Music Teacher Reacts: PENTATONIX - Be My Eyes

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Music Teacher Reacts: PENTATONIX - Be My Eyes
I tried like mad to get this up as quick as possible. Hope you guys like this reaction video!
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CDG 2 days ago
Not knocking this song at all, but the first time I heard it, I heard “Orinoco Flow”. It’s not exact, but it definitely makes me think they could cover such a song well; similar tune and energy.
Kendel Root
Kendel Root 7 days ago
Kevin is my favorite member and he is soooo awesome I stated to play cello because he plays cello
Roger Molstead
Roger Molstead 8 days ago
DJ - since you commented frequently on the quality of the video presentation - PTX has always been very meticulous in their video choices going all the way back to the 'official' Daft Punk video that, as I understand it, they financed themselves after the record contract they won as part of The Sing Off let them go. I know you reviewed their green-room unmic'd version, but you owe it to yourself to see that 'official' version too. I think that talent attracts talent and PTX struck a chord (pun intended) with some very talented video folks. It has been a hallmark of their work.
Luanna Pierce
Luanna Pierce 17 days ago
I appreciate you giving language to us re the backdrop with the bass as you referred to it is what Kevin contributed to Hallelujah in so many more ways and many more forms than a backdrop with the bass. I believe Kirstie wrote this and they help each other seeing clearly when they cannot see. Also giving language to mental health issues at the same time. di you like the nod to Enya in this also? Apropos to your comment on liking horror flicks you will REALLy enjoy Making Christmas, and also WHITE WINTER HYMNAL-- they have a tutorial for that one. Very much enjoying your reactions to Pentatonix. Have you seen IT's ME BARRY review them? I like his format where he does the reaction to the video and then does the review he views it twice.
Melanie Husáková
Melanie Husáková 18 days ago
It's worth listening to Imagin and Aha. Like everythink is amazing. Love Pentatonix
Gamer 18 days ago
Pans was a great movie. PTX is allways awesome
tahoebears 20 days ago
"Happy Now" is another great original
Ehci Mocs
Ehci Mocs 21 day ago
They released new cover. Amazing Grace. Outstanding
bitch is empty yeet
bitch is empty yeet 23 days ago
This song is just so easy to listen to
Dom Falvo
Dom Falvo 24 days ago
This is a great, fun song...
Dom Falvo
Dom Falvo 24 days ago
Amazing Grace by Pentatonix is out of this world, check it out.
Dan B
Dan B 24 days ago
You have to check out Kevin Olusola’s solo stuff, he’s incredibly multi talented!
Trinka B
Trinka B 26 days ago
You will LOVE: Love Again (A Kevin and Avi Original...EDM-apella) AHA! Singapore Star Vista Live (Live fan cam of their Imogen Heap cover! Avi KILLS and Mitch SLAYS!!)
Karen Lowry
Karen Lowry 27 days ago
That's what drives me so nuts about pop lately, like it's fun to listen to and can still be catchy but so much of it is just lazy and repetitive. As a fellow music nerd, these guys are just so refreshing!
Colin Povey
Colin Povey 29 days ago
My question is, is there any other group that could do this with only their voices?
Sam Cox
Sam Cox Month ago
If you like creepy stuff and dark stuff check out Making Christmas by Pentatonix! It's such a good sound and Matt goes crazy on Bass
Samuel Lang
Samuel Lang Month ago
Sarah Mackey
Sarah Mackey Month ago
Please react to Love Again, it shows off Kevin's incredible beat boxing to the fullest in my opinion! Also he has a solo section in Imagine, it would rip your heart out...
Mark Richards
Mark Richards Month ago
one song that absolutely always blows me away is Run To You - it's so amazing and it's early Pentatonix so from the get-go they were so incredible. Also if you get the chance, listen to Mitch & Scott's side project Superfruit singing Katy Perry's Rise - it's mind blowing
Keep it real Down to earth
Keep it real Down to earth Month ago
Your voice is like velvet,great reactions too 😊thankyou
Kathy Tucker
Kathy Tucker Month ago
There is so many layers to this video. Love how the visual background elements compliment the vocals and the lyrics.
