Dungeons and Dragons Item: Deck of Many Things

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Puffin Forest

3 years ago

This video is about the Deck of Many Things, a magic item from Dungeons and Dragons tabletop RPG. I talk a little bit about what kind of crazy kookiness you can get into using the item. I also bring up some ways to mod the item and use it so that it doesn't outright murder your players. Also, this video isn't really for people who like the item as it is. This is for people WHO hate the item but like the CONCEPT of it.

Brooks Athen
Brooks Athen 12 hours ago
It doesn't say the DM has to answer truthfully
Maiq The Liar
Maiq The Liar Day ago
Avatar of death is very weak to the spell haste, or dashing as a bonus action, and 6 damage average vs ac 20 is pretty easy for anyone level 5 or higher
Zboy Day ago
In my game I used a loophole, If you get the visear card ask the DM where the moon card is in the deck and then pick it(it doesn’t have to be an Moon it can be any card you want)
ericb31 5 days ago
i recently read a story in a comment: someone drew the Skull, which summons an avatar of death... the player tried to run away, and some town guards tried to help... APPARENTLY, in THAT version, if someone tries to help then an NEW avatar appears and attacks him, and if someone LOSES then they BECOME another avatar... THE ENTIRE CITY WAS WIPED OUT! -this was in a comment on a video called "what was the worst damage you did by accident while playing D&D?"
Kingcole715 8 days ago
I have put the deck of many things into 3 campaigns of mine as is and I have never had an issue with players not wanting to draw, I believe that this is for one of two reasons, the first is that the possibility of a wish is just too tantalizing for players to just ignore it, the second and much more likely explanation is that...my friends are idiots.
Lrbearclaw 18 days ago
Every time I think about the Void card, I am reminded of Supernatural and soulless Sam. That could be very interesting as a narrative point. A hero loses their soul. The body lives still and has their memories but their personality and morality are GONE.
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 24 days ago
Lol iI guess if ya pull out the Comet card, make sure you fight level 1 monsters. As for the skull card, my first character died because of it... He was a rogue who had the bright idea to strip beforehand as to avoid losing his stuff to chance. My party watched as I ran through the street hoping to avoid the avatar, calling out for a knife, with the party member holding my stuff claiming "I thought it would turn on us if we helped."
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 27 days ago
So I asked my DM about this once and a few sessions later it showed up. I got 50k gold, lost all of it, got a curse, 1 shot an avatar of death because I had 12 health so it had 6, then got my soul trapped in an unknown place so I had to change characters until we find my old one Oh also it was an evil campaign so I wasn't really scared of balance because our group was mostly neutral evil or chaotic neutral, so the worst that would happen is they like turn me into the guards that hate us or something
Wierd people Other dude
Wierd people Other dude 27 days ago
So my experience with the deck of many things ended with me just undoing the deck with a fates card
Yaniv Rubin
Yaniv Rubin Month ago
Gets comet Next encounter: has party members fight, meanwhile only uses shortsword "Hey DM give me level" "Why?" "I beat the combat with only one hand"
ericb31 5 days ago
huh? oh, "single handedly!" LOL!
Leong Charles
Leong Charles Month ago
Moral of the day: Get a 20 Dex, be a monk with 18 Wis, be neatral aligned, and you are safe.
João Vitor
João Vitor Month ago
Comet: You gain a level if you defeat single handedly the next encouter. Me: Goes to town and search chickens to fight agaisnt. [Or fireballs a rat]
Gho5tRUN3R Month ago
The deck isn't that bad. In order for Balance to be the worst, it requires a certain level of buy in. If the player hasn't been focusing on their alignment much on their roleplay, it's going to be incredibly difficult for this card to have an affect on them. Not to mention it isn't "good" that most people play as, but neutral. Specifically chaotic neutral so they don't have to be pigeonholed into one set of decisions. Donjon is probably the worst because it's instant and that character is just done. The DM could set up a cool Githyanki/astral sea themed adventure to somehow find the character, but as for the player, they won't be using that character for a while. Had a player who drew and got gems... and then ruin. She was super excited to get all this money, only to lose it all immediately.
