D&D Story: The first time I ran a D&D game. Swimming in the Sewers

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This is a Dungeons and Dragons story from the first time I ran a game. Did you guys know that swimming in human waste is gross? Who knew!
Angel Incident Explained: In the video the Avenger summons an angel to help him. Let me clarify, in 4th edition D&D Avengers could summon an angel as a daily power. However, TECHNICALLY, the angel had a a lot of strings attached. It was ethereal and SHOULDN'T have been able to pick her up out of the water. The angel was supposed to just come in, do some radiant damage, and then fly away. He TECHNICALLY couldn't use the angel as a utility spell, but I allowed it. The story was TOLD correctly, I just don't know if it was GM'd correctly.
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McKaylee Pugmire
McKaylee Pugmire 6 days ago
*sees the bit where the party is paranoid of a bathtub in Puffin's game* It's Call of Cthulhu, of course there's some kind of ravenous tentacle monster in every body of water
Blayne Myers
Blayne Myers 8 days ago
Ewww there was some kind of incel lady mind trick advertisement before this.
Fed up w. all most Everyone
Fed up w. all most Everyone 10 days ago
It does not matter how many times I’ve seen your vids. they allways cheer me up! That.s a rare thing .I hope you can make as many videos as you want to. Thank you.
Shufflepants 16 days ago
How does a first level character summon an angel??
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 21 day ago
Tentacles? I've seen enough hentai etc.
bobby hall
bobby hall 23 days ago
That story is pretty... Shitty!
Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays 24 days ago
I just want to say: - player knowledge - character knowledge If you don't know how those 2 are different, you should look it up before you play a game...
BlueEngland 25 days ago
Me: Walks over puddle Ben: Roll for initiative Me:
firerulezz116 29 days ago
My first ever session had a bit of downtime near the start, so a character ended up taking a bath. A different character also ended up taking a bath during session 0.
Bill Kenny
Bill Kenny 29 days ago
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant Month ago
"They all start puking on each other." Okay, we're rolling now! Classic five-room dungeon structure, lots of action, everyone's rolling CON checks. Yeah, pretty sweet. Thanks for a great story! We've all been there, pal.
Jeremias Silbermann
Jeremias Silbermann Month ago
this is a bathtub
Eddiemate Month ago
First time I ran a game, I was running The Lost Mines of Phandelver. They tried to complete the job without the dwarf, eventually got to the goblin hideout, got beaten up badly, and then one of them tried to trick the shopkeeper that the dwarf is actually dead (which was especially funny, because the player tried asking me what the dwarf looked like as he dug up some random body). Thankfully, we ran into scheduling problems for that game, I don’t know if I could’ve kept that going.
princecharon Month ago
To be completely fair to your players, Call of Cthulhu is very much a game where there might be something with tentacles lurking in a seemingly-harmless bathtub.
J17 Month ago
Storm drains are the somewhat cleaner alternative to sewers (You would still have the stuff that washed out from the street, but no toilet connections, so still filthy, but no more so than say, a landfill).
Tom B
Tom B Month ago
Story of Love....Story of Shit.... Same thing really.
Why so Serious
Why so Serious Month ago
Going to be DMing my first real game monday (Hopefully)
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx Month ago
"The sky is....up there still." Hah in my first DM Campaign, the players didn´t see a sky once. They lifed and died in the underdark
Альтаир-ибн-ла-aхад Month ago
Добрейший денечек! Puffin Forest Вижу, что у тебя отличный контент на канале. Не раздумывая жмякнул кнопку 'подписаться' )) С наилучшими пожеланиями
Frying Panda
Frying Panda Month ago
"If *I* was DMing a game..." Thats the trigger word to make me kick my players
Chris Tunnell
Chris Tunnell 2 months ago
Tentacles in a bath tub is quite fitting in a Lovecraft setting, actually
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 2 months ago
If the Elf player is always like that, I wouldn't be too happy about it either.
Sophia Trocentraisin
Sophia Trocentraisin 2 months ago
"Naaaaah, nothing will come out the water again, this time i'm running *Call of Cthulhu, an horror game named after a novel where the eldritch horror is under the sea and where each every body of water can hide a monster or something that could kill you - yes, even a bathtub or a glass of water*"
marty nicholls
marty nicholls 2 months ago
Isn't the monster mentioned in this game a CR12 monster or something?
