Dungeons and Dragons Story: Too many pets!

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This Dungeons and Dragons story come from when I ran a Waterdeep Campaign where the players basically became Pokemon masters, trying to add to the group any of the monsters that they encountered. Hope you guys enjoy!
Music Credits: "Bleaker Street Blues" from the USshow Audio Library

Fusel 15 hours ago
I handle a crit success as the best possible outcome. Asking a king to give you his kingdom will make him laugh about your joke instead having you thrown into the dungeon for asking something like that. In that dog case i would have simply given them enough time to escape.
dxjxc91 6 days ago
Been a while. You should make a part 2 to this.
Claudius Pulcher
Claudius Pulcher 10 days ago
so... a 1/20 chance of a player being able to do literally anything huh?
Levi Brechbiel
Levi Brechbiel 11 days ago
Memoreism 16 days ago
Will you tell the backstory of the other pets in a sequel episode?
chiti ka
chiti ka 17 days ago
Well, that journal seems quite suspicous... SUSPICOUSLY SUSPICOUS
Eddie Savitz's Pizzabox Collection
Eddie Savitz's Pizzabox Collection 19 days ago
That voice sounds like someone's impression of an impression of Lorne Michaels
Emerald Emperor
Emerald Emperor 21 day ago
Why... why is volo abserd
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 21 day ago
4:11 Look, it's tiny Trogdor!
Nah 23 days ago
Ok it's been one and a half year and it's still a mystery to how they managed to HIRE AURINAX AS THEIR ACCOUNTANT
Kate Too Late
Kate Too Late 24 days ago
Dang! I really want to know how they got the rest of those pets! Hope someday there will be a part 2!
TheAssening 25 days ago
This is not a comment
Conor Pillay
Conor Pillay 29 days ago
Loving the Hero of Parnast 2 quote
John Brantingham
John Brantingham Month ago
Dr. Eeeevil...
Tor Arne Michaelsen
Tor Arne Michaelsen Month ago
I thought the way to deal with this was that on a crit success at taming the impossible you'd just make the creature decide not to kill them and leave :p
A Random Idea
A Random Idea Month ago
...still waiting for part 2...
SchwhatNow Month ago
Had a game that was loosely set in ancient Greece complete with Mount Olympus housing the gods and all sorts of good stuff. Well my character managed to borrow a magical staff with magic WAY above his current level which included the Wish spell. Now this was Pathfinder so the Wish spell was actually awesome and when the party came upon a huge cave of terrible monsters my character decided to try and blow that Wish spell on trying to tame the Nemean lion. The odds were terribly low and yet it worked. To this day my character has the Nemean Lion basically living outside his mansion in town like a normal housepet and nobody wants to mess with him because of that lol. Of course this was also the character who managed to successfully Charm Monster Cerberus so the party could make their way out of Hades so I think he just had a knack for that kind of magic in regards to animals no matter how potent they were.
Pea Shooter
Pea Shooter Month ago
2020, still waiting for a sequel
KingDugan Month ago
"Suddenly a creature appeared. It had the head of a goat, and the body of a goat..."
BC Nation
BC Nation Month ago
Rule #1 of investigation. Never dismiss evidence nor suspects, no matter what.
gilles honsbeek
gilles honsbeek Month ago
who else here bcs of dave mathew?
Greycat R
Greycat R Month ago
Ok, when I ran Dragon Heist, I made Volo sound like Jon Lovitz (a'la Jay Sherman). Also Holy crap there are so many pararelles to my game X3> During the Gralhund Manor piece they approached during the day and managed to get the Groundskeeper on their side (who is an evil cultist) and later the players adopted a rat, the poltergeist and the bronze dragon.
Kodaaa Month ago
Google made me change my name damn it
Google made me change my name damn it Month ago
Pedro Vazquez Mar
Pedro Vazquez Mar 2 months ago
3:27 so the gosth in the house was no other than gooff ball the gooffy cartoon gosth
Alan Huynh
Alan Huynh 2 months ago
You can't crit/auto success ability checks. Your a horrible DM. lol
The Viewer
The Viewer Month ago
Have you ever heard about this thing called 'having fun'? See, if it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone involved then what is the harm?
Jayvee Robrigado
Jayvee Robrigado 2 months ago
LMAO no crit success on ability checks
Tien 2 months ago
our party convinced the Ghost to stay and be peaceful, we turned the place into a tavern with the ghost as a bartender.
Anthony Nuciforo Jr
Anthony Nuciforo Jr 2 months ago
So I’m going back to re watch this and... does anybody else want to know how they got a gold dragon accountant?
