D&D Curse of Strahd Replay (Episode 9): From Bad to More Bad

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Puffin Forest

5 months ago

This is the 9th episode in my Dungeons and Dragons Curse of Strahd replay. In this story the group finally get's tracked down by Stahd von Zarovitch who gives them an impossible choice.
The Characters:
(The Players)
Garo- Wood Elf Monk Cleric
Gouda- Gnome Wild Magic Sorcerer
Boshack- Lizardfolk Warlock
Krusk- Half- Orc Paladin
(Other NPCs)
Ireena- Woman that Strahd is after. We're trying to protect her.
Esmerelda- Vampire hunter. Trained by the famed Van Richten.
Ismark- Ireena's Brother.
Emil- Werewolf. He is the alpha of the werewolf pack. He had been captured by Strahd. We busted out of prison when we found out he does not approve of Strahd or killing humans.
Kiril- Werewolf. New alpha of the pack. Works for Strahd.
Zuleka- Werewolf. Emil's partner.
Mordenkainen- Famous wizard who fought Strahd von Zarovitch a year ago and lost. Was in hiding.
Van Ricten- Famed vampire hunter.

Music Credits: (All music from the USshow Audio Library)
"From Russia With Love" by Huma-Huma
"A Brand New Start" by TrackTribe
"Dreams Become Real" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
Artist: incompetech.com/

Bartoc 15 days ago
They really added Mordekainen to this campaign? That guy was part of the circle of eight long before Strahd was even a plot hook!
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty 24 days ago
HOLD THE PHONE!!! you're not wrong about Straades resolve...at least as far as the hostages is concerned. HOWEVER, the problem is he was testing you to see what choice you would make. remember you were the one who made the decision. He probably already knows about your character beliefs based on your original choices. he was testing your resolve to your choice of which was more important to you. Your desire to save everyone. OR to save Only one against overwhelming odds his deal was a riddle. and yES you technically solved it BUT at the very last minute. HAD you decided to leave In reality he probably would have killed everyone BUT because you should the desire to place others first you manage d to buy time to change his mind. REMEMBER he is KNOWN as the DEVIL in this land. his silvered tongue is how he lays his traps. and riddles are you trick someone into doing what you want. to blinder eye, it was a moral choice. Btu to Straade it was probably a way of testing your moral code. he didn't give you the option to fight back. BUT that's because he didn't mention it. that's why the dm said he wasn't going to kill them. he was going to let them all "Go" had you failed to make the right choice he would have seen you as a defeated cleric no better than that of the abbot himself. BUT you held fast. making you stronger and more enticing to break. that humored him. so he let you all GO. Roleplay saves the day once again. PS I'm just theory crafting here. I have NEVER played the curse of Straade. Let alone know how to write his name. ALSO, there was probably a valid reason that Guda took down the name of his horse....Bercepholus. PS I'm sorry if I butchered that name. I look forward to hearing more this is a really fun story to listen to. ^ ^ we're going to taking on a master vampire today in our session hopefully after a month of just trying to figure out who the hell we're up against. DAMN good DM. really good at making us do guesswork. PS: Sorry if my Grammar and my Typing skills are ass. I've been working hard to correct it.
Scott Ott
Scott Ott Month ago
You people just keep making things worse and worse... :D
Schinak Month ago
Guda pisses me off more than I can describe with words
Schinak Month ago
Picking MORDEN over the vampire hunter? Morden WHO ALREADY lost once
Sip Dhit
Sip Dhit Month ago
"That's what we get for trusting weaklings" if you thought they were weaklings why did you trust them also you got absolutely trashed, and they even said: "well try to keep you safe, BUT THERE WILL BE DANGER"
Logan West
Logan West Month ago
Nah you made the right decision. Who trusts Strahd when he says he wouldn't kill someone? Even if he isn't lying he'd probably have someone else do it. I love the use of the amulet as a great combat starter.
Hrafn Steiner
Hrafn Steiner Month ago
Im so in love with this series!
Red_comet_ 33
Red_comet_ 33 Month ago
How could it get worse? Me halfway in: oh thats how it gets worse
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick Month ago
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick Month ago
It's a good thing that u fought strahd, it not only shoes him u sent scared but it was like giving him the middle finger aswell
ChocoBrawler 01
ChocoBrawler 01 Month ago
I’m just imagining a Social Justice Warrior paladin subclass which gets extra damage against a-holes.
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount
IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount Month ago
Gouda's player comes across as so immensely annoying - and you know it isn't just 'good roleplaying' because this follows her from character to character - that I genuinely struggle to understand why the rest of the table keeps playing with her. Like...is she someone's girlfriend? A sibling? The last acquaintance they have willing to play the game? So much of this game comes across as Brutally un-fun. Between the railroading and the one character that can't stop doing unbelievably stupid shit for no reason at all, I'm pretty impressed at Puffin's ability to sit through multiple sessions of this, at least.On the other hand, Puffin definitely uses the right voice for her.
