SCP-1000 Bigfoot (SCP Animation)

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2 months ago

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-1000 Animation.
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SCP 1000, also known as bigfoot, evolved alongside Homo sapiens, existing contemporaneously with proto-humans and humans in large numbers until 10,000-15,000 years ago.
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Physicalyx Hacks
Physicalyx Hacks 12 hours ago
Bigfoot: Please dont kill me we are in the same primate family... Humans: Pro gamer move SHOW NO MERCY
Alexis glenn Adtuon
Alexis glenn Adtuon 13 hours ago
nevan rose
nevan rose 15 hours ago
Have you guys ever watch Godzilla well I have an idea to the SCP foundation fire the goddamn oxygen destroyer
HaloMaster MIXER
HaloMaster MIXER Day ago
You know the rubber But do you know the pencil Read more
Yuichi YH
Yuichi YH Day ago
So... SCP 1000 is just humanity being dicks... Again
Storyspin! Asriel
Storyspin! Asriel Day ago
This is children if th- oop
Fontecha Diesel Hayden
Fontecha Diesel Hayden Day ago
Doom_ Pg3d
Doom_ Pg3d Day ago
Siren head
Enkidu Kyrielight
Enkidu Kyrielight Day ago
Scp 1000 scp foundation would be funny
토시멜로 2 days ago
엌 뭐라는지몰르겠엉ㅋㅋㅋㄱ
Cherry demon
Cherry demon 2 days ago
if they are as smart as me we got nothin to worry about.
Connor Marks
Connor Marks 2 days ago
Mr stark I dont feel so good
Connor Marks
Connor Marks 2 days ago
I saw cuphead
Sincere Hope
Sincere Hope 2 days ago
One day I will find Scp 1000
Sincere Hope
Sincere Hope 2 days ago
Sum humans will never understand
Vince Dellera
Vince Dellera 3 days ago
So charlie from we bare bears is an scp huh... Ineresting
Greatestshowss Greatestshowss
Greatestshowss Greatestshowss 3 days ago
Emanuel Sheng
Emanuel Sheng 3 days ago
What if the director of apple was actually S.C.P. 1000?
Nobie boi
Nobie boi 3 days ago
Does he work there cause if so I’m pretty sure u can’t tell this???
jian playz
jian playz 3 days ago
Plot twist: the rubber is the ultimate scp
Wibbly25 3 days ago
do scp-5000
Bryon Jefferson
Bryon Jefferson 3 days ago
Tammy 3 days ago
What about Scp -5437
Collin Wittmer
Collin Wittmer 3 days ago
Subscribing: Level 3 clearence Not subscribing: Level 2 clearence
Jønah Merlin Dalke 666
Jønah Merlin Dalke 666 4 days ago
It would be interesting if this scp and the humans would work together to make a bigger grater society
Entity The Imagination
Entity The Imagination 4 days ago
T-1000. Remember?
Flintthedragon1 4 days ago
I say we let them back in.
Mr. Lugnut
Mr. Lugnut 4 days ago
"they are exactly as smart as us" thank goodness! so they are dumber than chimps!
Marcus H
Marcus H 4 days ago
The Bigfoot’s: lemme show you guys this creation all us made we use them all the tim- SCP foundation: so anyways we started blasting
tyler royster
tyler royster 4 days ago
Geez, that turned left real quick
mohan madrid
mohan madrid 5 days ago
Harambe is an scp!
Nick 5 days ago
That disease kinda looks like covid huh
eclipser rampage
eclipser rampage 5 days ago
I Like serpent hand
English Muffin
English Muffin 5 days ago
Corona virus
Ali Fathih Fayaz
Ali Fathih Fayaz 5 days ago
3:25 I like how it scratched it's butt🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Lord Reptile Stormblade
Lord Reptile Stormblade 5 days ago
I hope its ok that a Serpent's Hand member has subscribed to you. I recently got minecraft and an SCP mod full of containment cells with various SCPs from the 3 primary classifications. Safe, Euclid, and Keter. I'll be trying to make Site 75, which is not mentioned on the main wiki. Site 75 is a research facility co-owned by the SCP Foundation and Serpent's Hand.
killeing 5 days ago
The SCP really suck at the "Containment"/secrecy part of their job....... Director: "How many times do i have to tell you people?! Stop telling everyone about our existence or the monsters we keep!" Employee: *flipping through channels before suddenly stopping* "Sir, you're not gonna like what's on the news..."
