NoCap - Radar [Official Music Video]

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3 months ago

NoCap - Radar
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NoCap 3 months ago
Jayglizzy Films
Jayglizzy Films Day ago
@Hood Thoughts 2K 16 has comedyp
Robbie Hudson
Robbie Hudson 15 days ago
Hood Thoughts 2K 16 yo wats wats wats has not not been one year for
Mo Tracks Productions
Mo Tracks Productions 23 days ago
Kadijah Peterson
Kadijah Peterson Month ago
JiOofssakskah no
Steven Cameron
Steven Cameron Month ago
It’s riding bro. Salute to you
Ahmad Okar
Ahmad Okar 5 hours ago
I came here from a tik tok comment 😂
CX ELEPHANT 18 hours ago
Top 🔥
Jayson ひ
Jayson ひ Day ago
Jayson ひ
Jayson ひ Day ago
Queen Graviti
Queen Graviti Day ago
I’m Queen Radar 💪 🙏♥️🔥
Quincy DeGeorgio
Quincy DeGeorgio 2 days ago
Like if God is good to you
dmario gatlin
dmario gatlin 2 days ago
No cap no cap
Lyrical. Lyrics
Lyrical. Lyrics 3 days ago
Lyrical. Lyrics
Lyrical. Lyrics 3 days ago
Phos Phorous
Phos Phorous 3 days ago
This shit timeless on gang
marcus carothers
marcus carothers 3 days ago
This song raw asl that’s all it is to be said foe🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Elijah Briskett
Elijah Briskett 5 days ago
IronWall Water
IronWall Water 6 days ago
His only good song
Keisha James
Keisha James 7 days ago
nice grill nice song
SL madeJay
SL madeJay 7 days ago
Nice grill and song
dukeø4 gang
dukeø4 gang 7 days ago
I felt that part where he was like I want you th hold me up up up and the way the beat changed it gave me a vibe
K 6
K 6 8 days ago
Brother thought mud and stuck
Alesia Archie
Alesia Archie 9 days ago
I love you cap💙
Sanelise Bango
Sanelise Bango 10 days ago
"Fresh to death(DEAF) nigga you can't even HEAR" sick wordplay
Sanelise Bango
Sanelise Bango 10 days ago
"Just cause I'm rich they think all my damn problems gone..nigga I still shed tears in this VLONE"🔥😭
K 6
K 6 10 days ago
Coz man pour red man can’t get a call ye ight
Lil Zack54 Ali
Lil Zack54 Ali 11 days ago
Who else just found this off of lua lua
YBN_ LS 11 days ago
Zeeshan Beats
Zeeshan Beats 11 days ago
M huncho reposted this, we need the collab now
JMSP ViralPromo
JMSP ViralPromo 11 days ago
Lil Baby my favorite Artist but NoCap is underrated and his music has more soul!
caroline M
caroline M 11 days ago
Lil baby would kill this song as a ft
Noah Pryear
Noah Pryear 12 days ago
I like this songs
Yung Carlo Gambino
Yung Carlo Gambino 12 days ago
jxnyboomin 14 days ago
bro sound like lil keed
Ivori Colman
Ivori Colman 15 days ago
t rying
FL6K0 15 days ago
This song take the pain away man 💔
Official _comp3threes
Official _comp3threes 16 days ago
And this song is hard
fire live uploads
fire live uploads 17 days ago
"counting all green at the red light so i ran it" 🔥🔥🔥😩
Davey J
Davey J 18 days ago
Without the UuuhAaaul
Yung Carlo Gambino
Yung Carlo Gambino 18 days ago
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight 20 days ago
Who listening to this oct
Aloni Wade
Aloni Wade 20 days ago
people sleep on this song frl
DBO 23
DBO 23 23 days ago
Can we get this legend to 4 milly views?
Jaicee Scott
Jaicee Scott 23 days ago
I found my brother listening to this the beat went so hard the lyrics I struggled tryna find itt.
Boukzy 23 days ago
I should make a montage to this song💯
Da'Shawn Jackson
Da'Shawn Jackson 24 days ago
Just cause I'm rich my problem gvone
Ramon Gonzales
Ramon Gonzales 24 days ago
What does trying to move in without a Uhaul mean?
