Pokemon Tabletop RPG Story: When I Played a Evil, Vindictive Character. Trixie Starbright

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This is a story from a Pokemon Tabletop United game. I started the character off as sweet and innocent, but the more I played her she started to develop a darker side.
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UnkreativHoch2 9 days ago
he nailed the teenage girl on the head
rylog8 10 days ago
Demonstrating that even Chaotic Evil PCs can be invaluable party members of you keep the Evil to the NPCs
feonixrizen 11 days ago
this has serious ballad of sarah berry vibes
Xeranad 12 days ago
0:13 "Are they holding stacks of dynamite? In which case, they are chaotic evil. Have you ever thrown dynamite? It's HILARIOUS!" Considering the only character in fiction who mains dynamite that I can think of is Caleb from Blood, he's pretty spot on.
Tom McDermott
Tom McDermott 22 days ago
Ah, Trixie Starbright, face of evil.
Matthew M
Matthew M Month ago
All shall love me and despair!
Jasen Drileck
Jasen Drileck Month ago
I just noticed that he showed “PROSPECTOR JENKINS: GRIMM SERVANT OF DEATH” in the corner, “Journey into the weird west” is one of my favorite videos of his
Prasatorr Month ago
Hold up ... If I remember correctly ... Detective Clancy once dressed as a Trixie Starbright for a fancy party ... So that means that this Trixie Starbright is actually old guy dressed as a girl, living with girls, pretending to be a highschooler. Ben wtf?
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
Thomas takes a toll for the dark Month ago
More like Trixie Starblight
Drago 303
Drago 303 Month ago
Well, as everyone already pointed out the "average high school girl" thing, i just wanted to say i loved the puking blood joke XD I certainly feel like that sometimes, we REALLY shouldn't do this at all. Sksjsmsnsnsnz
lol bots
lol bots Month ago
puffin i must say your as cunning as even i
gony paz
gony paz Month ago
Plastic lol
The Game Master
The Game Master Month ago
Where is the high school you went?, River City?.
Gorwo Month ago
usshow.info/watch/qdHODWEKWsM/video.html&ab_channel=DOW234 its I, cato sicarius. this voice is unforgettable
Sage Sigman
Sage Sigman Month ago
I know most people won't get this reference. But when she is threatening her rival, the voice gave me flashbacks to the Citadel Warden from Star Wars the Clone Wars.
Psychronia Month ago
I've begun wondering if I as a person just have an Evil-leaning alignment because I find I tend to imagine ammoral but efficient strategies, like mutilating an enemy's leader's corpse as a terror tactic, for my characters way too often.
Guess Who
Guess Who Month ago
Honestly... Cozy Glow before its time.
SpiderGuy2019 Month ago
So you were playing your typical high school girl. Yup, checks out.
RipWitch Month ago
I don't think the DM was friends with any girls lol. Cause I'm a girl and I can confirm that you were playing a normal highschool girl.
ericb31 Month ago
i can't help but think of "the GRRRRREAT and powerful TRRRRRIXIE" from MLP... a minor character who, coincidentally, makes friends with main character Starlight Glimmer.
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot Month ago
12 hour school day, 12 hour adventures and 0 hours of sleep
The Detective
The Detective Month ago
That seems about average to me
Don't worry About it
Don't worry About it 2 months ago
Says he's not playing a normal highschool girl. Oh you sweet summer child, you have no idea what high school girls are like.
Eric Cottle
Eric Cottle 2 months ago
So you were basically Klara from the Isle of Armor DLC
KHfan0011 2 months ago
Okay now I'm gonna be the one. What the hell does this have to do with Pokemon?
9lives lie-cat-lie
9lives lie-cat-lie 2 months ago
It's been two years more Trixie stories please
Gloominesss 2 months ago
still one of my favourite videos!
Brandon Mayer
Brandon Mayer 2 months ago
This, this is beautiful. I love this as a character concept. Wow, just amazing.
Just a Dude
Just a Dude 2 months ago
I feel like I've seen something with a character almost exactly like this
Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill 3 months ago
yeah most high school girls are like that, some are just like, cute but have evil thoughts they voice occasionally. But others are just plain scary, so scary, I fear them
Einherijar 3 months ago
this story makes me think you were the one who invented cozy glow
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique 3 months ago
Wait,how did you manage to create a D&D version of cozy glow....a way more violent of Cozy Glow....
A Thousand Young
A Thousand Young 3 months ago
Atlazuko 3 months ago
i mean it was a good distraction. i know how powerful a distraction can be! i played a chaotic good character. emphasis on chaotic. I may or may not have cause several people to die of fright while under invisibility and caused such widespread panic with an illusion spell that the entire town was fled by it's citizens like it was the coming of the end times. in fact there may have been such a panic that people were trampled and mothers abandoned their children in their flight. this also may have been in response to said town trying to unjustly lynch my friends cause one of them was a tiefling. the dm may also not have been happy that he couldn't change my alignment to chaotic evil because i didn't intend for that to happen and it was perfectly justifiable on the standpoint i was just trying to make a distraction to save my friends. and i may have been told to never play a villain by the same dm because the very idea terrified them.
