This Rock Has Been Censored

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Rock: pBvSA8OuHcDc/?igshid=25dwl1gphiu5
Sloth by Sara Sofia: costaricarescue?igshid=151wfdflen6gs
Ironing: kevinlustgarten?hl=en
Gold Ring: watch/?v=788750978177576
Milkshake: watch/?v=330146564170080
Cat & Dog: willowthebluemerlecorgi?hl=en
Robot: pBvsRZDanzEd/
Penguin: pBu2oodmgRJD/
Rabbit: pBpLUODhlAkb/
Ocean by KV
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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PixxCell 18 minutes ago
Japanese Gem.
Aesthetic Nature
Aesthetic Nature 40 minutes ago
Minecraft rock
Aidan Hatton
Aidan Hatton Hour ago
Shafiq Youtube
Shafiq Youtube 2 hours ago
This is some MintyCafts you got here I think I spelled that wrong
The Awesome Guy
The Awesome Guy 4 hours ago
"So how does the rock look like?" *Shows rock* "Alright then. Keep your secrets."
Ahmet Altınayar
Ahmet Altınayar 6 hours ago
Minecraft emerald
Sana Gagamba
Sana Gagamba 7 hours ago
Japanese rock
2G (23) Kwok Valerie Tin Wing
2G (23) Kwok Valerie Tin Wing 8 hours ago
I have never seen a youtuber with 10 million subs, let alone one with 10 million subs and still reads, replies, likes and *pins* comments. I am impressed :0
matthew_moody 10 hours ago
404 Rock Not Found
LINC. 12 hours ago
in thumbnail looks like minecraft block
M. Yazid Tamami
M. Yazid Tamami 14 hours ago
1:17 Smart Horse 😍😍😍😍😍
Bob Jr
Bob Jr 15 hours ago
It seems the rock was inappropriate
Cyphlix 17 hours ago
Milkshake guy: It's free real estate!
Cora Dotson
Cora Dotson 18 hours ago
for the love of ROCK put some clothes on!
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet 21 hour ago
*Creeper Gem*
Dr. Vijayalaxmi D. Nalavadi
Dr. Vijayalaxmi D. Nalavadi 23 hours ago
0:31 heyy!! That is Chris Hadfield!!
ShadowMaster OmegaX
ShadowMaster OmegaX 23 hours ago
alright boys we found emeralds irl
cappuchinno cat
cappuchinno cat 23 hours ago
The sloth made my day
hot winter
hot winter Day ago
Everyone talking about the censored rock but no one gonna talk about this horse 1:11
Nova Blast
Nova Blast Day ago
You have to obey USshow laws Rock:
Jacob Day ago
Im not a robot
Ty Parrish
Ty Parrish Day ago
The rabbit, the cow, and the sloth were all cute
pikachu but still the inpostor
pikachu but still the inpostor Day ago
Bruh give that emerald I need to trade to the villagers
Frosted Felony
Frosted Felony Day ago
2:58 What song is this??
Dione Andonaegui
Dione Andonaegui Day ago
0:57 that is the cutest sound I ever heard🥰😍
•Shari_ draws•
•Shari_ draws• Day ago
0:44 ‘Never try at home’ *What did we learn today kids?* *Well I learnt some humans live underwater and risk their lives just to shake a can of soda to see what happens :o*
•Valentine UwU•
•Valentine UwU• Day ago
when you played too much minecraft
SirMikay Day ago
Plot twist: There was a middle finger carved into the rock.
12_I Gusti Agung Made Surya Andi Putra
12_I Gusti Agung Made Surya Andi Putra 2 days ago
That rock must be come from Japan
Such A Joker
Such A Joker 2 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the guy who stole a ring? How are they dumb enough to let someone take something outside? At least send someone with him.
Lil’ PeachyBuns
Lil’ PeachyBuns 2 days ago
Don’t worry guys, the rock is just gonna take a bath.
Swimin 2 days ago
You fools that is emerald from minecraft
Ria Merankorikku
Ria Merankorikku 2 days ago
*minecraft emerald.*
rmuiyi 2 days ago
*Minecraft emrald but irl*
Levi and his Bae
Levi and his Bae 2 days ago
Damn, I wanna see what that ROCK LOOKS LIKE!!
Don’t mind me im just a japanese lesbian Passing by
Don’t mind me im just a japanese lesbian Passing by 2 days ago
Minecraft og players are typing
Just Some Guy That Loves Anime
Just Some Guy That Loves Anime 2 days ago
This kinda reminds me of the censored food in Zelda breath of the wild lol
Cecilia Gago
Cecilia Gago 2 days ago
2:03 aren't ppl who sale jewelry trained for stuff like this, I think an average person would know not to let someone do that lol
Austin Elbert
Austin Elbert 2 days ago
2:22 "OH SHIT THEY'RE EVOLVING!" also 2:26: the robot: :D
Burned Potatoes
Burned Potatoes 2 days ago
That Rock is probably from Japan.
Sofia Alonso
Sofia Alonso 2 days ago
2:59 Me and my friends fooling around at the mall while my mom shops
Ryan Ouellette
Ryan Ouellette 2 days ago
the worst attempt to hide identity ever
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 2 days ago
Gamer24_7 2 days ago
Minecraft IRL is actually real!
OPGlad 2 days ago
I dont believe the gemstone crap thats a dead creeper part
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop 3 days ago
I wanna see the rock uncensored. it would be beatiful.
random guy
random guy 3 days ago
Minecraft in real life
DoriaN.U 3 days ago
2:17 Imposters be like:
DoriaN.U 3 days ago
If youtube became a rock in 2020
Lohitya Verma
Lohitya Verma 3 days ago
made in Japan rock
A small channel
A small channel 3 days ago
Alternative title : a rock has minecraft texters
Muhammad Arhum Khokhar
Muhammad Arhum Khokhar 3 days ago
Yuk Yuk
Yuk Yuk 3 days ago
Minecraft players: ive seen this
werevin06 3 days ago
cow: *trying to attack the man* Horse: nope
ADEN PERRY 3 days ago
Me: Sees a sloth in a scale Me two seconds before that not realising it was a scale: will it blend?
