SCP-294 The Coffee Machine (SCP Animation)

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3 months ago

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-294 Animation.
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SCP 294 also known as a standard coffee vending machine, is a coffee machine that can produce any beverage through keyboard input.
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A lemon
A lemon 15 minutes ago
My dude literally got a cup of joe
LegacyMatheus2017 Hour ago
Request a cup of coronavirus cure
LegacyMatheus2017 Hour ago
Y e s
dimple badilllo
dimple badilllo 2 hours ago
lol i tought the writing said mana full in bisaya to english done full
Glitchboy The dev
Glitchboy The dev 10 hours ago
Wait what if you type in joe mama
Loud Boys Live
Loud Boys Live 11 hours ago
When you take “a cup of joe” too far
Loud Boys Live
Loud Boys Live 11 hours ago
All you gotta say is A drink that gives infinite power Easy
Erik Woodruff
Erik Woodruff 15 hours ago
Given this thing has some sort of intelligence/sentience, what would happen if you instead typed in "what are you" or "what do you feel" in the keyboard?
Per M.
Per M. 16 hours ago
Its all fun and games until you realize the cabala died out because all specimens simultaneously lost all their cerebrospinal fluid 8 million years ago.
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Carlson 16 hours ago
why does it look like a capybara
Austin Floyd
Austin Floyd 20 hours ago
Me: cure for covid
Thor Clarke
Thor Clarke 20 hours ago
So with 294 we could actually get bone hurting juice, unsee juice, and all those other ones
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 23 hours ago
“Can only produce items that can exist in a fluid state” *makes liquid music*
Totally Original
Totally Original Day ago
What if I typed in “a reason to live”? ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ THATS WHAT I WANNA KNOW
Creeper Freak
Creeper Freak Day ago
Lol he made a cup of joe
kkranezz Day ago
So no diamonds or solid objects but any type of liquid is fine? Aight, I guess I'll type in m o l t e n g o l d.
Muisian Tham
Muisian Tham Day ago
Like the pic at 0.22 of vid
Harvey Da Lates
Harvey Da Lates Day ago
me : types in entre stock 294: cup of jontron quote
Siva Playz
Siva Playz Day ago
I know what to request Request dinosaur blood It will have the DNA of dinosaurs in it And that will be r really helpful for analysis
Siva Playz
Siva Playz Day ago
I know what to request Request dinosaur blood It will have the DNA of dinosaurs in it And that will be r really helpful for analysis
Siva Playz
Siva Playz Day ago
I know what to request Request dinosaur blood It will have the DNA of dinosaurs in it And that will be r really helpful for analysis
NeoTrix Day ago
3/5 wanted a cup of joe not a cup of Joseph
Syrath Douglas 3 inches tall, Read Bio
Syrath Douglas 3 inches tall, Read Bio Day ago
Can you use multiple words? I want a sweet hot chocolate with 20 mini marshmallows.
nevan rose
nevan rose Day ago
I need one of these
far had
far had 2 days ago
madestmadhatter 2 days ago
12 ounces of assorted human fluids probably would not result in loss of consciousness or a multi week recover time, that's like a sugar cookie repair.
Miles Hillary
Miles Hillary 2 days ago
Couldnt they just use this to get the stuff they need from scp 3000?
Fontecha Diesel Hayden
Fontecha Diesel Hayden 2 days ago
jojo refrence
Qubio 2 days ago
now i know who stole my soda
Types neck beard Dispenses A cup of virginity
Madelynn Morrison
Madelynn Morrison 2 days ago
Listen this is scary but this scp is just amazing
FrostDrive 2 days ago
What's the OTHER vending machine SCP? The one that gave tiny live animals out when you requested animal crackers
marette berkowitz
marette berkowitz 2 days ago
This is definitely not an ordinary vending machine
Jeremy Tripp
Jeremy Tripp 2 days ago
Christopher Shurtz
Christopher Shurtz 2 days ago
Literally a cup of joe
The smore emperor
The smore emperor 2 days ago
Id order Humor.
Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis 2 days ago
I'm surprised they aren't using it to make Y-909. Seems like an oversight.
