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The Flight Attendant is a story of how an entire life can change in one night. A flight attendant (Cuoco) wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man - and no idea what happened. The dark comedic thriller is based on the novel of the same name by New York Times best-selling author Chris Bohjalian. Streaming November 26 only on HBO Max.
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John Henson
John Henson 33 minutes ago
Somehow I knew SHE would be able to further her career. TBBT would have been a disaster and canceled immediately without the soap opera genius of Kaley. I can't recall if it was her excellent character development and line delivery or her short shorts and outfits she wore that brought viewers into the fold.
Tree Ma
Tree Ma Hour ago
pj neon
pj neon 3 hours ago
sheldon says penny is slutty.. i wanna backup penny here but its really hard
Mark DeFazio
Mark DeFazio 8 hours ago
"Do not do anything stupid..."....You mean like make this show? Unwatchable even after only viewing the trailer.
Velle De Torres
Velle De Torres 10 hours ago
Interesting movie
5 44
5 44 16 hours ago
Penny leaves Leonard, changes channels from Nebraska to Pasadena to Bangkok to the World. The big bang is not just a theory anymore.
question mark???
question mark??? Day ago
Looks like rip off the invisble man
Random Person
Random Person Day ago
Penny how dare you cheat on Leonard!
xharon h
xharon h Day ago
So drunk white girl is confused & someone’s dead on her watch? Can I care any less??????????? Try 👏🏽something 👏🏽new👏🏽america👏🏽#boredwiththisshit
beta geminorum
beta geminorum Day ago
Melanie Martinez's version of Toxic 😭😭😭🙌🙌
Emir Hadzic
Emir Hadzic Day ago
The third episode was quite good.
J. Alexis
J. Alexis Day ago
So great to see Shosh killing it 😉😁
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse Day ago
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka Day ago
Is this a comedy or a thriller? Because I have watched the trailer 3 times and still don't get it xD
cloud whisper
cloud whisper Day ago
Is there anyone know who sang the song “toxic “in this trailer? I was fallen with her voice!
madison davis
madison davis Day ago
This was great! Watched the first 3, such a cool idea. And it seems almost eery with timing considering flights and covid. 👏🏾👏🏾
Raymond Day ago
Penny Penny Penny
Mike Nikonsuk
Mike Nikonsuk 2 days ago
The sound of her voice is so annoying and she how bad she is as a screaming woman doesn't equal acting...
Kim Bok Joey
Kim Bok Joey 2 days ago
Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya
Markus XD
Markus XD 2 days ago
looks like a really stupid movie :D
chinga tu
chinga tu 2 days ago
Other than the stupid Penny jokes. Is this a thriller, mistery, comedy or what?
Tara Farrell
Tara Farrell Day ago
All of the above
John Hooper
John Hooper 2 days ago
No thanx..
august ken
august ken 2 days ago
As an ex flight attendant i can tell yall there no time for us to flirt & make out w passengers, we have too much task to do & things to remember
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 2 days ago
Die penny die..! - sheldon69🖖
Wayne Carver Sr
Wayne Carver Sr 2 days ago
Seen episode 1 on TBS. Makes me want HBOMAX.
Anthony Dickerson
Anthony Dickerson 3 days ago
looks trash
TT NN 3 days ago
Welcome to Bangkok. Have a nice trip in Thailand!
Karim Amin
Karim Amin 3 days ago
Everything's a comedy nowadays #smh
Psycro Jhun
Psycro Jhun 3 days ago
Bangkok !!! Arun Temple 😍😍😍
SARN -FS 3 days ago
What happened to leonard. Did she killed leonard
Lila Belitsi
Lila Belitsi 3 days ago
I'm a flight attendant and so happy to watch this 💯
Jessie Bella
Jessie Bella 3 days ago
Really don’t like how she keeps talking to the dead guy. Could have been so much better
Wayne Carver Sr
Wayne Carver Sr 2 days ago
At first, I didn't know it was a comedy. It would have made a good serious drama. I don't like how she continues to talk to the dead man either.
Josh Berman
Josh Berman 3 days ago
The minute that Kaley Coo-coo made her debut on one of those fucking retarded Disney Sitcoms and wore plenty of overly sexy inappropriate clothing, I knew that sooner or later, she would eventually become one of those type of actresses in which I absolutely hate and can't stand at all. If it was any of her Male Big Bang Theory Co-Stars that was part of and starred in The Flight Attendant, I bet that it would become a slapstick comedy immediately!
LoboTommy BeeHappe
LoboTommy BeeHappe 3 days ago
Anything put out that has fish stink is something I would avoid like Covid19.