Geraldo Neto
Geraldo Neto 2 months ago
I'm very curious about a party that has a lv. 1 Druid, a pet Aboleth, and a pet Gold Dragon. I somewhat feel like it isn't mathematically possible
The Viewer
The Viewer Month ago
New player possibly. Either that or the dog thing happened before all the other stuff.
GruntBirthdayParty 2 months ago
I played that module before... That's pretty CÊÜÛOOL
Ellington Moose
Ellington Moose 2 months ago
This is a group of me I use animal husbandry to solve all my problems
Phillip J
Phillip J 2 months ago
1:45 Choose goose is worst. Mr ward knows what he did. Also lemongrab.
Tom Balls
Tom Balls 2 months ago
Please make another video explaining how they got the bird butler, aboleth and gold dragon acountant
Orion Foresee
Orion Foresee 3 months ago
Currently running this module. My group one uped yours: they caught a baby beholder. 😶
Roberto Caresana
Roberto Caresana 3 months ago
I really wanna know about the dragon and the aboleth
I need help yt
I need help yt 3 months ago
Please make a video
ebrithril 3 months ago
who else noticed that growles sounds like dough from up
ADHadh 3 months ago
And that's why you don't crit success on skill checks.
Kane Wildbrandt
Kane Wildbrandt 3 months ago
"You say that like it explains something...."
Eddiember 3 months ago
They banished Leif? My players worked with Leif to reopen the taphouse. Literally we are at 6 sessions in now getting the proper licenses and such, and that's with me adding those things to as a reward for side quests I am giving them. My players a weird, as they are assuring me they are having fun.
BC Nation
BC Nation 3 months ago
Why must they put dogs into these games? The players are gonna go completely out of their way to try and keep them as a pet regardless of it’s existence!
kylejiahsmith 3 months ago
I don't like the idea of letting everyone have pets. If you wanted a beast companion, you should have been a beast master
MrMud99 3 months ago
Why do so many people think impossible is a mere 1 in 20?
Shawbag 11
Shawbag 11 3 months ago
So face it the abalith was the one from that other campaign with the split personality wasnt it ? XD
Dragon War
Dragon War 3 months ago
Limit Less
Limit Less 3 months ago
Scp 682
Trae Clark
Trae Clark 3 months ago
The ghost in ours started throwing plates and my dumbass Barbarian (I got the DM to let me drop his intelligence to 6, lol) managed to catch one and thought it was a game and started smashing plates with the ghost and that's how the ghost became our friend lol
Gorgonitefire 3 months ago
Volo sounds like mettaton but not a robot
sorarocks531 3 months ago
I seriously want to find out how they got a gold dragon.
Fin_Bowl 3 months ago
i had a pet baby hydra (i adopted it) and my friend ate it
Tizzandor 3 months ago
I really cant remember a ghost dog in the dragon heist storyline.. which is sad because it would be so much better
David Amos
David Amos 3 months ago
Puffin, you know you can refuse to allow your players to roll the dice if an action is impossible, right?
Bryan Johnstone
Bryan Johnstone 3 months ago
Why don't you implement a pet tax. Say that every pet deducts gold from a player do to the animal's basic needs, lets face it animals aren't cheap, so have fun calculating the cost of housing a dragon (unless the dragon is the one doing the calculating).
João Marcos Barbosa Silva
João Marcos Barbosa Silva 3 months ago
Ah yes Lif , I miss him.
Þórr 4 months ago
"That is a freaking half-goat, half-lion, half-Red dragon chimera" Wait... But that's illegal "And your half-Dark shadow monster, half-corgi, half-demon growls barkly" He did it again... He really went and did it again
cire meh
cire meh 4 months ago
Puffin I got a question how long have you played D&D
Social Critics senpai
Social Critics senpai 4 months ago
Im still waiting for the rest of the pets
SloppySlime31 4 months ago
PLEASE make a part two.
Maurice Pete
Maurice Pete 4 months ago
I was running Mines of Phandelver and my friend rolled up a Druid. This was her first time playing and she asked if she could become friends with some of the wolves. She rolled animal handling, and it was pretty high like a 18 or 19. I told her that one of the wolves stopped barking and looked at her longingly. TLDR Level 1 Druid has a pet wolf that changed sides.
Two Gnomes In A Trenchcoat
Two Gnomes In A Trenchcoat 4 months ago
I can think of where the Aboleth and the dragon came from in Waterdeep... But what’s the deal with a BIRD BUTLER?!
T F P A 4 months ago
Nice SCP-682 reference at 0:03
The communist Owl
The communist Owl 4 months ago
I only just noticed that you have 682 in the second frame
Mochi 0-0
Mochi 0-0 4 months ago
My friends killed floon in our campaign /;
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 4 months ago
"I said it was impossible, but, crit success." -Every DM Ever
Onyx Sky
Onyx Sky 4 months ago
That reminds me of the one time we were playing dnd in class for science(don't remember why) and we had to assign one character to a pair and we ended up getting a saint Bernard from the merchant to be our mount.