M Balazs
M Balazs Month ago
19:13 the DM now clearly abuses the situation, it should be clear to the part the dm just wants to take away ally, but this is just BS, why give ally to the part if you take them away? Also in such a cheap manner, thy not just say to the part i take some ally's away now :P would be lass awkward
MartianInvader Month ago
Hur hur, Strahd's horse is named pussy-phallus.
Lucas Pierce
Lucas Pierce Month ago
Nice Mr.Roger impression 8/10
Digo Rodriguez
Digo Rodriguez 2 months ago
To paraphrase Goku from DBZ Abridged, "Yeah, you get up and you eat that horse!"
Omalah Boo
Omalah Boo 2 months ago
I for one think that it's totally reasonable to trust the man who slaughtered a church full of people. He said he'd let everyone go and you should totally take him at his word because he's not a complete monster right? It's not like he's an obsessive dude that harasses women that don't know who he is past his bad reputation and tries to force them to marry him.
Jacob Robertson
Jacob Robertson 2 months ago
Strahd hasn’t seemed that bad.
Jacob Robertson
Jacob Robertson 2 months ago
This is great content
Dr. Kok
Dr. Kok 2 months ago
This is to mutch adds mate.. love your storrys but... this was too mutch
Cobra Chicken
Cobra Chicken 2 months ago
Srsly... The ads Killing the mood hart... Every few Minutes
Phillip Horton
Phillip Horton 2 months ago
God, the party has gotten so many people killed lol
Frank Conrad
Frank Conrad 2 months ago
Is it ust me or did he add a TON of ads to this video? 11 ads is too much... I listen to these videos in bed going to sleep and the story stops every 3-4 minutes really breaks the story flow up
Nate Noel
Nate Noel 2 months ago
The further into this series I get, the more amazed I am that mine and my friends campaign have done absolutely 0% of anything the same. I love seeing the other end of this. We also had 0 interactions with that werewolf pack in our run >_>
kereminde 2 months ago
The opening tone of voice reminds me so much of 'Welcome to Nightvale'...
bigben028cards1 2 months ago
8:04 buci files lol
Sawyer Plays Salazar
Sawyer Plays Salazar 2 months ago
fwhagads 2 months ago
its an anime opening... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
BewareTheCarpenter 2 months ago
From what I can tell no one important, good or bad, died in the fight, so aside from a waste of time what was the problem?
Ren the Seer
Ren the Seer 3 months ago
"Who else would call you a dumbass?" "everyone..." *maniacal laughter from the schadenfreude*
Positron Decay
Positron Decay 3 months ago
0:00 Call of Cthulhu in a nutshell. 😂
Aaron Stoner
Aaron Stoner 3 months ago
You have committed crimes against Berovia and her people. What do you have to say in your defense?
AddedSpace 3 months ago
Puffin Forest, you so dumb.
Firestar4041 3 months ago
"Silly, stupid, Ben, Strhad said he would let them go!" - Had them all on their knees - DM described the wolfs were in a firing squad - Strhad threaten to the effect of 'punishment was needed' - Making a vague ass offer as "I'll let you take *One* " out of a group of like 5 choices. - DM describing Vampire getting fangs out for a random Wolf cub - Dealing with *LITERAL, DEMON, DIET SATAN* HIMSELF Moral: FUCK YOU DM, THAT WAS BULLSHIT. Honestly surprised i side with Ben on that choice. That was 100% painted like "Pick 1, the rest die." situation.
NanoBlade 3 months ago
Of all the conversations to have with Strahd, Gouda has to ask him what his nightmare's name is... I dig it
Christian Bonet
Christian Bonet 3 months ago
Boshak is my absolute favorite character.
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard 3 months ago
Holy Stendarr this campaign is P U N I S H I N G
SquidLord XD
SquidLord XD 3 months ago
Anyone else think Strahd is the biggest SIMP???
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 3 months ago
Why did Mortenkainen waste a counterspell? Ismark is a werewolf, a shape changer. Polymorph cannot affect a shape changer.
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 3 months ago
Me in the first few min FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff 3 months ago
Everyone being patient with Gouda's note taking is adorable.
Calamare 3 months ago
KILLRAIN42 3 months ago
"He's already slaughtered a temple..." yeah but that was Garros fault too so...just sayin'.