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon 2 months ago
The first time I G M. It was for my birthday I got them to make 20 Level characters and there were six people and so I had them fight a dragon it was an eight-hour combat and it was great because there was a bunch of jokes that came out of it like the Cherry cream pie at the top of the mountain
LeChauve Souris
LeChauve Souris 3 months ago
Ha Ha ! Those stupid players being scared of water in a Cthulhu game ! ... Paranoia won't save you from the Deep Ones, you know ?
tootallforyou112 3 months ago
The elf falls back in the muck and is covered in excrement
MonkeyJedi99 3 months ago
My first time as DM was in 1980, and I ran Keep on the Borderlands for two players. Most of the first session was teaching them the game I had just learned after getting it for Christmas the previous year, then taking their characters shopping.
Terror Talks
Terror Talks 3 months ago
2:34 I love the long pause and "....go faster"
captainmaim 3 months ago
mircoles 3 months ago
I got my players afraid of statues...not all of them animated...really.
Epic Explosions
Epic Explosions 3 months ago
You are never safe from the gms wrath
Michael Fritz
Michael Fritz 3 months ago
I thought Otyughs were like CR 5! Wow
Yaniv Rubin
Yaniv Rubin 3 months ago
"The skies are still up there" Me whenever i dont plan a description
Pink Lion Gaming
Pink Lion Gaming 4 months ago
Do you like sorcerer
Ernie Richards
Ernie Richards 3 months ago
@Dragon's Dungeon what’s your favorite class and race I really don’t have a favorite class or race because for the races there’s just too many of them but classes I really haven’t got a good grip on them however I would say druid is the first one I picked thank you say that was my favorite also I played as a dog don’t ask.
Ernie Richards
Ernie Richards 3 months ago
@Dragon's Dungeon yes but is just rude to assume someone is something that there not. i’m not big into sports and yet I was born in America just saying there’s some good wisdom for you. :)
Funny Name
Funny Name 3 months ago
@Ernie Richards err no?
Ernie Richards
Ernie Richards 3 months ago
@Dragon's Dungeon wait did you just assume I was American?
Funny Name
Funny Name 3 months ago
@Ernie Richards cool I already like you more then a country and I was joking
Floof Lord
Floof Lord 4 months ago
A player tried to call me out on the "my son is missing" hook, so I had the woman came up to the adventuring party and asked them to help find her daughter.
Tsukasamimi 4 months ago
Just did my first D&D session as a first time DM with 2 players. It went well, surprisingly. The only complaint I have about the players is that one of them is a relative, and I feel she's giving me more arguments and flak about little things than she would another DM (i.e. complaining about them both helping a stranded woman, complaining about there being no reward or gift she could steal for helping said woman, pouting when an NPC doesn't want to talk to her or does what she wants despite her "high charisma"). It's just been...a little grating. Any advice?
Bill Le
Bill Le 4 months ago
The first time I GMed, I made my players fight god-killing orcs and dragons.
Joseph Haynes
Joseph Haynes 4 months ago
Still went better than my first time GMing... Over half my party showed up in person, despite being told it was an online game (they're family, and lived close enough to travel to my house, but my two friends that live in another state, obviously had to play online) so, instead of having everyone be able to talk and use chat effectively, I had two people trying to talk to me, and three people talking to one another, usually about things NOT having to do with the story, and completely missing my plot hooks, so I had to tell them usually 3-4 times... Three hours later, and they're only managing to put one foot in front of the other, because I, the GM, who mind you is also a brand new player, but is nervous about playing with strangers, have put on my conductor hat, and am railroading them through the first session. Afterwards, everyone says "it was fun, shame I have NO idea when we'll ever be able to play again, because this was the only time for the next 899,564 years our collective schedules will align for more than 8 seconds, which will pass with us all thinking "it'd be nice to play D&D."
Ulysses 1865
Ulysses 1865 4 months ago
My response the elf. “No, she seems to be worried about the ancient red dragon which is flying towards town. And towards you, make a dex save.”
ericb31 Month ago
somehow that made me think of a silly story where a woman accidentally averted the end of the world when she misdirected Pestilence, Famine, War and Death to a city that was being attacked by a dragon NAMED Armageddon...
LordPepper 2 months ago
Same I had a player like that and it's fun messing with them
emdestonado 4 months ago
For real tho, imagine someone that is afraid of monsters and can't stand filthy conditions choosing to be a adventurer I'm the middle ages
Nexus8846 Productions
Nexus8846 Productions 4 months ago
You should have said "My campain is abotu shit, that way you're familiar with it already."
