Tabletop RPG Story: Lord Of The Rings Evil Campaign || Mordor Wins

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

Hi everyone! My new video is from when I played a game of Lord of the Rings using the FATE system. We played as the villains conquering Middle Earth. Thanks to the group that invited me to play. You can check out the lovely GM here:
End Music: "Sunshine Samba" by Chris Haugen from USshow audio library

Anamosa Mapper
Anamosa Mapper 12 hours ago
This is just the establishment of anarcho capitalsim
Grzegorz Będkowski
Grzegorz Będkowski 2 days ago
Hi im not A native english speaker. Can somebody explain to me 4:51 - 5:01 moment? He says something about writing the info and bubbling it out? I was unable to find anything similar in any dictionary so I hope someone can explain this to me :) Thanks!
jerry whoomst
jerry whoomst 10 days ago
Being a fan of LOTR this physically hurt.
Bob Paul
Bob Paul 11 days ago
What was the second option for your character
NeckermanGames 14 days ago
Puffin: "Since I was the last pick, I had two choices A or B" Me: "WHO WAS THE OTHER ONE?!"
Porco-Dio FIlm
Porco-Dio FIlm 15 days ago
Man, you seem like you’d be a really fun person to play with. Unfortunately a lot of the other channels that talk about table top rpgs on YT seem to take things way, way too seriously.
James Carder
James Carder 15 days ago
why no morgoth?
Brandon Clevenger
Brandon Clevenger 17 days ago
No! So wrong. Awh man. You started out right with deception, basically a battle mage with slight good charisma
Ellie The Rabbit Lover
Ellie The Rabbit Lover 22 days ago
He was, in fact, an evil blacksmith. He was a Maia (like minor god/servant to a greater god) of Aule, the god of earth, of stone and crafting- the creator of dwarves. He followed Melkor the deceiver, and was his right-hand-man (besides Ungoliant, but she was a spider, so I’m not sure if that counts). When Melkor was defeated, he became the most evil in the land.
Raphael Travassos
Raphael Travassos 26 days ago
Kkkk when he says "realy cuuute" almost sound like cartman xD
I made you read this
I made you read this 27 days ago
Sauron is an evil gandalf. They are the same species. Think of an evil gandalf, now you have sauron.
Ivan Bimbiloski
Ivan Bimbiloski Month ago
Who was the b caracter
MidnightSt Month ago
"He's an evil blacksmith now" ...hah, pretty much correct, on accident. that's cute.
mr. potato
mr. potato Month ago
What about Celebrimbor
Steve Booth
Steve Booth Month ago
I'm just here wondering what the hell he meant by "You need to write in your information and bubble it out as well". I am a document technician (I do work in French, so it might just be a technical term I don't know in English) and I can't figure out what it actually means.
Victor Month ago
1:11 no, only Melkor is worthy enough to get 4 exclamations points
The Viper
The Viper Month ago
Plot twist: this whole campaign ends when Abserd shows up and says, "STOOOOP. You are doing the EVILLL.
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle Month ago
There are plenty of scenes in the films where Sauron talks. The creepy, half-heard mumblings that happen when the ring is present or Frodo puts it on? That's him. Not always in English, and not easy to parse, but he actually speaks a lot.
Snub Pasta
Snub Pasta Month ago
Hint: Sauron is a badass villian that doesn't talk at all. He just crushes people with mace
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick 2 months ago
Who was smug?
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick Month ago
@ericb31 thanks
ericb31 Month ago
if I remember, Smaug was a dragon that Bilbo encountered shortly after first finding the ring. Smaug was defeated mainly because Bilbo discovered his weakness (a missing scale right over his heart) and told an expert archer about it.
Carl Wislon
Carl Wislon 2 months ago
For fuck sake read the books and read the prequel books it's kinda sad. Celebrimbor made the rings
Leonard Winchester
Leonard Winchester 2 months ago
Mordor: Capitalized.
BushBoyBilly 2 months ago
I guess Sauron does talk, Through one of his soldiers called the Mouth of Sauron just not through his own mouth
Mr Negative
Mr Negative 2 months ago
1:23 Deceive would have actually be very on point. In the Silmarillion, when he was still working for Morgoth as bis right hand he was known for deceiving a lot.