G. Thé
G. Thé Month ago
One of our player wanted to get the Deck of Many Things. When we got it, my character draw twice from it, first the Donjon and then the Void. Meanwhile, another player keeped getting the Skull everytime he drawed cards from it. I guess it's a good thing none of us got Flames, though.
Fire Lord
Fire Lord Month ago
I was playing a child 8 year old genasi level 5-8 pacifist (refuse killing) battle master fighter I made my to be sister of another player (me and other player thought it will be fun and a side note the other player's character/my character's brother hates her and she was abandon by her father). All the players get either 1 very rare, legendary, artifact or multiple lesser items I chose deck of many thing. One session one of the players were on the run for stealing I decided to be I diversion for the other player drawing from the deck of many things trying to intimidate them. When I used the deck of many things I drawn all the good ones first then the chasers slightly intimated then for my last I draw the throne and my character was teleported to the keep and out of the campaign. BEST THING EVER!
Charles Stebbins
Charles Stebbins Month ago
Their is 1 way to abuse the Comet card from D&D 5e's Deck of Many Things. Sense the card doesn't specify what constitutes as an encounter, you could just kill a pig, bat, or some other easily killed npc.
Bryan Johnstone
Bryan Johnstone Month ago
Defeat the next encounter by yourself, go pick a fight with a random villager.
Psychronia Month ago
Yeah, the Deck sounds like it should only be used to kick off or end a campaign. Otherwise, gotta modify it to make the draws interesting. For example, the Vizier shouldn't put the question in the hands of the player and more name a future plot-relevant place. Or maybe it can summon a character who's important from further down the line. Balance should be made a cursed item that tempts someone with power if they act contrary to their alignment. Basically, boons are reduced, debuffs are nerves and reversible, and challenges are dialed back to be reasonable. Ideally, it'd work best if you could integrate it into the story, but otherwise, handwave it as a sidequests plot hook.
ericb31 Month ago
i've read at least one story where a player tried to trick the main-villain into drawing a card... and yes, in one story he DID draw Balance, and joined the party for their NEXT adventure!
DarkHerculesKabuterimon Month ago
You have to declare how many cards you're going to draw, and if you draw more than the number you said you were going to, a random number of cards that you drew equal to the number you said you were going to draw will activate. By this logic, you can declare "0" and look at the whole deck, shark what you don't want, and work from there.
Peter Bogolub
Peter Bogolub Month ago
i have one called the deck of challages
1papaya 2papaya
1papaya 2papaya Month ago
I was thinking how I as a player would deal with Balance while playing a good character. The character’s personality doesn’t change much, but every now and then they will feel the urge to do something terrible. I don’t think the character would instantly become a murderer, but the character would slowly start acting like a worse person.
Treestone Month ago
My personal favorites tweak to the Flames card was that it doesn't necessarily say what type of devil or demon harasses them, so I pick the type and I dont tell the player. It also doesnt say the devil necessarily attacks them, merely that it will not stop until they are dead. So I change the type of harassment t based on the PC and devil. Best example: the PC was an orphan whose life goal was to create a dynasty. So I chose a succubus who followed him everywhere and killed anyone who potentially would be a romantic partner. A recurring side quest throughout the campaign became trying to find a loophole out of the curse or a way to defeat the succubus (as they were far too underleveled to kill it). The PC eventually ended up striking a deal with the queen of the Fey in order to find Sanctuary in the feywild.
Алекс бекон
Алекс бекон Month ago
Yea in a campaign I got sucked into a pocket dimension XD
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
I think I like your take on the deck way better. That said Balance works BOTH ways. An intentionally chaotic neutral character suddenly became chaotic good and stopped trying to jokingly "hurt" us. It also straight up cured a murderhobo.
Vivi Blue
Vivi Blue Month ago
OMG wishes are fantastic. “I cast wish simulacrum.” “I full heal the whole party” “I instantly get 25k worth of gold”
Vivi Blue
Vivi Blue Month ago
There is this sweet level one paladin spell called ceremony. It has a list of effects one of which just restores your alignment!
