Why Gold Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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9 months ago

Editor's note: The estimated amount of gold left in Earth’s crust is 55,000 tons, not 55 tons as the video states. Business Insider regrets the error.
Gold is the shining embodiment of wealth. One ounce can cost up to $1,500. But other metals that are rarer than gold are much cheaper.
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Why Gold Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Orange Juice
Orange Juice 13 hours ago
Aleksandar is macedonia 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰
Republi Cuban
Republi Cuban 14 hours ago
PLATINUM is 30x more precious a metal then Gold, And 300x more PRECIOUS then Silver. On planet EARTH there are only 2 major Platinum mines! 1 in South Africa and the other in Russia. ALL the PLATINUM ever mined in HISTORY could fit in your living room. PLATINUM requires up to 12 tons of ore and 6 months of labor to extract one troy ounce my friend. So in comparison my 1 KILO TROY of Platinum DWARFS your Silver. And as Silver is currently UNDER-VALUED, PLATINUM is much more then 300X more UNDER-VALUED! And due to the "BEER- FLU" the mining of PGM has come to a COMPLETE stand still! If you think Silver is moving...Just wait until Platinum inventories go to ZERO. Plus i can carry my KILO of Platinum in my Pant Pockets you need a Fork-Lift!
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David Kennedy
David Kennedy 15 hours ago
Making money from bitcoin trading hasn't been easy for me, how exactly do you guys make it, if you don't mind me asking
btchbegone i
btchbegone i 17 hours ago
The "eating gold with food" trend is just pure stupid, lacks class and very insensitive. Gold mining is really hard and the amount of gold that is produced each year isn't that much actually. Gold only probably taste like dirt or stone(not that I know whow those taste like) then you're going to eat it TO POOP IT OUT? You're out of you're mind.
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 23 hours ago
Gold: the dumb blonde of precious metals. I prefer the bookish hardworking homemaker with horned rim glasses and her hair in a bun...called SILVER!!!!!!!!
Kerath 3 days ago
So when you own physical gold, you hold a piece of the heart of a dying star? That's dope!
Grant P
Grant P 4 days ago
I think Gold and Silver will continue to rise, until the economy becomes stable again, and this Corono Virus thing is overcome, and the fear factor that drives people to buy Gold will then be diminished, and then the stock market will rise. History will repeat itself as it always does, and when there's fear and uncertainty out in the world, people tend to buy Gold and Silver -- like in 1980 when inflation in the US was running around 15 %. You can't have that, and the Fed raised rates to around 16 %, and the mortgage rates were about 20 %. Gold then shot up fast. I see this Fear and uncertainty lasting about another 6-8 months, then a vaccine will be invented, and approved, and confidence will be restored, and things will get back to normal, like they were before the Virus. Because of what I've mentioned, I see Gold hitting around $ 2,400.00 to $ 2,800.00 in the next 6-8 months, and I think Silver will hit around $ 32.00 -- $ 40.00 per ounce. Note -- Silver's all time high was $ 48.00 in Arpril /2011, so it has room to rise up. I have bought Gold mining stocks myself -- because if Gold goes up 30 % -- the Gold miners stock goes up 100 % or more. 2 good gold mining stocks are ( GFI) Gold Fields -- up 93 % in the last year and up 185 % in the last 2 years. Very stable company -- been in business for 60 + years. They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Other one is ( BTG) -- Company name is B2 Gold, which is a Canadian company with the same kind of returns I mentioned above on the other stock.( GFI) This company is well managed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Hope this helps in the discussion, and I own both of the 2 stocks I've recommended.
junard perales
junard perales 4 days ago
Gold is the God Money... All the Univers..
Danielle Marnalse
Danielle Marnalse 5 days ago
robertojae 5 days ago
Gold.is finite and modt oart fo gold disappears
Rico Bo
Rico Bo 6 days ago
I own 1g of fine gold
A Little Slice of Alot
A Little Slice of Alot 6 days ago
We'll have to start mining it in space...
George WashingTonsOfClothes
George WashingTonsOfClothes 7 days ago
“A fish ent uses” 1:22 *uses it on cars and food*
Felox 8 days ago
Where do these guys get the music in the beginning of the video
Zowlz -
Zowlz - 9 days ago
Clearly overrated, a wooden sword is just as good as a good as a golden one the same goes with leather armor Lol
Mrdeadlykitty64 10 days ago
Its only expensive because of the 1.16 update
R Dey
R Dey 10 days ago
5:31 These four are India Post gold coin 🇮🇳
Fan William
Fan William 10 days ago
We have to keep gold as a common currency across generations just in case a time traveler travel back in time, he or she wouldn’t starve to death if they carried gold with them.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 11 days ago
Circle k doesnt accept gold for a thirstbuster
Yegor Me
Yegor Me 11 days ago
Gold: I'm a useful mineral used in electronics and even power cables because I'm an awesome conductor! Humans: imma eat you
JCMW JCMW 12 days ago
Only 3 reasons: 1)its non corrosive...lasts forever. 2)its heavy...got weight. 3)its unique colour...especially when polished.
