Using 4E to make 5E Combat more fun! Running the Game #27

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Matthew Colville

3 years ago

The 4E Video! Lots of stuff to steal for your 5E Game! Here are some resources.

The Monster Manual:

The Player's Handbook:

The Monster Vault:

Some example characters!

My Amazon page:

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Or come by my subreddit! Great place for long-form questions and answers!
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Mark Wang
Mark Wang 18 hours ago
Still love and play 4E
Clark Peterson
Clark Peterson Day ago
This is genius.
j 2 days ago
Most issues that I've seen and heard against 4th I've found more in fault of the group/mindset. The powers aren't combat/situational only. Something I've transferred into my 5th ed campaign to my DM's delight was mix and matching abilities. Such as using caltrops to create flashbangs. Making a signal with my character's voice to cover their eyes as I tossed down Caltrops to explode in a blinding light as well as lighting up a room for those without darkvision. Another was using illusions and sounds to have the enemy think our big bad fighter was suddenly triplets. Our gnome quick to catch on voiced for the second one while using my spiritual weapon to shape like his sword, striking down a foe to assure all three were real. To them >:D 4th I've had an easier time in groups than 3rd where it was likely philosophies of "No you can't" vs "How do you attempt this?" Down to the groups in question but it has soured and made me hesitant to play 5th at first.
Trelaras Leontas
Trelaras Leontas 3 days ago
"if you are a 5E edition dungeon master, and you are!" no I am not, I host many different rpg systems except dnd. I just like your videos
TCGBattling Master
TCGBattling Master 3 days ago
The thing is there are people out there who wont get the references.
itzybitzyspyder tv
itzybitzyspyder tv 4 days ago
No. Just no. Plus you look like you have mumps.
Thothrax 6 days ago
"This brings us to the middle of the video" - Mathew Colville, only a third of the way through a video
irishmakbeth 6 days ago
Be honest, was the inspiration for this video the fact that you rolled 20 when blowdrying your hair?
Cthulhupunk 6 days ago
You're a madman with a monstrous dream of keeping the worst edition alive in some manner.
Samuel Broad
Samuel Broad 11 days ago
4e combat was a grind, too many buffs and debuffs and quite high healing. this is why 5e has the concentration mechanic, only one buff or debuff to track, single reactions, even the stolen adv/disadv (from Savage Worlds) helped remove the tedious granularity of flatfooted, flanking and too many other conditions (remember fondly the different coloured tabs to place on your minis to track the effects? all gone!) Combats could take multiple sessions, sometimes, well often. But there was also so much awesome thought and twists, little arcane floor tiles that nixed magic, the epic feel of mowing through minions, the clearly defined roles and cross overs. It also had some great later books that went into roleplaying theory and group psychology, what diffenrent styles of play and the people at your table. I'm disappointed that 5e didn't include this.
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter 12 days ago
I do really hate having to narrate combat in 5e. You can only describe how the fighter swings his sword and cuts into the enemy so many times before it becomes repetitive.
Steve Key
Steve Key 16 days ago
4e is my favorite. Been playing since 81
StarFyreXXX 16 days ago
i dont know why ppl want low level enemies to be useful at higher levels. i must be an exception. ive always used lower level enemies where it makes sense, even in higher level campaigns but unless they are swarming someone, i dont expect them to be much of a threat nor do i want them to be, except in very specific situations.
David Van Uffelen
David Van Uffelen 16 days ago
19:00: we are at the middle of the 58:43 video. Good job everyone, almost there ... :)
Doug Pridgen
Doug Pridgen 17 days ago
Not only is the mentality that 4E was designed like an MMO ahistorical, it's backwards, since without D&D MMO's would not be what they are. I fell in love with the Elder Scrolls series (I realize it's a single player game, other than ESO which I also played) during a time when I didn't have people to play D&D with. It was like playing D&D on my computer, with fond memories from growing up in the '80s right there on my screen.
