D&D Story: EVERYONE in town shops at the black market

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This is a story from our Dungeons and Dragons game where we got arrested for going into a black market. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Gray Kemplin
Gray Kemplin Day ago
I think their point was “black market appeal” (that the goods are more popular if they seem taboo), but it was not well-articulated at all.
Portaller 3 days ago
It's not _that_ farfetched that local police would look the other way at an illegal market if it brings in money (see: prohibition) and even be rather pissed that some outsiders forced them to do something about it - a lot of kickbacks are probably going to the council for their looking the other way, after all. A quick line about some higher level of government banning magical goods would have done fine.
Portaller 3 days ago
Or perhaps the keepers of the black market are discreetly paying the council to keep the trade illegal so they can control the supply and keep prices artificially high. The concept is there, just needs a little more fleshing out.
Xanctus 6 days ago
Yeah... but that's illegal...
dt5101961Nelon 8 days ago
Dragon Heero
Dragon Heero 8 days ago
pedro cruz
pedro cruz 11 days ago
Seeing this DM doesn't know how economy or politics work. He could create a king whose daughter was killed by this necromancer you guys were following and he banned all magic Items. This could be another solution without having to create a bigger kingdom or diving deeper in politics since is not his strong suit.
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle 13 days ago
After seeing a few of these videos from this particular period, I've concluded that this was just a terrible GM who shouldn't be GMing.
The Great Owl
The Great Owl 14 days ago
Weed analogy?
KingDugan 15 days ago
Unless the "No magic" law was from higher up(like a region law). The black market would be an effective way to bypass it, and they would be able to charge more for products.
Joe the Eskimo
Joe the Eskimo 16 days ago
The inquisitor sound like a game character with limited lines of dialogue
Arshan 16 days ago
The "Black Market" is total honeypot tourist trap. Basically hype it up as this crazy backroom deal and sell overpriced junk as "Reclaimed Magic Items"
building boy
building boy 22 days ago
The music is golden
Tien 27 days ago
how one of my friends would react if they were Puffin Player: I'm cool, I am just gonna stay at home and hang out here. DM: uuuuuum noooo no you don't player stares at the GM for an uncomfortable amount of time. Player: I.am.cool.here. go on without me. if you want the Player to go somewhere give him an in-game reason, don't tell them what to do.
BanditOfBandwidth Month ago
Reminds me of John Wick, where basically EVERY business is part of some underground assassins club. Where's the mystique when everyone is part of it?
JustThatGuy Month ago
Looked to me like the dm wrote themself into a corner
hunngryento Month ago
I get that if you can just make that stuff legal and sell it there is no reason not to, but this could have been so easily rephrased as "The kingdom determines that magic items are illegal so the council of this town pretends they uphold the law while giving secret support to the black market that benefits them and the townfolk". Though to be honest finding that black market should at least be difficult, having all NPCs commenting on it is just ridiculous.
Tom B
Tom B Month ago
Paladin stabs assassin. *70's porn music intensifies*
Roland L.
Roland L. Month ago
Ralthorne should’ve said that he killed a paladin and took his armor
Skaitan Month ago
Someone was obviously under the impression that a "Black Market" is an illegal place were people set up shops. Thats actually kind of funny. At least its one of the more harmless interpretations of the term "Black Market". It could have gotten much darker.
Jermaine Race
Jermaine Race Month ago
Maybe it's illegal because they don't want to admit that they are okay with magic for some other reason, like they have a sweet alliance with some other city state that doesn't give out foreign aid to countries with legalized magic.
Sid Starkiller
Sid Starkiller Month ago
UnknownFox Month ago
I admit I have watched this like 3 or so times and I still don't quite grasp the whole concept at the end of what happened exactly.
Furrylust Month ago
Yeah that dungeon master doesn't seem to have a good idea of how a black market works: - A black market is illegal typically because either illicit goods are sold there, or because the money made there isn't taxed by the settlement, and both tend to happen. - How can the inquisitor argue that the black market is the lifeblood of the town if the regular merchants do not profit from it, and the city doesn't officially endorse, and therefore tax, those smuggled goods? - Why is a city that operates a rule of law have an assassin guild policing its black market if the city guards are fine with the market? They could have easily been explained as corrupt guardsmen operating outside of the government's rule. - What is the point of banning magic weapons if everyone, including the local government, is fine with it? If the dungeon master can't explain this logically, the town is being run by idiots who need to be ousted. - This city is definitely either predominantly lawful evil or chaotic neutral, why is the party staying here for any reason?
JJ’s 32 Steps To Enlightenment
JJ’s 32 Steps To Enlightenment 2 months ago
Heya sandwitch
qberry gamz
qberry gamz 2 months ago
Aidan Wulff
Aidan Wulff 2 months ago
I wanna die from that conversation
Battle Cat 51
Battle Cat 51 2 months ago
Possible solution: if it’s illegal or costs more
T F P A 2 months ago
This whole problem could be solved if the DM just said magic was illegal at a federal level.
bigbaddawg101 2 months ago
In my friend's campaign, we had a rogue that was part of an anarchist group and would regularly meet with members or collect stuff for the group IN FRONT OF OUR PALADIN CITY GUARD.
captainmaim 2 months ago
Arlo Yarroll
Arlo Yarroll 2 months ago
actually, maybe they have the black market and sell goods only to confiscate them and resell them on the black market to make a bunch of money. so in short, taxes with extra stuff.
DnD Ulitharid
DnD Ulitharid 2 months ago
Ynow that paladin...that's me like mentally
Joe 2 months ago
It's funny how bad GM's so often lead to funny D&D stories lol
the nerd Senate
the nerd Senate 2 months ago
6:30 they just wanted some EXTRA EDGE
Inked With Blood
Inked With Blood 3 months ago
well it would be free of taxes so they could expand and grow their market
ascended being
ascended being 3 months ago
Narrator sends me with best regards.
ボイス 3 months ago
My god your DM was dumb in this one like come on atleast make up a good reason for having it basically your DM didn't think anything through and punished you for it if I were in that situation I wouldpack whatever I brought with me and leave
Fatty0666 3 months ago
I would've made it have something to do with the local baron and heavy taxes on sold goods. So if nothing expensive is being sold legally (and therefore in a manner to be heavily taxed) then the tax wouldn't be as bad. "Less money is flowing" and thus the baron finds the town more useless then anything but he rules over multiple towns (most of which haven't started a "Black Market") and thus doesn't realize that this town is doing something with the funds that are "Rightfully" his. . . Of course this comment section has a lot of really good suggestions as well
Elijah H
Elijah H 3 months ago
I apologize, but: That was a shit DM lmao
urahara64360 3 months ago
I at least make my black market items more morally sketchy. As an example a player bought fairy dragon leather armor and stolen magic items. I also had a merchant that sells exotic creatures that can be made familiars with a "collar of familiar subjugation" it allows you to turn any animal into a familiar regardless of normal limitations. That particular merchant also has tiny black puddings in glass vials