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson Month ago
So granted this is from three years ago but here we go. When I run the deck I usually make it a marvelous item. The item it’s self is two decks a good deck and a bad deck. The good deck the player draws and nothing happens. But it shows the good that the card allows ie players draws and see the insta level up he has a vision of being stronger faster or what ever. But in order to make the card a reality they must draw the second card from the evil deck. This is what triggers the catalyst the player can return the good card no harm no foul. But if they draw the second card as soon at it clears the evil cards effect happens. It can be a plot point, a bad guy fight, world sundering event, but the player takes it on and at its completion you get the good card. Granted this was more or less based of 3.0 rules and my player drew the 14,0000xp (or how ever many it was) and also drew fight death of forever be destroyed. So my level 7 ranger/ fighter went up against a quick made death and came out victorious and insta leveled to 14. Broke the game a little bit but still an amazing fun fight that me and my old group still talk about 20+ years later. I still run the deck this way as well just modified cards to make it worth while
Harrison Plank
Harrison Plank Month ago
Never played dnd but my dad was a huge fan so I went through his stuff and found a really old deck of many things and the first card I drew was a void I’m so mad
Karma Potato
Karma Potato 2 months ago
DM: You have drawn...Balence. Your alignment has rotated and your mind warps to the inverse of your morality. Good and evil swap, and you lose sight of your goals...How do you change? Player:...True Neutral... DM:...God damnit. nevermind
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 2 months ago
so I was just playing with a modified deck and I was just having fun drawing, I got gen which gives you 50k gold and then ruin which makes you lose all gold and then I 1 shot an avatar of death because my health was 12 so I did 7 damage in 1 hit, but I just got a card called donjon that basically traps my soul in an unknown place and I disappear and so i just left because i cant do anything anymore
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 2 months ago
For the level up card, the party went to the dodgy party of town, and made a big show of losing lots of money to the character who drew, she then singlehandedly defeated the muggers coming to rob her
Trüffeltroll 666
Trüffeltroll 666 2 months ago
Ah yes, the deck of plothooks
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle 2 months ago
This is what you give the player who has no idea what happens to their character after the campaign is finished. If they really want an end for their character's story anyway, they can draw a few cards and get one randomly. Some cards just kill them, a straightforward end fitting for a character who plays so recklessly with fate as to use the item, while others are more like prompts for the player: Your character is evil now, what does the evil version of them do? Or they have 2 wishes, what do they become? Or they're fabulously wealthy, armed with a legendary sword, but they have made mortal enemies with a fiend and a trusted ally, how does that work out? You NEVER want to put it in a game that is still going. Last session of the campaign item.
VelkanKiador 2 months ago
One thing I find funny is how in one game one of my team mates handled the avatar of death. He managed to convince the avatar of death to draw a card from the deck, and the avatar of death had to fight another avatar of death and my team mate teamed up wtih that avatar of death XD
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson 2 months ago
I think balance's significance was highly overestimated in this video. If you become evil by drawing a card, that doesn't put you on a psychotic rampage immediately. Even chaotic evil isn't necessarily endless murder. If you look at someone like a Demon Lord (CE), they still plot and scheme, and all have their own goals. If you have a LG paladin that draws Balance from the deck, he could have the same goal, but his means could change causing him to become an outcast of his god turning him to an Oathbreaker paladin. Theoretically if his goal was just to spread the words and teachings of Tyr, and bring safety to those around him, he could still do that, by just talking about his characters thoughts and expressions differently. His god tells him to protect these puny mortals because they'd get stomped on by those who are truly strong, luckily he needs them to trade with, and so he'll stomp on those trying to stomp on them. And he can start forcing people to listen to his strange corrupted teachings. Really, Balance is just an interesting tool for narrative character storytelling.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 2 months ago
My friend once played a Cleric of Ralishaaz, who had gone completely insane due to Ralishaaz's direct influence on his life. The character was really amusing, and I likely described him badly, but he was really one-sided and the player may have been getting bored of him. At one point, this character befriended a Blue Dragon who had a Deck of Many Things. Right in a row, the Cleric drew the card that removes all your nonmagical items and the card that puts your soul into an item with a powerful creature guarding it. The DM chose the Cleric's +1 Mace, which had a face design on it. The Dragon kept the mace, because he and the Cleric found each other quite amicable. We all agreed that while we didn't want to see the character go, that was definitely the way for it to happen.
