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Russell Peters

Month ago

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Shukria Apso
Shukria Apso 4 days ago
Russell what you been sniffing dude 😒 hand joke was too bizarre and you told pretty girl she was a boy 😂
Migelo 6 days ago
Russell is starting to look like the penguin from Batman when Danny Devito did it 😂
Aryan Yama
Aryan Yama 14 days ago
I bet Russell wore white shoes with in all his shows regardless of the color of his clothes.
Lotta Love
Lotta Love 19 days ago
Only Russell can fat-shame people without consequences;)
googlefan 19 days ago
Anyone notice the camel toe??? He should lose
21skeptik 20 days ago
What’s the G word they have censored? 🤬 stupid shit
Lora Lee
Lora Lee 20 days ago
Russell Peters, you are a scream, dude. You don’t push the envelope, you pick it up and throw it. I love your humor. Say, does that make me a bad person?!?😎♥️🦋
Lotta Love
Lotta Love 19 days ago
You know what "Lora" means in Punjabi?=))
Debbie Zullo
Debbie Zullo 20 days ago
Love your style!❤️
MinatoAce 20 days ago
Generic people sure ain't getting those good spots in the front rows... :3
Susie Prasad
Susie Prasad 21 day ago
Business Intelligence Consultant = Best pay the credit card debt (=Business) if you know (=Intelligence) what's good for you. Believe me (=Consultant Charles).😂
Erasmus 22 days ago
This is how we should be racist. Like, "we all beautiful, our differences are just make more colour, let's laugh together to our differences"
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 23 days ago
The bear & cub reference was inevitable
Sacchin Month ago
Oh hand 😂
Carol Cameron
Carol Cameron Month ago
He always laughs at his own jokes. Kinda irritating.
Justinus Andjarwirawan
Justinus Andjarwirawan Month ago
looks like he's running out of jokes
Ammar S. Dawood
Ammar S. Dawood Month ago
actually he did ran out of jokes...
baran bahar
baran bahar Month ago
Have some respect please. Insulting ppl is not comedy.
Hamid Kjan
Hamid Kjan 18 days ago
Yes but many ppl like this thats the prb
Spill Me
Spill Me Month ago
That's what I thought, it's just pure insult, like wth
Monkerr Month ago
.....It is?
Mojtaba Mohammad wa
Mojtaba Mohammad wa Month ago
I want teal you l am love indian people bro from iraq ❤❤❤❤❤
Bob Month ago
"GIANT WHITE MAN" "THIS IS HOW IT ALL STARTED" sperm cell gets egg cell the giant white albino were our first colonizers.
Petru Petru
Petru Petru Month ago
Someone will beat the hack out of you. Russsssselllll
Prasang Month ago
I thought that guy besides Charles was a girl.
Chris Copperfield
Chris Copperfield Month ago
Why does Charles need a bodyguard? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I thought Charles was THE bodyguard 😆😆
Raam Sridhar
Raam Sridhar Month ago
Me too!
super saiyan
super saiyan Month ago
Oooo Maa goo turu laab
Flock Rides
Flock Rides Month ago
Don’t censor .. it ruins the joke n sarcasm man !!!!!
Hrishik Das
Hrishik Das Month ago
Words are more powerful then muscles.
Kenny Phun
Kenny Phun Month ago
Is this comedy or insulting audiences show?lame
Suraj Punjabi
Suraj Punjabi Month ago
Cringe worthy. Russell shud take a hiatus and get back when he's got his mojo back. He has become a figment of what he once was. Why do ppl keep showing up for his events? And why does he keep laughing at whatever he says??? Knock off that high pitch laughter! Fuckin' annoying.
Bubba Bulbalicious
Bubba Bulbalicious Month ago
If you overdo something it eventually just tires you out.RP no longer into it and it shows...
KK Gaming
KK Gaming Month ago
How strange,people pay for this and he isn’t funny at all cracking stupid jokes making fun of people
sahil Month ago
@KK Gaming I beg to differ his initial standup was wayyyy too funny, and like most comedians that was it
KK Gaming
KK Gaming Month ago
@sahil he never was
sahil Month ago
He isn't funny anymore
Shreeniket Joshi
Shreeniket Joshi Month ago
this guy has stopped being funny
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya Month ago
What cuss word stars with G and ends with N?
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya Month ago
@Cranium YT that’s a cuss word?
Cranium YT
Cranium YT Month ago
Goddamn I guess
Ebento Yanthan
Ebento Yanthan Month ago
African"khubala molungo"🤣
Anish Swaminath
Anish Swaminath Month ago
Didn't make me even smile... Russel has lost his charm... Fluffy is loads better
Karthik Month ago
What does G*****n means
Peter Chiung
Peter Chiung Month ago
yup Russell ran out of jokes years ago.