Amelia Sweeton
Amelia Sweeton 5 days ago
so the rubber has at lest level 3 security clearance
Mitchel Wilke
Mitchel Wilke 5 days ago
Hummmmm that scp that Bigfoot is ifected with looks familiar (COVID-19)
Caleb Nolt
Caleb Nolt 5 days ago
The Fact that people believe this destroys my faith in humanity
Harry Säleby
Harry Säleby 5 days ago
No no no no bigfoot is not a scp or have you right
lance neil mercado tordecilla
lance neil mercado tordecilla 6 days ago
I wonder if the scp foundation exist what will happen to our world now will it be more advanced or the humans will be extinct noone knows and noone will ever does
Hai Nguyn
Hai Nguyn 6 days ago
Nothing much, the foundation is secret so yeah
Lucifer 6 days ago
Humanity is evil
Hey it's Ruby
Hey it's Ruby 6 days ago
6:55 "A trickster God gave humanity the master's tool" *HUMANITY HAS LEARNED THE SKILL "GENOCIDE"!*
The Super Doge
The Super Doge 7 days ago
Brazil dont have scps have memes
The Super Doge
The Super Doge 7 days ago
Scp-1000-f1 corona Bigfoot
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce 7 days ago
3:24 “You May spank it, once.”
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 7 days ago
Humans were jealous That Bigfoot Got Evolved faster
The Gaming Eye
The Gaming Eye 7 days ago
Humans wipe out bigfoots in a day. Bigfoots creates nuke shelters and and few warheads. Launch them and let humans do the rest.
Camello keane Chris
Camello keane Chris 7 days ago
My friend and I would talk about scp
xuvas acidas
xuvas acidas 7 days ago
this looks like something jordan writed yeah that man who says atlantis is real
kusum tiwari
kusum tiwari 8 days ago
His laughter was very cute
Zerox Kuro
Zerox Kuro 8 days ago
Wait, does that mean SCP 1000 somehow forgives humanity for wiping up 99.5 percent of their population centuries ago?
Rey Centino
Rey Centino 8 days ago
Men he should have a thick mask.
broggy '
broggy ' 8 days ago
The only thing i got from this video is that big foot is an scp because humans are complete douch bags
broggy '
broggy ' 8 days ago
Some people here "I'm the rubber" Other people here "I'm the condom" I hear "I'm luffy"
musfirah umer
musfirah umer 8 days ago
Nikka Kuramoto
Nikka Kuramoto 9 days ago
I think hes a scientist in the scp foundation
ENDER KNIGHT 9 days ago
That's a thicc ass monkey 😎👍
Clarence liew
Clarence liew 9 days ago
Plot twist : The Rubber is actually part of the serpent's hand
Mr doggo YT
Mr doggo YT 9 days ago
plot twist: scp1000-f1 is coronavirus
Pandas Panda Pan Das
Pandas Panda Pan Das 9 days ago
The Planet Earth Trial will begin, humanity. Similar to your Nuremburg trials.
ThatOneStreet 10 days ago
wait so if bigfoot is an scp, and bigfoot is real, that means scp foundation is real. and we’ve all looked at scp 096’s face. oh no
Lava Wolf
Lava Wolf 10 days ago
Let’s be honest, he had a little too much fun making this lol
Aaron Torentera
Aaron Torentera 10 days ago
Is it a keter
Nick Henry
Nick Henry 10 days ago
SCP-1000: hello you have mail. *we would like to kill you all thank you goodbye*
The Noname Household
The Noname Household 10 days ago
It is relatively easy to implant ideas in media ▪︎ ~Tucker
Steve Logs
Steve Logs 10 days ago
Scp 1000:I don’t feel so good Humans:Haha city’s go boom
De'Andre Agleham
De'Andre Agleham 11 days ago
Wait... does that mean SCP-1000 is the one that made everything that we have right now? Or it’s just fine or something? I’m not worried btw
R83an gaming channel
R83an gaming channel 11 days ago
gamer game
gamer game 11 days ago
Scp 1000 is saiyans
Mel Pastorfide
Mel Pastorfide 11 days ago
Bigfoot:Look at my technology! Humans: OUR technology
Dairinin Is a cuck
Dairinin Is a cuck 12 days ago
The rubber is a scp that’s how he still out putting these videos
Robloxionnight Gaming
Robloxionnight Gaming 12 days ago
Serpents hand, Viper guard, don’t get me started on that half I have all the info you will ever need
Marguns21 12 days ago
So are they immortal? Wouldnt the ones who got their memory wiped be dead by now?
