Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen

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5 days ago

Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen. This might even be more INSANE than manhunt.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Hitmen. This video there are THREE hunters/hitmen instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to survive for 60 minutes, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from surviving. They can see me through walls, and the world is small. It's a chase, a race, and it's super intense. A lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen

Dream 5 days ago
Check out my new Merch website: www.dream.shop Hope you guys enjoy this new concept :)
VAIBHAV DAGA 3 days ago
I loved it !!!!
ValEliza Tan
ValEliza Tan 4 days ago
Dale Turner
Dale Turner 5 days ago
I'm hyped
Frank Roma
Frank Roma 5 days ago
So knew
Gold l4E
Gold l4E 5 days ago
Last comment let’s gooooooooo!!!!
Jaden Williams
Jaden Williams 2 hours ago
Bruh this is getting old XD
IMAD¿ 2 hours ago
Hhhhh nice
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 2 hours ago
Can we appreciate how this man has run out of ideas
ShineRex _YT
ShineRex _YT 2 hours ago
I'd like to see your First time on Minecraft, you're of an impressive strenght
ARTiro 2 hours ago
What a banger of the video! One of the best new series (after speedrunner vs hunter) in my opinion. Keep it up Dream!
Thuỷ Triệu
Thuỷ Triệu 2 hours ago
U guys all know the anxiety hit so hard when he stripped and walked out of the boat The only one second that could change the whole ending P/s: quite surprised that people actually don’t talk about it :v
Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic 2 hours ago
U know u got a challenge when they got bread
Rolando Frometa
Rolando Frometa 2 hours ago
so its manhunt but like your mansaving yourself
Dawid Kania
Dawid Kania 2 hours ago
Minecraft: Hundreds of blocks Dream: *leaves*
olawff 2 hours ago
...what about ant?
Omega Ruby
Omega Ruby 2 hours ago
boat bug was the best for me
JEKBE 2 hours ago
I have an idea. 3 your friends have to beat Minecraft, and you have to stop them.
Lincoln Lopez
Lincoln Lopez 2 hours ago
Dream play rocket lueage it’s free
Felipe Siqueira
Felipe Siqueira 2 hours ago
MeepHasNoLife 2 hours ago
2b2t boatfly exploit
Gavin Brian
Gavin Brian 2 hours ago
20:52 that’s what she said
hudson and rileys vr session
hudson and rileys vr session 2 hours ago
halo sounds like a girl
hudson and rileys vr session
hudson and rileys vr session 2 hours ago
forget i said that that was mean
hudson and rileys vr session
hudson and rileys vr session 2 hours ago
Dookie 2 hours ago
32:06 ahh yess, the iconic boat
giovanni guadarrama
giovanni guadarrama 2 hours ago
dFrze jams
dFrze jams 2 hours ago
Holy shittttt
Mateus Rodrigues
Mateus Rodrigues 2 hours ago
Dayı TV
Dayı TV 2 hours ago
23:00 music please
Sidrah Waris
Sidrah Waris 2 hours ago
Thanks to MrBeast for the trees for leaves............
Splitting Fire
Splitting Fire 2 hours ago
Dream: Ohh Myyy Goshhh I don't know what to do! You could die 6:11
KMZ IZZY 2 hours ago
Now that's dream 😁😁
it is the dream him self
Tiny SpaceCow
Tiny SpaceCow 2 hours ago
DarkMarines 2 hours ago
when your gf is not in the mood. 22:59
The Mobile gamer
The Mobile gamer 2 hours ago
Dream fight evil dream
Oranges Playz
Oranges Playz 2 hours ago
plz show ur face at 20 mill maby?
ramii official
ramii official 2 hours ago
Kristyan de Souza
Kristyan de Souza 2 hours ago
Hunters: get too close _Dream:_ 🆆🅸🅽🅶🅰🆁🅳🅸🆄🅼 🅻🅴🆅🅸🅾🆂🅰
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 2 hours ago
this is how every dream video starts: This Video I Play Minecraft (doing something like idk) thats how every dream vid starts
Xxcj hellsingxX
Xxcj hellsingxX 2 hours ago
just imagine Dream's adrenaline while playing manhunt and hit man XD
Classical Persona
Classical Persona 2 hours ago
Woah, a flying boat- -dream the pure genius 2020
Nur Halimah
Nur Halimah 2 hours ago
Dream do you play roblox cause in kreeckcrafs stream you were there
Zane :3
Zane :3 2 hours ago
Challenge:take a shot eveytime they said "hello dream"
Наталья Ларченко
Наталья Ларченко 2 hours ago
Tower defense
Juan Pablo Hernández
Juan Pablo Hernández 2 hours ago
Dream is the reason, why i believe in God
DREAM WORLD 2 hours ago
I like Minecraft I am DreamWorld
Mid-Night -Gaming
Mid-Night -Gaming 2 hours ago
in the end was that a Harry Potter spell he casted😂😂
Angel Chuu
Angel Chuu 2 hours ago
shakasty blue
shakasty blue 2 hours ago
Why are people disliking?
Dookie 2 hours ago
"all shiny and new" 💀
XD_ _
XD_ _ 2 hours ago
hello there you must be looking for comments from normal people and not stans well you wont finds any normal people they are all stans
Amelia Szymocha
Amelia Szymocha 2 hours ago
WIECEJ more !
Foo Hong szen
Foo Hong szen 2 hours ago
Dream why did u help sapnap he is not a great friend he killed nikis fox and other animals u still help him kill fundys enderman pls just stop helping him u still can change
Dracon 5031
Dracon 5031 2 hours ago
39:38 “I MISSSSED”
