George & James Duel | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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3 months ago

Relive the epic duel between Paul George and LeBron James from May 24, 2013
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Angelo Guarneri
Angelo Guarneri 2 days ago
Wade Vs that match-up
thanh phan
thanh phan 8 days ago
it batier injure or that is how he play ball.. wtfff ...
TRIPLE CROWN 15 days ago
Half of these points are free throws
Bertam winkle
Bertam winkle 16 days ago
shout out to lee jim for spamming lebum james
Michael Overton
Michael Overton 17 days ago
BIRDMAN DOWN. Damn he got banged on
Skuddie 21 day ago
Not saying pg isn’t great now because he is. But if he never got hurt and missed that time he would be even higher on peoples list
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson 21 day ago
Bron da king... point blank period🥱
golangcoj 21 day ago
who are the commentators
MrSportsGuy13 28 days ago
Danny Granger...Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. Long time.
MrSportsGuy13 28 days ago
Imagine a Pacers vs Grizzlies finals that year. The score would've been like 75 to 70 every game.
ooZii 4K
ooZii 4K 28 days ago
NBA Looks So Much Slower in 2014
Isom Taylor
Isom Taylor Month ago
What happened to Norris cole?
Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge)
Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge) Month ago
I miss Steve Kerr on commentary, especially in 2k, Greg Anthony sucks.
Mickael Landry Seri
Mickael Landry Seri Month ago
I really don't know if for LeBron fans Paul George is a real talent or a all star overrated When he was playing for Indiana Pacers, they said he was a serious rival for James and since he has been playing with Leonard, now they said he always choke in playoff
Sonnel Umali
Sonnel Umali Month ago
Stevenson had a lot of wild plays down the stretch. He’s a fun player to watch tho 😄
The Hippie Boy
The Hippie Boy Month ago
Roy Hibbert literally forgot how to play basketball after this
Tom wanner
Tom wanner Month ago
Man, was this Heat team loaded.
Jordan Rangel
Jordan Rangel Month ago
Gooood times, gooood times.
Noam Greif
Noam Greif Month ago
1:50:07 Young Alex Caruso?!
Khalie Benjii
Khalie Benjii 4 days ago
Vapor_ Swiftyyy
Vapor_ Swiftyyy Month ago
who else misses Pacers lance stephenson🥺
Omilly Hooper
Omilly Hooper Month ago
I started playing with the pacers on 2k after this series. I swear 🙏
mashall mathers
mashall mathers Month ago
awesome game
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle Month ago
Everyone hates KD for leaving OKC. KD donated $1mil of his own hard earned cash to help OKC through tough times. Not any random basketball player would do that, especially if he didn't want to stay long term. Shit happens and he did what was best for him, left to get paid, AND win a chip. But you can't say he didn't care about being in OKC.
-ThunderFerd51 -
-ThunderFerd51 - 2 months ago
how tf is lance stephenson so bad in the 4th quarter like holy shit
Clipz YT
Clipz YT 2 months ago
Paul george is a beasr
Kenneth Beñola
Kenneth Beñola 2 months ago
I love James~
Christian Añasco
Christian Añasco 2 months ago
Lebron making bad passes late in the 4th, and you say he is "clutch"
Fire Angel Chris
Fire Angel Chris Month ago
Lol he literally hit a game winner in game 1,y’all silly
Joemen Catubay
Joemen Catubay 2 months ago
And the refs help the Heat to win the series.
Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh 2 months ago
bronsexual:LEbum is cluth 2TO in final 1 minutes 0pts maintain good fg% , yeah that's how bronsexual's cluth stat
Antonio Davis
Antonio Davis 2 months ago
What happened Reggie Miller I thought LeBron James was a closer
Fernando Montalvo
Fernando Montalvo 2 months ago
This game was on my 18th birthday! GO HEAT
Gil Calanza
Gil Calanza 2 months ago
SAM YOUNG spicy noodles
Lore Bloodlast
Lore Bloodlast 2 months ago
Lol lance stephenson
MILES THE GOAT 2 months ago
It’s soooo awkward hearing coach Kerr as an announcer 😂
Nico Parrillo
Nico Parrillo 2 months ago
noah zaifman
noah zaifman 2 months ago
why did they put a game where the heat loses here
Katero L
Katero L 2 months ago
This pacer team had them man I feel bad this team was good. Another game lebron didn't want it. Late game mistakes and turnovers smh
Razor Rex
Razor Rex 2 months ago
This is the exact day that flappy bird are born
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky 2 months ago
jeez the fouls they called this game...
Emmanuel Brown
Emmanuel Brown 2 months ago
Frank Vogel eventually became Lebron James coach
Victor Diwisch
Victor Diwisch 2 months ago
More about Hibbert vs LeBron
Emmanuel Leo
Emmanuel Leo 2 months ago
Paul george woulda been the best player in the league for many years if he never got injured ONG
nsg shaun
nsg shaun 2 months ago
NOLAY AUSTIN 2 months ago
唐义奇 2 months ago
i can't believe that! he is a god all the time
Bk Takover
Bk Takover 2 months ago
d west, g hil, and hibert not built for dem moments
Z young
Z young 2 months ago HELP KOREA "FRAUD" 2020 general election PLEASE we want DEMOCRACY
Jill Cardza
Jill Cardza 2 months ago
People forget that everyone was saying pg was better then LeBron in this series and that pg could've been in the MVP race at that time pretty crazy to see where these two are at now
Thrilla Cartel
Thrilla Cartel 2 months ago
Lance Stephenson is funny as hell bro
Huncho Southside
Huncho Southside 2 months ago
Bruhh am still 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 rewatching him that crossover on lebron 1:38:35 inandout avoids double t goes around 360 layup was smooth than crossover on ray shot was funy as hell his one of my favorite players bruhh them reggie commentating is hating
Majic Hudson
Majic Hudson 2 months ago
heat slick had a small ball "death lineup"
Isakiyah Richmond
Isakiyah Richmond 2 months ago
As i watch more and more of these games I realize ain't nobody in the Nba better than lebron💯. He always in the best games
Shehan Brendon
Shehan Brendon 2 months ago
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Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 2 months ago
This ball game is sooo sloppy🤢🤦‍♂️
Furong Tang
Furong Tang 2 months ago
Goat GOAT 3 months ago
1:21:52 the legendary dunk
Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson 3 months ago
I'm a big Pacers fan! Cant believe we didn't play in one Finals with this team :/
Hulk Thrash
Hulk Thrash 3 months ago
Not enough ads in here, put a couple more
Mark Carmona
Mark Carmona 3 months ago
2013 had to be the last physical year of the NBA
N T 3 months ago
And people still have the audacity to put LBJ over MJ😂
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 24 days ago
Let's also not forget the times that LeBron would hard carry entire series to get far in the playoffs. 8 consecutive appearances in the finals doesn't happen on accident. Oh and Jordan's entire rest year in 1993/4 where he didn't touch a competitive basketball court but clearly new players have problems with resting.
NBALakersShowtime Showtime
NBALakersShowtime Showtime 3 months ago
N T cause he’s better faster stronger and a better shooter and wasn’t 7th or 8th seed without an all star
Fortune Patrick
Fortune Patrick 3 months ago
1:21:47 Paul George's iconic dunk on Birdman. Thank me later 😉😘
Dad E
Dad E Month ago
Nigga u gay