Lyin' 2 Me - Among Us Song

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10 days ago

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A special thanks to the fans that helped me get some of these lyrics together on stream, especially Lord_Prototype, who helped significantly by providing the most prominent line I would ultimately be using for the chorus.
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Oops, they done did it again,
Another mate dead, misplaced his head,
Oh, who could it be?
I mean, it definitely wasn't me.
No clue where that charlatan ran?
I've been around the Skeld, only know too well
Villain vampires want fresh blood.
So now everyone's sus.
Are you crawling 'round the vents,
Or can you prove your innocence?
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lyin' there!
Don't go lyin' to me,
Don't go lyin', don't go lyin'.
I ain't gonna let there be,
No more dyin', no more dyin'.
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lying there!
It was right there!
So Jordan was in medbay, Ellie in elec,
Jerome was roaming through the hallways,
Guess we gotta, gotta do a triple-check.
It ain't the killer's holiday.
Are you crawling 'round the vents,
Or can you prove your innocence?
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lyin' there!
Don't go lyin' to me,
Don't go lyin', don't go lyin'.
I ain't gonna let there be,
No more dyin', no more dyin'.
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lying there!
It was right there!

Listen to me, listen now, lend me your ears
Let me lay it out easy so to lessen all your fears
Just living and loving, not about to let you down
Let's look at this logically, figure this out
We can likely verify each other's alibis
No need to allegate, litigate, itemize lies
I just wanna live free, liberty, let me be
And I won't be ejected, not a liability
Back off!
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lyin' there!
Don't go lyin' to me,
Don't go lyin', don't go lyin'.
I ain't gonna let there be,
No more dyin', no more dyin'.
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body, a body!!
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lyin' there!
Don't go lyin' to me,
Don't go lyin', don't go lyin'.
I ain't gonna let there be,
No more dyin', no more dyin'.
Don't go lyin' to me!
I saw a body lying there!
It was right there!

Karsten Belt
Karsten Belt 9 days ago
This turned out great! It was an honor working with you on this Charlie 😊
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon 5 days ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon 5 days ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon 5 days ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
Captinzezo869 .0
Captinzezo869 .0 5 days ago
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon 5 days ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
CEO of simping for anime characters
CEO of simping for anime characters 3 minutes ago
MERGE WARFARE 5 minutes ago
Hey how did you get six million views in a month legit how
Jaden Kester Barro
Jaden Kester Barro 6 minutes ago
i like the part "are you crawling'round the vents
ツChimChim 6 minutes ago
Moral of the story: don’t trust the cute one 😂💀
Liam musicas Quayle
Liam musicas Quayle 7 minutes ago
Did anybody notece that Brown thinks that Pink is cute
nobody cares
nobody cares 12 minutes ago
I tried to play this on spotify and USshow at the same time but it doesn't work:/
Fudy Wei
Fudy Wei 13 minutes ago
Tran thanh Tung lx
Tran thanh Tung lx 14 minutes ago
I think brown's notebook is actually death note
BluKidGamer 15 minutes ago
Is it just me or do they bounce to the beat
JustAxlJayden 15 minutes ago
Im not a danganronpa fan but everyone talkin about how theres a reference in this Bro theres a 1 chapter manga of among us and danganronpa So thats a cool fact
Bright Shadow
Bright Shadow 18 minutes ago
Role: *Detective*
el marcianito galactico
el marcianito galactico 19 minutes ago
Mejor que tusa👌😭😭😭
Super yeet
Super yeet 19 minutes ago
There simps lol
Kid Destroyer
Kid Destroyer 21 minute ago
Have no one else noticed the the chef was cyan and now white 😂
memeurr- dreemurr
memeurr- dreemurr 23 minutes ago
Kemuel Smith
Kemuel Smith 24 minutes ago
Can I make a song with you
puffer yt
puffer yt 26 minutes ago
this is the worst song
Jaaziel Mercado
Jaaziel Mercado 29 minutes ago
Defect Or Eject
Dova Yamanni Arvand
Dova Yamanni Arvand 30 minutes ago
About CG5 in Among Us : Impostor : Sneaky killer Crewmate : Detective That's so good!