Geek Query
Geek Query 21 day ago
Pingback/shout-out! :)
Big Hamster
Big Hamster 21 day ago
I had an idea during a bank heist the gold would move progressively more and more instead of a gold golem it would be gold lizards about the size of kimono dragons/monitor lizards, three of them that could melt into the gold it’s bite could turn you to gold if you failed a 15 con save four times if you failed 1 you would start and it would progressively get worse until the were a statue and if you killed them they would turn to gold I called them gold wyrms, you can steal them if you want if you use them tell me how it goes, I would recommend introducing them similar to a Medusa with statues I also think it would be a fun way to turn an ocean’s 11 style adventure into alien
Gho5tRUN3R 22 days ago
It's so interesting hearing Matt Colville's excitement about 4th edition and then going to Puffin Forest who just hated 4th edition. Colville talks about some really fun combat and Puffin Forest talks about how combat just dragged on for hours and hours. Would be interesting to actually see Colville run a 4th edition one shot and see how it all shakes out. My suspicion is Puffin had some bad DMs who were too much of rule junkies to ever get creative or interesting.
Jake And
Jake And 23 days ago
As someone from Maine I can confirm it is in fact a far distant and exotic land.
Jakob V
Jakob V 25 days ago
It's funny how all the action economy stuff really is just discovering Lanchester's square law again.
Bunker Snail
Bunker Snail 25 days ago
My first exposure to dnd was 4th edition. I never played it but I listened to some people play it on a podcast and fell in love. When I heard 5th edition was out I jumped at the chance to get into it.
Andy Simons
Andy Simons 26 days ago
This has given me a lot of insight into how some newer games I'm seeing are designed. I've been big into Lancer lately, and I'm looking into Sentinel Comics rpg, and a lot of what I'm hearing here sounds familiar from those. Not quite the same, but very similar
crsmit 27 days ago
i love how creative you are. and i dont just mean about how you do your stories. but how you build charictors and abilitys
Fuhrer Buttpunch
Fuhrer Buttpunch 27 days ago
I FUCKING LOVE, LOOOOVE WARLORD FROM 4th Edition. Nearly everyone in my group hated 4th Ed Combat. I loved Warlord's ability to mop the floor and inspire others to fight harder and heal inspire them on through the fight. I'm so sad this isn't a thing anymore.
Doc Graves
Doc Graves 29 days ago
lol, low blow to start with 3ed grappling. i just grabbed a 4e monster manual thanks for recommend
Geordin Soucie
Geordin Soucie Month ago
I like the idea of powers, or giving each class actual abilities. The encounter powers seemed really cool at first, but we have low level characters and only getting 1 encounter power for an 4-8 hour combat was really disappointing for our low level characters. How did you deal with 4e combat taking super long? Edit: "marking" sounds vital for making grid based combat work to me. Video games use this mechanic for a reason. I would not say that this is significantly different than aggro.
Luis Páez
Luis Páez 29 days ago
You can translate power usage for 5e as follows: At will powers = actions that don't require a rest of any sort to use again. Encounter powers = can be used again after a short or a long rest. Daily powers = can only be used again after a long rest. Matt's right. Using "powers" to describe any and all actions (including spells) was a mistake.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia Month ago
Super interesting, especially from the perspective of someone getting into PF2! Definitely giving me some things to think about for when I hopefully end up running something next summer.
Benjamin Geiger
Benjamin Geiger Month ago
I wish I had the opportunity to try 4E. My peers were all in the "it's a video game in tabletop form" camp so I never really got a chance to play it.
Simeon Jackson
Simeon Jackson Month ago
So now that we're almost entirely using virtual tabletops whilst the world is on lockdown, is it time to go back to 4E?
Luiz Guilherme
Luiz Guilherme Month ago
One thing that I think you missed, was the fact that in combat a character would never use a "Basic Attack" unless it was an Attack of Opportunity. If a character want to attack in it's turn you SHOULD pick a a Power (At-Will, mostly) to do so.
Faladrin Month ago
Bounded accuracy? I have two players whose characters have an AC in excess of 20 at my table. I never hit anything.
Luis Páez
Luis Páez 25 days ago
That's where minions come in. They give you more chances to hit without adding that much complexity. One hit from a player and you remove them.
Rinhammer 2015
Rinhammer 2015 Month ago
Watched this vid a long time ago and loved it. Watching again and yeah, still brilliant. I love this advice. Thanks again Mat.
Neoclassical Month ago
God I love 4e so much. Amazing game with weak presentation.
