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Nov. 16, 2018 | Bob Boilen -- The group is new, but all of the members of boygenius - Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers - are Tiny Desk Concert alumae. In fact, Julien has been behind my desk twice before. So when the usual nerve-racking session was over and I shouted out, "So, is it any easier the second or third time?" I had to laugh when I got a resounding "No!" from all of them. The notion of playing in broad daylight, in an office, without having your voice coming out of a PA and with an audience close enough to touch is not only intensely intimate but also intimidating. That's not only true to these three, newly collaborating, under-25-year-olds. It was also true of, say, Ralph Stanley (who was older than their ages combined) when he sang a cappella behind my desk.
But what came through as these three heartfelt singers performed was the strength of their songs. My first attraction to each of them as artists was the songwriting. In fact, the title track to Julien Baker's first album, Sprained Ankle, is what got me to a show of hers early in 2016, which introduced me to the opening act, Lucy Dacus. (You can hear them tell their tale on an upcoming All Songs Considered.) Boygenius only has six total tunes, all from their just-released, self-titled EP, and here they perform half of that catalog. What you get at the Tiny Desk is a frailer version of these more fleshed-out songs from a band that is likely quite temporary.
For their closing tune at the Tiny Desk, "Ketchum, ID," Julien, Phoebe and Lucy each take a verse. Lucy's verse ends the song with the line, "Let's dissolve the band, move to Idaho." And the chorus to the song, in stunning harmony, echoes the mileage of the lifestyle, how they live and how they met: "I am never anywhere / Anywhere I go / When I'm home I'm never there / Long enough to know."
This trio is a special gift to us all in 2018.
Set List
"Me & My Dog"
"Ketchum, ID"
Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kaylee Domzalski, Beck Harlan; Editor: Kaylee Domzalski; Production Assistant: Brie Martin; Photo: Cameron Pollack/NPR

NPR Music
NPR Music 21 day ago
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matt Harvey
matt Harvey 4 days ago
Stuff your politics NPR.
Raw-Elite Noble
Raw-Elite Noble 5 days ago
we dont come here to think about politics we come here to get away from them.
Heather Traficano
Heather Traficano 7 days ago
its actually a republic!
cate k-s
cate k-s Day ago
this type of sound will make your soul full
cate k-s
cate k-s Day ago
i am going to pass away this is what heaven sounds like
nathalie elwood
nathalie elwood Day ago
TheMurrmursonbottle 3 days ago
this is amazing, and yes i notice the aurora vinyl in the corner
Uuuh h
Uuuh h 7 days ago
I always come back for Lucy her voice is insane
Baron Kimball
Baron Kimball 18 days ago
Like I do
Laura Joyce Morales
Laura Joyce Morales 21 day ago
we just a small circle but we all crazy
Baron Kimball
Baron Kimball 25 days ago
Hands up! All applause! Love it!
Daniela Cárdenas
Daniela Cárdenas Month ago
if you look up homosexuality on the dictionary this video pops up btw
Marina Brown
Marina Brown Month ago
these gorgeous voices have made me dust off & re string my guitar after at least 20 years! the songs are hauntingly beautiful and what's even better is that they are within my novice reach to try and play. thanks for making me so happy. love the NPR tiny desk concerts too. xx
kurtis howard
kurtis howard Month ago
John Paul Ocampo
John Paul Ocampo Month ago
Female number 5 in the middle 👍
truth iz
truth iz Month ago
Their set at the Holiday Inn on Thursday's during happy hour is good too. Seem down to earth and drinks are half price
mary o connell
mary o connell Month ago
I hat everything in the world except this
Savannah Hizer
Savannah Hizer Month ago
god it just occurred to me i have never seen lucy dacus before. i think i assumed she was older. anyway i love them ㅠㅠ
John van Gurp
John van Gurp Month ago
This feed is just the greatest way to discover the best new music... the talent!
Oogly Sproggs
Oogly Sproggs Month ago
What microphone is being used? Has a really old-timey sound
Kayla Salapunen
Kayla Salapunen Month ago
the holy trinity is here
T Mac
T Mac Month ago
Phoebe Bridgers and boy genius have been a gift this past year, especially under quarantine here in fire ravaged NorCal. Stumbling across this video is like a cool breeze, a shining light, a deep breath of fresh air in a time of viruses, protests, fire and smoke.
