SML Movie: Zombie Jeffy!

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29 days ago

Jeffy turns into a zombie!

superbowserlogan 28 days ago
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Fnaf Bro
Fnaf Bro 4 days ago
Rebecca Queen
Rebecca Queen 10 days ago
Rodrigo Torres
Rodrigo Torres 11 days ago
Not me I subscribe for
[CJ] Studios
[CJ] Studios 28 days ago
SML IDEA: Bowser in Mario have an argument on who’s kid is harder to take care of, so they decide that Mario takes care of Junior while Bowser takes care of Jeffy. Like this comment so Logan will notice 🤩 (Also do not mistake this for the competition episode where Mario and bowser were trying to see who has the better son, that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m saying they should switch sons)
Eileen vasquez
Eileen vasquez 4 minutes ago
3 Strikes Podcast
3 Strikes Podcast 5 minutes ago
My grany
Alanda Jones
Alanda Jones 38 minutes ago
The wants the cool video
Seth Ochoa
Seth Ochoa 57 minutes ago
Why the falcons reference
K F Dice Series
K F Dice Series Hour ago
This video is peepee EAT YOUR GREEN BEANS!
DEWOTT KING 2 hours ago
I mean sherk
DEWOTT KING 2 hours ago
Dude I have not seen Sheri for years bring him back
Caleb Tami
Caleb Tami 2 hours ago
Logan please make a Jeffy puppet Video in credible Hulk Jeffy
Caty Fernandez
Caty Fernandez 2 hours ago
Do you mean by making him into a robot listen I’m not very smart but if my math is correct you can make a robot and decorated whatever you want so you can make Jeffy out of a robot I just made out of clay and also the question of today I am in a very interesting helping my grandma my dad‘s grandma to life because I really miss her and I’m about to cry he was my favorite grandma well and I will get to meet her in real life
Linda Benson
Linda Benson 3 hours ago
I am going to have a meeting with you tomorrow morning and will have
Ivan Chai
Ivan Chai 4 hours ago
8:09 That scared me like for real it's scared me so Hard
Lil Pan Retre
Lil Pan Retre 4 hours ago
How do you breed when you was on the ground
Austin Bates
Austin Bates 5 hours ago
Stop making a 16 year old kid turn into the next vegan teacher
Je'Han McFarlane
Je'Han McFarlane 5 hours ago
ya but ou wer a somby
Tigst bymr Nafkot Lenle
Tigst bymr Nafkot Lenle 5 hours ago
This will be kidnapped somebody HELP
Fan Boy
Fan Boy 6 hours ago
Kendrick Golden
Kendrick Golden 6 hours ago
Pee pee
Landon Ingram
Landon Ingram 6 hours ago
Jake’s Escape!
Jake’s Escape! 6 hours ago
Why does mario care of touching jeffys arm he has gloves on
CUTIE PIE 6 hours ago
CUTIE PIE 6 hours ago
Mark Narvaez
Mark Narvaez 6 hours ago
Happy eats green means when he’s choking with the dirt when he screaming when Mario shoot green means with a Nerf gun when Mario kart is well with
Liqid YO daddy
Liqid YO daddy 6 hours ago
says the fat guy 1:09 seconds
•{bøba belle gacha life }•
•{bøba belle gacha life }• 6 hours ago
(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
•{bøba belle gacha life }•
•{bøba belle gacha life }• 6 hours ago
Green bean smoothie I’m no thank you (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
Audra M.
Audra M. 7 hours ago
When jeffy was a zombie and calling mario and when he was breathing i was like Me:NAHH NAHH IM OUT IM GONA HAVE A NIGHTMARE
Infinity Way
Infinity Way 7 hours ago
Fe4rRykulo FN
Fe4rRykulo FN 7 hours ago
SML Idea Hefty Jeffy
Carlo Lazar
Carlo Lazar 7 hours ago
When Jeffy was Buried why did I get scared when he arm showed up
Oh My KENZIE! 7 hours ago
Jeffy is so funny
Carlo Lazar
Carlo Lazar 7 hours ago
Guys don’t tell on me pls I just want to say pp shhhhhh
Martha Adame
Martha Adame 7 hours ago
SML Movie: Sunken
Ana Morales
Ana Morales 8 hours ago
More like a green shake
Lorenzo Perfetti
Lorenzo Perfetti 8 hours ago
Nathan Baez
Nathan Baez 8 hours ago
SML idea Junior and Jeffy plays Jumanji
Frederick Kyler
Frederick Kyler 8 hours ago
Wait Brooklyn’s I didn’t read the best ending to the last video which was Bowser Junior’s revenge and you promised that he would read it at the end of the next video which is this video
Kit Kat V2
Kit Kat V2 8 hours ago
I have a problem with the Nerf gun 1. How does a Nerf have muzzle flash? 2. Apparently green beans compare the same with bullets. 3. If a green bean has the same speed of a bullet, shouldn't it have penetrated him, though it is not metal, it might still.
Adal Marrero