Omar Malek
Omar Malek 2 months ago
I would thing that Sauron would be a good swordsman or something like that because or maybe some sort of swordsmen wizard
Skaitan 2 months ago
I wanted to make a funny comment on how an evil mega-corporation is taking over the world...but that's just accurate slice-of-life material.
bunkerhousing 2 months ago
Not read Tolkiens books? You are not a real nerd. Just a fakenerd.
LeftWing Dragon
LeftWing Dragon 3 months ago
He was a good sport who served the god of smithing before he turned evil. Also what about the west where the Gods live
Brievel Montague
Brievel Montague 3 months ago
As a book fan, this was just painful.
ih dm
ih dm 3 months ago
Murder friends 4 Life
A Concerned Commissar
A Concerned Commissar 3 months ago
Who was the outher option I'm curious
mstrswrdsmn21 3 months ago
Evil beurocrat. Yup. Sauron is a liberal politician. Confirmed.
C a r r o t
C a r r o t 3 months ago
Makes sense no melkor. He is still sealed beyond the gates of night.
Jonathan Albano
Jonathan Albano 3 months ago
lol Sauron goldsmith, the jeweler.... blacksmith refers to iron/ steel work if he was a blacksmith his name would be Sauron Schwarzenegger
After Life
After Life 3 months ago
What game is this called
Electric Titan
Electric Titan 3 months ago
For a person who knows nothing about Sauron, you played Sauron very accurately.
Louis BARRETT 3 months ago
If you were Sauron resurrected, was all of you resurrected? Including the part of your soul you put in the ring? Because if you had that back, even without the power the ring gave you, you’d be stronger than all the other characters you mentioned COMBINED. Like, base evil Sauron minus shapeshifting is incredibly powerful. You couldn’t get shapeshifting back, but you could reforge the One Ring, which would instantly make you strong enough to solo most of middle earth.
MokenTroll 3 months ago
Clearly ben hasnt read the silmarrillian
JollyFantabulous 3 months ago
Capitalism was the real evil...
prime time
prime time 3 months ago
You have to read the silverilion to understand his character
prime time
prime time 3 months ago
Like for example the reason why dwarves hoarded treasure was because of salron giving them the dwarven rings. He could change his form at will and he was really strong cunning and deceitful. The dark lord was once just a step below the gods in terms of power.
Nobody That's it
Nobody That's it 3 months ago
You should have read the book! They probably made more, for Sauron
TImeremortem 3 months ago
You won that lottery. Sauron be more powerful then all of the others. nit to say they couldent put up a fight.
329link 3 months ago
I love how ben just turns into eric cartman whenever he says the word "cool".
Blood lusted hunter Vargas blood wind
Blood lusted hunter Vargas blood wind 3 months ago
Shadow of Mordor series play them and know how to make him better
AlexsGamingShow 3 months ago
Mordor Wins! Fatality! 🩸.
Gamezdude 3 months ago
Puffin Forest: Ive never had a fan before! :') Puffin's 722k subscribers (Including yours truly): Are we a joke to you?
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 3 months ago
See what happens when a bunch of pacifistic Socialist run things... "Where's all the gold?!" "We gave it all to the community to rebuild." "Everything goes to crap!"
barnoldwhv 3 months ago
"He doesn't have any scenes where he is talking in the films..." Does anybody read the books anymore?
Camron Douglas
Camron Douglas 3 months ago
Sadly the dwarves didnt exactly do that, they kinda slowly wasted away till all that was left was the race of men 😅
Wolftrainer 3 months ago
I think the best sauron was the I’ve seen is the one from the shadow of war/Mordor game you can tell how he got to where he is and he’s shown to be intelligent and strong
george master
george master 4 months ago
Sauron became something more evil than had ever been imagined. He became a CAPITALIST!!!
Dr. Dunce
Dr. Dunce 4 months ago
Sauron is actually the most powerful. He was actually apprentice to a GOD! (Read the sillmarillion to know more) he’s very powerful. At the height of his power he was even more powerful than Gandalf.
Dreeam972 4 months ago
silmarillion is a goodlore
Charles McKee
Charles McKee 4 months ago
Soo.....Sauron was known to be a shapechanger that took the form of a bat. He was the lieutenant of Morgoth in the first age.