Afifa Ahmed
Afifa Ahmed Month ago
Souvenir: Dreamcatcher in the rearview mirror Hasn't caught a thing yet Twenty dollars in souvenirs Anything's worth trying To stay out of your nightmares Few hours in your dreams last night Always end up dying You said because of course I did Always managed to move in Right next to the cemeteries And never far from hospitals I don't know what that tells you about me Pulling thorns out of my palm Working midnight surgery When I cut a hole into my skull Do you hate what you see? Like I do Me & My Dog: We had a great day Even though we forgot to eat And you had a bad dream Then we got more sleep 'Cause we were kissing I had a fever Until I met you Now you make me cool But sometimes I still do Something embarrassing I never said I'd be all right Just thought I can hold myself together But I couldn't breathe, I went outside Don't know why I thought it'd be any better I'm fine now, it doesn't matter I didn't wanna be this guy I cried at your show with the teenagers Tell your friend I'll be all right In the morning it won't matter I wanna be emaciated I wanna hear one song without thinking of you I wish I was on a spaceship Just me and my dog and an impossible view I dream about it And I wake up falling Ketchum ID: Back in the States now In a college town I would walk around But it's really coming down Mesmerized by double lines Two yellow tightropes I'm making good time I am never anywhere Anywhere I go When I'm home I'm never there Long enough to know Being in love is the same thing as being alone Giving the sorrow some company Nothing to say, stay on the phone And I'm sorry I do not know what else you want from me I am never anywhere Anywhere I go When I'm home I'm never there Long enough to know You say "How are you", I say "I don't know Let's dissolve the band, move to Idaho Everyone's around and I hear you smiling You say "I love you", I say "You, too" I am never anywhere Anywhere I go When I'm home I'm never there Long enough to know I am never anywhere Anywhere I go When I'm home I'm never there Long enough
Katia Silene Duarte
Katia Silene Duarte Month ago
Música e vozes se completam...maravilhosas🥰🥰😙
bob Month ago
never heard of her.... I wish I could go back to those halcyon days
Allen Missenis
Allen Missenis Month ago
Holy really? phoebe is angelic.. what a great sound all these girls are doing.. I'm in love.. Thanks NPR and the Tiny desk
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Month ago
And just think.. it doesn't matter how many somber days you log, or the happy, or sad ones. You are fated to die, why celebrate anything?
sahkanoodo Month ago
phoebe bridgers loves tuning guitars
Ded4spaghettes Month ago
I’ve seen this video so many times and just now realized they all have their initials on their personalized jackets. I didn’t think they could get any better, but they did
Steph Alexander
Steph Alexander Month ago
i want to be part of this coven so badly
cruel summer
cruel summer Month ago
julien is so tiny 😭
Andyyoureastar Month ago
Ngl that sleevies joke went over my head at first haha
j Month ago
Lucy dacus's voice... ohmygod
m00n t
m00n t Month ago
lucy messing up the joke was so gorgeous WHAT
antoña 2 months ago
what I would do to be their friend
Ocrael 2 months ago
AndrewTGreen 2 months ago
CHARLIE o 2 months ago
When you die and go to Heaven this is what the Angels will sound like
Grant Hoffmann
Grant Hoffmann 2 months ago
julien baker is perfect
Grant Hoffmann
Grant Hoffmann 2 months ago
phoebe bridgers is perfect
Grant Hoffmann
Grant Hoffmann 2 months ago
lucy dacus is perfect
prestok 2 months ago
I've listened so many times to this video and I still find it moving
Emma Graham
Emma Graham 2 months ago
phoebe’s voice sounds like smoke i love it
Rogério Miranda
Rogério Miranda 2 months ago
Boring boring boring.... Eric Clapton can give a class about good music
tsuki. 2 months ago
lucy messing up her joke is the cutest thing i've ever seen
Bianchi Mendoza
Bianchi Mendoza 2 months ago
love them as individual artists, but even more as a group!
David Sobel
David Sobel 2 months ago
when I see Phoebe I think of a young Aimee Mann...
hannah 2 months ago
I love women
ash 2 months ago
I love how they all have such distinct voices but they sound so good together
knxwled 2 months ago
they're like 3 fairies that just stumbled on earth by chance
Kam Jones
Kam Jones 2 months ago
So, so good!
Joshua Browner
Joshua Browner 2 months ago
the avengers of indie sad pop
Jenn Hello
Jenn Hello 2 months ago
they're all so cute! besides being immensely talented 💕✨
Samuel Webster
Samuel Webster 3 months ago
How did they achieve this papery singing tone. It's especially amazing on Phoebes voice. It's mesmerising
UsuallyHungry 3 months ago
Lucy Dacus' voice has me in a trance
Heidi Bliss
Heidi Bliss 3 months ago
3 favourites together is a dream come true
The Stone Grove
The Stone Grove 3 months ago
Why is this so boring
Taimir Gore
Taimir Gore 3 months ago
All of their most recent solo work has done real well, too. Pretty sick.
Joel Emberson
Joel Emberson 3 months ago
what fantastic harmonies!