Jared K
Jared K 5 months ago
Ben Szyndel
Ben Szyndel 5 months ago
“You’ve dome a lot of voices for us but this is a new low” abserd “saying that could bring GREAT daaaaangeer behind you”
EvilPaladin11 5 months ago
Volo not paying you your money after completing the mission he gave you? I see that your party is a party of culture, and were playing Dragan Heist.
Pokekid Challenges
Pokekid Challenges 5 months ago
Is that absurd disguised whyyy
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
Where did the ABOLETH come from?
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 5 months ago
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle 5 months ago
Poor Animal Handling. Never used because most mounts are well-trained and everything else can be done easier with Persuasion by a PC that can talk to animals. Truly the most useless skill.
Anamosa Mapper
Anamosa Mapper 5 months ago
that's not possible. You can't have to many pets.
On fire
On fire 5 months ago
That's mostly why as the gm you should sometimes ignore some nat 20 because even if you perform at peak things still won't bend to your will its like looking in a room even if you get a nat 20 doesn't suddenly make a treasure chest appear from nowhere
Phill O'Donnell
Phill O'Donnell 5 months ago
Gotta love stories which just need the headline 'DM can't control group, pretends it's all okay.'
KhezuWiggles 5 months ago
Funnily enough my players have a pet black pudding too Edit: and I had them befriend fatalis from Monster Hunter
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer 5 months ago
When do we get to know about the other creatures
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer 5 months ago
When do we get to know about the other creatures
ignatiusonfire 5 months ago
I really want to know about the last 3 monsters that became pets
totaly a human
totaly a human 5 months ago
The whole video I was waiting for the dragon
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle 5 months ago
EVERY gm in the world, with no exception, does the same Volo voice for Dragon Heist. We all come up with it independently and the reason is a mystery.
Ender Gecko
Ender Gecko 6 months ago
Chance Foster
Chance Foster 6 months ago
Growls barkley sounds like gnarls barkley
Urzaknight 6 months ago
I kind of want teh story of the gold dragon ben
Tristain Myers
Tristain Myers 6 months ago
Water deep was the hometown of my first charcter I ever played
KINFIN123 6 months ago
Damn Ben. You're a pushover. Also your players broke like, a ton of waterdeep laws and are probably super up for arrest.
Nathan Raimi
Nathan Raimi 6 months ago
I love that volo didn't believe in ghosts, even tho in the canpaign he brings up his new book "volos guide to spirits and specters"
Alice Fulkman
Alice Fulkman 6 months ago
Grows remianeds me of the good doggo from up that helps the two main charicters because he is a good boy only differince is grows is like I am totally evil and bad wich he mit be he could be a good boy and think he is evil because eh or he is evil looks at his friends and hugs them becuase how could kill there friends.
_____BabyBullet____ \_\_\_\
_____BabyBullet____ \_\_\_\ 6 months ago
what is this campain called?
Mackenzie Dillon
Mackenzie Dillon 6 months ago
Growls the shadow dog is just Doug from "Up"
REEE TERD 6 months ago
Did anyone see at 0:03 they caught SCP 682?
SenorMagnificent 6 months ago
Me and my group turned the manor into a tavern and we kept the ghost around as a bar keeper. Seeing this group banished the ghost made me sad :(
ASquared 6 months ago
Ben: “Surely Wizards of the Coast won’t make DM’s jobs harder by making it easier to tame monsters.” The Mark of Handling: *”Allow me to introduce myself”*
Eldritch Mosaic
Eldritch Mosaic 6 months ago
I can’t come up with a joke about the title that is related to too many cooks
יואב פרידמן-מרין
יואב פרידמן-מרין 6 months ago
In my group, we have someone who is notorious for taming EVERYTHING. In my game, she has a pet hellhound, in another, she tried to tame a Tabaxi PC, she even tried to tame a dead body that turned out to be a vampire (don't think too hard on that one). You could say that most of her characters are... mentally unstable... or just out right insane.
CthulhuFhtagn 7 months ago
Puffin: Here's a bunch of ridiculous pets! Also Puffin: I'm gonna skip the most interesting ones.
Tommi Lindström
Tommi Lindström 11 days ago
We need a part 2 lol
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne 7 months ago
Soooo...that accent...that'ss, what, Abserd blended with Thursten Howell the 3rd?
Zane Armstrong
Zane Armstrong 7 months ago
Taming Rust Monsters is really easy if you're a druid with nothing but leather armor on you.
PenumbranWolf 7 months ago
But puff... The ABOLETH THO! =,=
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