Nick R
Nick R 4 months ago
Lol who is Kelebrimbror?! Sauran didn't make nothin.
Bread Being
Bread Being 4 months ago
Can't sauron summon a army....just saying
Aries&Grace 4 months ago
Our top prospects are: terror, evil and Murder (i can’t spell)
Josh Lexcelius
Josh Lexcelius 4 months ago
When you do study into or read into the Simmirilian you find out Sauron was just the second in command, maybe, his boss is Morgoth/Lucifer.
dragon Garra
dragon Garra 4 months ago
i need to ask, after rewatching... did you make the balrog hr?
KonahrikCS 4 months ago
I know this is a little late, but if you want to learn more about Sauron relatively quickly, you could play the shadow of Mordor and shadow of war games
Guess What Animation
Guess What Animation 4 months ago
Sauron had a conversation with Peppin
Mamenber 5 months ago
Why the frig would someone pick Gollum over Sauron?
wally castagnier
wally castagnier 5 months ago
Big qiestion why didnt you use dsa for a campaign in the world of dsa?
Dominic Murphy
Dominic Murphy 5 months ago
Wait... at 7:15 he says they entered into the 5th age but didn't that already happen at the end of the lord of the rings? 'The AGE OF MEN" so shouldn't it be the 6th age?
Ellie The Rabbit Lover
Ellie The Rabbit Lover 5 months ago
I have read all the books at least 7 times, including The Silmarillion, and it's hilarious how accurate you are.
Joe Ahern
Joe Ahern 5 months ago
Wow, Sauron became a much more corporate evil
Youtube University
Youtube University 5 months ago
Suppository Company!
Hand Son
Hand Son 5 months ago
"Corporations created the greatest evil known to man that is still considered legal"
Dedicance Archangel
Dedicance Archangel 5 months ago
He didn't made the ring tho...
Quickpaw Maud
Quickpaw Maud 5 months ago
Evil blacksmith is actually not that far off. He can also mind control people which is important.
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 5 months ago
Sauron is basically an evil magic blacksmith with manipulation magic. You were pretty accurate.
Andrew Hussey
Andrew Hussey 6 months ago
So, total book nerd here, Sauron would be kind of the equivalent to the darkest of dark...bards I guess? He worked under Aule so his understanding of crafting would have been near peerless, and after he became Sauron he was Morgoths most trusted lieutenant so he would have learned much of all the other skills as Morgoth "had the greatest share" of all. His real danger though was his deception and cunning...this is a guy who literally was imprisoned by Aragorns ancestors, and TALKED his way from there into the trusted right hand council of the king of Numenor himself. Literally took the most powerful and goodly of men in Middle Earth and by just showing them some skillcraft (helping them make peerless weapons and armor and the like) and by just talking he convinced them it was a good idea to say "fuck it" to death and full in launch an invasion on Aman, the far west where the valar or archangels lived to force them to make them immortal. This didn't go well, they ended up with a huge cave-in trapping them and the world rent asunder so no one but elves (and the few they vouched for) being able to find the undying lands again. It was thanks to that that Numenor got annihilated by tidal waves and those few who hadn't been corrupted by him escaping and becoming the Dunedain. Wiped Sauron out for a time too. Then the guy came back and made himself look all pretty and AGAIN talked his way into becoming a teacher to celebrimbor, which led to the rings of power, the three rings he made in secret and eventually the one ring. TL;DR? Sauron was a great Smith and black sorcerer and yet it was nothing, nothing compared to what he could do with his speech, the guy convinced brilliant minds to build their own near suicides and worship Morgoth by playing on fear and greed, his diplomacy and bluff skills would be fucking epic level, in his heyday he could shapeshift too and was known as being exceptionally adept at it. I'd play him as perhaps a celestial touched being, with huge craft skills and an insane amount of persuasion and such skills, maybe not a musical bars as such, but, yeah, class would fit in its right
Polly Sage
Polly Sage 6 months ago
Ahh yes, the birth of the US Military industrial complex. Yikes
Some Random Animator
Some Random Animator 6 months ago
"He doesn't have any scenes where he's talking in the film?" Puffin. Puffin. Extended Return of the King. Puffin.