E Month ago
There are lots of things I liked about 4ed, and you mentioned most of them. The biggest problem was the focus on combat, combat combat. At least before that and after, you could pretend, if not actually focus on, non-combat abilities (although I bet there is a way to argue that 4ed had plenty of abilities that were focused on RP and Utility). Just to off set my dislike of 4ed comment, I REALLY enjoyed the way the entire book used, as you called it, gamest language, coupled with the minimalist design. It made it SO much easier to navigate the rule books.
0x777 Month ago
I think what gave 4e the "The WoW Edition" or "the MMORPG edition" was that the game mechanics and even more the lingo of the MMO world was transported into tabletop. And to a lot of tabletop players, MMOs in general and WoW in particular are not "real" role playing but the realm of the powergamer and the slayer, the kind of player that cares only for improving their stats with no regards of what the class should be like and who would run the same dungeon over and over because he was not interested in solving a problem and experiencing an adventure but just wanted to slay the end "boss" for the plate mail that gave them a +2 to his main stat. I see where they come from, but what they fail to see is that the fact that you now have INCREDIBLY good, well balanced and tactically interesting battle options doesn't mean that battles have to be the be-all-end-all content of your game. Yes, you now have better combat mechanics. How does this mean that everything has to be about combat?
dgargoyle Month ago
I liked the combat on 4e but then a shaman came around and shackeld me, the DM. If my monsters attacked him they would mis (AC 23), if they attacked somebody else he could hit them and probably take them out. If they would run, same story. He had tons of fun and that should be important but I felt like I was not needed in the combat and that sucked for me. And I did not know how to counter it.
Chris Ericksen
Chris Ericksen Month ago
When my 5th level fighter swings I imagine my guy swinging in his own unique way....When I imagine multiple fighters doing Avalanche Strike, I imagine they all do the exact same thing.
Chris Ericksen
Chris Ericksen Month ago
Like WoW there were builds in 4th because of the incredibly limited powers....It was impossible to make "your" character(the character in your head) had to pick between a couple of powers and generally there were clear everyone ended up with the same character.
Chris Ericksen
Chris Ericksen Month ago
Why can a fighter only swing his sword a certain way once per day...thats why it was dumb and felt like WoW.
JMD501 Month ago
Why can a divine character only cast x number of spells
neruomir Month ago
4th was a combat focused mmorpg wanabe IMO. Putting powers in your imaginary hotbar with cooldowns and stacking +1 counters. Locking you down a cookiecutter path. I hated it's guts and threw all the books in the trash since none at the gaming club or friends even wanted em for free much less play it. If i want that style of play i can just play RP on FF14 or WoW.
Marcel Pogorzelski
Marcel Pogorzelski Month ago
4ed was great. All the best encounters I had was in that system. There was always so many options, no matter what class you played.
Lynn Skelton
Lynn Skelton Month ago
Never played 4e, but, having the idea to take some of those 4e “Powers” and use them as rewards or turn them into magic items with those “Powers” or blessings from their god, oath, or patron. Also, having NPCs using them.
Arcanum Syndicate
Arcanum Syndicate Month ago
Enjoying the videos, thanks for taking your time to make them. I don't play D&D yet still find the videos inspiring for other RPGs.
Kingpin1880 Month ago
Just had a thought... there are a bunch of levels when Fighters are levelling up, where they get nothing. It might be worth upgrading the base Fighter class with a few of these abilities...
Tristan Dawson-manzella
Tristan Dawson-manzella Month ago
Not sure if you did it on purpose or its my phone but my screen actually froze while you were talking about the medusa but i could still hear you talking. Its kinda a small thimg but i couldent help but think that was pretty badas video editing
Kyle120212XD Month ago
Feel like I may have said this here before but. My group and I began our journey in 4th edition, we played every week nonstop for almost two years. We've played dozens of games in 5e since but that first game is still the "one" 4e will always have a very special place in my heart.
Kevin Deleon
Kevin Deleon Month ago
Hell yes! Totally agree!
Acean HUN
Acean HUN Month ago
Thanks, I can use this for my Group The Mighty Eight
Don Witness
Don Witness Month ago
4th edition was nice definitely use a bunch of 4th edition abilities.