Hithro pyro
Hithro pyro 2 months ago
No offence puffin but the vizier card is that game-breaking if the DM does it right do you use one of your examples where is the lich hiding his phylactery the DM could answer with in his lair
Orgspasm 2 months ago
Like Colville says, if you DM it well enough you can make all of those cards good. The only really bad ones are the ones that Imprison you
Isambardify 3 months ago
I think DoMT is fun because its OP and game breaking. Sudden changing alignment would be a cool origin for a villain though. You could play a few days of minor evil doing as the character came to terms with the fact that the shared background of the party no longer mattered and what they really wanted was power and destruction. Then the effected player roles a new character and the party take down their former ally.
ASL 4 Life
ASL 4 Life 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice his Deck is actually Magic the Gathering?
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 3 months ago
My group had a deck a many things once. We ended the world and had to draw the fates card to save it. If you wanna know who can win a fight against an Avatar of Death, Me, a barbarian with over 150 hp and a plus 10 to hit
Ruan Ming
Ruan Ming 3 months ago
prcuer 3 months ago
Got this one from the internet and used it in my game- instead of causing things to happen, the deck of many things was actually a fortune telling deck. So I have the next several sessions to work the effects of the deck into my story however it works best.
jace ross
jace ross 3 months ago
Um commit would be a oh I got the next group of trash mobs in a dungeon
Faint366 3 months ago
Scrying is easier to manage as a DM if you give cryptic answers. They’re technically honest, but really hard or impossible for players to understand. The level 4 spell Divination is basically that.
Tobias W
Tobias W 3 months ago
If I drew the card Comet, I'd fight the next critter I met in mortal combat
DrLipkin 3 months ago
I just used the Deck of Many Things in my campaign. It was the end of the arc, where they had already completed their quest. An Archfey known as the Prince of Mischief and Mayhem offered to let them draw from his deck. They drew the Star, the Sun, the Throne, and they drew the Rogue twice. All in all, they were exceedingly lucky. But it turned two NPCs against them. One of them was a beloved NPC that was originally one I came up with off the top of my head that the party became attached to. The other is a former player's character who gave me permission to turn their character into a BBEG. The Deck actually worked out pretty well for me. You just gotta be prepared to burn everything down if you use it.
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro 3 months ago
A lesson we should all learn,We had that #Bitchinmagicswag,in our hearts all along
Camden Thompson
Camden Thompson 3 months ago
my DM once gave us the deck of many things to us near the start of the campaign, we had to deliver a baby black dragon i had ( don't ask why i had a dragon) to the capital. the deck required one scale from every type of chromatic dragon, we put a red scale and a black scale in and a card fell out. it turned out to be the vizier and we could ask the card one question and that would be it.
enoughofyourkoicarp 3 months ago
Another way to mod the deck of many things is to give it +1 fire damage with kerosene and a lighter and then Gambit them into a dumpster...