EmperorRhyz viLlAnU3va
EmperorRhyz viLlAnU3va 30 minutes ago
Lol orange is a furry
blev. 32 minutes ago
why tf is sherlock here
isidora navarrete
isidora navarrete 33 minutes ago
Oh, so you're a crewmate? Name every task. Admin: Accept Diverted Power Admin: Chart Course Admin: Enter ID Code Admin: Prime Shields Admin: Swipe Card Admin: Upload Data Balcony: Clear Asteroids Balcony: Record Temperature Boiler Room: Open Water Ways Boiler Room: Replace Water Jug Cafeteria: Accept Diverted Power Cafeteria: Download Data Cafeteria: Empty Garbage Cafeteria: Fix Wiring Communications: Restart Wifi Dropship: Chart Course Dropship: Insert Keys Electrical: Calibrate Distributor Electrical: Divert Power Electrical: Download Data Electrical: Fix Wiring Greenhouse: Accept Diverted Power Greenhouse: Download Data Greenhouse: Fix Wiring Greenhouse: Water Plants Hallway: Fix Wiring Laboratory: Align Telescope Laboratory: Fix Weather Node Laboratory: Inspect Sample Laboratory: Repair Drill Laboratory: Submit Scan Lower Engine: Align Engine Output Lower Engine: Fuel Engines Medbay: Accept Diverted Power Medbay: Download Data Medbay: Fix Wiring Medbay: Inspect Sample Medbay: Submit Scan Navigation: Accept Diverted Power Navigation: Chart Course Navigation: Download Data Navigation: Fix Wiring Navigation: Stabilize Steering O2: Accept Diverted Power O2: Clean O2 Filter O2: Download Data O2: Empty Garbage O2: Fill Canisters O2: Fix Wiring O2: Monitor Tree Office: Download Data Office: Fix Wiring Office: Scan Boarding Pass Office: Swipe Card Outside: Fix Weather Node Outside: Open Water Ways Outside: Record Temperature Reactor: Accept Diverted Power Reactor: Divert Power Reactor: Download Data Reactor: Fix Wiring Reactor: Start Reactor Reactor: Unlock Manifolds Shields: Accept Diverted Power Shields: Download Data Shields: Fix Wiring Shields: Prime Shields Specimen Room: Start Reactor Specimen Room: Unlock Manifolds Specimen Room: Store Samples Storage: Empty Garbage Storage: Fix Wiring Storage: Fuel Engines Storage: Water Plants Upper Engine: Align Engine Output Upper Engine: Fuel Engines Weapons: Clear Asteroids Weapons: Download Data Weapons: Fix Wiring
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina 33 minutes ago
This wonderful // NEW SUBSCRIBER!
Geek Sonic
Geek Sonic 34 minutes ago
why did it say pink is cute and everyone else is sus? He has a crush on pink. Lol.
CampROBLOXMan Plays
CampROBLOXMan Plays 34 minutes ago
Blake Gill
Blake Gill 34 minutes ago
can you keep doing thees
Chriss Ametrine Quartz
Chriss Ametrine Quartz 34 minutes ago
Listened to this like 10 times already :/ it good song
gabo97 35 minutes ago
Jada Playz
Jada Playz 35 minutes ago
If u look closley when he said everyone's sus it had "cute" by pinks name. PINK WAS THE IMPOSTER!
DZetaGamer 35 minutes ago
me encantoooooooooooooo
Elis Resiana
Elis Resiana 36 minutes ago
(つ✧ω✧)つ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(⌐■-■)[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]
Sarah Pritsch21
Sarah Pritsch21 37 minutes ago
Did anyone notice that the second verse kinda sounded like Your Love by The Outfield? Even so, I absolutely love the song.
e s
e s 39 minutes ago
Wait stud Skeld is a turtle
Kale Wallen
Kale Wallen 40 minutes ago
I laugh when he touches his hat he's like " don't yeet my hat out of my head "
Alexander Gutierrez
Alexander Gutierrez 40 minutes ago
Plot twist: One imposter remains
Jerid rodriguez
Jerid rodriguez 40 minutes ago
rats united 1:29
Blake Gill
Blake Gill 40 minutes ago
i dont know what to say like that was so good it was on 🔥
The Ukrainian Hunter
The Ukrainian Hunter 41 minute ago
1:20 cOviD 19!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kale Wallen
Kale Wallen 42 minutes ago
also I love this
Kale Wallen
Kale Wallen 42 minutes ago
me as crewmate : runs if somebody chasing me
Peony Gacha
Peony Gacha 43 minutes ago
“Green: sus Orange: sus Yellow: egg”
Jenyn Iwashita
Jenyn Iwashita 43 minutes ago
Who else noticed that Brown wrote cute under Pink,but called everyone else (minus Blue) sus?
Silvanz 44 minutes ago
nex time can you do that white is searching for thr imposter and he see a lot of blood
EpicSandwich 46 minutes ago
In the danganronpa, everyone shoots down the word "logically"
Emma June
Emma June 47 minutes ago
This was the best Among us song I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot)
iiGamerLunaii _
iiGamerLunaii _ 48 minutes ago
This song Is good
FOXY 10 50 minutes ago
Orange is literally my skin in among us😂
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 50 minutes ago
This among us tops all others
Kodah J.
