Harry Potter's Chocolate Cake from Hagrid | Food in Literature

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Bryton Taylor

4 years ago

You can find the printable recipe on Food in Literature: inliterature.net/food-in-literature/2016/07/harrys-11th-birthday-cake-hagrid.html
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Jake Salazar
Jake Salazar 14 days ago
Gonna try this out for Harry’s birthday this year! Looks delicious!
Ayelen Chanienko
Ayelen Chanienko 2 months ago
amazing cake but you should put the ingredients in anywhere
(Jiajia) Jiajia Pantisoontorn
(Jiajia) Jiajia Pantisoontorn 3 months ago
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 2 months ago
Just because is a good reason! And happy belated birthday!
The Raven & The Book
The Raven & The Book 3 months ago
Love this - just watched Philosopher's Stone and this scene always gets me...
Lavish Misfit Tink
Lavish Misfit Tink 11 months ago
The cake looks so delicious always wanted a Harry birthday cake 😩
Marina Amelina
Marina Amelina Year ago
Please. help me! My cream doesn't thicken. WHAT TO DO????
Marina Amelina
Marina Amelina 10 months ago
@Bryton Taylor Thank you! Just my refrigerator defrosted :D he didn't give the cream to stabilize :D
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor Year ago
Not knowing what type of cream you're using (I'm learning that cream around the world is all different!) I'd suggest adding in some corn starch/ corn flour to create a thicker consistency?
ShookTea 2 years ago
Idk why I cried during this scene I remember that I was sad the Dudley ate the cake and hadgrid worked hard on it so I cried I was very young
Ajay 2 years ago
Children's Book
Children's Book 2 years ago
A Winkle in time has food
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 2 years ago
What can I use in place of thickened cream here in America
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 2 years ago
I remember having this convo with someone else... I think we figured thick whipping cream was the same ingredients.
Children's Book
Children's Book 3 years ago
I'll Have Four Kids I'll My Son Harry
Children's Book
Children's Book 3 years ago
I love it
Lu Mena
Lu Mena 3 years ago
Im sure Nestlé is thrilled to see what an amazing cake you did! Such a great idea to make the most memorable cake in the entire, Harry Potter series. Im a professional cake decorator, from Mexico City, and let me tell you that I love all your recipes and this cake in particular. Continue making more videos!! :)
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 3 years ago
thank you! :) I hope they are- might not be pretty but the cake means a lot to many people. Wow, a pro cake decorator-- huge respect for you, you must have a lot of patience!
Marilou Recacho
Marilou Recacho 3 years ago
forestdust 4 years ago
That cake looked so yummy and chocolatey!!! I will be making this some time soon!! I keep loving your videos and always get excited when I see a new one! I also had a question if you don't mind answering, could you play music in the background while you're talking or do you get copyright issues? I was hearing Harry's Wondrous World in my head while watching this and thought it would make it more magical! Hope this isn't a bother! :)
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 4 years ago
It's a good question :) There are copyright laws that stop me from using music from Harry Potter and other movies, and music found on the radio etc. There is music we can use under a creative commons license, so I sometimes try to find music that sort of matches. But it's never quite the same as hearing the 'real' song we imagine!
Nelva 4 years ago
I love your amazing quality and the wart you put in to each recipe. When I saw the caption and pic o. My dashboard squealed!
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 4 years ago
Haha I'm glad the cake had that effect! I've been wanting to make it for a while and figured with the new book out it was the right time 😀
Émilie Carpentier
Émilie Carpentier 4 years ago
Very good idea of how to use the chocolate Nestlé sent you! and love what you said at the end :)
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 4 years ago
Figured a HP cake was a worthy recipe 😀
America Rico
America Rico 4 years ago
You are amazing!❤😍
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 4 years ago
Thanks! If there's anything you want to see made, just let me know 😀
Dani P
Dani P 4 years ago
Lovely video and recipe as always! Contemplating making this and having a serious Harry Potter Marathon!
Bryton Taylor
Bryton Taylor 4 years ago
Thanks! 😀 And HP marathons are always a good idea 😉