Down With the SICK

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Let Me Explain Studios

3 days ago

Winter Wear:

I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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Maebie G
Maebie G Hour ago
・Anniie ・
・Anniie ・ 2 hours ago
Why does the merch look like Harry Potter 😂
Joeroy 2 hours ago
Yeah i mean it is flu season you clould have the flu cause i did for atleast a week so its either covid or the flu
•Cheri xox•
•Cheri xox• 2 hours ago
What the hell bruv XD
Vortex :3
Vortex :3 2 hours ago
Rebecca raven claw CONFIRMED
Alolan Raichu
Alolan Raichu 2 hours ago
I hope you get better soon
Baconn_boi 2 hours ago
I hope you get better Rebecca and thank you for making a video while you're sick. :>
1CookieCreamPls 2 hours ago
Hahahahaha I was sick for 3 months and I thought I was going to die
Itz_alex The_sharkløver_123
Itz_alex The_sharkløver_123 2 hours ago
Shays Ferguson
Shays Ferguson 2 hours ago
She has a mouth
Artsy Panda
Artsy Panda 2 hours ago
I hope you get better!!💜💜💜
٠Honey_ Pot٠
٠Honey_ Pot٠ 2 hours ago
Rebecca is sick drunk! D: also I’m soooooo getting that scarf >:D
8-Ball 808
8-Ball 808 2 hours ago
U sound drunk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr Imposter
Mr Imposter 2 hours ago
Lol I’m sick too
MichyLichy 01
MichyLichy 01 2 hours ago
omg the animation is so smooth and beautiful that it kills me to see it 😍😍😍
Ashley Weiss
Ashley Weiss 2 hours ago
I hate being sick! I've been feeling sick to and it sucks
GamingwithMacon 2 hours ago
She sounds like daffy ducks girlfriend
Chip andd DALE!
Chip andd DALE! 2 hours ago
"I'm si...." Me: Covid!!!!!! "It is not covid" ME: yeah I knew that.
The1kaboom 2 hours ago
Dang I hope you feel better
gun cake07
gun cake07 2 hours ago
I just noticed, animated Rebecca can't get infected
ION.xy_L 2 hours ago
The part where Rebecca said "snack and a half" got me for some reason
Raeanne Bedard
Raeanne Bedard 2 hours ago
I'm in the middle of an 8 week bug and I've had a negative covid test
Barkers The dogge
Barkers The dogge 2 hours ago
Take as long as you need to get better
Juergen 2 hours ago
0:12 aaaaaaaaaaaaaachov
Grace Evans
Grace Evans 2 hours ago
I hope you feel better and love your vids ❤
Natalia The Frickin gamer
Natalia The Frickin gamer 2 hours ago
Wow I’m sad for her-
Ellie Lloyd
Ellie Lloyd 3 hours ago
don't worry I just got off sick today yay!!
tnxp56 _
tnxp56 _ 3 hours ago
I can’t tell if the guy on the Thumbnail has a beard or he is wearing a mask
Nicholas Moreno
Nicholas Moreno 3 hours ago
we hope u get better!!!
Alex Harwell
Alex Harwell 3 hours ago
Rebecca isn't just a snack and a half, she's an entire buffet of awesomeness and perfection!
Jessah Norris
Jessah Norris 3 hours ago
Omg love you get well soon🥺❤️
Alex Harwell
Alex Harwell 3 hours ago
0:23 - I have no mouth and I must scream.
Mr homer Simpson
Mr homer Simpson 3 hours ago
M glad she dosent have covid
Heemin Gamin' Station
Heemin Gamin' Station 3 hours ago
OH MAN!! I’ve never heard other people need to say lines to slip into accents I feel Validated!!
Confused Otakurodo
Confused Otakurodo 3 hours ago
I can't tell whether the title of the video is a reference to 'Down with the sickness' by Disturbed. Or I'm just overthinking things.
ST_ Selina
ST_ Selina 3 hours ago
Yeah, same tho xD But I did test negative!
Dalla AJ
Dalla AJ 3 hours ago
I hope you get better!!
Pumpkin_patch 3 hours ago
Is this the bus to Let me explain content
Fernando Solito
Fernando Solito 3 hours ago
The intro alone made my day PS hope you get better
David Felipe Fajardo Arenas
David Felipe Fajardo Arenas 3 hours ago
I hope u r ok
Inyuji 3 hours ago
please take care of yourself. Being sick is the worst right now. Also, that New York Accent is funny ^^
Claire Christian
Claire Christian 3 hours ago
I'm new and I love her
•Tristangirl 66•
•Tristangirl 66• 3 hours ago
I love the Apple feafer UnU
Aaron TCK
Aaron TCK 3 hours ago
Say coffee
Arden Taylor
Arden Taylor 3 hours ago
so does anyone think that she was sick because she was drunk at first i mean she does sound drunk in the opening skit lol no offense rebecca
꧁Quirkless꧂ 3 hours ago
Same 😔✌️
Nileco 3 hours ago
i am sick too what
Collin Lake
Collin Lake 4 hours ago
Nara Ayana Djatikusuma
Nara Ayana Djatikusuma 4 hours ago
Hope you feel well soon 🤗
Mrs. Midoriya
Mrs. Midoriya 4 hours ago