Ice Xiao
Ice Xiao Month ago
Being a comedian is hard these days. You need to constantly suppress fked up thoughts on the fly so you don't accidentally spit it out on stage.
Ghazi Channel
Ghazi Channel Month ago
Now all of his stand ups- making fun of people sitting in front row. No content Boring !!!!!!
Ghazi Channel
Ghazi Channel Month ago
@Lee Twe I have Dats why I said "Now" He was good with content . Not anymore.
Lee Twe
Lee Twe Month ago
Have you ever watched any of his full shows? Everyone know that roasting audience has always been part of his shows
Abhik Chakraborty
Abhik Chakraborty Month ago
LMAO! I am a Business Intelligence Consultant 😎
Gagan Aggarwal
Gagan Aggarwal Month ago
@Shawn Izekiel Correction* what the FUCK do they do😅
Shawn Izekiel
Shawn Izekiel Month ago
What do they do
Kongolox Month ago
censored russell is like bland food... :/
Simo Buthelezi
Simo Buthelezi Month ago
Wow... he just spoke isiZulu im in awe
Mafube Mokoena
Mafube Mokoena 19 days ago
Yeah he's been doing shows in durban
360's gaming
360's gaming Month ago
There must be uncut scene 🤔
wan faris
wan faris Month ago
Where can I watch the full show?
Shinchan Nohara
Shinchan Nohara Month ago
Omg tru lubb😂
Paul Hallelujah
Paul Hallelujah Month ago
Russell! Come place your library on Theta tv. Video on Demand live now. If you need a Golden Stream Key let me know.
Jatin Bhatia
Jatin Bhatia Month ago
The african part made me weak xD
Mikey Lee
Mikey Lee Month ago
I dont get bro please explain
Suyash Singh
Suyash Singh Month ago
SkillerH Month ago
Wtf does g****n mean?
vinny1010 Month ago
Damn, you guys are censoring words like a motherfucker lol
Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar Month ago
Funny really?
Jay Something
Jay Something Month ago
Russel need to take a pen and write some real jokes. He now uses the audience to be funny. Boring as hell.
Jay Something
Jay Something Month ago
@Isabella Enjoy Ms. Isabella.✌
Isabella Month ago
@Jay Something ppl do get old....and i respect your opinion... I still enjoy watching him and he still makes ms laugh.... So yea...✌️✌️
Jay Something
Jay Something Month ago
@Isabella I have watched an entire live show last year. Very disappointing. Lets just agree he was top of the pile not too long back.😎
Isabella Month ago
@Jay Something his joke is the material right.... If you need to see the material you need to watch the whole show ... This is a just a piece of his crowdwork.... Thanks for the compliment ✌️❤️
Jay Something
Jay Something Month ago
@Isabella each to his own Ms. Isabella. Love your name. As a fan I just find that his jokes lack surprise and became dumbed down almost.
KhaiSaki Month ago
I'm waited for the Viking joke
Frank Bk
Frank Bk Month ago
Oh, do you mean I'm not late this time? Btw, the one sitting beside giant doesn't look like a dude for me.
Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar Month ago
Charles and Jason need to kick Russell's ass.
niteshmurti Month ago
russell is actually a talented fighter, he's taken down pretty big guys in a fight
BaggioItal Month ago
Ummm... I dont think that little "guy" next to him was a guy. Im pretty sure it was a girl. lol
He was bully in high school.and still doing it on stage.and people is not realising it and watching his going to get hurt real bad soon.
@Jessica F its dark or white .this guy needs to be stopped.
Jessica F
Jessica F Month ago
It’s roasting comedy, a mixture of dry humor and parody. Not for the thin skinned. GTFO.
Dennis H
Dennis H Month ago
Then don't listen, don't watch and don't go to his shows. And if you really want unpolitically correct... Watch Bill Burr....but not if you have thin skin.
Aman Kumar Trivedi
Aman Kumar Trivedi Month ago
@AvvAχαρούμενος Luce He's spreading false news bro
AvvAχαρούμενος Luce
AvvAχαρούμενος Luce Month ago
He was a bully in high school? Didn't know that!
Razear Month ago
I feel bad for the small dude sitting beside The Mountain, made him feel like he was the big man's Fleshlight, lmao.
Veiga Grims
Veiga Grims Month ago
@Nathaniel Gritty almost 🤣 cheers from Iceland 😁
Veiga Grims
Veiga Grims Month ago
I am 5 ft and I have stood behind The actual Mountain and his girlfriend in line at the grocery store. This mountain looks more like the size of my son and my nephew.