Quaken 2 days ago
A creepy creature that can run faster then a eyeblink? Hell no. A coffie machine ? Hell yea
ThaMonster 2 days ago
I want a cup of inspiration and talent
Lance Ivan Calisaan
Lance Ivan Calisaan 2 days ago
Imagine someone ordered music and started dancing the JoJo dance idk what it's called but it's named torture dance
Drenmar spb
Drenmar spb 2 days ago
9:30 an the clock shows 3:00
GBishop17 2 days ago
Now the question is can it produce liquids of an anomalous origin? There's an aquatic scp that produces an oily substance that is used as an amniocentesis or whatever it's called so could it produce stuff like that?
SenSHi 2 days ago
him: a cup of joe machine: joe what him: joe mama also him: *collapses*
Max the German engine
Max the German engine 3 days ago
This one is more friendly and not aggressive like the other ones
Ferdinand Kurniawan
Ferdinand Kurniawan 3 days ago
What about requesting Y-909
Shadow Night
Shadow Night 3 days ago
Why don,t they type a substance that can kill Scp682
Yashyca Alfaro
Yashyca Alfaro 3 days ago
Just imagine that agent Joseph died on that day
dank skateboarding
dank skateboarding 3 days ago
Wish i had this
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 3 days ago
bring me a cup of love from buff bara furries pls
jose' hernan
jose' hernan 3 days ago
sumdina mnou
sumdina mnou 3 days ago
do scp 458
Kobe Nguyen
Kobe Nguyen 3 days ago
I see a Among Us character
Mikey Chen
Mikey Chen 3 days ago
Why not continue with the unique liquid (the one with coke and garam masala) and constantly placing it further than 25 metres from the machine and see how far its radius of detection? Must be a nice info for the test / report document
Matheus Guilherme Hardt Thomaz
Matheus Guilherme Hardt Thomaz 3 days ago
What happens if you type "immortality"?
jabber 3 days ago
This can be used for mind control
omar mancuso
omar mancuso 4 days ago
He forgot about the guy who asked for the best drink in the world and then committed suicide
Mysticyze 24
Mysticyze 24 4 days ago
If this was real order a vaccine for covid
The Engineer of Engineering
The Engineer of Engineering 4 days ago
A cup of all intelligence, that could possible exist.
Æsh Möon
Æsh Möon 4 days ago
Red 4 days ago
How about Covid vaccine type it on scp-294
Coco Roman
Coco Roman 4 days ago
Me: *types in corona cure* Scp-294: *makes cure* People: NO MORE CORONA!
Crwler Madsin
Crwler Madsin 4 days ago
I like the test where they asked the machine for "something Cassy would like". Note: Cassy is SCP-085, a two-diemsional living drawing of a female named Cassy. The vending machine, upon receiving the order, dispense a drawing of what was said to be a chocolate banana milkshake. Cassy said it was delicious.
G Solomon
G Solomon 4 days ago
Cup of gold?
Cragmortis 4 days ago
Ayahuasca please.
I'm Nothing Like Normal
I'm Nothing Like Normal 4 days ago
If I had this I will type infinite IQ
Torblox 4 days ago
SCP-682 has a hatred of all life. *Give him a cup of love.*
Kali Vaughn
Kali Vaughn 4 days ago
Fujin The destroyer
Fujin The destroyer 4 days ago
Wait....if you asked for a sandwich (don’t ask why) smoothie,would it work?
DonJavier Moreno
DonJavier Moreno 4 days ago
Coffee machine:I can make stuff like nitrogen and deadly toxins Me:can I have orange juice
Mango Charger
Mango Charger 4 days ago
Hope you can spell well
UnitedBats 4 days ago
“A cup of joe.” Me realizing what SCP-294 did: :0
UnitedBats 4 days ago
Imagine this SCP being real and someone not knowing what it is, they would be like: ITS JUST A DAMN COFFEE MACHINE WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN SCARED!?!