TaismoFanBoy 3 months ago
>draw two cards >draw comet "oh ok well what are the odds the next encounter will be beaten solo-" >draw skull "oh so I HAVE to defeat this next encounter solo? neato"
Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea 3 months ago
Deck of many totally derailed and ruined our DM's campaign of Storm King's Thunder. To be fair, all the characters we made happened to not be interested in all about the story line. None of them gave a damn about the north and our Pally dragonborne only cared about getting his order back. I played a homebrew race of Jackals that lived in small tribes and my partner played a estranged empress who's ancestor was a terrible lich who may of been influencing her. She was also hell bent on bringing order to the world (lawful neutral, leaning towards evil since everyone was wholly incompetent that we met, plus the lich thing, but she could of been lawful good overtime if the right things happened) Anyway, two of the characters head south because they don't give a damn about the plot anymore, so we bring out our new characters, a Drow cleric and an Orc Wizard, but before that we found the deck of many things and our "new" pally friend gets a doppelganger who is of opposite alignment to him somewhere out there. Good pally dies, we resurrect him (death meant something in our game, getting him back wasn't easy) and his evil self goes into the body and nearly kills the party. Drow and Orc escape. We could of won, but our new characters didn't have much reason to care and were like "fuck this shit I'm out". So lesson is, Deck of Many can derail things, though sometimes in a fun way and ALWAYS make characters who give a fluff about the DM's set story. We had talked about what we wanted to be before hand and were so focused on making sure our characters had reason to care about each other and work together, that none of us thought about fitting into the plot. Most of the time we homebrew stuff now instead of play modules so that it doesn't happen.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 3 months ago
I don't get the alignment shift problem. It doesn't say that your attachments are severed. If you cared about the party and other stuff before then you still care now, but your methods of enforcement or interaction will heavily change. Or you'll try to reform what you dislike about your old organization somehow. The "I could make you care" quest from Fallout New Vegas springs to mind
Kai McColl
Kai McColl 3 months ago
A pc mentioned in AD&D he drew three cards he got 60,000 Xp at lvl THREE then he got fight death (prob skull) and then got draw two and got a stupidly good magic item a friend drew three and Ima just say, wasn’t so lucky (this is roughly what happened not exactly)
Yourhatedquestion 3 months ago
Tip done by experience: Don't try to homebrew a deck of X with a full tarot deck. That's 78 cards and double if you add reversed cards. And it's not worth it.
Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker 3 months ago
Wizard has magic missile though so they can avoid the AC.
John Witt
John Witt 3 months ago
I had this item end a year and a half long campaign. We were all laughing our asses off
JuMiKu 3 months ago
I have never heard a non-German pronounce "Schadenfreude" in a non-weird way. Don't worry about it.
John 3 months ago
I took down an avatar of death as a ranger
John 3 months ago
So it's takeable
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 3 months ago
One of my GM's used this, but he FORCED us to draw atleast once a day. The deck would vibrate and if no one drew we would start taking irreducible psychic damage. I got really lucky off it. I got the magic weapon which also came with 50k exp, then 10k exp, then 2 wishes. The magic weapon I got was a +2 rapier called rain of daggers that, upon hit, dealt 2d8 damage, then summoned 2d6 daggers that rained from above. 2 were guaranteed to hit the target, anymore had a 30% chance to hit me, a 20% chance to miss both of us, and a 50% chance to hit the target for an additional 2d8 each. I then pulled another card that gave me just a magic Item. It was a magic ring that made my sword deal an additional 2d8 damage. As well as the subsequent rain of daggers. I was like level 12 I think.
athey na
athey na 3 months ago
I had players fight over a deck of illusions for about an hour
raisnb 3 months ago
My version of the deck of many things is the Deck of Wild Surge. You draw a card and a random effect from the wild magic surge table happens. Any class or subclass relating to wild magic can draw twice and use either card. Sound balanced?
G Dawg
G Dawg 3 months ago
My DM gave our group the deck. First card out of it was flames, so we went to a Dwarven city and went to the fight pit. We then had the Paladin and the cursed player fight it out until the cursed player died. All while the group were collecting door sales for the fight.
A-dub 64
A-dub 64 3 months ago
can anyone use the deck of many things as a tarot if so can you give a sorta tarot front and reverse meanings of said cards
Fwaaah 3 months ago
The comparison to a tarot deck makes me think that’s how it should be run, when somebody draws a card, the dm has to incorporate its effects naturally into the story as though the card had just predicted what was to come.
William Corax
William Corax 3 months ago
Balance is a very interesting card, but it is HELL as a DM if you don't expect it. My lawful good cleric player drew it. Your cleric/paladin turning evil is even worse, because his god will likely abandon him and strip him of his magic, which we rolled percentage for and it did happen. We managed to smooth it out by having him become a Death Cleric, but he couldn't take any more levels in Cleric. Instead, his new magic came from a Warlock patron, and all his levels afterwards had to be Warlock. In another campaign a character drew Vizier. It didn't break my game, but it did help the players basically ignore my whole "Heaven is being attacked by Hell" story and skip straight to the "The purity of Mount Celestia has been tainted by evil magics from the Far Realm" story where basically Zaphkiel, the holiest creature on Mount Celeste, had been absorbed by some Cthulhu like creature that I had made. Basically combine a Tarrasque's jaws, a Beholder's eye, and a Kraken's tentacles.
