Confronting Bryce Hall

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Thomas Petrou

4 months ago

Confronting Bryce Hall
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saliya wilson
saliya wilson 3 days ago
swipe house
Yung King
Yung King 5 days ago
That was awkward
Annmarie Baker-Russell
Annmarie Baker-Russell 5 days ago
Swpe house
Isabella Martin
Isabella Martin 6 days ago
swipe house
Jaynha Whittaker
Jaynha Whittaker 6 days ago
Hi I like your videos thire really funny
Qwnxy Jhayne Fuerte
Qwnxy Jhayne Fuerte 7 days ago
Bring back Swype House
Beth Cairnie
Beth Cairnie 7 days ago
This didn’t age well with Bryce and Thomas
Marwa Adaief
Marwa Adaief 7 days ago
I’m convinced thomas and bryce like each other lmao
B_a_b_y__ G_u_r_l__13
B_a_b_y__ G_u_r_l__13 8 days ago
Hey April fools day is my birthday
RUBY Castillo
RUBY Castillo 8 days ago
i love larray he is so iconic did anyone see James in the back round when they were in the beach i love James and larray they are my fav people in the whole world they are so iconic, inspiring, fun and cool do more vids with larray and james plz thomas
Eder Paute
Eder Paute 8 days ago
they said "Michael don't hit the fan" hits the fan. Thomas says, "Michael I wasn't a fan of that"
LPS shimmer Diamond
LPS shimmer Diamond 9 days ago
Thomas: I heard Chase screening and Charlie isn't here so. Everybody else: so then why did Thomas say that Char char for life
Averie Tucker
Averie Tucker 10 days ago
swip house
Iam Vmin
Iam Vmin 14 days ago
LOL swypeeee house
JAIA CAMPUSANO 16 days ago
Swipe House
L Rey
L Rey 16 days ago
I love swipe house
Rebecca R
Rebecca R 18 days ago
Okay lowkey... Bryce and Thomas has such a cute friendship before the major beef😭😭
Júlia Genuíno Torres
Júlia Genuíno Torres 22 days ago
Swype house (I miss these old days)
Maya Zein
Maya Zein 23 days ago
If u pause at 3:20 you can see tony and sofie together ❤️😍
Brenda Avila
Brenda Avila 24 days ago
Is braddison still dating I want bryce & addison to get back together
Ava Dixon
Ava Dixon 26 days ago
Payten Jenkins
Payten Jenkins 27 days ago
swipe house
akaLegacyyy 28 days ago
This is how many times Thomas laughed ⬇️
Elephant Fam Officials
Elephant Fam Officials 28 days ago
rose hale
rose hale 29 days ago
i miss these days 😔
Tisiola Tasini ig
Tisiola Tasini ig Month ago
swype house
Tisiola Tasini ig
Tisiola Tasini ig Month ago
swip house
Pauline Gramaje
Pauline Gramaje Month ago
sway house and who is using a cumputr
Pauline Gramaje
Pauline Gramaje Month ago
tell me
Hangingoutwithjoey! Month ago
Phoneix Simon
Phoneix Simon Month ago
no one but Taylor eating chips
stdoher Month ago
Swip house
pablo perez
pablo perez Month ago
Swype House
ťřøůbłęmāķėř pľåýŻ
ťřøůbłęmāķėř pľåýŻ Month ago
I love when larray said "summer omg did u hear that" Mia and larray laugh* larray:AHAHHAH 🤣🤣🤣
Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales Month ago
Agree with me if when thomas facetime called bryce and it was Tony. Doesn't Tony sound like Bryce
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Month ago
june 20 is my bday
Roxana Lopez
Roxana Lopez Month ago
Is it me or did I see sofie with tony Lopez
Gamer Girl E
Gamer Girl E Month ago
I loved seeing everyone together again. Swipe House.
Marina Marshall
Marina Marshall Month ago
Nick: i just really wanna remake bay watch Tayler: "eating chips" my sister said she was gonna bring my clothes meh sisters don't bring sh*t
Griffin Loki
Griffin Loki Month ago
How happy they where
A L Month ago
Crazy to think this was 3 months ago... now some of them don’t even talk to each other..
Jake Cole
Jake Cole Month ago
1:30 Im fucking dead LMAO
Hazbije Zejnullahu
Hazbije Zejnullahu Month ago
At the end Hahahah "Yea the swype house hahah" bryce is soo funny The wole vid is funny ist just funny
CxB Reign
CxB Reign Month ago
Weirdo Sophia
Weirdo Sophia Month ago
And then me & larray f*&$#” lol
Andreina Guevara
Andreina Guevara Month ago
I miss this
Lowen Rolfe
Lowen Rolfe Month ago
swype house
Isaiah Gali-Brown
Isaiah Gali-Brown Month ago
Let’s be Honest Thomas’s Jokes are truly the Funniest and are said at the perfect time
Douglas Ho
Douglas Ho Month ago
Group Hi
Payton Prrry
Payton Prrry Month ago