Роман Рустамов
Роман Рустамов 4 days ago
Imagine typing a liquid that gives god powers to whoever drinks it, that would be op
Sam Schmit
Sam Schmit 4 days ago
I would totally use this thing for my office if it weren't literal-minded.
AK Gaming
AK Gaming 4 days ago
i love your videos do more
GamingLikeThouShould 4 days ago
What about the perfect drink guy?
Bastian 23
Bastian 23 4 days ago
Me: I want a cup of liquid game grumps 294: JAM IT UP YOUR P-HOLE!!
Charles Hurtt
Charles Hurtt 5 days ago
Me: *types: A actual girlfriend* 294:Deploys a cup and has a note in it saying "even i can't do that."
Just A Sunset
Just A Sunset 5 days ago
0:01 a cup of JOE MAMA
CatGirl Nya
CatGirl Nya 5 days ago
"a cup of gold" Well baby Im rich now
CatGirl Nya
CatGirl Nya 4 days ago
@Yo Momma oh god you fell into the most obvious trap ever. Now... YOU FELL FOR IT FOOL, THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 4 days ago
Uh the person on your prf ain't a catgirl- he male
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 5 days ago
Professor: oh it’s a black strange fluid why not just drink it
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 5 days ago
Scp 0234 name “the rubber” has information almost about all the scps
Dwayne Peter
Dwayne Peter 5 days ago
One cup of 'a will to live' please
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 5 days ago
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 5 days ago
I want gold
FalconCourt 5 days ago
Why don't they just produce stuff like the cure for every decease or the strongest memory wiping fluid like from the ocean creature they would never have to go get stuff like that anymore or a liquid that kill the unkillable lizzard (I'm new so I don't rly remember scp codes) but this makes the machine a little bit of a plot hole to the whole universe
GravityKnows 5 days ago
Who's joe?
hashtag mobile one
hashtag mobile one 5 days ago
Why is it Euclid
AverageGuy Backup
AverageGuy Backup 5 days ago
I want this coffee machine.
inaya monasfaly
inaya monasfaly 5 days ago
why don't any of the scientists ask for the blood of t rex?
Siddharth Nath Shrestha
Siddharth Nath Shrestha 5 days ago
Ask for a substance that can destroy SCP-682
Tyer Tyer2
Tyer Tyer2 5 days ago
Me asks for a cup of pee Nobody: My mom: wtf
saintedcookie97 5 days ago
anyone notice how he asked for a cup of joe and his name was Joe thats why it happen
Uneven 5 days ago
wasn't there a guy who ordered a drink that was so good that he killed himself because "everything else was just one big letdown"?
I'm From Wisconsin
I'm From Wisconsin 3 days ago
@Mason Withee The perfect drink actually
Mason Withee
Mason Withee 5 days ago
It was a cup of god, I believe
Rainbow Paradox
Rainbow Paradox 5 days ago
Got a coffee ad
The Animator
The Animator 5 days ago
Why don’t they ask for a cup of dinosaur blood and biologically engineer dinosaurs and then boom! Jurassic park.
Ramondinho Shitposting
Ramondinho Shitposting 5 days ago
"Cure for cancer" Scp-294: *gives poison*
Garpu Gaming
Garpu Gaming 5 days ago
Yeah i’m gonna buy this coffee machine
AJ UNPIKUL 5 days ago
If this was real Jurassic Park is real:D
Daniel Olmos Pliego
Daniel Olmos Pliego 5 days ago
Me: *types “taco”* 294: *dispenses a glass of blended roast beef and tortilla* Me: WHAT THE HELL
I changed my name I think
I changed my name I think 5 days ago
Why not ask for a cup of the machines creation
wahyudi udink
wahyudi udink 6 days ago
Wait a second can scp 294 dispense red pool fountain of youth and 352 saliva
SpiderPo The Beast
SpiderPo The Beast 6 days ago
Joseph:*types a cup of Joe* SCP-294:...You asked for it*MADE THE DRINK OUT OF HIM* Joseph:*Paniking and complaining about dizziness* Me:...WELL WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN- Also me:Wait is the drink made of him or is he made of the drink..?🤔🤔🤔👁👄👁
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