Adal Marrero 8 hours ago
SML Idea:rich jeffy
꧁Student Gamer4000 The First꧂
꧁Student Gamer4000 The First꧂ 9 hours ago
W0LF B3AT5 9 hours ago
14:06 Did you guys lose character for a second by laughing? 😆
Laura Burdon
Laura Burdon 9 hours ago
Laura Burdon
Laura Burdon 9 hours ago
Whyyyy did you do this mario why did you kill Jeffy
Laura Burdon
Laura Burdon 9 hours ago
Jeffy the zombie I liked the old jeffy
youssef Q
youssef Q 10 hours ago
Laura Burdon
Laura Burdon 10 hours ago
Alex_ Plays
Alex_ Plays 10 hours ago
SML idea:Jeffy eats green beans
sara Brooks
sara Brooks 10 hours ago
sara Brooks
sara Brooks 10 hours ago
I_ quickscope
I_ quickscope 11 hours ago
SML idea: jeffys elf
Nasteh Salah
Nasteh Salah 11 hours ago
クシュKushikimi 11 hours ago
It's as if Jeffy is getting smarter and smarter
Kevin Carignan
Kevin Carignan 11 hours ago
I would bring Kobe Bryant back to life.
Matthew Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan 11 hours ago
make a video called jeffy's new room
Patrick Szucs
Patrick Szucs 11 hours ago
Jamil awada
Jamil awada 12 hours ago
Jeffy fuck you
Duckers Tow
Duckers Tow 12 hours ago
Sml idea💡 do mairo birthday 🎂🎉🎉
RareCooldude 64
RareCooldude 64 12 hours ago
EthanGamer HD
EthanGamer HD 12 hours ago
I was laughing rlly hard when jeffy was choking.
Monica&Tobias Rasmussen
Monica&Tobias Rasmussen 13 hours ago
Jackie Burchfield
Jackie Burchfield 13 hours ago
SML idea vampire Jeffy
Jackie Burchfield
Jackie Burchfield 13 hours ago
Mac Culp
Mac Culp 13 hours ago
13:09 I was in another tab and did not see anything but heard that
RyanAfif Haikal
RyanAfif Haikal 14 hours ago
When you hear jeffy lemme take a sip daddy mmmm u know that sarcsam
Tommy McDonnell
Tommy McDonnell 18 hours ago
My question how did he change into a zombie he had like 4 seconds
Nikki LaVato
Nikki LaVato 21 hour ago
She died because of cigarettes
Nikki LaVato
Nikki LaVato 21 hour ago
My nany
cryxbby 21 hour ago
u have to try green beans once cause u don’t know what it taste like
Galvatonv2 21 hour ago
If I could bring back one person I’d be the Jeffrey that swears
Donna Moliterno
Donna Moliterno 9 hours ago
video maker miller
video maker miller 9 hours ago
but logans channel will die from youtube rules
uradopted ok
uradopted ok 22 hours ago
DailyPotato 22 hours ago
I wish I had the cussing 🤬 Jeffy back
Ocean Gaming
Ocean Gaming 22 hours ago
I remembered when he replied to my comment a long time ago
wanda peaden
wanda peaden 23 hours ago
john montero
john montero 23 hours ago
😱😱😱😱😱sml that looks like a horror movie
Quay Tran
Quay Tran 23 hours ago
Mario no more $1 million
scullz Day ago
If it was someone everyone that died I know
Autumn Cox
Autumn Cox Day ago
my Uccle i was named after them
Francis Cerrato Canizales
Francis Cerrato Canizales Day ago
👇Who thinks sml is pp?
Soup Of Pandas
Soup Of Pandas Day ago
I love all you
Arkansas&MissouriRR&SAR336 JapaneseRailways909
Arkansas&MissouriRR&SAR336 JapaneseRailways909 Day ago
The T Kerr
The T Kerr Day ago
I would bring my mom back to life
Toca 44 role-play Maya
Toca 44 role-play Maya Day ago
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Niurka Dominguez
Niurka Dominguez Day ago
I wished mario was arrested
RabbitJack Day ago
Jeffy already experience a porta potty because his mom said in JEFFFY's PARENTS she gave birth to him in a porta potty
Giratona Gaming
Giratona Gaming Day ago
Said the fat guy
bug the bosss l429
bug the bosss l429 Day ago
CheezyBoi Official
CheezyBoi Official Day ago
Id bring back my virginity
Rosalina is stupit
Shawn Woods
Shawn Woods Day ago
TTVFango 1431
TTVFango 1431 Day ago
I would bring back my dad
Aeden Burgos
Aeden Burgos Day ago
Mario you're idiot why would you do that
king dice
king dice Day ago
New title: jeffy gets covid
Murloc RJ
Murloc RJ Day ago
Why does Mario consistently give him green beans if he doesn't like it he doesn't like it its not like you can't give him broccoli he never was opposed to that its healthy and when cooked right tastes delicious
Ethan Sheasby
Ethan Sheasby Day ago
0:40 I 😆 laughed
Swetha Karnati
Swetha Karnati Day ago
I don’t have to
Maria Quintanilla
Maria Quintanilla Day ago
Don xvideoservice blackshear Street poughkeepsie Easy to say but
geckoman XD
geckoman XD Day ago
14:15 haha
Andres Ginzalez
Andres Ginzalez Day ago
Andres Ginzalez
Andres Ginzalez Day ago
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