Hardy Melvin
Hardy Melvin 12 days ago
Scp 1000 : EY YOU - me : What the f***ck E. : idk.
BadChips Gaming's
BadChips Gaming's 12 days ago
I'm intertained
Shark Cool
Shark Cool 12 days ago
lol the earsed memeory thing is like from the mib
cringe spotted
cringe spotted 12 days ago
If we're assuming there aren't more lies in the actual document, it would be safe to say they'd be even smarter than us if they made such creations out of those kinds of things.
yeet sticks memes
yeet sticks memes 12 days ago
if you laugh at this your humor is broken BIGFOOT
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ 12 days ago
But wait how can do human use technology that they don’t even know how to use and why the big foot have technology but can’t protect themselves What a great fiction story that the foolish thing I ever heard, but great writing of articles story.
trashgaming 12 days ago
damn imagine if humans did not do that to the bigfoot population i am already imagining how it would be like being friends with a giant ape with the intelligence of a human
Angel Lemus
Angel Lemus 13 days ago
Does the Black Moon Howl?
clarissa matadi
clarissa matadi 13 days ago
Peapole whi look at scp 1000 dosent die even i know the vires is a lie an scp 1000 is more smarter then a comon chimp panze
Basement Gamer
Basement Gamer 13 days ago
Let them in
Oof ultimate joe O
Oof ultimate joe O 13 days ago
Mate they don’t have a disease it’s a lie if you were level 3 and higher you would know and the city was destroyed by humans they actually are regaining there brain
ロキ 凛Loki Rin
ロキ 凛Loki Rin 13 days ago
Imagine if the SCP-1000/Bigfoot was Neutralized and no longer a Keter and extinct.
A.D.Prayer 13 days ago
If this was the case/true i would vote to let them back into Society in some way. Use the Native American model and since such small numbers designate land that they completely control. This allows for the perception of making amends while still having them at Arm's Reach to be watched and make sure no Uprising happens. Keeping them in the shadows will do the exact opposite and force them into an uprising and give them time to develop a way to turn the tables on us without knowing.
Scp 682
Scp 682 14 days ago
Scp 1000. Is weak
Linken062478 14 days ago
Gotta admit... I was onboard until we got to the Trickster Forest God. Kinda lost me there. Just seemed out of place. Maybe it's a reference to another SCP I'm unfamiliar with.
Mohd Zafar
Mohd Zafar 14 days ago
Bigfoot is not a scp man
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 14 days ago
Anyone else thinking about the red dead lvl with Bigfoots that made you have a moral dilemma...........
Robotiwiki 14 days ago
Oof too late -> 2:02
Ladybug 14 days ago
bigfoot: Humans eat bad children. humans: im going to do whats called a pro gamer move.
CRAZY19 NATION 15 days ago
Scp 1000: haha were stronger and intelligent as you Humans: we got nukes and tank Scp 1000: Nani
James basty Villegas
James basty Villegas 15 days ago
There is no Bigfoot in the snow except for a yeti LOL
Jacqualine Towns
Jacqualine Towns 15 days ago
Yeah I still didn't get killed by 096
Logan Rodriguez
Logan Rodriguez 15 days ago
This i beleive in.... because ik humanity is that stupid enough to take gorillas tech and kill them bc they are smarter i know its true
Spooky Gaming
Spooky Gaming 15 days ago
You are my favorite you tuber you are the best I would love to see you more so can you do one on the orange line
Anthony Wallace
Anthony Wallace 15 days ago
the crazy part theres alot of literal truth to this, and its connected to the missing 411 cases dealing with smart people disappearing in national parks into invisible portals with the ability for big foot to shape shift and other special abilities and they are always sited near ufos and orbs. watch the movie "missing 411:the hunted"
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