Confusion 4 months ago
Cool guy.
Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank 4 months ago
Don't worry guys I swear an otyugh isn't in the bathtub. *hungry shoggoth noises*
Jiří Seidl
Jiří Seidl 5 months ago
Harvestfall is actually a really good name
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
The tavern... is... a thing... that exists
Korra Martell
Korra Martell 5 months ago
I feel like I just saw the origin story of a evil GM...
Victor Vu
Victor Vu 5 months ago
Annoying bitch, if you want to gm then leave and do it yourself
Wowie Zowie
Wowie Zowie 5 months ago
You know what, I'm gonna call her Karen. F**king Karen.
Lotus 5 months ago
Also had a pretty funny story about sewer adventures in dnd. I was dming and my players were tracking down the disappearance of some guy who they later discovered to be a drug grower and dealer and they found footprints in his house that were made up of some sort of dried up brownish-green material that i explained to "smell like piss and shit". 1 hr later out of game and intelegence checks across the board, they finally figured out that the guys who kidnapped the guy might have come from the sewers. Then they had the great idea of casting light on their raven familiar in a pitch black sewer tunnel to try to investigate one area that was strangely lit up. Raven rolled 21 on perception check and saw one figure in dim light without many details (170 ft away partially blocked by support beam other 2 figures in complete darkness) Also had 3 enemies roll perception to see if they notice a light at the end of a dark tunnel, which one guy rolled a natural 20 and all three decided to hide in a corner and prepare attacks in case the town guard had tracked them down or something. Then the party meets up 100ft away from the area and once again sends in the raven to scout ahead (thank god they realized operation raven torch was a bad idea). Rolls nat 20 on stealth and natural 1 on perception. So legit you had this bird fly directly in front of the touch light with 3 guys huddled in a corner preparing to shoot whatever came down that tunnel and none of them saw the other.
Lotus 5 months ago
Oh yeah and afterwards they captured one of they guys and found out they were trying to get rid of the body of they missing guy by dissolving it in acid in a metal barrel and burned any other evidence once combat began. So the party decides to deceive the guy into thinking theyd escort him to the surface after telling them the details and let him go and just bring him to the lawmaster instead, oh yeah they brought the barrel too. Get to the surface, the truth comes out, they guy starts pranking. Party member decides stabbing the guy in the neck would quiet him down, guy starts screaming (its like midnight right now) around 20 guards show up finds group has some guy tied up with one party member stabbing the guy in the neck and a giant barrel with a disolved corpse, everyone gets arrested. Good thing the Captain of the guard was a 5th level paladin that could cast zone of truth.
Laguna135 5 months ago
You should put the next setting in a underwater world!
Henry P
Henry P 6 months ago
Do you know if this was the first party I DM for they would’ve taken the child as payment and sold him into slavery or just kept him in a bag of holding. I’m not kidding in the first campaign ID and my players after rescuing a child kept him as a slave in their bag of holding Luckily they poked a hole limit for air
Henry P
Henry P 6 months ago
Javid Productions so I’m not the only one I’m not sure whether I should be relieved or not
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
oh so my PC's aren't they only ones that thought that kidnapping and selling to slavery the kid they saved sounded like a good plan in their first campaign. I'll admit I didn't think I'd find someone who had the exact same experience as me...
Numbskull2602 6 months ago
Dude, Otyughs are CR5, right? That’s crazy! How the hell did 4 level 1 players survive that?
Numbskull2602 5 months ago
Javid Productions yeah, that’s why I’m curious as to what the hell is going on here in thissun... it’s not a big deal, I’m just wondering, maybe it’s a different edition? Or maybe he gave them some custom loot that was pretty powerful, which might be cool, especially for a one-shot replacement game... Maybe the answer is “don’t worry about it”
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
@Numbskull2602 Oh seems I was the numbskull then. His does sometimes skip over bits of the stories in the video, but it's not clear where he would have. So yeah it's confusing...
Numbskull2602 6 months ago
Javid Productions well, he said level 1 but I’m not going to pretend I have any idea what’s going on
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
I might be wrong but seen as 1 PC could summon an Angel i don't think the party was a level 1 party. That or they had a mystic in the party.
UltraDrift09 6 months ago
I always thought it was called dming im sorry I’m new to d and d
UltraDrift09 6 months ago
Javid Productions okay thanks
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
@UltraDrift09 Game Master
UltraDrift09 6 months ago
I was just confused why he called it gming
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Yes people do call it DMing.