R B 3 days ago
mashreka mahmood
mashreka mahmood 3 days ago
I saw George O'Malley so I'll watch it
Phone Tographer
Phone Tographer 3 days ago
Penny....She deserve Golden Globe or Emmys for the big bang theory family is very proud for you.👏🙆‍♂️🎬
Pennyless Play
Pennyless Play 3 days ago
she walks with her shoulder forward
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 3 days ago
more is never enough
more is never enough 3 days ago
I’m 3 episodes in and totally obsessed. Great show, great cast and acting. Kaley Cuoco is fantastic, what a great actress. Bravo!
L G 3 days ago
This looks cringey af, that will be good to make fun of - i see a new meme potential
L G 3 days ago
@m r i wasnt complaining, im looking forward to it😉
m r
m r 3 days ago
lmao that's kind of the point? you do know that shows have more than one genre?
Bobby Chervenow
Bobby Chervenow 3 days ago
Hard to watch and very annoying. Directed by a woman.
Milos Nikolic
Milos Nikolic 3 days ago
OMG! Penny and Daario Naharis?!
Tomáš M
Tomáš M 4 days ago
jesus christ she is just not a good actor. Good fit for a role of Penny, thats it
Leftatalbuquerque 4 days ago
I am reminded of two things: she looks incredibly like Goldie Hawn, and that Suzanne Sommers had her first post-Three's Company TV attempt shut down... in which she played a stewardess.
Hesti Rahmahyanti
Hesti Rahmahyanti 4 days ago
Penny.. penny... penny
Lissy London
Lissy London 4 days ago
I totally own that hat at 1:16! It's from CA4LA!
Dan Hammonds
Dan Hammonds 4 days ago
Why do so many thrillers and dramas these days have to have a comedy element? The premise sounded promising, but the trailer seems quite childish.
Dan Hammonds
Dan Hammonds 4 days ago
@m r You is one of my favourite shows for a long time. I've not heard of The Undoing, so I'll look that up. Thanks.
m r
m r 4 days ago
if want to watch shows like that watch Sharp Objects, The Undoing, and You it's really good.
B Fowl
B Fowl 4 days ago
Its official. We can no longer depend on hbo making quality shows😭
m r
m r 4 days ago
it's called different genres lol. you know that shows can have different genres from game of thrones and breaking bad but still be good right lmao
B Fowl
B Fowl 4 days ago
This show blows
Tony Zecchinelli
Tony Zecchinelli 4 days ago
is it at episodes or it is like a real 2 hours movies ? I really prefear real 2 hours movies with actors in different screenplay while making by HBO 2 hours movie like cinema movie will be the future - I appreciate so much Miss Cuoco Penny I love her and I love to see her in different movie not at episodes by now .
m r
m r 4 days ago
it's a miniseries/1 season tv series
Roshan Kamath
Roshan Kamath 5 days ago
Dario naharis killed by Penny!
Speak Tagalog With JC
Speak Tagalog With JC 5 days ago
This looks really intriguing. Is it any good?
Speak Tagalog With JC
Speak Tagalog With JC 3 days ago
@Arzadin Asi salamat! Sige papanoorin ko na siya :)
Arzadin Asi
Arzadin Asi 4 days ago
Yes, ang ganda nya kabayan 😊 just done watching haha
Speak Tagalog With JC
Speak Tagalog With JC 4 days ago
Thanks! I’ll watch it then :)
Richard Dy
Richard Dy 4 days ago
Very good!
Sam Clements
Sam Clements 4 days ago
I just watched the first three episodes. I thought it was very good!
Gabriel Walker Land
Gabriel Walker Land 5 days ago
Gabriel Walker Land
Gabriel Walker Land 5 days ago
Thai women will always be more attractive than American women. Sorry. No amount of revenge porn movies can reverse that equation.
m r
m r 4 days ago
what did i just read lmao
Sophia Wheelihan
Sophia Wheelihan 5 days ago
Everyone: it's penny! Me: yeah ik that's great I loved the big bang theory but hold up a sec I swear I saw george from grey's in here for like a sec 🤣 If anyone wants the time stamp it's 1:24
Connor Brennan
Connor Brennan 5 days ago
After many so seasons of The Big Bang Theory, I'm glad that Kaley Cuoco is branching out and finding work of her own. From this series to Harley Quinn (which will get a third season), it looks like it's her time to shine.
fels hq
fels hq 5 days ago
Nenad Orescanin
Nenad Orescanin 5 days ago
This is briliant 👍
tra ffic
tra ffic 5 days ago
Finally not in the back of the bowling alley
James Lewis
James Lewis 5 days ago
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Moshfiqur Rahman
Moshfiqur Rahman 5 days ago
This is the story of Penny about what she was doing before settle down with Leonard.
carrot 5 days ago
im here for the bunny drawing by schinako LOL
Larry 306
Larry 306 5 days ago
Have a drink you will be ok..
