Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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6 months ago

Rolls-Royce makes some of the world's most luxurious and expensive cars. Known for producing hand-crafted automobiles that promise a seamless "magical carpet ride" for its customers, Rolls-Royce's cars do not come cheap. With virtually unlimited optional extras, upgrades, and customizations, the true cost of a bespoke Rolls-Royce has no limits. So what are some of those bespoke extras? And is that what makes Rolls-Royces so expensive?
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Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Hour ago
Xpeng cars are kind of copycat ripoff rolls royces? but can´t argue with Lucid, wow!!!
m y
m y 4 hours ago
both our cars drive at the end of the day
Gameanade Games
Gameanade Games 7 hours ago
Sorry but you just said you crushed DIAMONDS?!?!?!
Aiden Zoretic
Aiden Zoretic 10 hours ago
Bruh lol cheap car for poor people I have a full gold spaceship that doubles as a Gucci supreme Lamborghini deluxe bag of dirt it totals out at about 6 Big Macs
Matthew Boulter
Matthew Boulter 10 hours ago
rolls is the ugliest car ever bentley is so much nicer
Keyur Ahir
Keyur Ahir 10 hours ago
I love rolls royce
Keyur Ahir
Keyur Ahir 10 hours ago
mike wright
mike wright 10 hours ago
The pampered rich must be nice.
Neni R
Neni R 10 hours ago
Ill buy a $3000 car with 700k into it instead of one of these cars if I had the money
Hashri 11 hours ago
The car is so fancy and all but it looks like a 60-80 year old man if the car is a human
tripjet999 11 hours ago
...will file this under, "People Are Starving."
Đào Nhật Minh
Đào Nhật Minh 12 hours ago
Jeff Bezos: Take my credit card, go buy me a coke and get yourself something too. Me: coke *,*
The Zandigo
The Zandigo 12 hours ago
So basically it's bennys vehicle customs in gta
Rana Hassan 49
Rana Hassan 49 14 hours ago
"We work at one standard which is the highest." damn
Sushant Karki
Sushant Karki 14 hours ago
To sum up, it's a rip off
Jean Decrusis
Jean Decrusis 16 hours ago
What makes Rolls Royce so expensive? It's the insanely impractical add-ons requested by its conceited braggart clients.
Sarah Sanusi
Sarah Sanusi 16 hours ago
Normalize this lifestyle.
Lekulubutu 18 hours ago
It's a bit of an insult to say we're painting the car... It's more than that . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bruh🙄
get baited
get baited 18 hours ago
Because it's a car?
jdm guru
jdm guru 20 hours ago
Imagine a midnight purple 3 wraith
Ahmed H. Khorshid
Ahmed H. Khorshid 22 hours ago
What is this compared to my Toyota Corolla!!!
Kenneth Pham
Kenneth Pham Day ago
I'm too poor
Aleao Gimba
Aleao Gimba Day ago
Hector Abcdefg
Hector Abcdefg Day ago
id like to know what it's like to be so rich. This pandemic is not a problem for people like Bezos. The average is Joe is getting evicted from his apartment in a few weeks
Narinder Pal
Narinder Pal Day ago
Roll Royce Look UGLY since the Germany took over. Would not buy one even if I had the money.. Buy an Old one no prob.
Willy Yappy
Willy Yappy Day ago
Imagine you sneezing when he was drawing the last lap of line. He probably would glue your slips together
this car just stay in the garage only for display
Sahil Verma
Sahil Verma Day ago
I have two dream cars: First buying any car of Rolls Royce and another Of Koenigsegg.
Tediuki Suzuki
Tediuki Suzuki Day ago
Robert Mugabe sent Rolls Royce a packet of Trebor mints as a colour swatch for the exterior because every time a Yorkshireman tastes one he actually says Robert Mugabe backwards...E ba gum Trebor.
Ayesha Mashoora
Ayesha Mashoora Day ago
Not nice better than audi
Remdesvir Lablet
Remdesvir Lablet Day ago
not in a million years i will buy such stupidily overpriced machine evne if i had loads of money
Pranjal Mundhada
Pranjal Mundhada Day ago
It worth for it
Muhammad Apriadi
Muhammad Apriadi Day ago
You can crush the diamonds?
