D&D Story: The Xanathar Guild (Dragon Heist Spoilers)

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Puffin Forest

Year ago

This video is from when I ran Waterdeep Dragon Heist and my players trying to take down the Xanathar Guild. They ended up getting in over their heads and encountering some rather. . . peculiar NPCS, such as a clown, an insane Beholder, a very mild Mind Flayer, and a goldfish. Enjoy!
End music: "Canal 3" by Quincas Moreira from the USshow Audio Library

ericb31 Day ago
4:39 reminds me of a video I saw: "worst sins a GM can make"... 1) if you fudge dice rolls, do NOT tell the players! that will make them feel like their efforts were wasted. also, that business with Sylgar the goldfish reminds me of a similar gag in the online comic "sluggy freelance" involving a talking frog and his "girlfriend", an ordinary frog...that had to be replaced MANY times.
TheCopyto 2 days ago
You could have just kill the party, they should learn to not fight a mindflyer or split the party.
Killer Orca
Killer Orca 5 days ago
Wait I remember this from somewhere else
Delorin Desirain
Delorin Desirain 6 days ago
I had a group that did that
Donny Hallam
Donny Hallam 9 days ago
The Amazing Arsonist
The Amazing Arsonist 10 days ago
Yeah we ran Dragon Heist and that tavern troll is ballshit, we where in the tavern, a troll shows up we do nothing really helpful, the barkeep takes it down, then some dude is like "You guys look like the capable sort!" and gives us the quest and we did nothing besides perhaps take advantage of the distraction the troll made to swipe a few coin purses. It was the GM's first time running so he just followed the script as written and we were all laughing about how we just did nothing and yet still got seen as people who would be good to get a job done.
Jared Lucev
Jared Lucev 17 days ago
Why would he not do it? They did something stupid, wipe the party.
Eevee Bro
Eevee Bro 19 days ago
Me and my friends played and we somehow beat the mindflayer at level 1
Nao Shadowpaws
Nao Shadowpaws 20 days ago
Whimsy is the best :3
Carl Wislon
Carl Wislon 29 days ago
How did you have to fudge rolls for a level 17th fighter with magic weapons to beat a troll
Quaerere Month ago
When he started talking about the beholder I immediately thought about live clock from the jrwi podcast and a certain episode-
BC Nation
BC Nation Month ago
How to resolve using the wrong stat block for an enemy the pc’s weren’t supposed to encounter right away? Make it sound like they barged into a bathroom stall without knocking. D:
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul Month ago
I love that Ben's little notepad just had "kill everyone" written on it.
Mason Swatton
Mason Swatton Month ago
8:42 Pum closing door
Dragonfly Month ago
My idea is that the swashbuckler was just waiting for the boss and that during the fight the mind flatter just walks in
clonetf141 Month ago
If i was in Bens position id have to mindfkayer do this: The mindflayer turns to the party and gives you this confused yet pissed off look, the door opens with the mindflsyets minions but he snaps his fingers signalling his minions to back off he then tells the party "you meddeling kids are in over your head, leave and aplogize abd you may live" If they do then have the mindflayer use illusion magic to put the wall back up, if they dont ket him kill one player and tell em to get lost. If they dont go away then just kill em
Kane Wildbrandt
Kane Wildbrandt Month ago
Jehovah's Witnesses: "Hello! We would like to talk-...... Me: 8:43 - 9:10
Kane Wildbrandt
Kane Wildbrandt Month ago
@WrathfulShows ... ...
WrathfulShows Month ago
WrathfulShows Month ago
Kyle Month ago
The fact that The Xanathar cares so much about Sylgar makes me think he isn't 100% evil. The fact that he experiences love and heartbreak means he is capable of caring for those outside himself, even if those things are blank slates he can project thoughts and feelings onto.
Jupiter Month ago
Finally got my hands on the module...Nihloor’s picture is RIGHT NEXT to Nimblewright’s Stat block. It’s a SUPER honest mistake.
Logan DaSilva
Logan DaSilva Month ago
you drew the other Dm the exact same as you're brother will
1103 Hawk
1103 Hawk 2 months ago
What if it turned out that those goldfish actually were saying evil things and they were the true masterminds
Kasper Anker Munck
Kasper Anker Munck 2 months ago
Why didn't you just move where the portal was?
Catalina Amanigh