Aashish .B
Aashish .B 12 days ago
0:12 so wanna watch the next season of money heist 😩😩
s.f.w.l 13 days ago
$1971 (USD) today. Which is ironic because in 1971 Nixon took the world off of the goldstandard.
Will Joyce
Will Joyce 13 days ago
Watching this in July 2020, watching the price go up happily as I invested in precious metal mining stocks
Will Joyce
Will Joyce 9 days ago
Better to invest in a physical ETF, miners or such over the real thing usually, especially as you need an outlet to sell back out of it
M- Nice
M- Nice 9 days ago
What about the real thing?
swarna baghel
swarna baghel 13 days ago
No matter how ridiculously expensive gold is - Indian women will still buy it 😂😂😂
anisa abu seman
anisa abu seman 14 days ago
Hey malaysia ia gold
Jazz Fall
Jazz Fall 14 days ago
Oh that's why it's old but gold.
Feelthefx 14 days ago
Ah, $1,580 an ounce. Such an elegant price from a more civilized age.
Nourah 14 days ago
It is beautiful and it’s special in most cultures so we like to buy them.
Momo UwU
Momo UwU 14 days ago
Get it in Minecraft
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes 15 days ago
Watching this video made me feel rich! So rich.
Reymond Ortega
Reymond Ortega 15 days ago
Gold came from the mineral called poop.
clark kent
clark kent 15 days ago
Gold mining
ExceedingStew1 15 days ago
Sadly I got here from Fortnite
Sayyid Muhammad Adnan
Sayyid Muhammad Adnan 15 days ago
In Kashmir,central Asia rarely an marriage takes place without exchange of gold gifts.
Sayyid Muhammad Adnan
Sayyid Muhammad Adnan 15 days ago
All that glitters is not gold.
Leader Unit H4L
Leader Unit H4L 15 days ago
‘Gold could become even more expensive’ Not when asteroid mining becomes a thing
Polkaroo 16 days ago
It all goes back to Biblical times. Basically it’s currency God created not the paper monopoly stuff you seen being created all over the world in mass quantities.
clortz 16 days ago
Fun fact edible gold sheets like whats put on those steaks are surprisingly cheap, you can get 100 sheets for under 10 dollars
Karenni Boy
Karenni Boy 16 days ago
Golds from mynmar and other poor countries can be sold as cheap because their golds are
Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 17 days ago
Buy gold
Sudarshan HR
Sudarshan HR 17 days ago
Indians: let's buy all gold in the world lol
Ina suma Satish
Ina suma Satish 18 days ago
Mallus undo
Sana Je
Sana Je 18 days ago
...Because it’s called gold.
C A S T R I E L L E 18 days ago
Stars need to collide to make gold and platinum and people just gon eat it? When we run out, it’s GONE.
Bung IFAL 18 days ago
Why gold expensive? Because our minds thinks it
B r u h M o m e n t
B r u h M o m e n t 18 days ago
0:34 "Scientists believe-" *Sentrydyingsounds.mp4 plays* Y'all just gonna do sentry like that? Aight. Sentry 2007-2020
Michael Adam G. Reale
Michael Adam G. Reale 18 days ago
The only true value of gold is as a conduit of electricity. That's why it is used in computers. Same with diamonds, their tru value is in industrial use. Moreover, they are controlled. If the Debeer family release more diamonds then the value goes down. When they hoard it, it goes up. Same with silver and the Hunt family. If all the gold reserves were released the value would plunge. It's artificial. An aside: Platinum, I'm not sure. I read that all of the world's platinum could fill one room. The piece never mentioned the size of the room.
Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty
Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty 18 days ago
Why gold is expensive? Its like why is a dog a dog, its just like that.
Web Forder
Web Forder 19 days ago
Gold holds nothing on ink, ink is the biggest ripoff of all time
Zack Koromah
Zack Koromah 19 days ago
Jeane Embestro
Jeane Embestro 19 days ago
So that’s the reason my freaking iPad is so expensive
Daniel Braaten
Daniel Braaten 19 days ago
They didn’t go into the properties of gold
Fahim Shahriyar Hossain
Fahim Shahriyar Hossain 19 days ago
Gold in Real Life: Expensive Gold in Minecraft: Garbage
610 16 days ago
Gold bartering my friend. Also good for endgame/flex food such as golden apples and carrots
Józef Subczak
Józef Subczak 19 days ago
Bankiero invest Gut in USA In -GoldJewerly Bysnes Ok🎠
Jian Monegro
Jian Monegro 19 days ago
Why it is expensive it breaks easily
The Fool
The Fool 19 days ago
Oh, just a shiny rock
Someone 19 days ago
*Laughs in Casino Gold Glitch*
Hunter. Playz
Hunter. Playz 19 days ago
If dirt was rare it would sell for $1000 per kilo
Steven Chandra
Steven Chandra 20 days ago
I have chest full of gold in Minecraft, did this mean I'm rich??
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