So are they dating now or what
Nitasha Martinez
Nitasha Martinez Month ago
Megan Kramer
Megan Kramer Month ago
Where do you get the dinosaur I want one
savy weatherford
savy weatherford Month ago
hehe, its september 2020
Mikail Khan
Mikail Khan Month ago
Ahhh feels good to be iconic
Nessa Barrett
Nessa Barrett Month ago
Finally Thomas is not doing the :O face 😂
Jazmin Moran
Jazmin Moran Month ago
swipe house
swipe house
Erin Harrison
Erin Harrison Month ago
No one: Thomas's laugh: hepepepepepe
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar Month ago
Can you tell tony that am a fan
Bella Christensen
Bella Christensen Month ago
I miss this ❤️🥺
Randall Morris
Randall Morris Month ago
Swype house gang were you at hahahaha
Randall Morris
Randall Morris Month ago
Larissa Miller
Larissa Miller Month ago
swype housee
Itz Maddie Here
Itz Maddie Here Month ago
swype house
It Aidenbtw
It Aidenbtw Month ago
I’m subbed to none of the hype house members besides Tayler because he is friends with the sway boys
Iman Bilal
Iman Bilal Month ago
This house would be a parents worse nightmare lol
Keren B
Keren B Month ago
Well swype house didn't last that long
Zach Frogoso
Zach Frogoso Month ago
Zach Frogoso
Zach Frogoso Month ago
Rebecca Month ago
Mia: don’t hit the fan Michael Michael 1 sec later: *hits the fan *
Abigail Burch
Abigail Burch Month ago
mia : michal don't hit the fan when mia says that he hits the fan
shibo hahah
shibo hahah 2 months ago
why do i see this now tho
Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield 2 months ago
Swip house
Fatima H rs
Fatima H rs 2 months ago
I wish I lived a life in the hype house but I live in Illinois :(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
k.j Evans
k.j Evans 2 months ago
Charlie: excuse me Dixi: *throws dinosaur*
•B̸earD̸evil• 2 months ago
I just started watching you I’ve been a fan of hype house but I never found ur channel but I think I already watched all ur videos-
It’s Tea
It’s Tea 2 months ago
No one: Thomas:COMMENT SWIP HOUSE!!! Me:O.O
Princess Prince
Princess Prince 2 months ago
I love hot sauce
Marley Wolfe
Marley Wolfe 2 months ago
i love hype and sway and everyone but like olivia and sommer get on my nerves a lil bit so :/
Yzabela Canen
Yzabela Canen 2 months ago
Why did petroutv said "I heard chase screaming but charli isn't here" did nobody notice
Lilly _robloxtime
Lilly _robloxtime 2 months ago
Lilly _robloxtime
Lilly _robloxtime 2 months ago
Mikail Khan
Mikail Khan 2 months ago
ahh feels good to be iconic
Hi XD 2 months ago
The one vid that Thomas changed his face
ZixZox 2 months ago
Who’s here before the Tomas and Bryce fight I am!!
physical Agent
physical Agent 2 months ago
Not anymore
b0t 2 months ago
The cat is a fucking spider cat *SPIDER CAT*
Giselle Portillo
Giselle Portillo 2 months ago
Me watching This after the beef and how Bryce wanted to box him 😭
Rihanna Cobaxin
Rihanna Cobaxin 2 months ago
Swype house
Sweet Candys
Sweet Candys 2 months ago
nobody: larray: feels good to be iconic 🧚🏼‍♀️
Atena L
Atena L 2 months ago
Swype house
Keisha DBrass
Keisha DBrass 2 months ago
I think I laughed too hard when Tony popped up instead of Bryce "I live here"
IamAshely Playz
IamAshely Playz 2 months ago
I can smell charli Taco Bell and dunkin dount
IamAshely Playz
IamAshely Playz 2 months ago
The ring light almost killed you cat Thomas
Lola Pritchard
Lola Pritchard 2 months ago
Charlis so cute
Maddy Xx
Maddy Xx 2 months ago
Who is here when Bryce wants to fight Thomas. There friendship didn’t last too long 😩😂
-Mrs. Wonka-
-Mrs. Wonka- 2 months ago
When nick did the bay watch i said i be dong That BAE watch as n i replayed him takeing off his hoodie to many times than i should have
Benjadoni DC
Benjadoni DC 2 months ago
Worst content ever
Sui Sui
Sui Sui 2 months ago
WHy wHy have a pulover im summer
Christian Cornejo
Christian Cornejo 2 months ago
This didn’t age well
Ian Loveridge
Ian Loveridge 2 months ago
Swype house
Sahana Thinks So
Sahana Thinks So 2 months ago
Omggg Thomas's laugh is my favvv 😂😂❤✨
Kimarah Cajuste
Kimarah Cajuste 2 months ago
No one: Charlie:sToP iT wHaT tHe bUnS
Jesus Esquivel
Jesus Esquivel 2 months ago
This dude is pretty annoying not gonna lie