ⛓💜
💚⛓ Saxuka ⛓💜 3 days ago
I know what happened! He said he didnt want children, dawn star wanted that, she was the real magic of the show, so she turned herself into a Jaguar until he got one for her
Jamal Soliman
Jamal Soliman 3 days ago
She was trapped in the jaguar because of Magic and only A magic trick can turn her back but he quit so she was a jaguar for 11 years
I am Baby Yoda
I am Baby Yoda 3 days ago
In a trial the Jury would say ‘Not guilty’ not ‘Innocent’.
SebSha YouTube
SebSha YouTube 3 days ago
I saw it coming lol, but I was not expecting to get it right
_Dinosaur_ 0–0
_Dinosaur_ 0–0 3 days ago
Spooky House is a comedy-
Andrea Szeflinski
Andrea Szeflinski 3 days ago
When there calling for princess, one kids says “Mommy come here” Coincidence I THINK NOT
Lovable Weirdos
Lovable Weirdos 3 days ago
Strangely I actually somehow knew the Jaguar was gonna change into his wife idk how but ya I just built dif so me do good brain guessing.
Otto Ploch
Otto Ploch 3 days ago
Have you watched halloweentown
Claire Barnett
Claire Barnett 3 days ago
A zamboni is the thing that they use to clean the ice at an ice skating rink
Troy 3 days ago
1:15 Thanos snapped somewhere in New York and we didn't know anything was going on
Troy 3 days ago
You are Dan but not boney?
sabrinaツ 3 days ago
trying to get pinned :(
Atomic — Studios
Atomic — Studios 3 days ago
i get that reference
Jasmine Sapphire
Jasmine Sapphire 3 days ago
Love the reference
Jeongins fox
Jeongins fox 3 days ago
I actually really like this movie despite how confusing it is I love how all over the place it is lol
Megan 3 days ago
i thought the plot twist was that the villain lady was actually gunna turn out to be his wife
Zlyerr 3 days ago
17:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stella Bourne
Stella Bourne 3 days ago
you should do a video on this 123 Go! Genius(?) video. It's really funny. and weird. :/ usshow.info/watch/sVoT1UUV45I/video.html I think it could use some...Creative criticism.
Gabriel Achauer
Gabriel Achauer 3 days ago
i called the wife thing
Thecool Legodude
Thecool Legodude 3 days ago
The first scene has a camera recording a camera
Sam Morey
Sam Morey 3 days ago
the great zambony looks like michael jackson
PinkiethePanda 3 days ago
did he edit it? like after releasing it, coz i watched this when he first released it, but now its edited so i can hear him, but not the movie or anyting the actors are saying?
Monster Collects
Monster Collects 3 days ago
The great zammbone: MY GRANDPA DIIIEEED Me:but you killed your wife loser
Hubble.-. _
Hubble.-. _ 4 days ago
The dude got arrested for her disappearance and she was just chilling being a panther! I hate this movie!
Ronan McKenzie
Ronan McKenzie 4 days ago
3:52 It does damn! I didn’t think of that wow!
Ardis E
Ardis E 4 days ago
The jaguar was his wife lmao
superdestroyermc 4 days ago
I don't think this is the worst halloween movie ever but they do need to explain some stuf
Tomothy Nook but not
Tomothy Nook but not 4 days ago
Nobody: My Windows 7 trying to loaf Minecraft Graphics: 11:51
Broccoli Boi
Broccoli Boi 4 days ago
Boo bitch Spooky house tour
Kylee Graff
Kylee Graff 4 days ago
You should do the worst Christmas movie next! lol
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