Gamerfan 1213
Gamerfan 1213 6 months ago
So who was option 2 who you didn’t pick
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 6 months ago
You spelled "deceive" wrong
Cassandra Zaffino
Cassandra Zaffino 6 months ago
Wow that was an interesting game of Colonialism and Dragons
theunwelcome 6 months ago
"suppository company" I'm dead, RIP me
Conjure Kween
Conjure Kween 6 months ago
Ngl you pretty much hit the nail on the head with sauron. He's just a blacksmith God who gets corrupted and can shapeshift and raise dead ppl or make orcs
Thatcher Caldwell
Thatcher Caldwell 6 months ago
A suppository? SUBSIDIARY. Right. That.
Benjamin Kingsley-Jones
Benjamin Kingsley-Jones 6 months ago
Yo ow, from what I’ve seen (apart from the craft), his Sauron was pretty spot on
PenumbranWolf 7 months ago
This is terrifyingly accurate to how both Sauron actually was as well as how it probably would have played out...
Vince Stewart
Vince Stewart 7 months ago
"You want murder?" That is exactly what got my last party together "Will you help me on my quest to avenge my sister?" "Will there be blood?" "I hope so" "Then I shall assist you"
Cooper Bell
Cooper Bell 7 months ago
Actually the way you got everyone to work together by giving them what they like isn’t to far off.
lord buss
lord buss 7 months ago
This is even funnier after seeing Escape From The Bloodkeep*, which is literally a d&d adventure where the characters are incredibly humanized LOTR villains, partially seen through a workplace lens. * It has Matt Mercer as a player!
coffandro Thedocter
coffandro Thedocter 7 months ago
toDAY I started... at 00:00
DutchDread 7 months ago
Why didn't anyone pick Ungolianth, Melkor, Gothmog, or Ancalagon the Black? Why choose the lesser evils?
Ulysses 7 months ago
Umm excuse me! “I’ll give you power...” Sauron does not share power, it’s like... his biggest trait 😂
H MasterChaos
H MasterChaos 7 months ago
I’m wondering what the other choice was, Lurtz? Gothmog?
Just Another Bot
Just Another Bot 7 months ago
This is very accurate
Kismet Happel
Kismet Happel 7 months ago
You know, the funny thing is, Sauron is actually MORE powerful than the Balrog (Corrupted the Maiar that where turned into Balrogs) and Smaug (Stood evenly at least in rank with Ancalagon, the first dragon who was large enough to literally hold a mountain in each hand.) and Shelob. Hell, there's a reason Morgoth made him his second. Not to mention the whole keeping the villains working together and focused, and recruiting more minions fits his charismatic corruptive history well.
Kismet Happel
Kismet Happel 7 months ago
Also, the DM knew jack shit about dwarves. there is NO WAY IN HELL they'd give up the gold in Erebor. Like, at all.
Luke Lamm
Luke Lamm 7 months ago
In reality if you played as Sauron you should have had a massive mace he also would have had deceive because he tricked the humans into putting on the rings that he made he also tricked the elves into taking the Rings and The Dwarfs
universalperson 7 months ago
I am now imagining Melkor/Morgoth coming back from wherever, looking at what Puffin!Sauron has done in this timeline, and they proceed to enact the dynamic of Dr. Evil and Number Two from Austin Powers. "But I made this into a successful business!" "Screw this, we got Real Evil(tm) to do!"
Billy Mays
Billy Mays 7 months ago
Bens story is GARBAGE compared to LotR... however, it highly surpasses The Hobbit "Trilogy" in every way lol. (movies of course)
G T 7 months ago
You actually recreated the history of the English Empire.
FiNNiK 7 months ago
Evil Bureaucratic Blacksmith CEO is literally the most accurate portrayal of Sauron
mikkel larsen
mikkel larsen 7 months ago
Sauron is by far the most powerful of the character options... Though shelob might theoretically do well as her mother did pretty well against saurons boss.
Ray Ceeya
Ray Ceeya 7 months ago
"You've got management material all over you" is very problematic word choice. Problematic in a Harvey Weinstein way.
Martin Rebro
Martin Rebro 8 months ago
Why wasnt there Morgoth? Like, the whole creator of orcs, mordor and basically evil itself?
holitinne 8 months ago
Tolkien wrote of Sauron.... however LIVED him.
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