Your Mind is an Excellent Servant, but a Terrible Master - David Foster Wallace

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After Skool

7 months ago

David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962 - September 12, 2008) was an American writer and university professor in the disciplines of English and creative writing. This speech is from his graduation address at Kenyon College in 2005.
The most profound ideas are the most difficult to articulate because they express thoughts that transcend words. Many of us struggle through life because we are stuck in our "default setting", where we unconsciously see ourselves as the absolute center of the universe. David Foster Wallace presents an alternative way to see the world in this timeless speech.
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After Skool
After Skool 7 months ago
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Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 23 hours ago
Annabella Crewe
Annabella Crewe Month ago
Pennies I do not have left over at all, sorry. But I sent You a commentary to the tecniqe a moment the way, to me It goes a bit to fast. There are many important information s on this difficult subject. So it would be preferable with a bit slower pace. Thank You🐱
stickplayer2 2 months ago
Hard to support when terminology like "master" and "slave" are used.
ClamJumper James
ClamJumper James 2 months ago
@Nunnles your dumbass comment adds nothing so shut your stupid cakehole.
Nunnles 2 months ago
lol the drawings are stupid and add nothing to the experience of the speech. If anything, they distract. What a fucking waste of time.
baban daryan
baban daryan 3 hours ago
Keep up the good work my friend, your channel is the best and i really love your videos, they're life changing.. hope your life be as colourful and beautiful as these videos 🌹
Citizen Jim
Citizen Jim 18 hours ago
well said...well said!
KPEC3arrival Day ago
Anybody else thinking of the Depeche Mode song? "Master and Servant". Man, I am old...
Hector Balansky
Hector Balansky Day ago
The cartoon is nice but this is suppose to be for adults who can concentrate even on the internet. Thanks anyway, very well down.
Spirit of Vlad the Impaler
Spirit of Vlad the Impaler Day ago
No matter how you choose to look at life, it will never change this one fact... If you work for someone, you are a slave. "Duuhhh but slaves worked for fwee." No, they did not. They worked for room and board. How about you? Thinking of joining the military? There is an illusion there that could cost you your life whether you lose it or not. Concious and miserable because you can't unknow the truth, or comfortably dumb because you won't bother to see the truth. Life really is a puzzle with paths you can't back track and go the other way. But if you're one of us cursed people who are fortunate enough to wake from the failed machine, all that's left is the question... How to we fix this?
Ricardo Blanco
Ricardo Blanco 2 days ago
Thinking back to junior college, even though I didn't even get an associate's degree, this particular college was such a humble one where when they taught you things that not only stuck, but made your life whole somehow way afterward. It was years and years ago, but I occasionally but not too rarely think about those lessons and those very special personalities that gifted me with these treasures I started to acknowledge some 10 to 15 years after leaving that school.
Wishpunk 2 days ago
We have been programmed.
Tbob tbob
Tbob tbob 2 days ago
"Teaches you how to think" lol!
jizburg 2 days ago
The problem is alienation.
Jeha Reis
Jeha Reis 3 days ago
A somewhat sober perception. Imagine aliens tuning in on Saturday's best episode : " Life On Planet Gaïa - As It Is Toyear. " Don't you think they would be falling and rumbling on and of their couches (if any) watching us Humans ? At least if the aliens have a humanoid form of humor, that is...). And Compassion, Sadness, Jealousy everything will be in it. The Big Question is: Do we want to miss it ? If not, at least now you know that if you want a change you have a choice !
Thaddeus Jonez
Thaddeus Jonez 3 days ago
He's saying all this to Liberal Arts students? No wonder they're laughing.
Friend Bubble84
Friend Bubble84 3 days ago
21:07 that sence is great. I personaly like this kind of education wich left this feeling of" uh i should be aware of". Hard to explain why. Because i dont realy understand how that works in me. But I love this erected indexfinger. It defentily last longer then this kind of education like "nice to know" and u forget it as soon sas u left the classroom. Sadly its often hard to find some one to speak about this afterwards
JMike S
JMike S 4 days ago
