#1: Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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Month ago

The Top 100 Players of 2020 counts down the top players in the NFL as determined solely by the players themselves. This year, NFL Films collected 970 ballots and interviewed 132 players.
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DJ Elliott
DJ Elliott Hour ago
I think Lamar would be a better WR than a QB. Lol Lol Lol!!!!
quamari Putney
quamari Putney 6 hours ago
Lamar Jackson hard
Donovan Young
Donovan Young Day ago
Back in elementary school at recess in school kids would say, "the next Michael Vick" or "Michael Vick 2.0." I bet the kids there now say "the next Lamar Jackson."
Wendy Baker
Wendy Baker Day ago
Congrats to our qb ljack, he going to take the ravens far, it's our time bmore
godspeed_6x Day ago
lamar jackson is the best player fr. can't wait to see what him and ravens can do this year
Danny Eledge
Danny Eledge 2 days ago
Mahomes is #1 but I would put Lamar at 2 with Russel Wilson.
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 2 days ago
There are a lot of people who prefer to pretend Lamar does not exist. So much hate.
Ct Bt
Ct Bt 2 days ago
Is it me or do Robby Anderson sound somewhat like Jay Z. 😂
Sherm Ham
Sherm Ham 2 days ago
Stay blessed brother🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
matrixphijr 2 days ago
Has anybody ever gone from unranked to #1 before? That's crazy.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 3 days ago
The things he's accomplished in this league in such a short time is unearthly... Yet you have 💩 Qb's like Baker getting endorsements and notoriety for being a fraction of as good as he is.. SMFH *Only in White America*
Sai Doddi
Sai Doddi 3 days ago
Remember when people said he should switch to wide receiver? Man people are stupid. Also who the hell thought josh Allen would be a better pro prospect?
Eli Andrade
Eli Andrade 3 days ago
well deserved 😈🐐 fr tho, where did that quarter come from lol
Isak Skogen
Isak Skogen 4 days ago
Easily my favorite player in nfl. Not a huge nfl fan and almost never watch games since im not from the US, but this guy just stands out. Such a talent
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray 4 days ago
Mahomes: am I a joke to you?
Carrie T
Carrie T 5 days ago
I don't even watch football! Glad I ended up on this side of youtube though.
D C 5 days ago
Correction White critics said it was luck we already knew Mr. Jackson was great 👍🏾 not bad for a running back
Taowalaya 5 days ago
3:25 wow that qb sense. howd he know he was behind
Cryptic_ Slayer
Cryptic_ Slayer 6 days ago
Bruh he shouldn't be the number one nfl player in the league ever heard of a guy named Patrick mahomes! I'm not a cheifs fan btw
kyianicole permenter-stewart
kyianicole permenter-stewart 6 days ago
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson 7 days ago
Stay humble and keep your eye on the prize. My favorite player to watch.
coolectra13 7 days ago
Great kid and QB! Looking forward to everything he’s going to do this season!
Jacob Fontanilla
Jacob Fontanilla 7 days ago
Can’t believe Baker Mayfield was taken before Lamar Jackson 🤦🏻‍♂️
Simon Kilday
Simon Kilday 7 days ago
I love Lamar but let’s be real he’s not better than mahomes
Phresh 88.8
Phresh 88.8 7 days ago
Mahomes is still a better qb
Mike Oxsbig
Mike Oxsbig 8 days ago
Keep the Lamar hate coming, just fuels him to be even better than he already is.
brandon zembles
brandon zembles 8 days ago
honestly, he is amazing but i thought PH would be 1 after his past 2 seasons.. but ive watched this guy since his Louisville days and im not surprised. dude is a great football player
SIR CHARLIE 8 days ago
Patrick Mahomes is better in my opinion
ONDAT AZZ!! 8 days ago
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Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty 9 days ago
Lamar Jackson stole all the handsome cream
JoAnn Burton
JoAnn Burton 10 days ago
I think Lamar should have gotten 2nd and Mahomes 1st come on nfl!
Libert Siagian
Libert Siagian 10 days ago
how can they rank anything in 2020
16 11 days ago
He always talks about how disrespected he was in the draft he was a first round pick
16 11 days ago
Dude needs to chill out with the super bowl title win a playoff game first lmao
VenomRG 11 days ago
So Aaron Donald was #1 last year, now Lamar Jackson. *nice*
Jay T-9000
Jay T-9000 12 days ago
Yea that spin was clean... but dont sleep on that fake before the spin. It was mean too
Vava Vava
Vava Vava 12 days ago
I never have and never will understand how people had him so low on the draft boards. He was a monster in college.
Omar Perez
Omar Perez 12 days ago
Lamar Jackson ,Patrick Mahomes& Dak Prescott are the new era in the NFL mark my words 💯 they will all have 5 rings each
John-Paul C
John-Paul C 12 days ago
The real question is how durable will his play-style be. He's not nearly the passer Wilson or Mahomes are, so without the run dimension what type of player is he?? After he gets hurt a few times I guess we'll see.
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort 12 days ago
1:22 Marlon Humphrey. Thinking about saying Tom Brady or something then realizes how he would be disrespecting any player he says so he goes with something else.