Kodah J. 51 minute ago
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 52 minutes ago
where cyan
Evan Roberson
Evan Roberson 57 minutes ago
Dang this hits different 👌☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Doggo Alfredo
Doggo Alfredo 57 minutes ago
I love the dangangronpa reference 😍
Rundown77 59 minutes ago
Set it to 1.25x speed and it’s epic
Justine New people
Justine New people Hour ago
That as cool video!
Noah Sarki
Noah Sarki Hour ago
Nobody Just Nobody CG5: I will breath on people in every among us music video
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing Hour ago
Is the Detective an actual role because I'm pretty sure it's not Everyone's acting as if it is but I haven't got it yet
Danielle Byrne
Danielle Byrne Hour ago
My Opinions
My Opinions Hour ago
Tbh loved the dangonronpa part the beat at the almost end. Make more and do your best! Sincerely From My Opinions.
Isaac Peterson
Isaac Peterson Hour ago
It makes sense that it was Ellie ( Pink ), because they were in elec. Duh!
Fábio Iasir
Fábio Iasir Hour ago
Ayden plays baby
Ayden plays baby Hour ago
xhlcus88 Hour ago
The sus ketchup. 2:13
Muhammed Abdulsaher
Muhammed Abdulsaher Hour ago
glitchtrap-productions Hour ago
“Green : sus Orange:sus Yellow : egg
Isaac Peterson
Isaac Peterson Hour ago
Haha, The one described as " Cute ", and was not sus'd was the imposter
Muhammed Abdulsaher
Muhammed Abdulsaher Hour ago
Annisa Azzahra
Annisa Azzahra Hour ago
if anyone gonna talk about brown reporting times a row :v
Zoey𐂂シシGacha Hour ago
3:09 nice👁👄👁
Prestonator 11
Prestonator 11 56 minutes ago
👁👄👁it was
Dynass Chong
Dynass Chong Hour ago
The impostor is pink
Prestonator 11
Prestonator 11 57 minutes ago
Thanks for this useful information
TyTube Tyhanna T
TyTube Tyhanna T Hour ago
Among Us Public Server Detectives Be Like:
AlexGamerPlayzRoblox Hour ago
How did you made this brown voice and how did you the game thing that lime played?
Kathy Rachowicz
Kathy Rachowicz Hour ago
I love this your drawings and singing just get better every day
Shads Hour ago
“He was sus so I killed him”
Dae Dae Perkins
Dae Dae Perkins Hour ago
It kind of like a jazz song
Joev Libot
Joev Libot Hour ago
this is so cool
That one fan
That one fan Hour ago
I normally dont like cg5’s voice no offense but his voice worked great with this song
Demon Tom
Demon Tom Hour ago
0:40 why the impos is cute 🤣 3:08 see at right lower corner hero have his own sketch of future by the way it also beat my 1st song and it was show yourself now it's on 2 and this song on first now pls make more song like this it's best sir
Adrian Anderson
Adrian Anderson Hour ago
pink sus
BIG brain bruv
BIG brain bruv Hour ago
Well, the ''cute'' person was the imposter. Shocking, isn't it?
Alancin w fun
Alancin w fun Hour ago
Good song
kevin simare
kevin simare Hour ago
1:45 when ur son is not in zoom Your mom:
it's not lala again UwU
it's not lala again UwU Hour ago
I subescribe 👍
Caden Coleman
Caden Coleman Hour ago
You should make more songs like this. One of the best among songs I heard.
Amna Rageb
Amna Rageb Hour ago
3:07: the note to the right: *nice.*
cursedsooshi Hour ago
Feet during Testimony vs. When Detective reports a body.
Cacty _YT
Cacty _YT Hour ago
Brown literally reported 3 bodies in a row. He should be the most sus
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hour ago
0:39 Brown regretted calling Pink “cute” at the beginning of the song
Kenney & Jennifer Howitt
Kenney & Jennifer Howitt Hour ago
Ayy sorry I was late to view this but this was amazing
doot lord
doot lord Hour ago
red: sus blue: sus yellow: egg
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hour ago
Please make an Uno song
Hazel- Marie Hinton
Hazel- Marie Hinton Hour ago
Watching it right now.I watched it over 52 times.It is stuck in my head.
FuntimeDust Hour ago
*When ellie was in elec I alr knew she was the imp*
Presiding Goddess
Presiding Goddess Hour ago
Where cyan
Ahbern lim
Ahbern lim Hour ago
Plot twist: Orange was in imposter on pacifist while betraying pink.
Gamingwithrence Gamer
Gamingwithrence Gamer Hour ago
Dangaropna was there in a backround
My fino Air
My fino Air Hour ago
2:01there is no yellow
stupidCrystal Hour ago
Yvette Bautista
Yvette Bautista Hour ago
cool vid
Kathryn Brooks
Kathryn Brooks Hour ago
i new pink was sus
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