Hatsy YT
Hatsy YT Day ago
So what your saying is when we see someone with a RR There flexing/balling
udaysaleen 2 days ago
don't forget diamonds are shiny pressurized rocks that are in abundance. the diamond cartels just do a really good job at monopolizing. In reality they are almost literally dirt cheap. people are just ignorant enough to pay that much for shiny dirt
JFF Edits
JFF Edits 2 days ago
How do you crush diamonds
Hosne Ara
Hosne Ara 2 days ago
1:43 wtf was he seeing
Andrew Teng
Andrew Teng 2 days ago
Think about it, when a car company not only makes cars and their engines but also the engine that perfected the performance of the plane that won the second half of WW2 for the allies in Europe.
Harvard Orgil
Harvard Orgil 2 days ago
8:24 here you go. no need thanks
Land of Flavors
Land of Flavors 2 days ago
Too bad their stock is like $2 a share.
Mikiyas Melashu
Mikiyas Melashu 2 days ago
absolute honor
Zander Juga
Zander Juga 2 days ago
Bayangin pesen Rolls-Royce interior tema Hoshimachi Suisei... Bayangin aja dulu, soalnya gak bakal kesampaian
Ashutosh Tiwari
Ashutosh Tiwari 2 days ago
5:00 You just said "hole" way too much sir. ~ Charles Boyle
River Todd
River Todd 2 days ago
I would have thought that the rolls engineers would have known that the stupid crap buttons stuck on the steering wheel causes tactile apprehension when using the wheel... Resulting in serious Crashes 🤔
RUREN 2 days ago
Should I believe that these 70 lakh people are rich!
Rishav Patra
Rishav Patra 2 days ago
The reason they are so expensive is because everything rolls royce puts in their cars is at the prime point in terms of quality and they believe only a handful of people deserve to buy their cars
Heil Trump
Heil Trump 2 days ago
$450k paint job. got it. take my money!
aman chauhan
aman chauhan 2 days ago
I would own it one day 💙
SK THAMILAN Bros 2 days ago
mrk107 2 days ago
3:56 can I get a Rolls Royce toilet that does that?
Grace Gottlieb
Grace Gottlieb 2 days ago
I hate bougee cars
Thabang Mokhodi
Thabang Mokhodi 3 days ago
Cool car
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones 3 days ago
" We do any color, Even we have done the dog of an owner, so we replicate it's dna, chemistry or whatever"
Emon Khan
Emon Khan 3 days ago
what if a rich dude goes to them and says here's 1 mil make me an off-road Cullinan that can defeat a defender in off-roading.
Taurus Napper
Taurus Napper 3 days ago
Jewels that Stole the Show instagram.com/munecagearbracelets
Skeeter 3 days ago
Skeeter 3 days ago
Clueless 3 days ago
Rolls Royce is the inbodyment of the buisness is boomin´ meme
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 3 days ago
Diamond infused paint.... GD!!
K C 3 days ago
What would the world be like without bored, rich folk!
Trent Electrical
Trent Electrical 3 days ago
I’d hate to run my 7k Silverado into the side of one. 😂😂😂
Antonio Pisano
Antonio Pisano 3 days ago
They are expensive because they are customise personalised handmade cars they don’t employ par timer and cheap staff to save few squids
robert ayugi
robert ayugi 3 days ago
amazing and aesthetical.i would wish to talk to the companies C.EO
Glen Hancock
Glen Hancock 3 days ago
Look up Joe Biden and Tara Reade if you want to buy a Rolls Royce and vote for a tax cut by it !
Vintage tears
Vintage tears 3 days ago
This called me poor in 7 languages.
alec cap
alec cap 3 days ago
Football players that are on £350,000 a week don't help people in these trouble times they help themselves and this tank on 4 wheels i hope the company goes bust
dauntlesskjcm 3 days ago
The Apple of cars.
Gianna Kelly
Gianna Kelly 3 days ago
this is super fire '
val milos
val milos 4 days ago
and here is one guy with geo metro ruining you day
pam4840 4 days ago
Am i the only one feel that they are sounding it looks too complicated and an overkill.
pam4840 4 days ago
Isnt this the same which an Indian raja brought and gave it to the municipality for garbage collection.
pam4840 4 days ago
because some corporates are genius enough to thrive on leaching the super-rich
AMAZON Media 4 days ago
Any idea about what that embroidery is ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kelvin Teen
Kelvin Teen 4 days ago
A car that is not made on economy of scale.
sparty94 4 days ago
i appreciate the craftsmanship, but damn that's a lot of dough.
