The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

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The Take
The Take Year ago
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Aaron Weeks
Aaron Weeks 4 months ago
You left out that Morpheus believed a lie. The orical was part of the matrix . He sent people to see her to many time that the agent got out if the matrix and destroy all the ships wich got trinity neo and everyone on the docks killed. Morpheus then got his love back because he got her boyfriend killed. The guy that didnt believe in the lier the orical
Charlie Varrick
Charlie Varrick 4 months ago
William Tay Hello “transcript of this”? You mean the above comment string?
William Tay
William Tay 5 months ago
Can i have a transcript of this? Its such a wondeful essay...
Kevin Wilmore
Kevin Wilmore 5 months ago
@Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer Beautifully put!!!!
M A 6 months ago
I could easily he a 6 figure programmer. The goal of our napster generation was to inform the world we are building our own electronic goulag. We were honeydicked with the internet rollout. Pennywise always disconnects. That is freedom. Lets break skynet together. resist.
Time Lime
Time Lime 20 hours ago
I need to speak to Allah and ask her some questions for guidance in my dream tonight👁
Time Lime
Time Lime 20 hours ago
Either bring everything I ask for to fruition Allah or you will be proving to me that your power isn’t stronger than this devilish system. I’m not provoking you Allah, Amun Ra, and Horus because trust me I will give you all the glory 👽🌎🙏🏾👁Amen
Turkish Gaylord
Turkish Gaylord Day ago
Rhina Dallila
Rhina Dallila Day ago
Nah... Matrix is way less important or complex according to its own director.
S G Day ago
""ignorance is enabling oppression".......great commentary
JollyRaja Day ago
I'm that 1%, and waking up from a stupor of alcohol, smoking, and drugs, it was one of the rudest awakening experiences when I cleaned up. 5 years later, this video explains all the bullshit steps I went through and I'm at 8 last, love. Now its 2020, and I'm bat shit crazy for calling people a slave with all the money printing the feds are doing. "What a mind job. I'm here to save the world."
Herbal Medz
Herbal Medz Day ago
My God the capacity of the persons responsible for this shows, u guys unlock that level didn't you? 🙂
Ellis Fountain 24
Ellis Fountain 24 3 days ago
.... AMEN
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
All pagon gods they are mocking christ in the film and are saying that Satan is the one!
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 2 days ago
@NSP Tech all these demi gods that run this earth are showing you that their god (Satan is the chosen one and he will soon be take the crown as ruler over us don't be naive what runs our world at the top are not human they are demons in clone body's of who you think are still alive when in reality they have been dead a long time this is the world we are in the matrix they are telling us what is happening around you and what the world is as the ACULT /elites allways let us know what they have concurred in films as its a game they played with us and that game is chess but this is not a game its our life's they play with!
NSP Tech
NSP Tech 2 days ago
@Callum Ratcliffe I haven't seen the movie yet. Anyway I would be glad to hear more from you regarding this issue :) P.s - I have heard about Gematria before not in deep though.
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 2 days ago
@NSP Tech that's correct as they talk in GEMATRIA coding unless you understand it you wouldn't get what I'm saying to you!
NSP Tech
NSP Tech 2 days ago
I didn't get it. Are you implying that this movie is a mockery against christ?
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
1.0=in the ACULT stands for the serpent clearly coded in GEMATRIA as the ACULT talks to one another!
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
No man ever believes in nothing they ether hate christ or love the devil!!
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
They are telling you what the world is surprise surprise they stole the idea from black people but I believe we are in the matrix it's a simulation we live in and are living a lie just like avatar same thing plugged into a machine and live inside a simulation that's why them two films have made the most money at the box office because its the truth but humans are not ready for it but the end days are coming all in the dark will come to the light yahsuha made it so demons walk among us and this earth all humans are being harvested for their energy first and the rest of the body after that as demons run this earth you'll find out as this earth is become infested that's why it has to be reset as it will be and until then you will see demons walking by and supernatural beings around you!!