Owen iz ded
Owen iz ded 3 months ago
Hehe sir gay’s sword
Dakota McIntire
Dakota McIntire 3 months ago
Dude, what kind of sadistic twisted jerk is your DM?!?! Ive had some campaigns head south quick before, but this wasjust a depressing slog from word go
17joren 3 months ago
That’s such a weird stance you’re taking on the roleplaying. You act ignorant of what “weak to sunlight” means even though through combat you’d have learnt certain creatures are weak or strong against certain things, like werewolves and silver. Is this your idea of not metagaming? Bro, you’ve been metagaming this whole story! A cleric of the morning lord doesn’t understand sunlight can have magical impact, but he knows charisma is the casting ability of warlocks and therefore they should also be good at social skills??
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 3 months ago
I like this running joke about Kasimir being oblivious to the tropes The Shenani-Guys keep asking him about
manticorephoenix 3 months ago
Took me this long to realize Strahd's voice and character art reminds me of Tommy Wiseau and I've never looked at the comments but I'm sure I'm like the last person to realize it
Bluey Industries
Bluey Industries 3 months ago
It would be a shame if he took the wrong Irenea
Rosa 4 months ago
so. he's an asshole. that's what the end said. that alone.
Tatu Juntunen
Tatu Juntunen 4 months ago
Puffin did some forest gump intro
OgieSifter 4 months ago
Naw you were right to initiate combat safer than trusting strahd
Combat Comet
Combat Comet 4 months ago
37:16. Prequel memers be like **hold up**
Cbellostudios 4 months ago
zemorph42 4 months ago
Sounds like your character was getting a fey harem. You even played the dense protagonist perfectly. The only thing missing is any evidence that your "girlfriends" actually had romantic feelings toward you; affection, yes, but that doesn't mean romance, necessarily. At least, so far; this is as far as I've gotten before writing this, so if that's coming, let me find out from the story.
ShadowFoxSF 4 months ago
Love polygon. Petrina -> Strahd -> Tatiana -> Sergey
Death36669 4 months ago
Ah, Simon I miss you from D.C.A. the best puppet boy
Malcolm Thomlinson
Malcolm Thomlinson 4 months ago
4:11 just say strod
TheWanderingMist 4 months ago
Strahd's and Irena's expressions at 10:32 are the best part of the whole video.
logan rodger
logan rodger 4 months ago
Have you guys level up or...... It'd be nice if you would tell the audience
petrodeloro 4 months ago
The moment the elven magician talks about his 'backstory' and sister I was like; "You WHAT?"
Xan Andreess
Xan Andreess 4 months ago
Can someone explain the deal with Guda? Why is she so impervious to reason?
luis vazquez
luis vazquez 4 months ago
Oh Gouda you speck of innocence, "I just wanted to keep track of all the new freinds we've been making"
Leto VandenBerg
Leto VandenBerg 4 months ago
Rant start: To be fair, in regards to the big decision, everyone left the decision in Garu hands, and now want to nitpick the reasoning. If anyone felt they knew things should played out differently, that's their loss. Don't call out people for how they swing when you refuse to step up to the plate Rant over. Garu made the best decision given what's happened and his position. Go Garu *waves flag*
Acorn Person
Acorn Person 4 months ago
Zoolaika is really beginning to sound like a Karen....
Jimmy Varblow
Jimmy Varblow 4 months ago
I just realised Gouda is basically caboose from red vs blue
M SixtailShadow
M SixtailShadow 4 months ago
I totally understand your rant.
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 5 months ago
spiritupgrades 5 months ago
bread? 15:13
Caesar Loðbrok
Caesar Loðbrok 5 months ago
I'd actually probably have done the same as Garo, even with Strahd saying what he did. He treats people's lives like it's just a game. (I mean, it IS just a game, but you know what I mean.) It's one of the reasons he is as bad as he is. By giving you that "choice", he forces you to do the same, while also making the survivors question if you're really the good guy. By fighting back, despite his offer of "amnesty", you not only refuse to play along with him, but show the captives that you don't put your own life ahead of theirs- that you'd die before letting yourself stoop to Strahd's level. Yeah, it's a bit melodramatic, but I don't get to be that way outside of D&D. :P
David Martin
David Martin 5 months ago
Can anybody still keep the kill count?
Nicholas vanDonkersgoed
Nicholas vanDonkersgoed 5 months ago
Gouda is the REAL evil character. Boshak is played quite well, a likeable evil character who doesn't go against the party's wishes. Gouda, on the other hand, is opening up a dangerous box, regardless of the party's safety. Also, she's basically a joke character who's based on puns, and is making ridiculous jokes about a campaign which really doesn't have room for that.
R3GARnator 5 months ago
The party gave up their right to complain when they put the entire decision on Puffin.
bethany smith
bethany smith 5 months ago
7:16 does Gudda have a spell or something that can summon or possibly control whoever's name gets written in it?
