Megan Thee Stallion - Shots Fired [Official Audio]

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Megan Thee Stallion

4 days ago

The official audio for Megan Thee Stallion's “Shots Fired” from her album ‘Good News’ - Out Now!
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Dylan Wetten
Dylan Wetten 3 hours ago
We know who shot ya, you snitched on him😂😂 very unsavagelike behavior
Z e ø
Z e ø 3 hours ago
Should of dissed him with a “hit em up remix”
Kazino Beats
Kazino Beats 3 hours ago
I guarantee you if Tory sees Megan in public he gone turn the other way. This might be the next Tupac and Biggie beef😂😂😂😂😂
Steve Branch
Steve Branch 4 hours ago
Yall the same people that called him a clown and weirdo for speaking on the situation but it's ok for her to do it ? 😭 make it make sense
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz 4 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's 10 toes down!
fallen_ qt
fallen_ qt 4 hours ago
he shot her but she still out here twerking make it make sense💀💀
Sharxp on ps4
Sharxp on ps4 4 hours ago
Tory is innocent
RunMeTheMoney 4 hours ago
CERTIFIED GUNMAN 818 4 hours ago
How u take a gangsta beat talking all that but she a snitch
RunMeTheMoney 4 hours ago
Y’all be calling anyone a snitch at this point
obama james
obama james 4 hours ago
The Beat itself is murderous!!! DAMN
Celeia Garmon
Celeia Garmon 5 hours ago
mentioning Breonna Taylor's name in a song like this ? weird.
d money
d money 5 hours ago
d money
d money 4 hours ago
@RunMeTheMoney 😈
RunMeTheMoney 4 hours ago
You have your own emoji 😍
playboi arizonnaaa
playboi arizonnaaa 5 hours ago
How u gon remix who shot ya but you the one who got shot
Kdot 5 hours ago
Tory lanes better use the hit em up beat
epsteins bitch
epsteins bitch 6 hours ago
I kinda feel bad for kelsey
azmi haider
azmi haider 6 hours ago
This is garbage...
Goochcast ✅
Goochcast ✅ 6 hours ago
Honestly this was wack 🤷🏿‍♂️
Goochcast ✅
Goochcast ✅ 6 hours ago
Niibi Pappoe
Niibi Pappoe 6 hours ago
He didn't even diss you like wtf I thought u were better than this Meg this music industry has fucked w a lot of artists
Do it!
Do it! 6 hours ago
The last shovel of dirt in the pit that Tory himself dug 💥🔥
ewright2017 6 hours ago
Ehhh this was alright but if your going to use a beat from a legend you have to come just as hard as they did if not even harder
Jeferson amaral
Jeferson amaral 7 hours ago
Viciado nessa 🇧🇷
boston mike
boston mike 7 hours ago
Torey got body bagged#!!!
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda 6 hours ago
Torys album> Megan’s whole career
Jmar385 _
Jmar385 _ 7 hours ago
Damn why your songz are nothing but samples you from Easy E, BIGGIE, 2Pac,, Junevile, Frank Ski, Jasmine Sullivan, Webbie, Micheal’le, Al B Sure, OPP. Megan The Sample😭😂😭
Mrlilchico 7 hours ago
Praise to the Most High
Munira Isrolia
Munira Isrolia 8 hours ago
Know Yourplace
Know Yourplace 8 hours ago
😐 could’ve better lol i mean from this one song didn’t go as hard as I thought she would
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 hours ago
Megan drops “Shots Fired”, Quando drops “End of Story” when will this drama end 😞
Creamus Jones
Creamus Jones 9 hours ago
Dokum Charu
Dokum Charu 9 hours ago
The beat is Notorious B.I.G's who shot ya?
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda 6 hours ago
@seiom jvony no
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 hours ago
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff 10 hours ago
How are you gonna make a song over “who shot ya” when you’re the one who got shot?
J Kenll
J Kenll 3 hours ago
Female logic (backwards af)
CEO of Swag
CEO of Swag 5 hours ago
Fatima Z Yamoun
Fatima Z Yamoun 10 hours ago
Megan just continues to impress me. Only female rapper that aint cringe and actually writes her own lyrics - cough cough Cardi
Viyrcx 10 hours ago
This who lil baby lost to😳... bruh
devonte 94
devonte 94 10 hours ago
A 22cal 🤣🤣🤣
Jax 2020
Jax 2020 11 hours ago
Shout out for Breonna Taylor !!!
GK 11 hours ago
Triddash 🤣🤣🤣
вчера беше малак днес направо е друк
вчера беше малак днес направо е друк 11 hours ago
Eh ehe eh eh eh. Goot goot eh!!!
HAUSOFJAH-Tarot DracoFlorez
HAUSOFJAH-Tarot DracoFlorez 11 hours ago
Anybody need a reading
ELIJAHHG 11 hours ago
Im not feeling it honestly, it comes off as petty.
Geemic7 11 hours ago
Tory just shrank another few inches after hearing this Megan just bodied him .
JhopesUnderwear SPRITE
JhopesUnderwear SPRITE 11 hours ago
Tory’s lil boyfriends bout to come through.💀💀
elia 3009
elia 3009 12 hours ago
Poor Biggy...
The unreleased Gang
The unreleased Gang 12 hours ago
This one hit different 🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Volino
Anthony Volino 12 hours ago
Lame 😒
Ebony 13 hours ago
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda 6 hours ago
No he’s not and his album> megans career
grandevonii 13 hours ago
Ryan Voltaire
Ryan Voltaire 13 hours ago
No one can take away from the fact that Megan can have punch lines when she wants. She can rap frfr.