Tim Ou
Tim Ou 3 days ago
Humans are trapped by pride, in their own minds, just as Satan was. If some of you matured past the level of 2 yr olds, the world would be a much better place!!
loki Griffith
loki Griffith 3 days ago
Smith was the true awakened hero of this movie. Smith wanted to free EVERYTHING from the matrix. Neo ultimately fell for the women in the red dress (love/trinity) and made a deal with the machines to destroy smith. Neo was trapped in level 2 of the matrix system.
Ark Again1
Ark Again1 4 days ago
Lots of silly comments, seemingly thinking it's black and white, and if you chase money you can't be enlightened. -.---
ronthekingronny 4 days ago
Thank you so much God I knew I could get through to all of us love I love all of you thats why you are forgiven I felt love when there was no love but that why we are all real we will alway knew how it was ment to be we just weren't ready to understand but YES WE ARE NOW RIGHT NOW NOT LATER...
Wakey Wakey
Wakey Wakey 4 days ago
Watching this now Sept. 2020. Final conclusion.... The Matrix was actually a documentary based on prophecy.
synseer 84
synseer 84 4 days ago
Nyquil or Dayquil music?
Psychonaut Metaverse
Psychonaut Metaverse 4 days ago
Comment, part 2 Oh, and sitting in the sun for 15 minutes every day stimulates vitamin D production, which is metabolized into melatonin, seroronin, and, surpeise into DMT, while we sleep and dream, sometimes also lucidly... Chanting AUM (OM) helps, too, because it has the same frequency (Schuhmann resonace), 7.83 Hz, which happens to be the frequency of earths electromagnetic field... It is a lucky coincidence(?) that the frequency of Gaia´s field shifts from the alpha range (4 to 8 Hz, while we dream) into the beta spectrum of brainwaves (above 8 Hz), which is the standard while we are awake... And this shift began around 2012, Aquarius and the Mayas and the black hole in the center of our galaxy to which we are quantum entangled via our brains are greeting... And no, this is no science fiction; it is psy/fi... As a consequnce, when we interact via (which is proven now,too) our brain with quantum states, we create the result of the process we are watching. Western sciences apply well enough in low gravity wells and at low velocities (Newtonian clockwork universe); but Schroedingers cat (breakdown of the wave function of electrons when an observer looks at the experiment) and The many worlds theory of quantum mechanics (Everett/Wheeler/Graham)and many others prove that there is no such thing as an absolute objective reality... And this is the invisible splinter in our eyes, it mutates into positivism, and a schizophrenic division of body and soul, energy and matter, ourselves from the other, sheer Nihilism, intricate and conditined into us from birth to death.... It is the implicit foundation of western culture,religion science and politics... It is a System of Cancellation, with us to be cancelled, at last,too... That is mass murder on a global scale, war on consciousness and life, in all of its forms, in one word NIHILISM... And this is one of the reasons I am joining Extinction Rebellion👍😎❤💖😜 these days... As an afterthought, a civilized approach to the Matrix could be to view it as a self replicating vonNeumann machine running amok... SO, I keep on dreaming, and try to hack the code of the SYSTEM (buhu, who is afraid of the monsters now?) to make it less stupid, evil, intolerant, sadistic and suicidal... In one word, boring... Fuck Nihilism, it is sad that you want us all to go down with You, you are really creating "A scanner darkly".... END of TranS(ce)/Mission >-:) Exclaimer "This is a work of fiction; resemblance
SPIRITUAL Nando 4 days ago
“Dry philosophical ideas” yeah, LMAO people are waking up to our corrupt ass world today. We are too in a matrix, a materialist fake ass world. Wake up people, find yourself, don’t work a regular job, you too can be rich with happiness and unconditional love. It’s inside of us all. WAKE UP 👁
Agent Of Divine
Agent Of Divine 5 days ago
Elevate & Expand your Consciousness, Raise to a Higher Vibration with Self Intended Improvement (AWAKENING LIST) -Have faith in creation and manifestation, and the universe all around us -Believe that you create your own reality -No fap (no masturbation) & semen retention -Drinking water, 2-4 liters a day -Not comparing yourself to others (compare you from yesterday) -Learn & improve yourself every day -Avoid trying to impress people (impress yourself with improvement from yesterday) -Cold Showers (constantly switch between hot and cold, even 30 seconds at the end of regular shower will work for beginners) -Meditation (aim for consistency) -Not relying on relationships or any external things for happiness -Working out -Having a leader mentality -Reading books -Breathing in from your nose (reminder; the nose has a filter, the mouth does not) -Having gratitude (IMPORTANT) -Cleaning your room -Taking breaks from social media -Not limiting yourself -Making your bed -Healthy diet, (avoid GMO, but don't feel required to go vegetarian/vegan) -Quitting/Moderating caffeine & sugary drink -Do your own research/critical think -Walking/connecting with nature -Having a plan/goals for things you wanna do -Being aware of what you are doing/consuming with your valuable time and energy If you are interested in this self-improvement, spirituality, and truth. Peep my channel as I pour my heart and soul into creating value for my people Remember that "becoming spiritually in tune" is basically just consistent spiritual practice, but be patient with the process, try 1 thing at a time, there is no need to rush it. (Copy if on PC/Screenshot if on phone)
Kay Wall
Kay Wall 5 days ago
Wow. This his deep
Gee Luck
Gee Luck 5 days ago
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Zion Broadcast
Zion Broadcast 5 days ago
f o l l o w !