GeriatricPTXer Month ago
Request: With Halloween coming up at the end of the week, I'd love for you to react to PTX's cover of Making Christmas from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" ... their special effects and vocals are perfect (as always).
Irish Angel
Irish Angel Month ago
This was shot during Covid lockdown and they weren't together when it was filmed. They all came in and did their parts separately. So when you see them all together in those few shots, that to me is some amazing editing in the video department. LOL. Want to hear some great PTX originals, listen to "Sing" ,"Natural Disaster", "Love Again", "Run to You" (which was written by Kevin-the beatboxer and Avi).
G Month ago
React to mad world from them
Lorrie Werden
Lorrie Werden Month ago
Did you know Scott does the arrangements for their music? His interpretation of songs, covers or originals, is exceptional.
Lorrie Werden
Lorrie Werden Month ago
LostJedi26 it was first discussed when they were on The Sing-off, then in other interviews, too. He is exceptionally talented.
LostJedi26 Month ago
Fascinating. I didn't know he did that.
J.R. Turner
J.R. Turner Month ago
I would like to point out Mitch is comparable to David Bowie and Freddy Mercury in style and in vocal range( is Mezzo Tenor a thing? Well for Mitch it is). Still more impressive is that this was all done with the Covid19 isolating in place, IE: each one was recorded at separate locations. Which proves again these 5 performers are REALLY fantastic.
Neil Holley
Neil Holley Month ago
Need to do "Daft Punk" by these guys.
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
yu adam
yu adam Month ago
so cool to see so many people like this song,so great to see some insights about this song.
Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams Month ago
You would really appreciate Mitch in their cover of GOLD
Teri Mullins
Teri Mullins Month ago
Would love to see you react to ptx's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy
suekim77 Month ago
Please react to Pentatonix singing the national anthem for the world series before the video is lost to the archives
Tony VandenHoek
Tony VandenHoek Month ago
If you haven't heard "Daft Punk" by Pentatonix, you have got to react to it next. That song REALLY takes you places!
Tony VandenHoek
Tony VandenHoek Month ago
@Temple Music Academy hell yeah!
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
yvonne claes
yvonne claes Month ago
Umm...not that it matters...but did anyone else notice that Kirstie's breasts are noticeably smaller than they were in past videos? Hey, I know she has felt insecure about them in the past, and it's her right to do whatever she wants with them. But I'm just saying...they are much more in proportion with her petite body. Just saying...Don't drag me. Just a gal making an observation.
Jenn M
Jenn M Month ago
You should listen to and react to their song "Sing". Soooo much fun!
Tess Slašťanová
Tess Slašťanová Month ago
Their original “Run to you” would be fantastic choice for your another reaction !
Mark Warner
Mark Warner Month ago
Please review "Wolf Totem" by The Hu. Throat singing goes metal. Mongolian Haka.
Leanne Barbour
Leanne Barbour Month ago
They have done amazing things ... If you want to hear more original songs listen to Run To You, Love Again and Light in the Hallway (look for concert footage of this one). They have won three Grammys (Daft Punk, Dance of the sugar Plum Fairy, and Jolene with Dolly Parton). Their Christmas albums are always amazing and Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy and Oh Come All Ye Faithful are my top three. To really hear how amazing Avi's basso profundo is, listen to any concert footage of Aha! (Mitch is also amazing in that one). All the original member of Pentatonix have had solo projects as well as the work they do together, especially Avi and Kevin. Have fun on this journey ... their is so much of thier music for you to explore!
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Robert Aytoun
Robert Aytoun Month ago
Have you ever heard Pentatonix being lazy in any of their songs?
Minute Nurse
Minute Nurse Month ago
The opening reminds me of most any Enya song
Kiara Drake
Kiara Drake Month ago
I would LOVE to see you react to their original Run to You it’s a few years old but it’s stunning and their most “Choral” work... there are no real “Lead” or solo singers in that song and the harmonies are amazing!
