Man Puts Hand In Molten Metal

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6 months ago

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Pierce Sable
Pierce Sable 6 months ago
"The floor is lava!" Man: "How cute."
Kate Tandan
Kate Tandan 5 days ago
this guy really took it seriously.
vMystjc 6 days ago
This is metal guy
Jacob Twemlow
Jacob Twemlow Month ago
My Dawg
My Dawg Month ago
SnipeDude500 Month ago
Science Boi
Science Boi 10 minutes ago
molten metal: so u have chosen death hand guy: no molten metal : understandable have a nice day
Science Boi
Science Boi 15 minutes ago
0:45 kage bunshin no jutsu!!
just your average depressed doomer
just your average depressed doomer 17 minutes ago
The lavabending russian vs. The firebreathing llama of the west
Killer Thriller
Killer Thriller 2 hours ago
Guy at the beginning got +1000 defense
X_XBigMak 2 hours ago
KarbineX 3 hours ago
The lava hand video was somehow on the chills USshow channel, apparently a scary video
Hello_its_Nenge 3 hours ago
Gazan is that you?
j 3 hours ago
Firebender lol
Stevie Marie
Stevie Marie 4 hours ago
Leave it to the polish !!
Gavin Collazo-williams
Gavin Collazo-williams 4 hours ago
1:17 lol the run tho! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Łãmbørghîńi Gôd
Łãmbørghîńi Gôd 5 hours ago
That dog at 2:04 Is tap dancing in the mud
Calvin Alvarez
Calvin Alvarez 6 hours ago
Me when I win a game of Fortnite 0:27
Bindii Kye
Bindii Kye 7 hours ago
Man who lost arm by plunging it into lava smugly refuses to describe what lava feels like.
Rusty Fossil
Rusty Fossil 7 hours ago
0:08 that guy is 10000% Russian
rifty 7 hours ago
2:20 me after clutching in the gulag
no I SAID NO 7 hours ago
birds when they fly nrar by 2:26 : those are some weird birds
Arun Bains
Arun Bains 8 hours ago
Male dives?
Max_The_Medic_[DIXX] 9 hours ago
only in russia
Fortis Et liber
Fortis Et liber 10 hours ago
Skydiving in the male..dives my god your pronunciation is spot on.
aysel ahmadzada
aysel ahmadzada 10 hours ago
Fire resistance not hacks noobs
dorito 11 hours ago
That is Russian man
Kal D
Kal D 12 hours ago
1:04 when u get fire breath in a game
Marcos LoL
Marcos LoL 13 hours ago
Daily dose? I guess I’m an addict
I am the victim of the 1987 bite lol
I am the victim of the 1987 bite lol 13 hours ago
When it’s your first time using fire resistance
The Older Gill
The Older Gill 14 hours ago
The Maldives is pronounced Mawl- Deeves
Turtle Bros
Turtle Bros 14 hours ago
In America molten metal burns hand in soviet Russia hand burns molten metal
giuliana colon
giuliana colon 14 hours ago
: daily dose of the enternet hand in multen metal : me what is that : him idk
GABRIEL HERRAS 17 hours ago
Almost the whole video are about dogs, I like it.
Hi Girlie
Hi Girlie 18 hours ago
Who the man actually just TOUCH THE-
Chris Rivas
Chris Rivas 23 hours ago
this the worst video to watch while u are high af
Vincent Ovando
Vincent Ovando 23 hours ago
Damn Russians always pudding their hand through lava
Mine Con
Mine Con Day ago
The two stone Thanos forgot to take
Mine Con
Mine Con Day ago
The 2 stone's Thanos forgot to take
Mine Con
Mine Con Day ago
The 2 stone's Thanos forgot to take
Sharaf Razien
Sharaf Razien Day ago
Definetly russian.
bflower88 Day ago
The mall dives
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog Day ago
Superman I just ran inside of a burning building to save 400 people what have you done Man:I stuck my hand inside of Molten metal Superman: OBJECTION
Zomatack gamer
Zomatack gamer Day ago
How much moisture does he have on his hand to protect him from lava like substance
Dodgechallengermyfavorate Day ago
Can the guy who can make drawings come alive draw my dad?and make him alive?😢😢 he passed away when i was only 4 years old and i miss him in heaven
SEMAJ Day ago
I like that the random dog videos, you dont say a word haha
buzzYNWA Day ago
Hearing for the first time - someone calling Maldives as Male Dives 😂😂😂✌️
Sara Stahl
Sara Stahl Day ago
Nobody: Guy:*sticks hand into lava* Guy:what? 🎵ive always liked to play with fire🎵
Lil Smoth
Lil Smoth Day ago
Me when my parents get a new pool: 2:03
Dolphin MotherLord
Dolphin MotherLord Day ago
Yeah slap that molten metal.
Mike Multi
Mike Multi Day ago
Russians are fire benders... What about your country (s)?...
