Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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3 months ago

Rolls-Royce makes some of the world's most luxurious and expensive cars. Known for producing hand-crafted automobiles that promise a seamless "magical carpet ride" for its customers, Rolls-Royce's cars do not come cheap. With virtually unlimited optional extras, upgrades, and customizations, the true cost of a bespoke Rolls-Royce has no limits. So what are some of those bespoke extras? And is that what makes Rolls-Royces so expensive?
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Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Aninkovsky 30 minutes ago
It's expensive when you don't have enough money to buy it...
DrewPicklesTheDark Hour ago
Poor pleb such as myself: Owning a car might be useful. Rich guy dropping some pocket change: Well 350k sounds like a decent deal.
Prateek Kumar
Prateek Kumar 2 hours ago
I would have ordered Phantom but my bag of diamonds are yet to arrive!!
Albert Chehade
Albert Chehade 2 hours ago
Question: Does china, or can china, make 'copy' RR's????
Albert Chehade
Albert Chehade 2 hours ago
What an absolute waste of money.......a car is a car....4 wheels on the ground, one in the boot, and the steering wheel. The End. There should be a cap limit on how much 'rich' people are entitled to 'earn'. $1,000,000,000.........that's enough.......... The balance above that amount must go to the people of the world who are far far well off, NOT TO THE GOVERNMENTS of those countries, but direct to the people. Governments are problematic, as corruption is a human trait, and government are human players......like trump, they all cheat, lie and steal. For every 1 million $'s donated, only a bare 10% reaches the needy, the 90% goes to the pockets of politicians and their collective cohorts downstream.............that's a fact.
George Shepherd
George Shepherd 7 hours ago
George Shepherd
George Shepherd 7 hours ago
not painting, "surface finishing"
Skate Boarder
Skate Boarder 10 hours ago
Not English anymore so would not waste my money on them..
Zachary Isaac
Zachary Isaac 12 hours ago
If ur going to go all out how about u get a golden toilet as well with golden toilet paper
Tijltanic 12
Tijltanic 12 14 hours ago
4:09 is that a tesla?!?!?!
EricDavidFloyd 16 hours ago
If you have to ask about $$$...then this isn't the car for you.
Devesh Kumar
Devesh Kumar 17 hours ago
Hampus Ingroso
Hampus Ingroso 22 hours ago
When my dad bought one when we lived in Dubai it was a freaking dream you can do everything. If I had to I would be able to stay in that car for a week. The phantom is truly amazing 😉
Sunil Lazar
Sunil Lazar Day ago
tippu sulthan
tippu sulthan Day ago
No matter how expensive it is , once it was kept for swiping streets in our India by jai Singh prabhakar ,
lilbitgreek Day ago
Let me go cry in my ramen
chapin yoker
chapin yoker Day ago
I feel bad for the squirels that were haircuted
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Day ago
Toyota Camry has left the chat...
Theta's World
Theta's World Day ago
What a load of crap...
M P Day ago
they mentioned everything but the engine itself ;D
This is splendid
My Mobile
My Mobile Day ago
Oh look...a paint sprayer not spraying properly! Puts me right off.
My Mobile
My Mobile Day ago
And there was a Rolls Royce, most expensive hand built car, scion of status, wearing Continental tyres! lol
Benz Vibal
Benz Vibal Day ago
Rolls royce cars are damn expensive coz they also build engines for airplanes. I dont see honda or toyota branded engines for airplanes
Alsharif Games 99
Alsharif Games 99 Day ago
In a few years I'll work hard to become rich
Neeraj Deval
Neeraj Deval 2 days ago
Same car used for municipalities corporation for sweeping purpose🧐
The moon and the stars
The moon and the stars 2 days ago
Resuming “we don’t speak poor hunni”
Bly Man
Bly Man 2 days ago
Damn, Drakes Rolls is heinous.
De Moliner Tom
De Moliner Tom 2 days ago
So cocky assholes can display their superiority
Roger Brown
Roger Brown 2 days ago
Question.which is better built. Rolls Royce or Mercedes..Rog
One big flappy Boi
One big flappy Boi 2 days ago
What happens if you crash the car? I mean that could happen
Lyrics Nation International
Lyrics Nation International 3 days ago
One Day I Will Come To Buy ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM...... . . Wait For The Day
Hockey Legend 10
Hockey Legend 10 3 days ago
Gets in an accident...
Blaise Castleman
Blaise Castleman 3 days ago
RR For the broken pricks
Cameron Kardi
Cameron Kardi 4 days ago
This requires so much talent. These people must get paid millionssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Khalid_0TB 4 days ago
8:23 if you wanna to know the answer of this video
1 Alsaidi
1 Alsaidi 4 days ago
ما شا الله
Matt Kneeshaw
Matt Kneeshaw 4 days ago
My mom does better embroidery work but then again she's 70 and she does it every day but she put that shit to Shame
Coordinator61 4 days ago
Underneath BMW sheit.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients 4 days ago
Why do R-R cars depreciate in value so greatly on the resale market? Do that one next...
Markus Patients
Markus Patients 4 days ago
I've never been happy with body-shop repairs on any of my regularly painted cars.
odero saddler
odero saddler 4 days ago
Freeload those to me right now
amazo88 4 days ago
they may be luxurious, but goddamn they look so ugly. all their models look almost the same too.
DudeBro 4 days ago
Each Rolls Royce comes with a complimentary butler.
Thanveer Ahmed
Thanveer Ahmed 5 days ago
U didn't talk about the W12 engine !!
paulcyr22 5 days ago
It’s like anything. People falsely inflate items to create a fake market. It could be sports cards, houses, apartments, cars etc. In the sense of rolls Royce sure the items in the car might be more expensive then a regular car but 30k to 400k? Not a chance. Rich people just paid what rolls wanted and made it into this luxury car. If people didn’t pay the prices then they wouldn’t exist or prices come down drastically.
Clark G
Clark G 5 days ago
Luxury... you've never driven in my 2003 GMC Yukon XL, now that's luxury, with a sun roof.
50,000 subscriber with No videos
50,000 subscriber with No videos 5 days ago
I bet if they dont use diamond infused paint the car price would go down
Rusty P
Rusty P 5 days ago
Plasticky box..
Adam Wong
Adam Wong 5 days ago
Pawn Stars - "I'll give you $1000 max, I'm taking a HUGE risk here"
Steve M
Steve M 5 days ago
Theyre ugly machines
Thabiso Ramakatsa
Thabiso Ramakatsa 5 days ago
What happens when Mark Court dies?
Ali Alhashimi
Ali Alhashimi 6 days ago
Literally just buy an BMW and call it a day
Agam C
Agam C 6 days ago
Toyota: Our sequoia is selling for 60000! come and get it! Rolls Royce: Ha! Pathetic. Our sedan is for a million.
Scott 6 days ago
The front of the RR that drake had made, reminds me of the station wagon from National Lampoons Vacation.
moses kiragu
moses kiragu 6 days ago
Funny how we live in different world. I have been saving for the last 5years for a second hand Toyota Vitz worth less than 3K dollars.
Certified 6 days ago
squirrels disliked this video
John Cee
John Cee 6 days ago
Like all cars, they depreciate. You can pick up an old one for £5000, summer run around.
Pamela Hannibal
Pamela Hannibal 6 days ago
Have you ever heard of Mars being cheap.
Meep Changeling
Meep Changeling 6 days ago
Technically speaking, a Rolls-Royce costs whatever the cheapest gun available to you at a given time and a single round for it costs.