ChevaliersEmeraude 3 months ago
Something I wonder about the Deck of many things: Couldn't you just, you know, REMOVE all the bad cards from it? Like, you just put the deck face up on a table, spread the cards around, look at them all, pick all the good ones and leave the bad ones on the table! You never actually "drew" a card doing that, so it's fine! :p
Polack Talks
Polack Talks 3 months ago
I swear that you put a bong in like every video
CPUGamer101 3 months ago
I think this video is missing the point of the deck... The DM is giving players permission to use it, not telling them they have to. If they draw Balance, that's on them for accepting the risk. Plus, if there's a card that you just don't want in your game, just say that it's been drawn before. and wasn't in the deck.
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous 3 months ago
My gm made a deck of _mini_ things
Brandon Farrell
Brandon Farrell 3 months ago
So my DM loved the deck of many things he made it to where you had to draw three to four and it never went well end up dying every time losing all of my wealth getting stuck in a void losing levels. Only once was I able to use it against him and use a god call to summon my deity and use a wish to have him smite and kill the opponent we were killingcome to find out it was the deities girlfriend and he forever hated me and continue to the killed me over and over again
BlackMage 3 months ago
I like to scare my players with the idea of the Deck of Many Things. Second to last time, I gave them a normal deck of cards. The last time, I gave them a Deck of Illusions.
Nova Drake
Nova Drake 3 months ago
7:21 what can go wrong
Th1nk 3 months ago
What Old video
callum davis
callum davis 4 months ago
It might be fun to try making some of the good options significantly better and turning the deck into a “fuck it” button where everyone thinks they’re screwed anyway so just pulls and hopes they get lucky.
mjb 20077
mjb 20077 4 months ago
My D&D Character With Polor Opposite Multiple Personality Disorder: This Card. *Twirls To Show Its Balance* It Doesn't Effect Me.
508hunter 4 months ago
We had a player get multiple decks at one point
Rangerelfgamer Marvel
Rangerelfgamer Marvel 4 months ago
Can you post the deck of destiny for us
Atomyk Ebonpyre
Atomyk Ebonpyre 4 months ago
on the vizier, I feel like theres nothing stopping you from giving vague or only semi-helpful answers. Just because you HAVE to give an answer doesnt mean that answer has to be straight-forward, comprehensible, or even TRUE. Plus, youre the DM, if you REALLY need to ban a deck for just one or two cards, then just remove those cards specifically before giving it to your players.
CheetahFoxx 4 months ago
My barbarian would secretly hold onto it and then throw it off the deck of a ship over open ocean or into the first endless void or bottomless pit he finds because he believes such an item was created only to spread chaos anyway.
Team_ GachaWolves
Team_ GachaWolves 4 months ago
Me gets vizier: where are the best magical items in the world
Lauren Pickens
Lauren Pickens 4 months ago
So, I use it in every campaign I run, I'm obsessed with it! However, Void and Donjon, I've tweaked it very slightly. For example, void: half of the soul is taken, play has disadvantage for skill checks, and rate of exhaustion is 2 levels per rather than one, and a side-quest for them to go get the half soul back to allow the player to get rid of dis
Chicken Fate
Chicken Fate 4 months ago
A wizard would actually annihilate death avatar. Saving throw spells.
Scottish- Hero666
Scottish- Hero666 4 months ago
I was an evil dm and gave a deck of meny things to the dumbest character. They ended up pulling vizier and i noted it down. I told them that nothing seemed to happen. The next time that character asked a question, they would hear an openless and endless voice in their head or general area answering the question. Then it would disappear, never to be heard again
karsten69 4 months ago
I would actually make the Deck of Temporary Things. with way crazier effects that last a maximum of one hour.