RockeyTheUmbreon 6 months ago
That elf sounded like an annoying type of player
GameTomCat 6 months ago
Ben: The sky is... up there still Chicken little: Im about to end this mans whole career.
sticky frames
sticky frames 6 months ago
I've got a question why is gming called gming why not dm
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Game Masters vs Dungeon Master. Both are possible names.
Franky/ QuilavaFireblast
Franky/ QuilavaFireblast 6 months ago
And people call you a vindictive DM
John Rechtoris
John Rechtoris 7 months ago
That's an awesome low-level adventure! I would want to play that.
CthulhuFhtagn 7 months ago
I had run a couple of one-on-ones before, but the first real game I ran also featured a sewer and an otyugh. The idea was that the otyugh could only see in the...water, so even though it could freaking murder them if it wanted to, all they had to do was stay out of the water and they'd be fine. Instead, one of them killed it easily. I learned something that day.
Tararaco The Meowstic
Tararaco The Meowstic 7 months ago
Ngl, Ben is really patient, my GM would have said "roll 5d6, you take that much damage" if I kept acting like that elf...
Amazon 7 months ago
Wait isn't it DMing ?
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Game Masters vs Dungeon Master. Both are possible names.
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne 7 months ago
The elf archer sounds like a Toreador.
L 8 months ago
Everytime someone wants me to dm/gm....its last minute and I have no time to actually prepare or come up with anything and then I'm not allowed to gm/dm because my players are scared I'll go completely bonkers- or the other dm has their character sheets.
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 8 months ago
The sound of a DM slowly dying sounds exactly like a balloon deflating. I never knew.
Michael Newbury
Michael Newbury 8 months ago
The child decided he like the sewer life and became a plumber.
Martin Smouter
Martin Smouter 8 months ago
A game about a stressed mother missing her child sounds like a game about love to me.
trevor payne
trevor payne 8 months ago
My first group is chaotic due to... The campaign being around a modified Deck of Many... So many bad calls at my part
jacktjong 8 months ago
Our DM is actually really good at making unpredictable stories. The only thing that is predictable so far is what's gonna happen to my pyromanical frog druid. We did a casino heist and every time anyone asks about what happened to frog we just say "he didn't return from the casino". "Oh, so he's dead?" "...he didn't return"
MATR 8 months ago
Run a game and make the players paranoid because of something then when they finally relax, hit them with the same thing, but even harder than last time and with more consequences.
Ubersnipe 8 months ago
Just roll percentage dice whenever they do something that involves water. Look at the result, flip through a notebook to consult a chart, then say something suspicious like "You don't notice anything unusual." Respond to any questions about what just happened with "Oh, nothing."
BlueNoodles 9 months ago
bro its dm not gm
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Game Masters vs Dungeon Master. Both are possible names (I prefer DM)
DWPF Horsemen
DWPF Horsemen 9 months ago
5:17 “and people say I’m a vindictive dm
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
it is call of Cuthulu
Jekari0 9 months ago
If you were a Water Genasi then the water is your friend :;)
joe schneider
joe schneider 9 months ago
so did they arrive in harvestfall during fall harvest?
Bria LaPoint
Bria LaPoint 9 months ago
You mean an Otyugh? That is a level 5 monster. Also neutral. I guess you forgot what level your characters were when you ran the game???
the dank emperor cameron
the dank emperor cameron 9 months ago
Literally me
Arbiters Kiss
Arbiters Kiss 9 months ago
Looks like my Players are going to run into an Otiug in Tomb of Annihilation now.
SubAtomarGuy 9 months ago
The sky is up there still I dont like that
Mikhail Nemykin
Mikhail Nemykin 9 months ago
Wait, an angel at lvl 1? The hell is this class?
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Don't think it's level 1. Given the high CR of the monster
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 9 months ago
Sidenote: Ever since playing Curse Of The Azure Bonds back in the early 90s, I always thought "Otyugh" was pronounced "Oti-uff." This is the first time I've ever heard it pronounced as "Oti-Ugg" and now I'm not sure which is correct...
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 9 months ago
re - 1:15 The past participle of "drag" is "dragged," not "drug." edit: I know you guys are americans and therefore don't technically speak English, but I'm occasionally protective over my languages. It's better to get it right, rather than to potentially influence others into also getting it wrong.