Lai Logan
Lai Logan 25 days ago
This shit fire
paulay oliver
paulay oliver 25 days ago
My second bitch just my runner up😂😂
North Blaze
North Blaze 26 days ago
dayum 🔥🙏
Bosstho 895
Bosstho 895 27 days ago
tupac shackur
tupac shackur 27 days ago
Free world boss vybz kartel
Adrion Young
Adrion Young 27 days ago
Forever and always the 🐐
Davey J
Davey J 28 days ago
Countin green at the light so I ran it 🚦
PCC KEEF 28 days ago
Raymond Jeffery
Raymond Jeffery 28 days ago
Drowsy Pumpz
Drowsy Pumpz 28 days ago
Fun fact I love all yall
Linares Towles
Linares Towles 29 days ago
You solidified your spot on my list wit this one💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥🔥
Mario Brinson
Mario Brinson 29 days ago
That's what's up you got your own still. Run it NoCap
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Month ago
drop tht shit with baby foo
Itzyaboijkd 2424
Itzyaboijkd 2424 Month ago
I want hold me up up up is the hardest part
Ketaija Boswell
Ketaija Boswell Month ago
Yes yes honey honey you have the right to to come over and and go home girl I’m sorry you don’t don’t
Dre 1k
Dre 1k Month ago
Deron Connor
Deron Connor Month ago
Food for thought
H Redd
H Redd Month ago
NoCap talented as tf
H Redd
H Redd Month ago
Dude shits on Lil Baby
T.G.B T.V Month ago
He’s So Slept On 🤧
Pnut fly
Pnut fly Month ago
Lenny Skinny
Lenny Skinny Month ago
James Starks
James Starks Month ago
Bumped got it on replay
Ezra Israel
Ezra Israel Month ago
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Ezra Israel
Ezra Israel Month ago
Adam Edmands
Adam Edmands Month ago
Godspeed to anyone who reads this! Trust in Jesus to be wise like serpents and gentle like doves.
J22Beatz Month ago
crazy nocap beat on my channel now, for any artists! Just need a chance. Bless
Toine UpNext
Toine UpNext Month ago
Came up from mobile we're I'm from
Camilla Patterson
Camilla Patterson Month ago විනිවිද පෙනෙන උමඟක් යටින් දිගේ දිවෙන සුමට ලෙස වේගවත් විය
Queens Haseyes
Queens Haseyes Month ago
My song
Deezy slim
Deezy slim Month ago
Who df thumbs down eff y’all .... ✌🏿
🦄🦋™️ Month ago
Rylo and nocap too hard
Mail Man tv
Mail Man tv Month ago
The only rap video ik that has millions of views and less than 1k dislikes
Yessir Supreme•
Yessir Supreme• Month ago
Tina Camire
Tina Camire Month ago
Me and my friend I was hanging over his house and we said USshow NoCap can I bring up you and then we started listening to you and now you’re one of our favorite rappers
Casper the Gaming Ghost
Casper the Gaming Ghost Month ago
Old head gone listen to this and still say the new rap is trash 🤦🏽‍♂️smdh
Tyreek Rhone
Tyreek Rhone Month ago
Did my first high speed to this 💯legendarily
Lando Month ago
lil_lexie Month ago
In love with this song 😍
Blake had A Blast
Blake had A Blast Month ago
“Murder for dat money 💰 jus da way it is” Been like dat smh 🤦🏿‍♂️😭
Marilyn Porter
Marilyn Porter Month ago මෙහෙයුම් ආචාර ධර්ම සම්බන්ධව මේවා ට වඩා අවස්ථාවාදී විය
Sean Jordan
Sean Jordan Month ago
name sum1 who can put pain and truth onna song better than NoCap... I'll wait
813ENTERTAINED Month ago
Still workin,, *I DONT KNOW WHEN ITS GONE PAY OFF!!* 💯💯
813ENTERTAINED Month ago
Jashawn G5
Jashawn G5 Month ago
PG Trey
PG Trey Month ago
Alexandra Armstrong
Alexandra Armstrong Month ago මම කිසිම රහසක් ලබා දෙන්නේ නැහැහෝර්සානමුත් මම හිතන්නේ අපි පසුපසට වැටෙන්නේ නැහැ
Terrence Dunn
Terrence Dunn Month ago
Malik Barrett
Malik Barrett Month ago
“Whippin percocets so I don’t have to pop a xanny “
Debbie Foulks
Debbie Foulks Month ago
Ryann Month ago
Jay Simpson
Jay Simpson Month ago
This nigga to hard real goat
Toreynottori Month ago
sounds exactly like lil baby
@sixcteen right they sound completely different😂
sixcteen Month ago
no he doesn’t wtf u smoking
Trey Charles
Trey Charles Month ago
Okay, i dont fw this at all. However i noticed he is wearing an underground black metal T-shirt "Mayhem". Can anyone give me more insight on why? Looks like an artist took the Mayhem logo and wrote over it then sold it for a fortune.
Shaady Month ago
“ counting green at the red so i ran it “ 😂🔥
Lil Hemii
Lil Hemii Month ago
King Diamu
King Diamu Month ago
Why this shit ain’t on Spotify
King Diamu
King Diamu Month ago
What you type in
LayLow Month ago
"you gone find me winning,Idc who lost" Whole 2020 mood 💯 Keep snapping Backend child📈
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