LivingLikeLloyd 6 days ago
Everyone else: Penny!!!!! Me: SHOSHANNA? Girl, what are you doing here?!
DanInspiration 6 days ago
Looks like it's worth every Penny
something creative
something creative 6 days ago
Is that Steven from Hill House?
Fox250R 6 days ago
Horrible actress horrible movie.
Abdulla Arrabi
Abdulla Arrabi 6 days ago
I’m a flight attendant 🤓
Mike Jr Music
Mike Jr Music 6 days ago
Dahrio Naharis from Game of Thrones
Nabih Hirani
Nabih Hirani 6 days ago
Fuck I need to get Crave now
Aaro H.
Aaro H. 6 days ago
Another Caucasian girl in crime scene ?Nah, she would be fine in the end.
BoxyTheSpaceDog 6 days ago
clearly show for women
Heaux Meaux Living
Heaux Meaux Living 6 days ago
I remember thinking what a capable young actress Kaley was when I watched 8 Simple Rules all those years ago. I forgot what she could do with meaty material. I’m excited to see it. 😊
SCharlesDennicon 6 days ago
Watched the first ten minutes. In the first ten minutes, I met the main character's gay brother, who's a few days away from his "wedding", with his two "daughters" (sigh), who are black because why be diverse when you can be SUPER-diverse, and the main character's best male friend... who also happens to be gay. This is getting a) ridiculous and b) annoying.
SCharlesDennicon 4 days ago
@m r I would very much like help, but your dream society isn't giving me any. So what else can I do except ignore that shit ?
m r
m r 4 days ago
oh my god get help
b0sse 6 days ago
looks super cringe
Pragya Shukla
Pragya Shukla 6 days ago
Lenord, control your women
Grbović Andrej
Grbović Andrej 6 days ago
Its really good imo, I just watched the first three episodes and I'm pleasantly surprised
Jj W
Jj W 6 days ago
See what happens when you go fly off without Leonard.
Dániel Bárány
Dániel Bárány 6 days ago
I think it was Lilith ;)
Rachael Frh
Rachael Frh 6 days ago
Tasin Tyson
Tasin Tyson 6 days ago
Am I the only one who clicked this because of Penny? And she is an Actress now!
Ar.Samrat Desai
Ar.Samrat Desai 6 days ago
nope i here for T.R knight. actor.
Dieter van der Merwe
Dieter van der Merwe 6 days ago
So basically "The Night Of" on crack.
That1guyfromco 7 days ago
Chiranjeeve Gadkari
Chiranjeeve Gadkari 7 days ago
Penny penny penny!!!!!!❤️❤️
milan magar
milan magar 7 days ago
Watching the trailer, nothing to do with the flight except she is a flight attendant hence the name the flight attendant, 90% sure the whole twist is about the flight attendant at the end.
Matt Geiger
Matt Geiger 7 days ago
Steve Crain's time in Hill House finally catches up to him 😅
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 7 days ago
Daario from game of thrones Whatever happened to him on that show?!
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 5 days ago
@Dajoint CF lol yeah
Dajoint CF
Dajoint CF 6 days ago
idk the writers kinda forgot about him... get it?!
Cedric Quilal-lan
Cedric Quilal-lan 7 days ago
Spoiler, the killer is the Apeist.
Cedric Quilal-lan
Cedric Quilal-lan 6 days ago
@Octopus Ink so?
Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink 7 days ago
Please stop. The Big Bang Theory is so 2019.
Sputnik65 7 days ago
That annoying Rosie Perez is in it? YUK!
PMC 7 days ago
The Shite Attendant
Abrar shaikh
Abrar shaikh 7 days ago
Finally she is out of cheese cake factory 😁
Matt M
Matt M 7 days ago
Spoiler she didn’t kill him all I’m saying is that read the book
lance darkness
lance darkness 7 days ago
So penny became a flight attendant... what happened to leonard?
Jeric White
Jeric White 7 days ago
Snoooooze fest🥱
Taran Bhatia
Taran Bhatia 7 days ago
Is that music Britney Spears - Toxic at 1:28?
Alpha 011
Alpha 011 7 days ago
What the hell All the Big Bang theory jokes that I thought about are already commented here
tushar saraswat
tushar saraswat 8 days ago
So Daario Naharis finally decides to move on and this shit happens! Should've died with Dany instead!XD!
Bramantyo Abi
Bramantyo Abi 8 days ago
penny finally left her job at the cheesecake factory.
Sound Speed!
Sound Speed! 8 days ago
So happy that Penny has finally become a successful access! Such a nice happy ending.
suyash mathur
suyash mathur 8 days ago
Penny: Sheldon have you watched my new series flight attendant. Sheldon: They have casted you it must be Hokum like serial apiest.
Jeremy James Dauba
Jeremy James Dauba 4 days ago
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