A young man David, was. After watching this entire thing, this is what Conservative cares about, btw.
whistleblower 123
whistleblower 123 4 days ago
He may have given up on his journey, but if you will open your mind, he will have helped others too understand that we can reprogram ours!!!!!
The Golden Arrow
The Golden Arrow 4 days ago
I swear half these videos feature Bill Cipher eating money on fire in a large polluting city with rich monopoly owners rubbing their hands greedily as mindless masses below them tap on their phones attached to wires for some reason.
Kori Hoornstra
Kori Hoornstra 4 days ago
"they hate if your clever they despise a fool"- John Lennon
Jonathan Collier
Jonathan Collier 4 days ago
Wow this really makes me happy I never went to college. I suggest pull your head out your ass and take a look at the sky makes me feel better
fred wick
fred wick 4 days ago
13:54 Best, and most telling, part of the speech. As the crowd engages in Exactly the kind of behavior he is warning about.
Pranav Ahuja
Pranav Ahuja 4 days ago
The fact that he commits suicide 3 years later he gave this speech is really unsettling.
you2099 5 days ago
03:58 We prize tolerance and diversity of beliefs. ?? LOL. That's a lie. You are Mindless drones following everything that your masters, or their celebrity mouthpieces tell you to believe. They appeal to your ego, petty resentments, and naive idealism. And they leave you thinking that what's going on in your head are your own thoughts, and not the ideas that they have purposely put there. Which they can change or flip anytime they want.
you2099 5 days ago
5:13 Blind Certainty.... Oh, the Irony... This just keeps getting better.
Matthew Bexell
Matthew Bexell 5 days ago
What when and where did you learn these lessons? Who are you to teach us to be better, yet, we look at you in your ivory tower you little soapbox bitch
Matthew Bexell
Matthew Bexell 5 days ago
Stand in the wind and you'll find carrion shit in your face. Be a part of the world and you will deserve everything you get
MechanicalValve TimeTraveler
MechanicalValve TimeTraveler 5 days ago
Breathtakingly spectacular! "This is water", "Be water my friend".
Daft Funk
Daft Funk 5 days ago
7:54 Whoops
Patrick 6 days ago
What a waste of hot air. Boring and nothing new.
R. L. Perez
R. L. Perez 6 days ago
Wow. This was great!
Galaxy Discounters
Galaxy Discounters 7 days ago
Wow how is this man ?
Galaxy Discounters
Galaxy Discounters 7 days ago
That’s my life lol
Cristian Cruz
Cristian Cruz 7 days ago
this was a phenomenal video, 2020 is the year 👁 🌍
clarissa brooks
clarissa brooks 7 days ago
Excellent video and presentation! Thank you
Moses Saladi
Moses Saladi 7 days ago
He tried to convince himself of to think from multiple perspectives rather than simply being pessimistic. But those sentences started with Maybe. And eventually Maybe wasn't good enough. He hung himself to death because living life the way he described it, just wasn't worth it.
DeRicco 7 days ago
holy shit, this is so trippy. while watching this i remembered hearing him speak this while in class on the smart board. at the time i didnt understand it, now its all too real. the trippy part is that I go my day to day life the way he says is hard, i stand in long lines and ponder which each person is doing rather than getting pissed. etc.
Joel Hand
Joel Hand 8 days ago
This guy needs to get laid in the real world
Patrick de Groot
Patrick de Groot 8 days ago
Yet the best masters serve others.
Patrick de Groot
Patrick de Groot 8 days ago
We're all the center of the universe. Nom nom nom.
TryingYourLuck 8 days ago
If you let this video tell you what your mind is, then it's obviously slave.
0vrStart 8 days ago
It's scary to think that the same person giving this speech took his own life.
Raven Clawthorne Orthodox
Raven Clawthorne Orthodox 4 days ago
@Kori Hoornstra What the hell? That's scary!!!
Kori Hoornstra
Kori Hoornstra 4 days ago
He was murdered by the elites
TheAj0323 9 days ago
Excellent message. Very well done.
Michel Ranger
Michel Ranger 9 days ago
Let's not confuse the mind with the brain! The human brain responds to the mental energy circuit of the univers and what the brain elaborates is called the intellect, we know that the intellect is so often mistaken, The mind howevr, rsponds to rhe spiritual energy circuit of the univers. The mind is a gift of the spirit and the Spirit never fails. The brain reasons, the mind thinks.
M. Milburn
M. Milburn 9 days ago
23 minutes later and the speaker still can't think for himself
Erik Buchanan
Erik Buchanan 9 days ago
Im one of those people that gets frustrated at everything. This video pointed out ideas i had never thought of. I need to be less self centered but more empathic towards others. I keep forgetting how shitty life is for so many of us.