Depressed Dice
Depressed Dice 3 months ago
jake whit
jake whit 3 months ago
NGL im glad i live alone i was pissing myself laughing lol
gettogirl105 3 months ago
Oh no. That’s about average for teen girls.
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 3 months ago
Herowebcomics 3 months ago
Already this looks super cute! ...And now she reminds me of Alex Clark's sister! That is even better! ...And then she reminds of someone who really needs psychological help! WOW! More like Trixie StarBLIGHT!
Finn Pom
Finn Pom 4 months ago
Trixie's plot is better than whatever plot the DM can come up with
A Dog
A Dog 4 months ago
Evil characters are so fun (to play).
Tom Murtagh
Tom Murtagh 4 months ago
There was a scico killer who killed all her competitors for prom Queen in high school
Finn Pom
Finn Pom 4 months ago
starshooter sevenfoursix
starshooter sevenfoursix 4 months ago
this crap took me 2 years to figure out the song thats playing in the end of the video usshow.info/watch/jZRbMFHwBcQ/video.html tu m aimeras by bertysolo [instrumental]
Ravenford Experience
Ravenford Experience 4 months ago
"Evil gangsters capture the legendary Pokemon and hold them against their will." Uhmm... isn't that what all Pokemon Trainers do?
SkyManta Month ago
Ojojoni 4 months ago
More Trixie Starbright! ❤️
layotam 4 months ago
I want to hear more about her
Uriel Gomez
Uriel Gomez 4 months ago
Love this! Miss you trixi starbright.
ShellShock 390
ShellShock 390 4 months ago
I was actually going to make a character whose primary weapon is pretty much only bombs and dynamite soooooooooooo
Stephen Rhodes
Stephen Rhodes 4 months ago
Omg please bring Trixie back!! I love this plus i need to know if she makes friends with everyone. *ding
Kyle Evans
Kyle Evans 5 months ago
crab rave
Brilchan 5 months ago
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt 5 months ago
This story was hilarious
Kahlia Neely
Kahlia Neely 5 months ago
The true worst form of torture being Trixie friend Please dont juge if i spelled a word incorrectly
Ginger-Ham 5 months ago
Pokemon Tabletop United definitely brings out the *autism* in people
Grim Pixelator
Grim Pixelator 5 months ago
A have a necromancer pc. He’s the most cheerful and innocent sounding character EVER
songbird studio
songbird studio 29 days ago
The lizard priest from goblin slayer abridged
Tommaso Caroppo
Tommaso Caroppo 5 months ago
Welcome to the Dumbshits guide to Trixie Starbright
Nic Laporte
Nic Laporte 5 months ago
I thought you were just quirky but this proves you're actually insane xD Good video!
Stefano Tronchin
Stefano Tronchin 6 months ago
I'm playing a campaign of Mosters Hearts where my character is a vampire version kira but without the death note and the high grades in PE, in the game my class needs to bite people to gain experience and he needs to date people so it would be easier to hide the signs. My DM made me meet a NPC with the same same name, face and personality of the character at the start of the video, I started to date her, I rolled good throws and seems to like me. I've seen the video only now. Please help me, I'm scared........(sorry for bad english)
Stefano Tronchin
Stefano Tronchin 6 months ago
@202mc oh no. YOU FOUND ME
202mc 6 months ago
I'm the campaign's master, and in that game many npcs are player characters of previous campaigns, which leads to rather... Surreal scenarios, like a trio of professors saving the characters from mob violence only to have a friendly session of human sequestration (which obviously included some light torture) because they found out about the pc's identity as monsters. I honestly don't know where this thing is going to go, but it will be fun. A lot.
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw 6 months ago
Lol is there a continuation of this roleplay?
DedicatedTransportation 6 months ago
So you made Tracy Flick from Election. Does anyone else know that movie? Is anyone gonna read this comment written two years after the video was uploaded? Questions to be asked
Andris Kokoriss
Andris Kokoriss 6 months ago
Thankyou for all hard work you put into these videos! Some of them I have watched or listened to sevral times.
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro 6 months ago
I watched this after the Detective Cassey(sowwy if not the name)so I was confused as to the charecter's disuge Well now I know
Rick and Rygel
Rick and Rygel 6 months ago
Wait, doesn't everyone capture Pokemon and hold them against their will?
Sinister_ Cat248
Sinister_ Cat248 6 months ago
5:23 please, that was an average kindergardener In my town. The highschoolers are WAY worse than that.
BoyVOL 6 months ago
That's why i dont like to write down personalities of my characters. They almost every time develop their own personalities during the game, and it rarely match the description.
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 6 months ago
Prospector Jenkins GRIM SERVANT OF DEATH
Xmorphias 6 months ago
My mans really just passed up a chance when he was talking to the black haired girl to say “Let me make one thing *crystal* clear”
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! 6 months ago
"who would do that, to pokémon???" LITERALLY ANYONE!!! THAT IS A NORMAL THING IN THIS UNIVERSE!