Kyra Zimmer
Kyra Zimmer 10 months ago
"if iiiiiiii was gming a game" - "but you aren't. you're being crushed by a meteorite."
Oicmorez 10 months ago
my first tabletop I was GMing was very... special. I made up a word, rules and everything for us and it went surprisingly well until my brother made a character. Demon- alright, wanna be powerful, maybe fire magic, gotcha Female- Oh. well, might be fun Succubus wielding her previous chains as weapons put all points into seduction. I spent most of the night roleplaying flirting with my older brother. at least others were fine with it, we did a pretty good job with that until one of the fell asleep before we got far into the story and we had to end it
wolf and fox
wolf and fox 10 months ago
And my story is about shit.
Bill Le
Bill Le 10 months ago
I can't relate to any of you guys- my players are just a big bunch of thieving murderhobos
cuanot 10 months ago
if my first caracter goes itnto water his limbs fall off like how a lizard loses their tale
TheBeastCH 10 months ago
My first D&D quest, as a human sorcerer haunted by his dark past, was a Goblin cave where me and my party were looking for the missing daughter of the mayor of a small town. Half Orc barbarian and Elf Bard constantly bickering. In the end, we faced against an enchanted baby dragon who held the little girl hostage, and in that fight, I rolled like crap and didn't manage to land a single hit on the thing. We cut the dragon into tiny pieces and basically carried half the corpse back to town and sold the parts bit by bit. Some to the alchemist, some to the blacksmith, the head to the mayor who put it on display.
John Moreno
John Moreno 10 months ago
Great video loved the ending
Rosen LPFC
Rosen LPFC 10 months ago
Should have said that the young woman’s daughter was missing not her son.
whatwhat98 10 months ago
"If I was GMing my story would be about love" You're playing D&D. It's about killing and being killed by fictional monsters. There is no romance. For me at least
Edward Armstrong
Edward Armstrong 4 days ago
@Diamond The Hedgehog They're usually cringy though.
Diamond The Hedgehog
Diamond The Hedgehog 3 months ago
It's not the focus, but it's not uncommon for romances to blossom within stories, especially roleplay-heavy ones.
Sarosp 10 months ago
My first time as DM, I had my party start in a tavern, very typical, in a port town. but I was purposefully lulling them into expecting the mundane. They talk to people and learn that tensions between neighboring governments(of which this port town is on the border of) are getting increasingly worse. Suddenly, war horns start blowing and drums start beating. The tavern comes under attack by a raiding army on its way to a bigger conquest. The party members either get captured, killed, or escape on a boat. At that point, it's a game of survival. No great destiny or over-arcing goal just survive. After an encounter with a school of suicidal dolphins and a kelp monster, they land ashore and unfortunately that's were it ended because we couldn't get together for another session
Firedrone 05
Firedrone 05 10 months ago
The first time I ran DnD, in 5e, I made 2 lvl 1 players, fight 8 boggles. I was taking it easy on them, but they left limping with 1 player knocked out and the other with 1 hp.
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
it takes a while to learn about action economy...
Mr. Cup
Mr. Cup 10 months ago
“I take a sip from the cup of water.” “Okay, a large tentacle emerges from it and strangles you. Nowhere is safe.”
Maxwell Vindman
Maxwell Vindman 10 months ago
Nazeem 10 months ago
His story is aboet shit
JQ Dan
JQ Dan 10 months ago
"My story is ... Shit" - Ben 2019 or 2018
Viperphoenix 11 months ago
First game I ever PLAYED in....I uh.....ended up getting 3 Nat 20's in a row, thus causing my god to be convinced to just....*cough* smite the end game baddy. We went the entire campaign, not knowing the guy we were trying to stop had been dead for several months/years
Drakijy 11 months ago
What's a GM? ;-)
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 6 months ago
Game Masters vs Dungeon Master. Both are possible names (I agree DM is better but I suppose GM is more general).
DemonAbyss10 11 months ago
That moment when you killed 2 PCs in a 5 player group at level one with a housecat. ADnD/2e. Happened in a tavern of all places. The Wizard and Rogue went for a night out on the town after an adventure instead of spending time recovering/training and drunken shenanigans ensued. Cue cat being tossed between both characters in a game of "catball", getting pissed off and ripping the face off the wizard. Rogue went after it, rolled to see if the cat decided to hold its ground, and well, the rogue died too. I didn't feel bad about it.
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