Nathan Phipps
Nathan Phipps 3 months ago
Phoebe Bridgers is what Michael Jackson thought he would look after the surgeries.
stephen geraci
stephen geraci 3 months ago
They are all very talented but Phoebe Bridgers has such intense start quality (the "It") factor that it looks she is performing in a contest where two of her fans get to sing with her.
gyrosrelite 3 months ago
hey mamas
Liv P
Liv P 3 months ago
12 minutes of pure enchanting magic ✨
Bella Curcio
Bella Curcio 3 months ago
God I’m so emotional
AmritaSoon 3 months ago
Love this so much
Sasha Bordwell
Sasha Bordwell 3 months ago
I just want to be their friend omg.
Gonzalo Vazquez Avila
Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 3 months ago
The fact that this video exists is enough for me to be ok
juckjolly 3 months ago
this kinda feels like a modern female version of Crosby Stills Nash & Young
James Parr
James Parr 3 months ago
Just blown away by the collective / individual levels of talent on display here.
James Roney
James Roney 4 months ago
Phoebe Bridgers. Proof that Michael Jackson is still alive.......
David Martinez
David Martinez 4 months ago
The blonde is an angel
Aamir Hussain
Aamir Hussain 4 months ago
phoebe bridgers lookin' like an elven queen
C'est Moi
C'est Moi 4 months ago
replace bridgers with julia jacklin and this group would be perfect!
Mika 4 months ago
this group is already perfect
Harper Blankenship
Harper Blankenship 4 months ago
Phoebe Bridgers' voice sounds like it's coming from a record player somehow
Mika 4 months ago
why am i crying
somethinggood 5 months ago
She kind of looks like shed be legolas's sister
somethinggood 5 months ago
Alright alright alright
Guy Ry
Guy Ry 5 months ago
so good and sensitive
Garth Vooder
Garth Vooder 5 months ago
Phuc yea
toasty ★
toasty ★ 5 months ago
This may be the most beautiful thing ive ever heard
Devlin Baker
Devlin Baker 5 months ago
When I'm home I'm never there
Samuel Rochford
Samuel Rochford 5 months ago
Personalized band jackets are total life goals
Patti McCarron
Patti McCarron 5 months ago
You all are casting spells with your songs. Grateful.
A HA 5 months ago
These three are amazing. Lucy is a genius!
roxyv 5 months ago
0:15 - Souvenir 4:50 - Me & My Dog 8:11 - Ketchum, ID
Joel Bingham
Joel Bingham 5 months ago
lucys voice is super pronounced throughout even when she sings supporting vocals and harmonies i absolutely love her
Pogues Mthon
Pogues Mthon 5 months ago
I love Ms. Dacus, Baker, Bridgers...crazy talent
christdolphin69 5 months ago
How are two of my soulmate dream girls in the same band?
Lane arndt
Lane arndt 5 months ago
I don't know, I wish this was a duo!!
Plot Armor
Plot Armor 5 months ago
I wish they show a little more emotion
Sergey Golopapa
Sergey Golopapa 5 months ago
It makes it the beautifulest and touching thing I ever watched on youtube to see how Julien reacts to Phoebe's playing on 4:31 ;c
um wow
um wow 5 months ago
their music makes me nostalgic in a way i can’t explain
Karl Lindstam
Karl Lindstam 5 months ago
Still get goosebumps when Lucy starts singing
Cat 5 months ago
Phoebe Bridgers: mr. worldwide
jhoann tree
jhoann tree 5 months ago
julien's laughter with phoebe's jokes gives me a reason to live
Sarah Welter
Sarah Welter 6 months ago
I love their performance outfits
Van 6 months ago
It just makes me feel kind of uncomfortable that the group called a dream catcher a souvenir , and didn’t consider the implications and wanted to know if anybody could speak to that.
Avery Rock
Avery Rock 5 months ago
My interpretation is that the reason they call it a souvenir is because that's what it is to them. This isn't an authentic religious tool that was given to them, they bought it in a roadside shop for 20 bucks. The reason it's just knick knack to them is because that's all it was to the person who made it. If that bothers you it's totally valid, but that's just what I think
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson 6 months ago
Anyone else watching every live performance of BoyGenius during quarantine???
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson 3 months ago
Gabriella Stauffer lol I feel that
Gabriella Stauffer
Gabriella Stauffer 3 months ago
pretty much started crying watching this one. do i really know why? no
aritheory 6 months ago
phoebe: "we had a great day..." me: aight i'm depressed
Danielle Hendricks
Danielle Hendricks Month ago
Same tbh
Eris Mün
Eris Mün 2 months ago
She tears up T___T
aritheory 6 months ago
Wmyers it will get easier. Hang in there.
Wmyers 6 months ago
Same actually.
gabriel gomez
gabriel gomez 6 months ago
they’re so awkward luv them
ElvenSmack 6 months ago
Protect Julien at all cost
Vivian Soucie
Vivian Soucie 6 months ago
Phoebe bridgers could not be any cooler
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