Surprising My Dad With My NEW Dream Home!

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Graham Stephan

Month ago

I recently bought a new home in Las Vegas Nevada - here is my dad's reaction, enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan -- LIMITED TIME: Get 3 FREE STOCKS ON WEBULL when you deposit $100 (Valued up to $1600):
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Foon Fu
Foon Fu 13 hours ago
"What happens in Vegas get posted on USshow." - G.
LOL I'm sorry I'm a huge fan but I would definitely hire your dad as my realtor to sell me this house , and this is coming from a Realtor herself... He is so enthusiastic and animated about the house.. Your dad is so cute and I like the way you turn into a little boy around your dad.....
Central Valley Homes For Sale
Central Valley Homes For Sale 3 days ago
Could you show us a furnished tour of your new house? Happy Thanksgiving!
George Beaulieu
George Beaulieu 3 days ago
Yeah smash the like button. Nice feeling really to have a father feeling very proud of his son's great achievement. Well done!
HOOKAH SPOT 4 days ago
You can tell he’s proud of you, good for you and congratulations keep up the good work
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 4 days ago
thanks so much!
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas 4 days ago
I wish my dad was like this and not pessimistic defeatist.
X Z 5 days ago
very lovely dad
Johnny Luna
Johnny Luna 5 days ago
Thats one proud popz
Marty Smith
Marty Smith 7 days ago
Psst... Your Dad obviously loves you and is super proud of you. That's the thing I envy of yours the most. Love it!
Dave Quit His Day Job
Dave Quit His Day Job 8 days ago
That was sweet. I know your dad is crazy proud of you.
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper 8 days ago
" And thats your pantry...That's Huge!" That was my favorite part!!!! Other then "each house you bring me to is better and better and this is the biggest" and Graham says " but its less expensive." Welcome to VEGAS Baby!$!$!$!$!$!$
jose cuellar
jose cuellar 8 days ago
One of my dreams is to become wealthy to help my mother and my dad that have worked all their lives and are still struggling with money. This is inspiring to keep working hard for my future. I recently ran into real estate back in July thanks to you Meet Kevin, and Ryan Pineda. Back in July I knew Zero about Real Estate and now im days away from closing on my first investment ( a 4-plex) in San Antonio. Im also two weeks out from becoming a Real Estate Agent. Thanks for sharing all these videos that motivate us and gives us the ability to see that we can also accomplish things like this.
Jama Brown
Jama Brown 8 days ago
I looooooove how supportive Graham's dad is!!
Jess Kinzel
Jess Kinzel 9 days ago
Wow you look just like him!
Kevin Corso
Kevin Corso 9 days ago
that's a proud papa :] makes me feel sorry for my dad 😂
chirag jain
chirag jain 10 days ago
the roof could be a tesla solar roof. It will be cheaper than all roofs in the long run
Arrani S.
Arrani S. 10 days ago
LOL Love your dad. The house needs to be blue! Seriously, You should roller skate in the house.
Wesley Sigrist
Wesley Sigrist 10 days ago
Send me those blue prints i like that layout!
tray Emmanuel
tray Emmanuel 11 days ago
Lol I never thought about Graham having children but since his dad mentioned family wow
Scott Silverman
Scott Silverman 11 days ago
I fucking love ur dad
Eric Finance Tips
Eric Finance Tips 11 days ago
This house pays for itself in 3 years considering the amount of tax Graham saves from zero state income tax.
CARMEN Estrellas
CARMEN Estrellas 11 days ago
You’re dad is sooo sweet! I like him more than you😆
Will I am Musiq
Will I am Musiq 12 days ago
I want to do something like this with my mother one day. Thank you for the inspiration.
FoougieTV 12 days ago
I read the title too fast. Thought it said bought my dad a new home. 🤣
Kelly-Lois Gooden
Kelly-Lois Gooden 12 days ago
Your dad is so sweet! Awww . Beautiful home Graham. Congratulations !🥳
Mandy Owl Art
Mandy Owl Art 13 days ago
I love your dad
Vince 13 days ago
everyone: wow he has a pool! dad: *instantaneous hot water!*
Aaliyah Hernandez
Aaliyah Hernandez 13 days ago
I’m so so proud of you Stephen!! Congratulations!! You worked so incredibly hard. I’m glad you’re indulging and enjoying the fruits of your labor! You deserve every bit of it!