Juni ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Juni ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 3 days ago
Mexxicano 3 days ago
meanwhile in 2030: 0:03
Charles Klug
Charles Klug 3 days ago
who evre edited the security cam vdeo to blur his face should be fired
DoomDuckie 3 days ago
Just a rendering issue will be fixed soon just contact god.
Ryan Dennler
Ryan Dennler Day ago
404 doesn't exist
margarito amargo
margarito amargo 3 days ago
The guy drinking the milk shake was just doing quality control making sure it was up to standard.
IvoSujuka 3 days ago
When i saw the thumnail i thought its was a part of a creeper's head
Player 922
Player 922 4 days ago
when your youtube video is loading and it stays all glitchy in some parts
Zoe Warren
Zoe Warren 4 days ago
The I’m not a robot one made me laugh so much lol!
The Bored Guy
The Bored Guy 4 days ago
The rock is from japan change my mind
cronicals cronicals
cronicals cronicals 4 days ago
he never clickbaits
SKEE KING 4 days ago
Emerald from minecraft in rl be like
polish cow
polish cow 4 days ago
2:28 P O G C H A M P
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict 4 days ago
Mincraft in real life be like:
The_iExclipse 4 days ago
2:44 dang that must’ve hurt..
Aiden Sullivan
Aiden Sullivan 4 days ago
ツNakz 4 days ago
ohhhhhh, so they just put this rock in front of the camera so the video/pic would be censored!!!
hellothereok 4 days ago
RiffRaff 794
RiffRaff 794 4 days ago
I can just imagine this being clothes one day
Elyy_ 5 days ago
Lmao japanese rock
Flash Flood Art
Flash Flood Art 5 days ago
Don’t press read on I told you not to! You’re getting close..... Oh wait you aren’t. Ok you’re actually halfway now Getting closer.... Almost there.... Do you like hot chocolate? Ok! You make it! Next time don’t click read more.
luvyuwu 5 days ago
who else thought that was minecraft in the thumbnail?💀
LordDaBoss 5 days ago
New minecraft ore
Aniket kumar
Aniket kumar 5 days ago
0:36 I should really try that Guy: Dont try this at home Me : Sadly takes the submarine to home out of the Ocean in my backyard
Gãrbage Princess
Gãrbage Princess 5 days ago
Ya all talkin about the jewerly How about lets talk about how cute the horse is?
JD Rodger Allen
JD Rodger Allen 5 days ago
Julie Barch
Julie Barch 5 days ago
0:06 Real life emeralds from minecraft
Neko Ale-san Murillo 67
Neko Ale-san Murillo 67 5 days ago
normal people: "censored rock" or "japanese rock" Gamers: emerald from Minecraft
Moos 5 days ago
"This clave needs medical attention from the ranger" Ranger punctures calves ear to put a tag on it.
Moos 3 days ago
@OvU that's true, it's rare these days, so thank you too. i guess it's also rare these days to talk about something other then politics, which usually leads to escalation pretty quickly. ;) have a nice day.
OvU 3 days ago
@Moos yeah, and thank you for being so respectful, ive rarely had a friendly debate that didnt end with the other person being really rude, so thanks.
Moos 3 days ago
@OvU i would also assume it hurts about as much as when humans get their ears pierced. just that the humans who get that done usually want it to happen and know what is happening to them. and still from what i heard it must be really painful, i heard more then once that girls didn't want the other ear pierced after the first one was done, because of the experience. but i think we are about on the same level of acceptance to this procedure. i guess it might be the best way to do it. at least the cows can roam free on the field and aren't locked in a barn.
OvU 3 days ago
@Moos well its just piercing their ear, so from what we know about that i can conclude that it probably just hurts as much as when we get OUR ears pierced, and from what ive heard it doesnt hurt much, but thats just a guess, there could be an unknown variable to change how it feels but using information available to me i can conclude that it probably doesnt hurt much.
Moos 4 days ago
@OvU how do you know it doesn't hurt much?
T00LB0X 5 days ago
that rock hurts
SunflowerPlaze 5 days ago
3:16 they are sooo cuteeee
SunflowerPlaze 5 days ago
1:10 ignore this
hunter DA gunter
hunter DA gunter 5 days ago
at 2:43 that is flat Stanly in a nutshell
Seth Jayasinghe
Seth Jayasinghe 5 days ago
2:23 The trickster
No Onw
No Onw 5 days ago
The robot can get verified to be a human but my friend cant even-
Sir Narwhal
Sir Narwhal 5 days ago
Shit that rock do be swearing.
Emaany 5 days ago
the rock look likes a creeper
MKS 6 days ago
0:03 found in japan
Homocidal god of suicide
Homocidal god of suicide 6 days ago
The guy with the gold ring is a fucking genius
Akaza 6 days ago
*Japanese Rock*
Arpit Jakhmola
Arpit Jakhmola 6 days ago
Japenese rock
Shashi Rekha
Shashi Rekha 6 days ago
1:04 cute sloth...
swordfighter 6 days ago
reminds me of a certain genre of adult japanese cartoons.
aurvelva 6 days ago
geez! even rocks aren’t appropriate now
void flix ,
void flix , 6 days ago
It is not censored it is called Minecraft
Karmnewo4 Mira
Karmnewo4 Mira 6 days ago
I think the rock is from japan🙊
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