I’m so proud of you that you made a video while your sick, but you don’t have to either, feel better love ❤️
Brooklyn T Guy
Brooklyn T Guy 4 hours ago
Merch looks great I might buy some
Marissa Laney
Marissa Laney 4 hours ago
Im a summer baby
Sophie Lloyd
Sophie Lloyd 4 hours ago
she hasnt posted in forever
Stonksbuyer425 4 hours ago
New york accent rebbeca is best lmao
Kayaking Manatee
Kayaking Manatee 4 hours ago
everyone: The floss is stupid and old! LetMeExplainStudios fans: Aw come on just this once let it pass by! Me: LetMeExplainStudios fan
Jase Mollohan
Jase Mollohan 4 hours ago
down with the sickness
The Real Acxel
The Real Acxel 4 hours ago
Same im sick but no covid
Hunter West
Hunter West 4 hours ago
i this the bus to blizzard beach
GamerEli Games
GamerEli Games 4 hours ago
Yes down with the sick
SPAZ_FN Yt 4 hours ago
Feel better becca!
Amanda Elliott
Amanda Elliott 4 hours ago
I'm sick to :(
JarOJelly 4 hours ago
I am a adorable explainer baby now :)
Cyatkiten 4 hours ago
Feel better soon rebecca we will be here when u get back.
History army productions
History army productions 4 hours ago
Sergei gives his condolences, yo.
Pca2 Plays
Pca2 Plays 4 hours ago
nooooooo Becca's got the floss bug too!!!
Hayden Giorlando
Hayden Giorlando 4 hours ago
Izuku Midoriyia
Izuku Midoriyia 4 hours ago
Samuel Rivera
Samuel Rivera 4 hours ago
looks who's back ;D
Jeter Boy
Jeter Boy 4 hours ago
I’m just glad she uploaded
Inky Mation
Inky Mation 4 hours ago
I'm an explainer baby?! 🥺
Myra Jane
Myra Jane 4 hours ago
Get well soon.
MyDude 4 hours ago
does Rebbeca need to wear a mask if she doesn't have a mouth?
Jonathan eats Candy for breakfast
Jonathan eats Candy for breakfast 4 hours ago
Can I be an explainer kid?
bonnie carente
bonnie carente 5 hours ago
Aethestic Emmy
Aethestic Emmy 5 hours ago
why does the holiday sweater look like it came from hogwarts-
TechnoShy 5 hours ago
Also your gonna look like a true Ravenclaw
JohnnyXVlogs 5 hours ago
why when she puts on the Murch she looks like someone from Harry Potter
Cristian Castaneda
Cristian Castaneda 5 hours ago
Hey do you like jojo bizarre adventure
Bradley Biggerstaff
Bradley Biggerstaff 5 hours ago
I thought it said down with the stick
gabigamer 9990
gabigamer 9990 5 hours ago
you don't think about making videos with Portuguese subtitles, because I'm Brazilian and I really like your content
gabigamer 9990
gabigamer 9990 5 hours ago
I hope you understand, my friends also like it a lot
CreepySmile Gaming
CreepySmile Gaming 5 hours ago
Don’t mind me but I’m gonna grab that drip
Tim Ang
Tim Ang 5 hours ago
Christ Rebecca what ya do that caused this sickness rained down on you? Just take care of yourself. - baby entertainer
Ghost 05
Ghost 05 5 hours ago
Do you have a 🅱️Ik 🅱️ok
Frumpy 5 hours ago
The big sick has hit me
DarkGamer xyz
DarkGamer xyz 5 hours ago
Damn it 2 days late atleast i am still here
Milka Martic
Milka Martic 5 hours ago
I thought I was on USshow lol
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 5 hours ago
Did anyone notice the "smooth" transition to her accent
Alex Wu
Alex Wu 5 hours ago
after she says "is this the bus to Blizzard Beach" she sounds normal again, (like not the sick voice)
waffles waffles
waffles waffles 5 hours ago
Hi I love you
Mega- Eevee7
Mega- Eevee7 5 hours ago
Miss Rebecca stay safe out there and eat chicken nodal soup!!!
Madi B
Madi B 5 hours ago
"Hey Rebecca, how sick you be-" "AJSJSKJAHSKJ"
Maria Betina Rivka Sison
Maria Betina Rivka Sison 5 hours ago
omg I wanna buy that scarf it kinda feels like a Harry Potter vibe ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
Jaxon Galick
Jaxon Galick 5 hours ago
feel better soon Becca
Crazy Bomb Team
Crazy Bomb Team 6 hours ago
fanzy 6 hours ago
LOL where's your youtooz
GRACE BOWLING 6 hours ago
The scarf kinda reminds me of the Ravenclaw scarf that I have, ngl (why am I talking about the merch?).
Emily Etherton
Emily Etherton 6 hours ago
HeY rEbEcA
Rhina Acevedo
Rhina Acevedo 6 hours ago
Sandra mmos
Sandra mmos 6 hours ago
is it okay if I could say you sound a little to sick
That Chill Asian
That Chill Asian 6 hours ago
Even while being sick Rebecca was able to -drop merch -animate -talk in a random accent -tell a story of why she’s talking in that accent -floss in front of the camera
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