TikTok Distroyed My Life

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My Story Animated

My Story Animated

Month ago

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cod fish
cod fish 58 minutes ago
*destroyed not distroyed anyways nice vid quite and interesting story.
Uzaki Hana
Uzaki Hana 2 hours ago
this is better than Bell Delphine . .
I'm Just Aisha
I'm Just Aisha 2 hours ago
bad parents...
Crqzy_PotatoGaming UwU
Crqzy_PotatoGaming UwU 2 hours ago
To be honest this is My nightmare -_-
Khylie Estevan
Khylie Estevan 4 hours ago
ME and my dad we never got any money on tiktok
Leon's Tab Samuel Setiawan
Leon's Tab Samuel Setiawan 4 hours ago
I hve your life it feels like you never exist and never have gotten love
littlexcookies 5 hours ago
I darn thought this video was about Tik Tok (Clickbait prob)
ADZFl1ght 5 hours ago
Who’s she aging ?
Daeonna Brown
Daeonna Brown 5 hours ago
I LOVE tic tok
John Legrange
John Legrange 6 hours ago
Tick-tock tick-tock did did I don’t know what to say
Adwoa Gyasi-Adom
Adwoa Gyasi-Adom 6 hours ago
I learn a lot from this stores🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤩
Monster 6 hours ago
Probably zoe trying to destroy charli
Clariza Juan
Clariza Juan 7 hours ago
Das okay🤗🤗🤗🤗
Rebecca Freeman
Rebecca Freeman 7 hours ago
I’m so sorry that you’re sister is missing
Angela Lepage
Angela Lepage 9 hours ago
Katy purrry lol
George playing Roblox
George playing Roblox 10 hours ago
Aren’t there parents like gold diggers
Diuver Montero
Diuver Montero 10 hours ago
I really LOVE how she put her in her contacts as El Diablo (in spanish: The Devil)
Matty Isemonger
Matty Isemonger 11 hours ago
Classic Facebook 😜
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez 11 hours ago
FBI open up! 13:05
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez 11 hours ago
It said tiktok distroyed my life XD
Lulugamerpuppy 12 hours ago
Anyone else look up lovekelly on insta ? 😂
Olivia2473 13 hours ago
Maya Bone
Maya Bone 13 hours ago
her page was on tiktok so thats just sad
Graham Arthur
Graham Arthur 13 hours ago
Give a like if the title is wrong.
Nizo AlFarra
Nizo AlFarra 13 hours ago
dude nic vid but when the girl found her sis locked up u skipped the vid
Vivi_playz Gacha
Vivi_playz Gacha 13 hours ago
Also they say that “ subscribing keeps nightmares away “ no it doesn’t and I won’t subscribe
vaxo chubinidze
vaxo chubinidze 13 hours ago
El diablo lol
Shumaila Yaqub
Shumaila Yaqub 14 hours ago
Every video every thing destroyed your life 🤣🤣🤣
Ksavage 14 hours ago
Daniel Alfaro
Daniel Alfaro 14 hours ago
Girl: **sets everything on fire** Tiptok Destroyed My LIFE!!
MelvinTubeHD 15 hours ago
If ur so popular then why doesnt any one know about you
MelvinTubeHD 15 hours ago
In case they ever change the title it was “TikTok distroyed my life” yes they misspelled destroyed
Corpse. 15 hours ago
And this is why trump wants to ban tiktok.
Joseph Steve
Joseph Steve 16 hours ago
Cara-Lynn McGhee
Cara-Lynn McGhee 17 hours ago
Spell Check Time!!!!! It's Destroyed.
Another roblox player 20
Another roblox player 20 17 hours ago
Kelly Dgedge
Kelly Dgedge 17 hours ago
Me a girl named kelly feeling attacked
Rachelle Biderman
Rachelle Biderman 17 hours ago
BlocksAndMines 507
BlocksAndMines 507 17 hours ago
So basicly MyStoryAnimated is are haters
Aesthetic Queen
Aesthetic Queen 18 hours ago
Do you mean destroyed?
Azeez Jimmy
Azeez Jimmy 19 hours ago
Me : HMMM I wanna watch some tik tok hate videos *Clicks on video* *Patiently waits till drama about tik tok comes in* *Video ends* Me : CLICKBAIT REEEEEEEE
Ayesha Shamsi
Ayesha Shamsi 19 hours ago
Dixie charli lol
Kevin Dru Asva
Kevin Dru Asva 20 hours ago
just do youtube
{Sunflower Gacha}
{Sunflower Gacha} 20 hours ago
i remember her acc
Imperial Imperial
Imperial Imperial 21 hour ago
I lorn a lot and these story med me cry 😭😭😢😢
god gamer gowda
god gamer gowda 21 hour ago
we should put copyright for copying jokers scene
Evelyn Swami
Evelyn Swami 21 hour ago
I'm not hating but it's your mistake because of your bad grades and I love how when you said I got a part time job in McDonald's
Evelyn Swami
Evelyn Swami 21 hour ago
Sorry I meant the background looked like McDonald's
it's Nicaplays
it's Nicaplays 21 hour ago
I actually know Kelly... Im her subscriber
Emmanuel Amoy
Emmanuel Amoy 22 hours ago
Both of them is bad
Kori Claynes
Kori Claynes 23 hours ago
Aren't you dixie
Avoided CrAcKeD
Avoided CrAcKeD 23 hours ago
Hearing this story makes me agree even more trump should ban tiktok it ruined this poor girls life 🤦‍♂️
Angelina Hernandez
Angelina Hernandez 23 hours ago
I thought it was about tiktok
Taanisha Sharma
Taanisha Sharma Day ago
Who came here from infinite
Malika Hunte
Malika Hunte Day ago
I feel you I hate tik tok to and my sis is rude to me to
Becca Shelton
Becca Shelton Day ago
Your content normalizes and grooms small children for violence and sex. It’s disgusting and needs to be removed and banned.
lynne cameron
lynne cameron Day ago
so is it just me who thinks this story makes no sense
Katie Eller
Katie Eller Day ago
Claire Cohen
Claire Cohen Day ago
tell me this girls @ now
Martin Hartt
Martin Hartt Day ago
My story animated: Tik Tok ruined my life Trump : banned Tik Tok Me: nooooooooo
F9 Jharen Alexandra Manuel
F9 Jharen Alexandra Manuel Day ago
To be honest she's way prettier than her sister
F9 Jharen Alexandra Manuel
F9 Jharen Alexandra Manuel 11 hours ago
@Jasmine Seidle ok
Jasmine Seidle
Jasmine Seidle 11 hours ago
Ok that’s true but please be nice
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