Niels Koops
Niels Koops 2 hours ago
RadiatedOfficial 2 hours ago
You can just tell from the timelength of the video that dream failed :(
Der Boy
Der Boy 2 hours ago
13:01 i waited for the sheers sooo badlyyyyyy haha
Bogdan Grădinaru
Bogdan Grădinaru 2 hours ago
Dream do the same idea but y hunt 3 of them
streak.illusion 2 hours ago
how to get a heart attack step 1: watch Minecraft survivalist vs 3 hitmen
Gabe B
Gabe B 2 hours ago
2 years later: Minecraft speed runner VS 5 hunters Part 63
Shotti 2 hours ago
2 speed runners vs 5 or 6 hunters
turd boi420
turd boi420 2 hours ago
turd boi apriciats the good video
Cora S
Cora S 2 hours ago
Dream, I know you probably won’t see this but some of my friends and I wanted to create our own smp, but a lot of the ones we’ve tried out online are really laggy and don’t work well. We noticed yours works really nicely, so how did you create your smp?
Shahzaib Ali
Shahzaib Ali 2 hours ago
Can we get those discord icons in corner so we can know who is talking Idk about others but i dont know when dream is talking
Gaven Musch
Gaven Musch 2 hours ago
I know Dream is the best Mc player, but holy shit he is the best Mc player
Gaven Musch
Gaven Musch 2 hours ago
@Doofen Productions lol yes
Doofen Productions
Doofen Productions 2 hours ago
Lol no there is no best Minecraft player
mohammed takolia
mohammed takolia 2 hours ago
Dream could've built a shield
Christian McFarland
Christian McFarland 2 hours ago
i like how so many poeple simp over the people they dont even know what they look like (dream and corpse)
Un Kim Hong
Un Kim Hong 2 hours ago
Get a life
Tuffy The Rabbit
Tuffy The Rabbit 2 hours ago
Says the one with a "when I miss her" playlist
Sam Scanlon
Sam Scanlon 2 hours ago
Wtf was that ending lmao
Jaslin Acharya
Jaslin Acharya 2 hours ago
Everyone :- Uses gold to make golden apples... Dream :- Protection is THE Priority !
Juliet Hinrichs
Juliet Hinrichs 2 hours ago
it’s funny how they are always like “WHERES DREAM!?”
THE h lord
THE h lord 2 hours ago
ok dream
budi lambot
budi lambot 2 hours ago
Guys what is this song at 8:34
Boom Lilang
Boom Lilang 2 hours ago
Pls don’t use chat hacks again ok
In Vader
In Vader 2 hours ago
Boom, shut up
Sarah A
Sarah A 2 hours ago
Alternate title: Dream being 200 IQ for an hour and then winning $10,000
Raleway 2 hours ago
If some of you have seen: Octopus Teacher in netflix.....it might remind you about Dream
Guess What
Guess What 2 hours ago
Don't you think this is getting a little repetitive
Meia GachaFnaf
Meia GachaFnaf 2 hours ago
That feeling when in the comment most of people still use hunter instead of hitman. They are just too familiar with speedrunner vs hunter/s
Tobias Reemst
Tobias Reemst 2 hours ago
4 days ago still 3rd on trending
DeltaSans991 2 hours ago
time:30 Dream: "I'm about to do what is called a pro gamer move"
Pedruh 2 hours ago
Eu dps de ver o Dream descendo da torre voando com o barco: 👁️👄👁️
Fadez 2 hours ago
Dream turned into a wizard with that boat😎
Kdiscool Channel
Kdiscool Channel 3 hours ago
Hello dream can you check out my vid? And comment? Pls
squirmythedawg11 3 hours ago
You should do minecraft but under water only. Like give urself the things you need to start. Minecraft but we can only ve in the ocean or something like that.
Gamesuper 3 hours ago
nice video dream
Aloevera 3 hours ago
SanicTV Gamer
SanicTV Gamer 3 hours ago
Bruh I hate that the same this is uploaded every time and appears on my recommended
GBNoMercy69 3 hours ago
OMFG that awesomeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez 3 hours ago
this how many people want Dream to do face reveal V
Ro box 1 channel
Ro box 1 channel 3 hours ago
You can play among us please
n0t 3 hours ago
13:04 was about to comment asking why u didn't break the leaves
munching dragon6
munching dragon6 3 hours ago
Seriously, the intensity was too much..
NeoWolf 3 hours ago
Dream’s best friends Mountains, heights , trees and the nether
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 3 hours ago
this is a great end
Shafkat Hossain
Shafkat Hossain 3 hours ago
13:10 Dream has made advancement [WORLD RECORD!]
_Xplay _
_Xplay _ 3 hours ago
Yeeeeeeeees video like your
Bigmoon Yellowbird
Bigmoon Yellowbird 3 hours ago
Hey dream can you please look up I wish I was were heather pls
Brenden Simmons
Brenden Simmons 3 hours ago
You should do a manhunt where all of the blocks/items have different values like leather armor is stronger than netherite armor, so on and so forth
Nicolas luz
Nicolas luz 3 hours ago
Vadym L
Vadym L 3 hours ago
13:10 it so cool
Herobrine Gaming
Herobrine Gaming 3 hours ago
Dream lets speedrun one Day please
miiko p
miiko p 3 hours ago
Subscribe dream its good youtuber
Mr Scav
Mr Scav 3 hours ago
So skripted
In Vader
In Vader 2 hours ago
Shut up TF2 player
Czołgista2011 3 hours ago
Your Boy#2
Your Boy#2 3 hours ago
This is the amount of times dream was at 2 hearts 👇🏽
That Thing
That Thing 3 hours ago
Bad: "he just sheared a sheep" Also bad:" how is he getting leaves? Oh He has shears"
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