Cronyx Ravage
Cronyx Ravage Month ago
I think hit points are actually abstractualizing how well the fight is going, but not an indication of damage. I think every kill is a one hit kill, but the exchange of hit points back and forth is describing their strikes, blocks, parries, and glancing blows. One character fighting a goblin loses some hit points, if we were to "visually render" the "matrix code" of that fight, the goblin would have locked swords with the character just then, and managed to shove him backwards over a table. It didn't hurt him necessarily to tumble over that table, but the fight is "going better" for the goblin. When whichever party loses their last hit point, *that* is actually when they got hit and run all the way through to the hilt. The reason why the winning character still has lower hit points after the fight, if they were just abstractualizations, is because *he's tired.* He just faught *really hard*, give him a minute! :P If, on the other hand, he barely lost *any* HP, or less than 10%, then he was actually just having fun with the fight, toying with his opponent, and barely broke a sweat. That's why as you go up in level, you get better.
Shadow88 2 months ago
Watching this in 2020 and, honestly, I am now really curious what Matt would think of Pathfinder 2e since it has some ideas from 4e, some ideas from 5e, and streamlining the rules but to less of an extent than WotC did for 5e.
Greg Pettigrew
Greg Pettigrew 2 months ago
Fourth Edition is my favorite edition of D&D for all of the reasons you've stated.
Drew Brigner
Drew Brigner 2 months ago
Matthew: "I'm going to front load all the information into the beginning of the video so you can watch it for 5 or 10 minutes and say 'ok, I'm sold'. I like making sure that the best advice is front loaded into the beginning of the video." Me: Like, Subscribe, Ring Bell Icon, order Blue Apron.
Frost Spawn
Frost Spawn 2 months ago
So 4E was actually the first time I really played DnD and I LOVED it, until I found Pathfinder which I LOVE even more. I refuse now to try any new systems. With that said i loved this video, it was very informative and I'm definitely gonna use minions in my campaign! Thank you as always.
T.J. 2 months ago
I just started a new campaign in 5e with two veteran players. As newbie DM I'm having a hard time challenging them.. this was some really eye-opening information. I'm going to give it a try.
newsparta 2 months ago
3.5>5e>AD&D>WoW>4th Edition
NU121493255 2 months ago
I love the 4e "Roles" (including "Minions") for monsters/enemies, but I don't really like them that much for players.
evilbeardedman 2 months ago
This is cool, I'm definitely gonna do it.
The Last Taarakian
The Last Taarakian 2 months ago
I don’t think 5e combat is a problem
Adam M
Adam M 2 months ago
Oh man, I remember having a fighter in a game I ran that rolled 18 Double Aught strength. That was fun times.
Γρηγόρης Αράπης
Γρηγόρης Αράπης 2 months ago
As someone who came from games like WoW to dnd, I appreciate the controller aspect of wizards. I play a lot of wizards in 5e almost all of them are controllers. I once played a pure damage one and found it boring.
Rocco Carcheri
Rocco Carcheri 3 months ago
Love your vids Speedy...what drug are you on? I want that drug!
All Knee
All Knee 3 months ago
I wish 5e had a supplement that was in the 4e style of mechanic description for spells and abilities.
wylantern 3 months ago
I think this video misses a fundamental flaw of 4e, and that's when 4e came out, you couldn't play a barbarian or druid or monk or sorcerer. For some of these you had to wait a year, for others they didn't come out for 2 years into the product line! For people who are disappointed they can't play their fav class, they went to Pathfinder or stayed playing 3.5e. And that really poisoned the well for edition such that they stopped paying attention to official releases and didn't even notice when their fav classes finally rolled out.
Wynters387 3 months ago
I started in 3.5, i loved 4th edition, a lot of my great roleplaying came from that. I now love 5e. Im 35 and just started getting into DMing and this was great info. I know 3 years late
Gekko 3 months ago
This video made a subscriber. I started in 4th edition and still love it to this day
S. Ram.
S. Ram. 3 months ago
I loved 4e for the fighter stances which made it awesome for fighters who were polearm masters just as good at controlling a battlefield as control based spell casters are not currently. Would love to know if there is a mechanic that I could implement in a setting that I'm pulling together for my game group eventually.
Royce Cox
Royce Cox 3 months ago
Thanks Matt! This is an awesome reference video! Absolutely love your videos!
TalonSky 3 months ago
I'm always frustrated when I can't get my PCs to understand HP damage is both actual injury, but also stamina loss. That's why you can stop for a bit, catch your breath, and heal some HP.
