Do These Color Illusions Trick Your Eyes?

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Zach King

2 months ago

Do these color illusions hurt your brain? Comment your favorite trick below!
A big thanks to Canon for sponsoring these illusions with their Canon PIXMA Printers -
Sunset Birds and Traffic Lights illusions inspired by Dr. Akiyoshi Kataoka's work.
Check out his many fascinating illusions on his Twitter page: AkiyoshiKitaoka
Special thanks to Jessica Strick, Lead Exhibit Developer at the Exploratorium -
Watch Furniture Illusions (this video might really trick your eyes) -
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Zach King
Zach King 2 months ago
We put so much love into this video, I hope you enjoy it! LIKE the video if you are here before the premiere!
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xXthelegendXx ars 8 days ago
You are right
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Spirit wolf Legend of wolves 14 days ago
Zach King hello best magician ever please say hello back
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Jaeron Zayd 20 days ago
Zach King
Faith Beekhee
Faith Beekhee Month ago
Hi Zach King you are awesome 👍 I wish I could have be awesome like you I love your vids so much.
Marcus and Megan Burke
Marcus and Megan Burke 33 minutes ago
Memey McMemerMan
Memey McMemerMan 36 minutes ago
Canon makes horrible printers
Jon Bro
Jon Bro Hour ago
Skyler Wilson
Skyler Wilson 4 hours ago
I want the choclate donut
Kitfan7 Kit best!
Kitfan7 Kit best! 5 hours ago
Kitfan7 Kit best!
Kitfan7 Kit best! 5 hours ago
Kitfan7 Kit best!
Kitfan7 Kit best! 5 hours ago
But still cool
Kitfan7 Kit best!
Kitfan7 Kit best! 5 hours ago
U can edit
Candypup ._.
Candypup ._. 7 hours ago
Noo I only saw 1 gray one 😭😭
Candypup ._.
Candypup ._. 7 hours ago
Thumbnail: do you see 3 birds Me: no.. *crosses eyes*
# budgielover
# budgielover 7 hours ago
Your lieing because you're editing you guys don't look at the dot and then after he will snap you will notice that you are tricked
# budgielover
# budgielover 7 hours ago
Your living your editing
Loly Hurgo
Loly Hurgo 7 hours ago
The red car he has jis gf its a subaru outback and the white of two doors is a of germany is a opel rock
lucas moller
lucas moller 10 hours ago
im corlor blind so every thing is Black and white
Bhavna Ramakrishnan
Bhavna Ramakrishnan 10 hours ago
This was easy.
BloodTroller 10 hours ago
Avalei Hibdon
Avalei Hibdon 10 hours ago
Mohamad haniffa Sehu mohd
Mohamad haniffa Sehu mohd 11 hours ago
Why am I watching this iam colorblind
The Red Guy
The Red Guy 11 hours ago
I saw 3 gray colors on the traffic light illusion
xBRANDONx xNODNARBx 12 hours ago
BRACK ME 13 hours ago
Any Indian here
Itz twabbt
Itz twabbt 13 hours ago
It worked!
Kyle David S. Bonita
Kyle David S. Bonita 13 hours ago
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Volta Gaming 14 hours ago
he just uses edits
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PjCoolButNice Roblox 14 hours ago
NATEWORKS 14 hours ago
Pretty cool!
Røsè Gxlaxy
Røsè Gxlaxy 15 hours ago
For the first one for me it wasnt the same color for mye eyes and my mind isk why but yeah lol
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Hi pls give my comment a heart Im a big fan
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Khumbulani Mchunu 16 hours ago
it worked
Harsh Rathi
Harsh Rathi 16 hours ago
Nice video editing skill'set this guy have 😂😂
suvanna berkah jaya
suvanna berkah jaya 18 hours ago
the colours will fade away battery 5%
Lis Pineda
Lis Pineda 19 hours ago
This broke my brain.
Krisnanto Lie
Krisnanto Lie 20 hours ago
i lost tooo much brain cells.
sheba joji
sheba joji 21 hour ago
Whitey Cakes
Whitey Cakes 21 hour ago
Who else found ones of these to be to good to be true
power puff girls blossom bubbles and buttercup
power puff girls blossom bubbles and buttercup 22 hours ago
Wow cute penguins
Paul Santiago
Paul Santiago 23 hours ago
5:08 Nothing happened.
The gaming guru 7
The gaming guru 7 Day ago
I’m thinking the top then the middle from the bottom