Zoltan 14 days ago
Great man, you deserve it
Aerycka that's it
Aerycka that's it 14 days ago
Pedro Santana
Pedro Santana 14 days ago
Love this. Inspired as well
Paolo Massaro
Paolo Massaro 14 days ago
Wow your dad looks like Phil Knight, the founder of Nike 😂
Travel Tour Taste
Travel Tour Taste 14 days ago
Hello, we hope all is well? We were stuck in Malta due to our flights being canceled we are sorry we have not connected to you for a while we hope you can understand we are now playing catch up lol Thank you for sharing this with us We hope you have many happy years in the new house it really is stunning . cant wait to see it once it's all finished anyway stay safe my friend Love and Light Sarah and Glenn
Pauline Nabacwa
Pauline Nabacwa 15 days ago
dad gives the taste walk through..
M Merry
M Merry 15 days ago
Wait. Graham is part Canadian? And he's small? The wolverine of wall street. The wolverine of finance. Financial Ryan Gosling
kittypotato07 16 days ago
I see the side profile and the resemblance is uncanny!
william snyder
william snyder 16 days ago
Wow! you look like a younger version of your pops, Anyways good for you I love LA its just to hard to have a quality life there, when you don't make a ton of money.
Mohsen 17 days ago
your dad have such a positive energy. god bless him
Randi E
Randi E 18 days ago
Good job Graham
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 18 days ago
Miss Driss
Miss Driss 18 days ago
Buy your parents a dream home ya cheapskate!!!
Henry Ng
Henry Ng 19 days ago
Proud dad
Real Estate Broker Alex Zeta
Real Estate Broker Alex Zeta 20 days ago
Aww. Your dad is super sweet 😀
Nilam Patel
Nilam Patel 20 days ago
What a sweet and supportive reaction! ❤️
First Utopia
First Utopia 20 days ago
Lol, I thought you were gifting it to your Dad and even then thought it was excessive. Wow, how much more space do you need. Bet you want more and more money and your never happy. This is stupid and not a good way to show your success in the market. Show me how your helped others and are a pillar of your community or cause, then your rich!
Alan A
Alan A 20 days ago
I love how supportive your dad is during the whole video! Sounds like you both have a great relationship! Congrats on many fronts! 👏🏽
Question Mark
Question Mark 20 days ago
In the end... We all just want to make our parents proud of us. By Graham's face through all the praise, he definitely feels the same way.
Nick【フロート】 20 days ago
"It's so quiet in here" *B E E P*
J G 20 days ago
This is absolutely beautiful. Love your dad’s commentary and the light on your face as you smile and watch him is priceless!
Holly Goodson
Holly Goodson 20 days ago
The way Graham looks at his dad 😍🥰
TheAnianite 21 day ago
So cool you guys pronouncing Spanish words correctly! High five! (Now if only people could pronounce Montaña correctly! Lol)
Jack Hood
Jack Hood 21 day ago
Graham, I just had an idea called Millionaire Fitness where you can do running vlogs or fitness vlogs and go over how you keep in shape. This will bring views.
Bitches man, bitches.
Bitches man, bitches. 21 day ago
The fact that is dad set the record on how to properly pronounce Nevada set this all off in stone... I can say with 100% integrity that he is a good man:')
Booner 21 day ago
Omgggg graham is exactly like his dad
One day 😌
Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans 21 day ago
no matter how much money you have...the dying smoke detector will still get ya. 😂😂
Jimm Bear
Jimm Bear 22 days ago
Once you move in and have lived in Vegas for a while please post videos about the pros and cons of living in Vegas. I grew up and went to college in California and worked there a while but now live and work in Florida. Florida is growing so fast (3rd most populated state) so it feels like it is turning into California so Vegas is a place I may consider living in the future so would be interested to learn what it is like.
Financial Matter
Financial Matter 22 days ago
Your dad is hilarious 😂 Congrats on your new home!
juditheorganizer 23 days ago
Your dad is AMAZING!!! Your home is a dream! Thanks for sharing.
Emily Cashell
Emily Cashell 23 days ago
Your Dad is so Canadian, I love it
Bettye's Cooking Channel
Bettye's Cooking Channel 23 days ago
Graham your father looks so excited to see your new dream home.
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith 23 days ago
It's aunt not ant!
l 23 days ago
It's's Ne-Vah-da.
Juraj Brandobur
Juraj Brandobur 24 days ago
You know why Nevada has no income tax ? Nobody knows how to count. You know why the aliens landed in Nevada dessert ? To teach them how to count. Why is Las Vegas so rich ? Again, nobody knows how to count. :D
Kirk Johns
Kirk Johns 24 days ago
How bout actually buying your parents something ya greedy goober
MusselmanMedia98 24 days ago
I thought you bought this for your dad
vasunseeker 24 days ago
Congrats! Your Dad is a-dor-able!!