Catalina Amanigh 2 months ago
The more of your videos I watch, the more grateful I become for my group that actually sticks together and doesn't try TOO hard to destroy my plans...
Eddiember 2 months ago
I've started running Waterdeep Dragon Heist for my group... Luckily, my group decided to stay at the Yawning Portal all together, downside, following the module's directions, should only have the players fight two of the stirges, then cover the troll in oil. Two Nat One's later, the entire supply of oil within the Yawning Portal was at the bottom of the well, and the party felt the best way to take down the Troll was setting the whole tavern on fire by throwing the wall lanterns at the supporting pillars. Later on, they also successfully had Ranear killed by throwing Nihloor's minion at his face, then proceeded to torment the poor halflings who had a secret entrance to the lair in their basement that they had no knowledge of... Needless to say, after they burnt down the most well known tavern in the D&D fiction, the party thought that I would simply retcon the whole experience and start from scratch. Guess what, I didn't.
Elijah Schutz
Elijah Schutz 2 months ago
Gold fish live for 15 years lol
that one dude thats not subscribed
that one dude thats not subscribed 2 months ago
Goldfish can live until 43. IN THE RIGHT CONDITIONS
Firestorm 2 months ago
Mr grenade meet Mr goldfish bowl
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall 2 months ago
"l cast magic missile on the fish" is the way l want one of my characters to die.
Chad Nationalism
Chad Nationalism 2 months ago
i thought of this video when writing my own custom beholder encounter and i decided to make my beholder obsessed with like... toys. like wooden horses and stuff kids would play with. and he would set up scenarios with the toys that he has total control over. like the paranoid maniac that he is. so the party walks in, and literally sees a beholder, holding a straw doll, talking 'in character' to a wooden doll of a man about something. It was a pretty weird encounter
Eiryu kun
Eiryu kun 2 months ago
yo, we don't talk about the goldfish
David Rossi
David Rossi 2 months ago
0:19 those are some good notes
Douglas McNeil
Douglas McNeil 2 months ago
Sylgar didn't have a German accent did he?
A1OilSauce 2 months ago
goldfish are can actually live to be older than the majority of the people who watch your videos
great call
great call 2 months ago
When I hear the abolith voice I go huh awwwwwww I remember you
MorlunKnight 2 months ago
So I'm literally running Waterdeep Dragon Heist tonight, and I just wanna point out that the Barkeep of the Yawning Portal Tavern is supposed to take on the Troll from the beginning while the party takes on the rest of the enemies. Edit: Games over, and nearly had a TPK from 2 person party refusing to even take a short rest, and the boss of the first part is a half orc who got back up after the fighter killed him. He cast burning hands but luckily he also killed the other enemy in the room that would have actually killed the party.
undertale go
undertale go 2 months ago
I would find the fish and eat it
• X __Fnaf__BNHA__Undertale__ X •
• X __Fnaf__BNHA__Undertale__ X • 2 months ago
Merlin Strange The ACE Of Wands
Merlin Strange The ACE Of Wands 2 months ago
Was that Aboleth whimsy????
Ajzoo04 2 months ago
This takes me back to one my groups water deep campaign, I'd been in the group and was there for the first Season but had to skip a couple even though I realllly wanted to play. When I come back, I notice that the DM seems a little off, and my PC follows a path of violence and blood shed throw Xanathar's layers. as it turns out, one of my fellow PCs freaking ONE SHOT the mid flare boi who was second in command or something. and Xanathar loved this so much that he HIRED THE GROUP ON THE SPOT. so there we are for the rest of water deep, having to follow a special line because during the first break in, we one shot the mini boss. Yes, this happened. if you're wondering, the pc that merked the mind flare was a level 3 dragon born who just got lucky with a breath attack, Not truly sure how the encounter went down but that's what I got from the summery I was given. Love seeing Puffins videos though, and probably going to try and return water deep cuz it was SUPER Fun. + guns my guys so you know :D
Danno 3 months ago
Xanathar and Sylgar are like my cat Checkers and myself. Look at them Checkers!