Sigurd Stapnes
Sigurd Stapnes 3 months ago
One thing about 4e fighters that a lot of people miss is that they DO do tons of damage! Their unique niche in the defender world is that they get to defend AND do a lot of damage. Paladins and Wardens are better at being sticky or just never dying, but a fighter can keep up with the strikes in the party pretty handily, at least for a while. In fact, many strikers with good Strength scores - barbarians, rangers, some rogues - multiclass into fighter just to steal some very good striking encounter powers like Rain of Blows.
The Chaotic Sun
The Chaotic Sun 3 months ago
I'mma gonna be honest, I miss 4e Warden class. Nature Paladin isn't really the same as the Storm Warden I made. He was fun.
CERap22 3 months ago
5th edition was my first edition. As was the case with my friends. And yet-- there are a WHOLE SLEW of things in 4e that I LOVE and prefer and have tried to implement in my 5e campaign. Funnily enough-- I love 4e for all the reasons you stated and my friends DO NOT like 4e for all the reasons you stated🤪
darkenblade986 3 months ago
lol hearing this as someone who exclusively plays dnd online on things like roll 20 I WANT to play 4e. I feel like 4e and 5e should be switched. 4e would be so nice to ppl who play dnd online.
Archibald Waldrop
Archibald Waldrop 3 months ago
From your description of warlords it sounds like they aren’t much different than a war cleric, so maybe it was redundant?
CoderGuy 3 months ago
some great ideas
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 4 months ago
At 33:44 unless I misunderstood him, Matt made the 5e "Sleep" spell sound complex and a lot of dice rolling?! No to both... There is only 1 (one) roll to cast "Sleep" and it's quite simple. For "Sleep" you roll, (as a level 1 spell) a 5d8 and take that total number to determine how many creatures are sent into "a magical slumber." Meaning, if you rolled a total of 33 points with the 5d8... the (say) 3 creatures, (starting with the lowest hit points and ascending) having 12, 16, and 18 hp respectfully, the first 2 creatures (12 and 16 hp) are put to sleep, but the 3rd creature is unaffected, even though 5 sleep hp remain. (Pg. 276 PHB.) There are no saving throws or multiple times you roll. The spell is a pretty straight forward spell as 5e goes... I don't understand why he would have to explain it at all?! Unless it's 4e'ers confused with 5e mechanics?
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 3 months ago
@cooly1234 True... But you're still a duck.
cooly1234 3 months ago
uhhh it took you multiple lines to explain it when it would take one sentence in 4e.
Joseph Ralloma
Joseph Ralloma 4 months ago
14:24 ...That was an amazing visual pun.
Yonatan Huber
Yonatan Huber 4 months ago
As a non-D&D player who came here mainly for DMing tips, I must say this arguments is FASCINATING, truly. It is amazing for me how much time, effort and emotion is thrown at arguing over a system who, from my point of view, does **exactly** what it says 'on the tin' - Dungeons and Dragons. D&D was for me always a system about battlemat dungeon crawl, with some hack and slash and exploration thrown in. I never played 4E, because I wasn't a D&D player by then, and I only ever played 2 mini-games in 5E, but in both cases I thought D&D did what it did almost to perfection (Having read through the three core 5E books, it is far superior imho to 3.5E) - gives you a set of rules to play a HERO in a DUNGEON who eventually wants to fight a DRAGON. 5E is great at Expanding Dungeon into any environment (ruin, wilderness, city streets, etc.) and Dragon to every cap-stone Villein. From my experience, most edition wars stem from people trying to use D&D for things it was never meant to do.
magellanthecat 4 months ago
WotC seems to now be embarrassed by 4th Ed--they seem to be ignoring it as much as possible. Almost every history talks about 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3.5, Pathfinder, and then 5th.
magellanthecat 4 months ago
Best Warlord power name "Rub Some Dirt On It."
magellanthecat 4 months ago
I am one of those weird people who actually enjoyed 4th ed rules more than anything else. Always felt it got short shrift because of people whining that 4th ed wasn't 3.75. Tried 5th. Meh. I'll stick with 4th.
luketfer 4 months ago
Interesting thing is the 'Controller' type is actually lifted FROM an MMO...which didn't help 4th eds problems. Controller is the exact name of an archetype in City of Heroes which does EXACTLY what the Wizard was designed to do, aka crowd control enemies. Hold them, immobilize them, put them to sleep and so so on. So of course people kind of drew the MMO comparison, they really didn't help themselves there...