Ismail Donna
Ismail Donna 13 hours ago
Tooooooorrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Gang All The Way 🙌🏾💯💯💯
Derrick Bennett
Derrick Bennett 13 hours ago
nuff said
Karol_ 187erz
Karol_ 187erz 13 hours ago
The who shot ya beat of Biggie 🔥
Mikey Blu
Mikey Blu 13 hours ago
how she gonna use “who shot ya” sample when she the one who got hit lmao
Vynie TheGreat
Vynie TheGreat 13 hours ago
Marvin De La Cruz-Serrano
Marvin De La Cruz-Serrano 14 hours ago
She did biggie no justice this is weak asf no bars
RunMeTheMoney 4 hours ago
And you still tuned in soooo
Salad Romain
Salad Romain 14 hours ago
She made no points lol his songs were spot on
EpicGlobe Entertainment
EpicGlobe Entertainment 8 hours ago
Bruh she dogged him accept it
Leonith Oneil
Leonith Oneil 14 hours ago
Who shot ya?
Yaya Alim
Yaya Alim 14 hours ago
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 14 hours ago
Pobrecita probably so traumatized but came out with tha greatest hit of the times Rn oh yeahhhh
Coolbear2004 14 hours ago
It still needs the “proceed to give you what you need”
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 14 hours ago
You just onnna remix 😂
Aye it’s_ angel
Aye it’s_ angel 15 hours ago
First boyz in tha hood remix Rather be your nigga remix now who shot ya remix😳😳
Tenn Tatted
Tenn Tatted 15 hours ago
Megan lame af for this
RunMeTheMoney 4 hours ago
You tuned in so stay mad
Moon Artistic
Moon Artistic 15 hours ago
RIP Breonna
Riverlyn Frank
Riverlyn Frank 15 hours ago
Gonna give you a run down This sample is called who shot ya by biggie he released this after tupac had been shot, making everybody think he shot him when he didnt. Megan most likely used this beat to flip it to her advantage. - 11 year old who knows hip hop history😌💅🏾💅🏾
Coolbear2004 14 hours ago
Yup and he even said pac won’t even believe it
Black King
Black King 15 hours ago
I like this one when you just rapping not just freaky stuff on your videos even though I don’t know about the beef part
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 15 hours ago
How she gon remix who shot ya but she got hit
fuck you
fuck you 15 hours ago
marcus wylin
riya 15 hours ago
this rly wants to make me learn how to twerk
Rosa Odie
Rosa Odie 15 hours ago
Go offff sis!!!
Donte Jr
Donte Jr 15 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Isiah Mcbean
Isiah Mcbean 16 hours ago
Meg should be in the Nba 🤦🏿‍♂️
RichG06 16 hours ago
Sosa 16 hours ago
The disrespect to biggie is crazy.
Ricky Day
Ricky Day 16 hours ago
yesss biggs beat for who shot
o g
o g 16 hours ago
Wtf is she even talking about
Rik Roi
Rik Roi 16 hours ago
How she gon remix who shot ya when she the one that got shot 🤣
Rik Roi
Rik Roi 16 hours ago
btw this 🗑
B 16 hours ago
I giggled.
ArnxldSalas 16 hours ago
Tory innocent Marquis dee seahorse lying
dave lightSaber
dave lightSaber 16 hours ago
track was Kinda soft tbh .
Tamara Tisdel
Tamara Tisdel 16 hours ago
Siraj Brown
Siraj Brown 16 hours ago
efeira55 16 hours ago
Tory all the way your kap
hubba bubba
hubba bubba 16 hours ago
Your turn torey...... as a fan torey, don't make us look bad... cuz she snapped lol
HOPE HOPE 16 hours ago
She didn’t waste a second lol
DExta ThaRealest
DExta ThaRealest 17 hours ago
This ain't that sawlid
Theo Niz
Theo Niz 17 hours ago
What happened between her and tony?
Saah Trades
Saah Trades 17 hours ago
Beat tuff! Fire song
YMD Nell
YMD Nell 17 hours ago
This was nice but tory would destroy her if he dissed her back
Vanessa Edwards
Vanessa Edwards 17 hours ago
"Who shot ya"?! More like who shot me! JK
Rurubaby 17 hours ago
But wasnt she cryn bout getting shot but now it was only a 22 and she a real one but said her life flashed before her eyes lmao goes to show ya everyone is a thug on wax beat hard tho
Akiva Henry
Akiva Henry 17 hours ago
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 17 hours ago
Megan thee snitch
Corrine Crear
Corrine Crear 17 hours ago
Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl 17 hours ago
All the haters, hope y’all know that every click is money in her pocket. And every comment adds to the algorithm.
Trini4th 17 hours ago
Her new name for 2021 is *Megan Thee Savage* cause she just went Beast mode.
Imposter Apple
Imposter Apple 18 hours ago
Love this song 🎵
Lil Reyna
Lil Reyna 18 hours ago
Yall ignoring the fact she shitted on chormazz😂😂 she got ha chain snatched n went to the police
Fleezy81 18 hours ago
Don't let this Tory Lanez and Joshua Pete bullshit distract you.
Taliq B
Taliq B 18 hours ago
Tory innocent 🤓
Main Man Productionz
Main Man Productionz 18 hours ago
I gave it a Try but nah Garbage 🗑 as I expected trust I gave it a try but she Sucks Stop making these nobodies Famous 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I didn’t even Finish the song it’s A Disgrace to Big Poppa!
Jaida Chisholm
Jaida Chisholm 18 hours ago
We love u Meg❤️
official Chardonnay
official Chardonnay 18 hours ago
She bodied Tory Lanez on this dis track. 🙌🏽
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