Raymond MacDonald
Raymond MacDonald 5 months ago
The correct answer was yourself, so you could vring in von rickten
Alfie Kelly
Alfie Kelly 5 months ago
At the start hello I’m Ben Ross and welcome to the joy of role playing
Cait Sith
Cait Sith 5 months ago
Is your DM mean, did you roll so unlucky or is this campaign really this moraly grey? Child murder sacrificing friends. Probably was extremly engaging to play, but still in games i reload untill i can create cheesy happy endings, so i don't know how i would feel...
Maya Zulf
Maya Zulf 3 months ago
Curse of Strahd is a dark game. You can actually kill Strahd pretty easy once you takeout the heart but you’re not gonna end up with more than a bitter-sweet ending.
delroland 5 months ago
Garo read the Book of Strahd, he should have known sunlight hurts vampires because Strahd explicitly said in the book sunlight was one of the few things that can hurt him
D3g0nGirl 5 months ago
new Paladin class: +1D8 against assholes :-D #madeMyDay
ywatcher2 5 months ago
25:21 "everyone." :( that did get sad. poor Gouda.
Timothy Whitney
Timothy Whitney 5 months ago
Love the intro music! Totally fits with this story!!! Lol.
Nicole Hayes
Nicole Hayes 5 months ago
are these episodes one session or two? you got through the death house in one session and that usually takes longer
Favio Di Ciocco
Favio Di Ciocco 5 months ago
I'm loving these telling of the Curse of Strahd. It's so good. It's funny, it's sad, it's frustrating for all the bad things, it's just great
D Sandoval
D Sandoval 5 months ago
WAIT A MINUTE! 35:40 Kasamir's backstory, could the heart inside Strad's castle be Kasamir's sister's heart!? You know, she loves him so he bound her to the castle to give it power, she loves him so that's why it protects him (even though he didn't live her)?
Hanki 5 months ago
Puffin: We gotta get rid of the Nightmare Gouda: Asks Strahd his Nightmare's name Nightmares: Are fiends Fiends: Can be controlled if you know their name Me: Why do I feel that, without even noticing, Gouda literally just solved the nightmare problem and they are not going to notice at all until the very last minute? Maybe I'm wrong and that's just demons, but I don't remember if the Nightmare is a demon or a devil so...
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin 5 months ago
More please!🧡
Ev Baker
Ev Baker 5 months ago
You aren’t gonna believe it. My pseudragon (Mildred) shot and killed an acid blob thing with a crossbow. A freaking miniature dragon killed something with a freaking light crossbow. Also u make great vids.
lowrider993 5 months ago
24:45 Garo make the money, see Garo get the honies, G Drivin' in my car, livin' like a star Stone on my fingers, on my toes And I'm a Taurus
Renate Schmidt
Renate Schmidt 5 months ago
Could someone help me
PyromaticIdiot 5 months ago
Ivory Smith
Ivory Smith 5 months ago
If I'm ever in trouble please for the love of god stay away!! Yalls goup us terrible at saving people 😂
PhazonOmega 5 months ago
What WAS Strahd trying to do with those negotiations? I'm with Puffin on how bizarre that was. Was he just messing with the group? I mean, that's what i would do in that position, but seems out of character for Strahd.
Valcio DRG
Valcio DRG 4 months ago
Strahd is an egomaniac simp, so he might want to get points with "Tatiana" And to try and set discord within his enemies, as far as he is concernerd none present is a threat to him.
PhazonOmega 5 months ago
I am not shocked by much in stories anymore. But that reveal about the abbey towards the end made my mouth drop open! :O
Kaleb Maschke
Kaleb Maschke 5 months ago
Strahd: You have committed crimes against berovia and her people. What do you say in your defense?
Ryan Rizzo
Ryan Rizzo 5 months ago
These videos have been extremely helpful, Ben! I'm currently converting the Curse of Strahd to a 3.5 platform, and it's been a little difficult finding content for the transition, aside from buying the book (which I didnt want to do), so thank you! Keep it up!
SilverPhantom6005 5 months ago
The thing is Puffin, even if Garou had realized that Strahd would have let everyone else live, I still think you made the right choice. If you had truly chosen anyone and just left you not only would have lost your allies (as they would have seen your choice as a betrayal) but those allies could have also decided to become your enemies (you know because of the betrayal!). The only thing Garou could have possibly done a little better is fought Strahd without even pretending to make a choice. That way the werewolves may have not considered your group cowardly and would have still fought alongside you guys. Also if you had known earlier killing the nightmare immediately would have been helpful.
Ryan Rizzo
Ryan Rizzo 5 months ago
"Fuck you, Strahd, you ain't getting my shit!" I laughed out loud. XD
Fatboy112 23
Fatboy112 23 5 months ago
Who’s here from Your narrator
St0rm Ranger
St0rm Ranger 5 months ago
I think he's loosin' it... XD
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