PSG vs Marseille Brawl (5 Red Cards)

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6 days ago

After 9 years Marseille was bound to win in the Parc des Princes again, yet the end of this hard-fought victory was anything but a walk in the park.
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Michael Meloche
Michael Meloche 3 hours ago
That head butt was a slight tap, man I hate seeing this is sports. Be a man!
Allen Graham
Allen Graham 17 hours ago
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Sam Tong
Sam Tong 19 hours ago
The only time this league is ever relevant it’s for the wrong reason lmao
Brandon Manley
Brandon Manley Day ago
0:46 lmao, Leandro Paredes. Why is it whenever an Argentinian loses a final they dye their hair blonde? Messi did the same thing after he lost the 2016 Copa America
Guillermo Green
Guillermo Green Day ago
Is my is my mother goose club out
Hubster Day ago
God there's nothing funnier than a bunch of floppers getting into a fight! They couldn't wait to be the first players on the ground writhing in pain!! Hahahaha
Misael Ochoa Anacleto
Misael Ochoa Anacleto Day ago
This was weak.
New Mee
New Mee Day ago
What do you think people.....this is the French football 😂😂😂
Tequila D'killa
Tequila D'killa Day ago
What a bunch of pussies! They fall easier than toddlers
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Day ago
*gets a medium hit to the face* *flies backwards and rolls*
Echo Sound Works
Echo Sound Works Day ago
I would love to hear Ray Hudsons commentary for the Malice at the Palace. If he thought this was nuts, he has never seen Ron Artest.
Terrence Emmanuel Edidem Bassey
Terrence Emmanuel Edidem Bassey 2 days ago
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Alex Olvera
Alex Olvera 2 days ago
0:07 That Marseille guy that fell is absolutely disgraceful. What an absolute wimp and joke.
Ismael Hermosillo, Jr.
Ismael Hermosillo, Jr. 2 days ago
Talk about overhyped lol. I read about the fight on ESPN & was like oh wow! It sounded like an all out brawl. Nothing even happened remotely close to the way they described it lmao!
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2 days ago
lol not one punch thrown and this is a brawl? Soccer is for babies.
Lancelot The Greatest
Lancelot The Greatest 2 days ago
I totally love how some people call OM player "a racist" just for saying the word "monkey." Monkey could associate with the behavior of a person, not the color of a skin. The real racists are those who make connection between a race and a word such as "monkey."
Pedro Ramirez
Pedro Ramirez 2 days ago
The laws of physics are defied in this video, Player gets slapped in the back of the head, (pushed forward) fall backward and grabs the front of his face in pain...very confusing...and terrible acting. lmao
Vicente Designs and Trades
Vicente Designs and Trades 2 days ago
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Oscar Acosta
Oscar Acosta 2 days ago
Commentator all excited about nothing.
Ahmed Mustafa
Ahmed Mustafa 2 days ago
Lmfaoo ☠️☠️
San Wani
San Wani 2 days ago
The Barca - Madrid El Clasico scene we've missed all these years
Henry626 2 days ago
Baseball and hockey players are laughing watching this :)
عالم الكره مع مادو
عالم الكره مع مادو 2 days ago
Alvaro is racist why do he talk even to neymar he is a trash bin
Gabriel Ordonez
Gabriel Ordonez 2 days ago
Guy pushing another guy and other guys start rolling on the floor like he just got shot Commentator: that’s a headbutt
Taylor Story
Taylor Story 2 days ago
This is hardly a brawl...
Colonel Farès
Colonel Farès 2 days ago
Ref completely lost the game. After 12mins, already 4 yellow cards
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla 2 days ago
*B R O L L I N G A R O U N D*
Gaming 6FeetUnder
Gaming 6FeetUnder 3 days ago
Is this Ligue 1 or the French Wrestling Federation
Wyatt Earb
Wyatt Earb 3 days ago
And the Oscar for best dramatic actor in a game goes to.............
josh stiles
josh stiles 3 days ago
Alvaro just a bitch looool
S Steel
S Steel 3 days ago
I've seen more hands thrown at an Italian wedding. Brawl my ass.
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge 3 days ago
*I pray whoever likes this comment becomes a billionaire someday*
Andrew B
Andrew B 3 days ago
The only sport where the players fall down and cry when someone shoves them! lol
Simon George
Simon George 3 days ago
JAY-Z is God in the book of Apocalypse / Revelation. I know this because I have the name “Jesus” on my thigh. Read Revelation 19:16 please.
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 3 days ago
Tiny little fruitcakes arguing about who has the best hair highlights. An embarrassment to real men, and real sports everywhere. Soccer stay losing!
Jean-Christophe Gallant
Jean-Christophe Gallant 3 days ago
If I ever have to be in a fist fight I want it to be whit a professional soccer player. I would 100% win easily!
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 3 days ago
LOL such a joke they flop during their pansy brawl. Hockey players everywhere are just laughing. Pro athletes now have to be pc? Lets mic them up and see if any matches actually finish when they get carded for saying bad things. Guaranteed Neymar has said way worse to opponents no excuse there. Anyone who has played any sport knows trash talk is part of getting in opponents head and firing yourself up. The best of the best trash talk because it can give an edge like making the most expensive player on pitch lose his cool. Neymar needs to earn that money and be a pro not a baby.
Marc W
Marc W 3 days ago
Say what you will about women’s football/soccer, but they sure are a lot tougher than the men. This flopping is embarrassing.
Craig Forrest
Craig Forrest 3 days ago
And the award for falling over and acting injured goes to...
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 3 days ago
This is more fake then the WWE thunderdome