Mickael Abboud
Mickael Abboud Month ago
Listen to “mary did you know” i like that one a lot. And please do some reactions to faouzia too. Big fan.
Doug Edwards
Doug Edwards Month ago
I thought it had a real Enya feel to it! As usual, they have done it again...
That Positive B Britney Taylor
That Positive B Britney Taylor Month ago
Again I had to watch twice because I just keep watching you there's something about how your face has this look of..... pure joy I guess is the only word I can use to describe it. It's kinda how I feel when I'm listening to music but watching you is refreshing I'm sure there are videos that you could tear apart but so far I've loved the ones I've seen where you almost look like someone who's hearing music for the first time like you don't want to take a single not for granted it's pretty awesome. Also love the long hair.
Barney Larney
Barney Larney Month ago
Ur reactions is one of the few genuine and smooth reaction videos on USshow
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
What an amazing and kind thing to say. Thank you.
mahatma kane
mahatma kane Month ago
How about another great artist: Teddy Swims, covering Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Ilmira Mogensen
Ilmira Mogensen Month ago
Check out "Love Again" for another great PTX original
Ирина Усанова
Ирина Усанова Month ago
Hello there! I want to introduce you to the great Russian musical project" 10 SONGS of ATOMIC CITIES". This project includes more than 10 songs that are sung and made by Russians, half of whom are non-professional musicians and singers. I will be happy if you will make reactions to these songs. I'm sure you'll like it . Information about the project and all videos on the topic here:
Erik Wilhelmsen
Erik Wilhelmsen Month ago
This will be there second album that they made. The first one was five years ago called Pentatonix with the original bass Ago.
Christina Jordanya Scömìche Neville
Christina Jordanya Scömìche Neville Month ago
Please react to Valentine by PTX. Hardly anyone ever reacts to it & I would love to hear breaking this beautiful song down.
Christina Jordanya Scömìche Neville
Christina Jordanya Scömìche Neville Month ago
This old school PTX won them their 1st of 3 Grammys
Alie Cat26
Alie Cat26 Month ago
This is like the fifth time I heard this song since “Be My Eyes” release and it just makes me so happy. This song gives me total “Enya” vibes when I listen to it. I love Kevin’s 💧 water drop sounds as part of the percussion track for this song. Also we have to give a ‘shout-out’ to Scott and Matt for them holding down the foundation of this song with Kevin. They made this song sound so full and strong. There ability to hold that line gave both Kristie and Mitch the room to shine with their wonderful vocal runs and solos. Bravo!
Manxi G.
Manxi G. Month ago
Hey can you please react to mad love by pentatonix you won’t regret it.
Kelly Haer
Kelly Haer Month ago
Oooh i really like the reference to Pan's Labyrinth🤩 i totally didn't think about that! I love love love that movie!!! Also I think that the bass drop you mentioned was a little of Kevin AND Matt together. Those two can produce some incredible sounds😍
Kelly Haer
Kelly Haer Month ago
@Ao Psh only way to know for sure is to look at the sheet music, not that I know how to read that anyways lol
Ao Psh
Ao Psh Month ago
I think Kevin did that particular bass drop by himself, throat bass is included in beat boxing and something he uses now and then.
Claire Barnett
Claire Barnett Month ago
This was recorded socially distant. Shots of them together are edited. Even harder too sing one's part, I would think.
Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth Month ago
They seem to be really comfortable in their own skin doing their own thing it's great to see. They are able to maintain a very high level of originality. When you can't imagine a group being any better and they do it again and again well.. that's a very very special thing. ..
Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth Month ago
Here are my favorites by Pentatonix: Carol of the Bells (Christmas) (14 November 2012) Daft Punk Medley (4 November 2013 Grammy winner) Mary, Did You Know? (Christmas) (11 November 2014) Hallelujah (Christmas) (21 October 2016) Bohemian Rhapsody (7 April 2017) Matt replaces Avi as bass (22 June 2017) Havana (23 February 2018) The Sound of Silence (15 February 2019) Can you feel the love tonight? (23 August 2019) Blinding Lights (1 July 2020) Dreams (22 July 2020) TYTY ..