Thomas Alspach
Thomas Alspach 4 months ago
I love all the advice you give. It's really helpful and makes me reflect not only on how to run the game but how to live life as well.
Evan E
Evan E 4 months ago
I think I just got 3 hours worth of content in 1 hour.
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 4 months ago
This is the first thing that ha made me actually want to play 4th edition. Framing as something different to 5e is a good place to see where I might have fun with it. Looking at it like Descent: Journeys in the Dark but with more roleplaying, I think I'd love to play it, and I think it would be the thing that some of my players would prefer over 5e.
Horus Hyperion
Horus Hyperion 4 months ago
now am i the only confused with his use of 3 edition bc i assuming he meant 3.5 edition right?
Paul H
Paul H 4 months ago
Minions are perfect if you have a lot of players at the table. If you ever need more bodies on the grid without making combat glacially slow use minions in addition to your normal mobs! Great advice here in this video!
Glen Baker
Glen Baker 4 months ago
Getting burned by a dragon's fire even when you have fire resistance kinda makes it feel redundant
MoreDetonation Month ago
So does getting killed when you're undead. But it's exciting!
Scott L
Scott L 5 months ago
I want to play 4th again now
ImAGdDmnDragn 5 months ago
4th edition was way too complicated. While it starts out very simple, it gets way too complicated with all the different powers and abilities. It got to a point where you needed a build guide to build a character because there were so many obscure powers that you had to know about and also a lot of terrible powers that just weren't worth taking. But the major problem with 4th edition was how long battles took due to the complexity of the turns and the bloated monster HP vs the low damage everything dealt. A fight basically took the whole game to get through and you didn't have time to do anything else.
Devon Peterson
Devon Peterson 5 months ago
I loved 4th edition. It had the best combat, and the only system that was really and truly fun for the GM. It promoted party unity, because even kobolds were deadly if you weren't smart. It got so much right. I'm totally stealing your ideas and bring 4th back into 5th. Thank you for the great ideas.
guilmon182 5 months ago
As a 5E player/DM, while I'm very intrigued by the way 4E seems to work, one thing bothers me. If your At Will powers as a martial character are always better than just swinging your weapon, why did they even design them to be able to do that? Probably the illusion of choice, though when there is a dominant strategy, there is no choice. Also, I can't blame your friend for always wanting to just roll a d20 and roll damage. This is still supposed to be D&D afterall.
David Devine
David Devine 5 months ago
My issue with 4th edition was that it selected the wrong solution ... that is, using the quadratic wizard vs. linear fighter, it made the wizard linear, it didn't make the fighter quadratic; fighters were okay (somehow) but wizards needed a nerf. As a result, the whole thing felt very ... flat. Perhaps it felt too low fantasy ... there was no sense, to me, that at high levels characters could do amazing things ... they could just do a few more things than before, not world bending things.
Dana Lintott
Dana Lintott 5 months ago
How do you maintain both game balance and balance between characters with those 4th ed abiliites, spells in 5th. They sound amazing and as I try to become a dm they sound awesome to have players able to do.
Xylerx000 5 months ago
As someone from Maine, no offense taken. Haha.
Thales 5 months ago
Whilst I do like 4e, I think it's disingenuous to argue against the "It's designed to be like WoW" with "Well actually, it's designed to be like a lot of video games". The issue isn't WoW per se, it's that 4e characters have a very videogamey feel due to the way the powers and in-combat actions go. Some people like that (myself included) but many don't, so just saying "Well, it's not (only) like WoW" doesn't actually defeat the sentiment in the "It's too much like WoW" problem many people have.
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor 5 months ago
I still run AD&D
Alderaan Crumbs
Alderaan Crumbs 5 months ago
Matt’s the DM who yanks the rug from under the party, catches them when they fall and says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!” and they smile.
Jordon Miller
Jordon Miller 5 months ago
marking an enemy sounds a lot like compelled Duel in 5e
triplea657aaa 5 months ago
I make dragons essentially natural spellcasting BBEG super PCs
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