Stripey The Cat
Stripey The Cat 6 months ago
4:05 Sounds like a spoiled woman
Owllet •v• le birb
Owllet •v• le birb 6 months ago
Sounds like my middle school if instead of one person in a grade being like that it’s over half the population.. I think thanos went wrong in the snaps soemewhere...
Bryce Chapman
Bryce Chapman 7 months ago
Is there a way I can jump in a game with your group one day?
Pajku Cha
Pajku Cha 7 months ago
Love it, love it so much. Laughed so much!
Eudsters Gamer Squad
Eudsters Gamer Squad 7 months ago
I’m making a character based off this, but for normal dnd and a bard. They are currently for the next DND as we are still in one. I can’t wait.
Shadow Panda
Shadow Panda 7 months ago
Is this an official Pokemon table top rpg? Or is it a homebrew? Where can I find it?
ASquared 7 months ago
Trixie better have some pink Pokémon like Blissey with a support move like heal pulse, except it’s used for torture, & situations like “You die when I say you can die”
ASquared 7 months ago
When a character can intimidate a Mewtwo of all Pokémon into submission, that’s when you know that that character is dangerous on a whole nother level
Edward Armstrong
Edward Armstrong 18 days ago
Basically Junko Enoshima.
theiromia Month ago
i just want to see her mental state just roooooooooooll out before us, just to see it as the tangled fucking mess that it is.
Feris Salvo
Feris Salvo 3 months ago
@Jamie Smith same here, and I checked the one reply to see if it was this. Part 5 of JoJos why have you done this to me?!
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 4 months ago
comin' from mah mind (sorry that's the only thing I can think of when I see "on a whole nother level")
Arduous Gamer
Arduous Gamer 7 months ago
Has anyone rewatched this from time to time just because it makes you smile? I have... 4 or so times. It always makes me feel better.
Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman 7 months ago
Is Trixie a Mystic? If so, the pain to herself makes... somewhat more sense? Kinda? Not really. But seriously, what were you? Class wise. I found TheLoadingCrew's channel recently and as such have been looking more into the game, how's it like?
Auroxen 7 months ago
Trixie? More like Cozy Glow
TopHatPig 7 months ago
Well all there girls in my high school where hell bent on painting anyone who came near them nails usually pink
maximo caseres
maximo caseres 8 months ago
This is the best kind of evil. Lawful evil. Also the hardest one to be evil with.
StarBolt0 8 months ago
Oh, ok. Light, fluffy, bad joke filled pokemon rpg. Ok. What's the worst that can WHAT THE!?
Tj Mueller
Tj Mueller 8 months ago
Did we go to the same high school? I think we may have.
Lit_Coal 8 months ago
"You insolent fool. You mean to defy me with your 'competition' but you fail to realize none exists. I! Trixie Starbright am the pinnacle of friend material and shall become class president. It is destiny, and fools who get in the way of destiny receive *fates* incomprehensible to those who writhe in the pits of hell-Stacy... So like you should totally just put this election thing behind us and be friends! ;) ting... Or else"
Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill 8 months ago
can confirm this is how high school girls are
PinkShaze 8 months ago
Has anyone else watched this about 20 times?
Phill Wilkerson
Phill Wilkerson 8 months ago
Love the Fight Club reference
Gormathius Nightstrider
Gormathius Nightstrider 8 months ago
Whenever I hear that music I can only think of one thing now... You think tabletop RPGs are easy? Nope. They’re hard as maths. MATHS.
Gunnar Shore
Gunnar Shore 8 months ago
How do people make things up on the spot in d&d like him
Logan S.
Logan S. 8 months ago
Or, she could have used a Pokémon to do like, anything? 😂😂😂 “So Puffin do you want your Machoke to punch you lightly, doing enough damage for it to be believable?” “No I want to snap my arm using a banister.”
Hidden Deku
Hidden Deku 8 months ago
we need more trixy star bright
NoMADnecro 8 months ago
Reminds me when I played a head of security for a terraforming mission in fate and I started off a bit authoritarian. But slowly my methods for order and protection started to ramp up even to the point I had 3 of my officers betray me and start a mutiny while on a rescue mission. I proceeded to relieve them of duty and blow their brains up. Mhmm good times
Zak The Street Fighter
Zak The Street Fighter 8 months ago
I don't know why, but I kept picturing Trixie as Frieza
Kitten_SsG 8 months ago
I love Trxie Starbright, especially the star sound 'ding' ! XD
Corrie Productions
Corrie Productions 9 months ago
Sounds like my school experience, even the gangsters line up
Ben Siener
Ben Siener 9 months ago
Is Trixie the love child of the mourn blade and a badger?
PhotriusPyrelus 9 months ago
Kinda reminds me of Millie from Bob's Burgers.
crazy4aday 9 months ago
Mewsy Twosy
lesbian dumpsterfire
lesbian dumpsterfire 9 months ago
Can you play as Trixie more? I love her character!
Jared Booker
Jared Booker 9 months ago
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