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Megan Campbell
Megan Campbell Month ago
Pan’s Labrynth had me crying like a baby at the end. Yes, it’s creepy but the actual story was just so sad. PTX is awesome as always. I saw them live years ago & I still miss Avi (was supposed to take my kiddo to his concert but then covid struck) but Matt is such a good fit. They’re all just genuinely exemplary vocalists.
Nevenka Smiljanic
Nevenka Smiljanic Month ago
Hey, just a suggestion. Can you react to Pentatonix Aha! Singapore, The Star Visa concert? You will LITERALLY DIE if you listen to that, promise ❤️
Brenda Dadds
Brenda Dadds Month ago
You should check out nick petria he is amazing
Duke00x Month ago
Sing is another original of theirs it is very fun and upbeat,, just joy. Love again (techno should be watched after their daft punk cover). Can't sleep love (hard to describe mellow, groovy, a little jazzy and a hint of funk).
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Gerri Mesack
Gerri Mesack Month ago
Music nerds unite with PTX! Great reaction.
Mark Hermans
Mark Hermans Month ago
I always comment on PTX when I see their videos. This time I'm not because your take on music and the comments you make about everything from the sounds and visuals have brought your reactions to the top of the line for us. Keep up the great work and stay safe.
K T Month ago
On a purely visual level-the various methods of "seeing" in video are altered. Prisms, broken mirror, glassware with water, crystal ball, and magnifying glass--all these would Alter her vision when she looks in them, so asking for someone to see clearly while she cannot--very apt symbolism
richard allan anscombe
richard allan anscombe Month ago
Hi enjoy watching your reactions , the intro sounds a lot like Enya Orinoco flow
Mike Month ago
You should check out Home Free, another acapella group from the same tv show ptx came from
Mike Month ago
I have a lot of respect for ptx. They won the sing off, when the show got cancelled they came out of pocket to bring it back and Home Free won it that season
Haileigh Tunucci
Haileigh Tunucci Month ago
Love pans labyrinth. Incredible movie. That was a very interesting comparison 😁
tirlas Month ago
The group shot facing differentiation, I think, was unintentional. That shot looks to be blue-screen composite.
Vaire Meondur
Vaire Meondur Month ago
If you want more bass/voice amazingness, listen to Pentatonix cover of Problem.
Ms. Ria
Ms. Ria Month ago
I absolutely love it when mitch takes over the harmonies, double stoked over this because kirstie takes the lead for the whole song. Super in love with this track💕✨
Patty St
Patty St Month ago
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Emma Jardine
Emma Jardine Month ago
Love again is an EDM style original from them. I think it's my fav
Timothy Buell
Timothy Buell Month ago
As you look at more of their music, you will find that no one vocalist gets all of the focus. Each singer generally gets a time to shine in each song, but more than that, no one of these singers could be considered THE lead vocalist, because they all get their chance to do that.
louella moyer
louella moyer Month ago
Awesome tune...loved the vibe by Kirstin! She is so sexy and deliberate yet too far to reach! Classy lady. This song is amazing like the other ones she wrote! Fantastic!
awesna o
awesna o Month ago
Sorry about the possible bombarding the pentataholics may have ensued onto you lol! We just want to show you the absolutely amazing and deep world that this this group. it’s so complex and we love to see others enjoying it lol. i would recommend “Mary did you know” the layers are so deep i swear you get locked in a trance the first time you watch it haha! have an amazing day :)
SageZero Month ago
You should see Love Again by Pentatonics. Avi and Mitch really get to show off their abilities.
Blake Bass
Blake Bass Month ago
I want to see you react to home free ring of fire
木澤いずみ Month ago
Do you know ONE OK ROCK? It's a very cool band. Please listen to "ONE BY ONE".
NukaColaQT Month ago
I like how you pointed out the cinematography when they're all together...but they're not all together. They were all filmed separately and then put together digitally. You can tell by the lighting and how Kirstie is more focused. I think they're still recording separately and then blending it all in post, which is incredible that they can blend so beautifully even when singing alone. I definitely recommend their recent originals, particularly Happy Now. That one sounds like it should be on the radio. It truly upsets me that they don't get more radio play because they're acapella.