BaggioItal Month ago
That was a girl, not a small dude. lol
El La
El La Month ago
Rude, crude, babbling, not funny anymore.
Saf 84
Saf 84 Month ago
His jokes used to be funny....but today its not as funny...ripping into your audience...Russell give us more of your experiences say in the last 5 yrs. Go people a variety of people...experience more and then story tell with humour...
metalstamping Month ago
Boring, lame ..always pick jokes on his audience. He ran out of jokes, etc
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh Month ago
Kool pele muloongo
Munashe Haparimwi
Munashe Haparimwi Month ago
Isn't "that little guy" actually a girl?😂😂
andy rogers
andy rogers 6 days ago
@Juliane Hirsch eww
Uptown Funk
Uptown Funk 6 days ago
@Juliane Hirsch tf
Juliane Hirsch
Juliane Hirsch 15 days ago
either way boy or girl I’d be over this cutie
Amit Bisht
Amit Bisht Month ago
Who is this little man 😂😂😂😂
I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am Month ago
Well she wants to look manly
Nursultan Tulyakbay
Nursultan Tulyakbay Month ago
Charles thinking in his head: "Somebody gonna get a hurt REAL BAD after the show!"
zohan_bubalehov Month ago
well.. hello, mister Peters, heh
Sameer Mustafah Raza
Sameer Mustafah Raza Month ago
"That little guy's not gonna satisfy you!" 2:56 😅 😂
Dilip Artani
Dilip Artani Month ago
PsYCho tHERAPy**
PsYCho tHERAPy** Month ago
Jesus Is The Messiah Not Seth Rollins
Jesus Is The Messiah Not Seth Rollins Month ago
This is by far the best 3-4 minute video of Russell.
Hüseynbala Gurbanlı
Hüseynbala Gurbanlı Month ago
I just hope one day he won't be beaten up and laying dead on the streets. 😂 Seriously tho, this could happen
Drake Vader
Drake Vader Month ago
Lmao...that little guy is not gonna satisfy you
pjomono 15 days ago
pretty sure that guy was a girl too like-
Syncreer Month ago
@Adil Alfa OoOoO nOo stfu
Kazeem pasha
Kazeem pasha Month ago
hello, from INDIA
Kazeem pasha
Kazeem pasha Month ago
@Adil Alfa Thank you.
Arjun Gupta
Arjun Gupta Month ago
That first couple was adorable! Russell insulted their commitment, could have been better.
Arnab De
Arnab De Month ago
Like the first time your watching russell going rough, simp?
Lam Month ago
After the ending, just came here just for the comments. Everyone's the first to comment in the comment section. What's going on?
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Month ago
Charles be like, I can't wait for the show to be over, and I'll show him. What's the real business look like.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 9 days ago
Jeezz... They are making a HENTAI out of the comment. These weebs😂
MHCE444 9 days ago
*Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!
Mondi AbdulBasith
Mondi AbdulBasith 10 days ago
Adam Butler
Adam Butler 15 days ago
Austin James
Austin James Month ago
Hamdun Saeed
Hamdun Saeed Month ago
Love your videos
Fan Page
Fan Page Month ago
He went too far on this one..
Samer Bchr
Samer Bchr Month ago
When Russel asks you how long you"ve been married, you know he's gonna shit on your past, present and future life.
Darkmid9t Month ago
Yeah..Russel Russel
Darkmid9t Month ago
@Karthik God damn
Karthik Month ago
What does G*****n means
PsYCho tHERAPy**
PsYCho tHERAPy** Month ago
Rishav Dev
Rishav Dev Month ago
100th viewer
Nathaniel Mininger
Nathaniel Mininger Month ago
2 minutes ago. If you're watching this you're a legend.
Nathaniel Mininger
Nathaniel Mininger Month ago
@D_John32 yup lol
D_John32 Month ago
“You’re” and you even edited lmao
akanksha kajal
akanksha kajal Month ago
Im 30min late 😔
purushothama raj
purushothama raj Month ago
im actually an Ancient
Eslam Abd Al-Aal
Eslam Abd Al-Aal Month ago
Thanks bro
Gaming world M-K
Gaming world M-K Month ago
First to watch it😁
PsYCho tHERAPy**
PsYCho tHERAPy** Month ago
Hey 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋
vbm63 Month ago
Hello first comment wish me luck on my life
Shahzaib Gull
Shahzaib Gull Month ago
First comment
Fakmawia Chhakchhuak
Fakmawia Chhakchhuak Month ago
First like & comment 😊😊😊😊
ashaarr Month ago
PsYCho tHERAPy**
PsYCho tHERAPy** Month ago
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