Green Trades
Green Trades 24 days ago
i was smiling the whole video
Josue Leon
Josue Leon 24 days ago
Thanks for sharing it Graham! Your dad is a cool guy! All the best in your new home ;)
Wilder Wetzel
Wilder Wetzel 24 days ago
I can strongly see the resemblance
Joanna L
Joanna L 24 days ago
the way Graham looks at his dad is so sweet
Carla 24 days ago
Glad to hear that your papa has some Canadian roots eh👍😊
Brittney Kirkconnell
Brittney Kirkconnell 24 days ago
Omg!!!! He’s the cutest!!! Love him!
ImCuttingOut 25 days ago
Your dads adorable
JP 4x4
JP 4x4 25 days ago
It’s great to see how happy your dad is for you. I don’t know you, but it makes me smile watching his reaction. He’s a proud dad.
Daphne Gaspard
Daphne Gaspard 25 days ago
Your dad is adorable ^_^
Jennifer Trevillian
Jennifer Trevillian 25 days ago
5:24 “Ugh. It’s huge” 😂
The Joy In Beauty
The Joy In Beauty 25 days ago
Graham, you inspire me so much!!! I am so happy for you! You deserve it all! I can’t wait to be able to show my mom the fruits of my labor one day. I just gotta keep going. Thanks for sharing this!! It motivated me so much! Your Dad is the cutest! Congrats again!
John Parke
John Parke 25 days ago
Love how there is an echo in every room haha
Jordan Green
Jordan Green 25 days ago
Y’all actually sounds a lot alike
ZolidTech HD
ZolidTech HD 25 days ago
Really awkward relationship you have with your father something is not right here for me? Is not like you think you are better than him because you have money I think this is on your face you shouldn't feel better than father just because you making money.
C C 25 days ago
this fool shows off/flexes too much unsub!
Balanced Finance
Balanced Finance 25 days ago
This video gives us a hope of being successful and making parents proud. Love it
Tiff & Gabe
Tiff & Gabe 25 days ago
Just visited that part of vegas with Gabe! It's a beautiful little town near the red rocks ^_^ Enjoy your new place.
Jack of all trades
Jack of all trades 25 days ago
Now these people from California turning Nevada, Texas, and Arizona into blue states! Spreading the disease! Remember when Virginia used to be Conservative stronghold?
insaniaac 25 days ago
yo this is what its about man. go crazy.
Saida Wiseman
Saida Wiseman 26 days ago
Hi Graham , really nice to see how proud your Dad is of your achievements. Your Dad has a star quality which made this video even more entertaining. Best wishes from Scotland.
Jayden Watson
Jayden Watson 26 days ago
Who's the real estate agent here lol 😂
Ashley Ambrose
Ashley Ambrose 26 days ago
Lmfaoo omg
Carrosserie Prisme
Carrosserie Prisme 26 days ago
Smash The Like Button :)
Marlana Sloan
Marlana Sloan 26 days ago
Being able to work because you WANT to, and not because you HAVE makes all the difference!
Chas Leiter
Chas Leiter 26 days ago
@Marlana Sloan oh wow😮… This is incredible. I listen to her on a CNBC market interview sometimes and I never really made out time to contact her, never knew she offered these services. Outstanding Broker indeed!
Marlana Sloan
Marlana Sloan 26 days ago
@Amelia Wolfe I invest with the guidance of Nina Dell Prosperi, I came across her on an investment webinar, just search her name online to know more about her and you can also reach her online. She has a website, leave a message or call
Amelia Wolfe
Amelia Wolfe 26 days ago
@Marlana Sloan Kudos, please who is your financial consultant and how can i get in touch?
Marlana Sloan
Marlana Sloan 26 days ago
@Chas Leiter As a beginner, I took a more practical step to learn to invest, I began through the guidance of a financial consultant and within 2 years, I have owned 2homes in the United states and car dealership all with the an investment capital of $150,000 so it is best to invest with the help of a professional.
Jennifer cook
Jennifer cook 26 days ago
@Chas Leiter well you didnt have to be mean about it. It is a good time to buy in on stock, so just buy in on stocks.
April Simmons
April Simmons 26 days ago
This was wonderful to share with your fans! Thank you for sharing with us! Neat to know that dear old Dad was a fellow Canadian!
George Coughlin
George Coughlin 26 days ago
If the fed stops buying equities your debt comes due real quick
SageoftheSixPaths 26 days ago
That is DEFINITELY grahams dad lmao
SageoftheSixPaths 26 days ago
Graham's dad is a trip man lol
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia 26 days ago
Lol I read "Surprising My Dad With His NEW Dream Home"
Miclow2209 26 days ago
Your dad should make his own USshow channel lol
Alex Pyle
Alex Pyle 26 days ago
Great video dude. There is almost no better feeing than making our parents proud.
Yovani H.
Yovani H. 26 days ago
Ben Rothschild
Ben Rothschild 26 days ago
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez 26 days ago
5:22 “nice” 😂😂😂😂
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