Abhinav. k
Abhinav. k Day ago
0:58 dimag ka bhosda Kar diya bhai😑
Omar Fahmy
Omar Fahmy Day ago
0:10 How to kill the 0.01 germ Left
Bigmac Bann den Weg
Bigmac Bann den Weg Day ago
A nORmAl daY iN RusSiA
Mega Day ago
0:46 multi shadow clone jutsu
Dax Gavin
Dax Gavin Day ago
1:11 This is actually a relative of a dragon
AnonMousFish Day ago
I dosnt just make em look like there breathing fire but also look like their having a smoke
JaKoGo Day ago
This man tried to swim into lava
Thothrax 2 days ago
But why? Why put your hand in hot metal? What is his goal? To what end does he do these things? why
Why Why
Why Why 2 days ago
Title: Man puts hand in molten metal My brother: I love Russia
Robyn Locke
Robyn Locke 2 days ago
Man put hand in molten metal, Man loses hand to molton metal.
MediumBeano 2 days ago
Literally felt a stroke coming at 0:54 had to pause and fast forward
Roblox_Player ;-;
Roblox_Player ;-; 2 days ago
2:05 he is a good bad boi
Lia Ezzell
Lia Ezzell 2 days ago
That's some of the worst CGI I've ever seen
Fluxy YT
Fluxy YT 2 days ago
“1:00 the cult of the minions arrived”
The hyper doge
The hyper doge 2 days ago
My boi at the beginning was lava bending
Eraser of Space and Time
Eraser of Space and Time 2 days ago
•latte bear•
•latte bear• 2 days ago
Moms after being burnt from the stove countless times:
Jesse Kutesa
Jesse Kutesa 2 days ago
Father of dragons, the unburnt
Boss 21
Boss 21 2 days ago
It's obviously because he is Russian.
CYBOTHETIC 2 days ago
1:08 now that's some thug life right there
I tried it so I kinda have a missing hand
Jhamel Booker Jr.
Jhamel Booker Jr. 2 days ago
2:18 Wii vibes
KingTurkey 2 days ago
Wonder what gaming chair he has
alu 2 days ago
It's all fun and games until the man runs out of Fire Resistance.
strzax 2 days ago
*He's a fire bender..*
F I N N 2 days ago
I thought He clickbait us 😂😂😂
DestroyerF0x 2 days ago
Galaxy Unicorn08
Galaxy Unicorn08 2 days ago
The first one:My mum when she cooks and can touch a hot pan...👁👄👁
Mighty Uchiha
Mighty Uchiha 2 days ago
Alpaca knows the fireball jutsu
Mathew Fakhoury
Mathew Fakhoury 2 days ago
Are u sure he isn’t getting burned cause he’s Russian????
James Ade
James Ade 2 days ago
Why didn’t someone help that dog I just pray the dog didn’t drown
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff Day ago
Benjamin Dunlop
Benjamin Dunlop 3 days ago
Logic has left us.
Blue lilly leelee gacha
Blue lilly leelee gacha 3 days ago
1:43 I've always wanted to do that...
Ali Hardy
Ali Hardy 3 days ago
I wish my neighbors were that cool.
dont put that so close to my face jerry
dont put that so close to my face jerry 3 days ago
That bike flip thing though was on another level.
Azin Aripin
Azin Aripin 3 days ago
Man smashing the hot iron: perkelleeeeee!!!!
Ben Looper
Ben Looper 3 days ago
MAL dives
Mr_ pulty
Mr_ pulty 3 days ago
First scaring of a bear by looking at it now this dang Russian are tough
Guy Uchiha
Guy Uchiha 3 days ago
the alpacas are smoking wrong lmao
Kiki Tribe
Kiki Tribe 3 days ago
Lava hand guy: “They called me a madman”
Kiki Tribe
Kiki Tribe 3 days ago
Everyone says the lava guy is a llama but in reality he’s just a god
Madison Kesby
Madison Kesby 3 days ago
I fear no man...but that scares me...
Crom YT
Crom YT 3 days ago
He got some fire resistant posion
ZEROMASAK Channel! 3 days ago
Most of the youtuber: clickbaits Daily Dose of Internet: we don't have that here
Aloysius Wong
Aloysius Wong 3 days ago
Guy: *puts hand in lava* Lava: Understandable have a great day
Vortexgamer3 SOUL MORTAL
Vortexgamer3 SOUL MORTAL 3 days ago
Pepw Mabaho
Pepw Mabaho 3 days ago
Who's here looking for Maldives(maldayvs) comments
Jayno Bibo
Jayno Bibo 3 days ago
1:05 hey nintendo, we need this in SwSh asap
im im
im im 3 days ago
fuck it smoking alapaca
Mity 3 days ago
wait thats illegal
jameel ismail
jameel ismail 3 days ago
『SiriusDerp』 3 days ago
Plot twist: 𝙃𝙚'𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙚
Layla Robinson
Layla Robinson 3 days ago
The first one is secretly a mutant
Cheesy 4 days ago
He is a lavabender.
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