Renee H
Renee H Month ago
I agree with you so much about the radio play! They have such an amazing sound and I really wish they could get more attention and recognition that they deserve for what they are creating.
captivatingheir Month ago
Did anyone else get an Enya vibe from the beginning motif?
captivatingheir Month ago
This is one of their really unique ones. Anytime you can watch Kevin play the cello while he beatboxes is awesome.
Amber Ripp
Amber Ripp Month ago
Love your reactions! Music nerds alive. I love your tidbits of technical info, techniques, and terminology. And how you described that wonderful unusual rhythm of the chorus.
WileyCoyote69 Month ago
"Sitcom song" is never a good thing to say. Lol.
Claire Barnett
Claire Barnett Month ago
Especially about PTX! They should put this up for adds to the charts! I think it would have a respectable shot at to 30 at least.
vendingguy47 Month ago
I'm watching PTX Sound of Silence next.
vendingguy47 Month ago
I just discovered you with this video and can't wait to watch more.
vendingguy47 Month ago
So excited for this as in just getting started!!!
Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith Month ago
For something completely different...try reacting to PTX backing up Whitney this special video....The opening verse is so good...With MItch doing something very special...It brings tears and a warm glow to my heart... what a tribute to Whitney by PTX. The song is called Do You Hear What I Hear.
John K Didato
John K Didato Month ago
Love the channel! One of my favorite Mitch vocals is a hidden gem. From their deluxe christmas album, checkout Just for Now if you get a chance.
Gabriel Carteciano
Gabriel Carteciano Month ago
You must react to this cover of Can U feel the love tonight. Actually, they'd used it for the soundtrack of the latest the lion king
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy 26 days ago
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson Month ago
Listen to this next: PTX New Rules & Are you that somebody Mashup: Required Listening to know the mashup: Aaliyah - Are you that somebody: Dua Lipa - New Rules:
Phelena Cramer
Phelena Cramer Month ago
I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed the first 10 seconds sounded like the opening of Orinoco Flow by Enya.
Claudia Elze
Claudia Elze Month ago
Hasnt heard that bass drop at first 😄
RLH CAT Month ago
Great reaction! You have got to listen to more of their originals. My favorites (everyone has their own), are Can't Sleep Love, Love Again, Run To You, Cracked, Water (another one written and lead by Kirstie) and Light in the Hallway. The official videos for Can't Sleep Love, Love Again and Run To You are great. There aren't official videos for the other three, so here are links to some wonderful live performances: Cracked link: , Water link: , and Light In the Hallway link: Enjoy!
Valcrion Month ago
I recommend you check out Ostura - Deathless
Paul Evans
Paul Evans Month ago
I just discovered your channel. Man you are definitely fire in your reactions. I do not have the music background that you appear to have, but my love for music and picking things apart are very similar. I appreciate the knowledge you share. I've watched a few of your vids now, and yeah, you have something I want to see more of. If I offered some other groups to listen to, I would say more of Voice Play, Geoff Castalucci from VP, Home Free, Peter Hollens, and Voctave. I feel you would enjoy the technical sides of their talents. Glad I found your channel. Stay true. Be well.
Stine Trans
Stine Trans Month ago
Some parts remind me of enya.
Joelle McFarland
Joelle McFarland Month ago
One of their very first originals (if not THE first) is Run to You. It has some killer harmonies. Definitely give that one a listen.
gymnasticsguy2 Month ago
Have you done a reaction to home free yet?
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson Month ago
Or since you mentioned the beginning of this making you think sitcom..... Avi Kaplan - Change is on the Rise. Amazed that has not been attached to some epic yet.
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson Month ago
Time for the other side of the coin I think. Please check out Home Free - Man of constant sorrow. One of those you have to see and hear it deals.
Temple Music Academy
Temple Music Academy Month ago
Eric Deschene
Eric Deschene Month ago
Check out Mary Did You Know! Awesome!!
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