Kiefer Baker
Kiefer Baker 4 months ago
Dear god, my group had an encounter with the deck last night...it was after persuading a band of mercenaries to fight along side them to defeat the BBEG. The party's Rogue was searching the ruins of the area and came across...the deck...out of character, he was the ONLY one who didn't know what it did, everyone else lost their minds the moment I said "You find...a deck of cards" (I just love psychological terror) So the rogue pulled 3 cards, First was that he loses all of his mundane gear and wealth (He wasn't wearing magical clothing) so he just suddenly went naked in front of the 2 female PCs, 2nd was the Red Joker and went with the XP (my group goes by X sessions before leveling), his 3rd card was 2 of clubs and got hit with 1d4 +1 INT Drain (He was multiclassing wizard). Next was the Goblin: 1 card, gained a beneficial medium wonderous item (Darksight Goggles) and 50k EXP (1 session closer to leveling) Followed up was the Vampire player: The Queen of Hearts and managed to get 3 wishes, she went with +1 STR, an ability she would normally get many levels later, and for her backstory, regain a portion of her memories Bard was next: Ace of Diamonds and this was the Question that I must answer within a year of in-game time Cleric was next and he chose to NOT pull cards but asked what would have happened if he drew 2: He would have faced a demon for the first card, THEN the void (Cleric was the most problematic PC of the group) 3 NPCs chose to draw a card too Special Undead wizard: Solo the next encounter and level Special Undead Fighter: The last Plot weapon Mcguffin is in his hands Barbarian Merc that was just recruited: 50k gold worth of gems (Their advanced payment)
TWBillionare 4 months ago
I had a game where we had the deck we drew all cards but 3 two of the cards were redraw cards the last one was the void card so it was almost an instant win box
Joshua 4 months ago
I think you should try read it as " you. Single-Handedly. Have to handle the next encounter." Single-handledly.... with one hand. If you have a shield, drop it. bow and arrows.... nope. need a potion, drop your sword, and get that Vile.
John Smith
John Smith 4 months ago
What kind of character can handle an encounter on their own? *FIREBALL INTENSIFIES*
CADGS FFYG 4 months ago
I gave my players deck of many things.... It was fun
Delvorin 4 months ago
I'm playing through Baldur's gate 2 again, on the throne of bhaal expansion now and just got the deck of many things. Immediately thought of this video.
Capri-Sun Offical
Capri-Sun Offical 4 months ago
What about doing greed island in dnd
I’mArtistic 4 months ago
I pulled a card from it and lost all my items and got sent to another dimension
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 4 months ago
I let my players draw a single card from this deck as a reward from a quest. It want my intention, but they begged for a whole deck. I read the deck and simply thought it would be fine. Then one drew the fates. We fantasized about how they could undo all the events of my story. Luckily, this was session 2, and it would not ruin a ton. They chose to save it for later, and never ended up using it.
sticky frames
sticky frames 4 months ago
the player with vizier "whats the Villon planing" dm" laying your mom" suddenly you get magic message from your mom ( thats a plot twist )
nepu gang
nepu gang 4 months ago
I like how you based it off magic the gathering cards XD
mirthfulArtist 4 months ago
I'd love to see more episodes like this exploring famous items/monsters etc. :)
Turmoil23 5 months ago
There are a ton of alternate deck of many things cards, i put it on a game, the deck was as long as a full tarot card deck (i used the Sandman Tarot Cards that have reeeaaally nice art) the group pulled like...5 to 7 cards at least until something mildy bad happend, then they found another deck, random drop, they left it there, it was and awfull dungeon that they didnt fully cleared so they though it would be safe to leave it since they didnt figure out how to destroy it
CrazyQuilman157 5 months ago
In one campaign I was a part of, I was playing a Druid with a +2 Wild Magic chance foci, because I am inherently chaotic and enjoy spinning that wheel. We got the deck and our Paladin, who (even out of character) had no fucking clue what it was, drew 3 cards to have a look at them. His first card was Fool...SO HE HAD TO DRAW A FOURTH CARD! He then proceeded to get Star, Sun, and Vizier. I've never been so floored by someone's wild good luck.
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