Larry Nivren
Larry Nivren 4 days ago
Expensive because of IMAGE.... and IMAGE fades over the times.....
Vagner Jr
Vagner Jr 4 days ago
They're like Apple, right?
Jholu Singh
Jholu Singh 4 days ago
Switch to 8:24 and thank me later
William Jones
William Jones 4 days ago
Oh the irony! During a video on Rolls Royce a McDonalds ad pops up. I'm loving it.
GamingwithAlwyn 999
GamingwithAlwyn 999 4 days ago
I still dunno y RR is so expensive *It’s got the aerodynamics of a brick*
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt 4 days ago
I am an octogenarian old codger who happens to be from the family of Rllers People who used to buy RR have graduated to Private Aeroplane, High Speed Railways and Teleconferences ...Besides, buying a RR does not make you 'ARRIVE'...It, only, makes you look foolish, a nouveau riche from Fossil Fuels or Drugs ...There used to be a Rolls Royce Fraternity ... like the Free Masons or Upper Crest ... almost gone ...Besides today's Rolls Royce is just a soaped up BMW 760 ...The first thing that wrong is the RR wheel circle due to grit, dust and rust ...It is a heavy car so its brakes discs need changing more often ...the second is its suspension and the third is its Computer ... I would rather buy a BMW 760. I have an old 750 V12 (E38) '98 ...with double glazed windows and a Sports Button ... It is a car to own and drive ...
Tim Ward
Tim Ward 4 days ago
Nothing against the rich, mind you. People should be compensated for their efforts. And they are beautiful cars, stunning really. But my, my. It must be so embarrassing to be seen to waste so much money on a car when so many people (even in an advanced country like the U.S.) can't afford health insurance, are behind on rent or mortgage payments, and are eating out of charity food boxes. It is so hard not to see this kind of self indulgence as anything other than piggish selfishness (probably because that's exactly what it is - in most cases, anyway). BUT we can all take comfort in the fact that nobody can take such things with them when they go, and it might be really hard for them to explain to St. Peter why he should let them in. As I said, though, the cars themselves are stunning. Can the artists who actually make the car afford to own one. Do they get a $480,000 employee discount?
ReyesRage 925
ReyesRage 925 4 days ago
Ahhh yes pop smokes car
Extemus 4 days ago
Man could probably put on a lego sticker exactly how the packaging put it.
K W 4 days ago
And all I ask from my car is that it runs...
Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not
Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not 5 days ago
Sometimes I wanna be rich 😀
Evan Haskel
Evan Haskel 5 days ago
“Rolls Royce doesn’t like to talk about how much the car is worth.” Let me guess, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it?
Dustin James
Dustin James Day ago
You buy a rolls royce because you want one, not because you think its a good value If you're price sensitive in the slightest, theyre not interested in doing business
Hero5 2 days ago
True. Because if you’re rich you will only focus on your customization you don’t care about the money. When you buy a gum in a store, you pick the one you like but you don’t look the price because you can afford it
yahdirs sanchez
yahdirs sanchez 5 days ago
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Sam the man
Sam the man 5 days ago
ah yes funny box car
Handy Xsocial111
Handy Xsocial111 5 days ago
😂😂😂They thought I couldn’t afford it 🤦🏿‍♂️ so I ordered 3😂😂😂
ubergammer00 5 days ago
Imagine getting into and accident with this car 💵💵💵💵🔥🔥🔥
Just See
Just See 5 days ago
Binar Sinaga
Binar Sinaga 5 days ago
Moran MB
Moran MB 5 days ago
That cars are absolutely amazing. But also a waste of money and just for pride and ego.
smallsBIG_ke 5 days ago
Am just from a meeting with Satan and then I see this. He was promising me exactly some like this...
Miss Gucci
Miss Gucci 5 days ago
A journalist once asked the CEO of Rolls Royce : how come we don't see your car ads very often ? The CEO answered: The people who buy our cars don't have time to see ads 😎
Bill Fogarty
Bill Fogarty 5 days ago
With all the customization decisions one has to make to select your RR, it's a miracle these buyers have the time to earn the money to afford one.
king quad s
king quad s 5 days ago
I like the fact the dashboard has no visual display screens the can go out of style in one year.
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 5 days ago
Rolls Royce cars aren't expensive People are poor
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