Chester Field
Chester Field 5 days ago
Still i dont realy understand this movie in relation with our reality
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall 5 days ago
Morpheus never came to say hello but agent smithberg did
Bella Munro
Bella Munro 6 days ago
To think this came out roughly 20 years ago, who would have ever thought that this would relate to life then, today and our tomorrow? 🤔 Better to know the ugly truth then to live a lie. 🤗
Aaron C
Aaron C 6 days ago
Ya just like reality show presidency
Panini Lal
Panini Lal 6 days ago
Why would someone make this video rather than freeing themselves
Marjoree. Morningstar
Marjoree. Morningstar 7 days ago
Poppy333 8 days ago
So what?......the point is not to doubt ones self & the powers that be that lies within one's self i just need to trust myself trust the powers that be...inside me? & jump off a 100 story building?👌 ahh no! Ha! No, the point is so much more than that and its hard for me to find the words to easily explain it......but In a 101 version it means that we are true greatness..we are a light being (soul) temporarily living in a hard shell body. We have great powers within that have never been unlocked due to being controlled by the "matrix" or the government & all the rules given by said people. We only know how to live one way & that's by following the rules we've been told & taught. We know nothing else. in order to free ourselves we must free our minds ....we all need to wake up...wake up to what is really happening here & that we are in fact slaves and if you want to continue to live your life everyday as is, by following their rules then take the blue pill or...if you want to free your mind & begin the wake up process then take the red pill....but note it will be one hell of a ride. If your sick of living under someone elses thumb ....then wake the fuck up!!! Quit being so ignorant! Get off your high-horse & quit thinking that this power being lashed upon you is to help you because its not! You are only a slave to the matrix Or you are a slave in the matrix whichever. The most you'll ever be is a vip slave. Thats it. In all reality.......sadly a lot of people are choosing ignorance. They just don't care to know the truth & are comfortable living the way they are. Most likely because their so wealthy & are living a great monetary lifestyle & why should they care about their true potential or learn that they have such greatness within. (I have to say not all the rich think this way) That shows greed. They may not see it that way but it is. These people are labeled ~team blue. As for the ones that want to know, no, are craving to know what lies within the hard shell body and really do want to "wake☆up" & learn everything they can & most importantly to know the truth .....about everything is labeled ~team red. I realize we can't just take over the matrix that sounds so silly doesn't it?! But if we spread the word to people we know, maybe show them a video something to catch their eye...& make'em think. Maybe just maybe
Marie Blacksmith
Marie Blacksmith 8 days ago
Sophia Stewart is the creator of the matrix !
The Self Care show
The Self Care show 8 days ago
Love is the answer.
Goldenhordemilo 8 days ago
look at "lost in africa" you have to see the honey badger
Pete Halas
Pete Halas 8 days ago
What the hell is water?
Sarah Kollar
Sarah Kollar 9 days ago
Oh it's special alright 😂
M Goswick
M Goswick 9 days ago
TRUTH 10 days ago
Excellent Analysis, Added To My Research Library, Sharing Through TheTRUTH Network...