BECOMING GOD IN CK3 WITH 100 Stat Man - Crusader Kings 3 Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits

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The Spiffing Brit

Month ago

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CK 3 is the latest release in the crusader kings series of real time grand strategy games. In this game you role play anyone from a count to an emperor. You can take your characters raiding, generate infinite money or infinite prestige. Today The Spiffing Brit is going to create 100 stat man! A character with 100 diplomacy, 100 martial, 100 Stewardship, 100 Intrigue and 100 Learning. They are the smartest and most powerful ruler the world will ever see and in todays video we will be taking Mega Chad on an adventure to reform the Norse / Asatru faith and make himself the god of the religion. We will be exploiting gameplay mechanics to steal entire empires without even building an army and cheesing diplomacy and intrigue to focus on becoming god in ck3. So watch as the spiffing brit finds out if Crusader Kings 3 Is A perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits or if Becoming a god in CK3 with 100 stat man is broken! Strap yourselves in for some funny crusader kings 3 gameplay .
So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Crusader Kings 3 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the Becoming God Challenge is broken!! How can you even Become a god in CK3 without doing any virtuous things! What strange RPG game exploit is this! We have Unlimited gold thanks to a gold exploit and unlimited claims and land thanks to intrigue!
This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit!
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Title: BECOMING GOD IN CK3 WITH 100 Stat Man - Crusader Kings 3 Is Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits
Last Time We tried Becoming a God Title: FABLE ANNIVERSARY IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - Becoming God With Gold Is Broken!!
#Becoming #God #CK3

The Spiffing Brit
The Spiffing Brit Month ago
*Hey All I hope you are doing good! The return of 100 Statman was of course in part paid by Xbox Game Pass for PC which you can learn more about here **** (It is a great way to play CK3 yourself for only $1)* Anyway I hope all of you are still staying strong in lockdown and having lots of fun with games and friends!
Shane SP25
Shane SP25 2 days ago
I actually will be doing this, I've never signed for gamepass I'm just hoping that a game like this is actually low spec playable as my laptop is about 5years old. If it wasn't for the random suggestion and seeing what the channel was about I'd have never seen this wonderful game and yes, I was thinking how could I buy it, but youve just provided the way to make it the main game for a month and if it's worth it still by then, off we go to buy it
Cj Raw
Cj Raw 3 days ago
A B C all of the above conquer the world most of all
Alesio K.C
Alesio K.C 21 day ago
That's not how you pronounce Romagna No offense,just saying
James McComb
James McComb Month ago
The title of this video is misleading at best, lying clickbait at worst. Do better than this.
luckycobble Month ago
u should capture the entire world
Brendan Kepley
Brendan Kepley 10 hours ago
C. Nothing else
Tor Håkon
Tor Håkon Day ago
Im norwegian, and i absolutly despise your pronounciation of norweguan cities. Å=AA. Æ=AE. Ø=OE
Titus the Teen
Titus the Teen Day ago
What mod did u use
TDKarpa 2 days ago
Pene in Spanish means Penis, so there was something there the whole time.
Shane SP25
Shane SP25 2 days ago
Is there actually a 3rd video of this series?
Shane SP25
Shane SP25 2 days ago
I don't know if you've been to Vietnam, but that's alot of "dong" for some people 😂🤭
Bjørn Chr. Rødal
Bjørn Chr. Rødal 3 days ago
War Elephants. Or better yet, establish the British empire and colonize WITH War Elephant!
DaShiz 3 days ago
I mean, probably should have known someone named Duke Pene couldn't be trusted around your wife, even if he is your hermano.
Cj Raw
Cj Raw 3 days ago
Conquer the world!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
What’s a frame Rate
What’s a frame Rate 4 days ago
Connor Baynton
Connor Baynton 4 days ago
d. all of the above
Zion Villot
Zion Villot 4 days ago
pls play more of this
Ymir 4 days ago
You naughty sausage.
Erik Norman
Erik Norman 5 days ago
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri 6 days ago
Can you still be an atheist when God himself comes down and pimp slaps you
Daniel O'Day
Daniel O'Day 6 days ago
Clickbait title. When step 1 is "Install cheat mods", then it has nothing to do with balance or exploits.... Normally love your video's Brit, but this one gets a thumbs down.
TimeTrnr 7 days ago
I really want to know what Spiff has against Catholicism now…
Toran Hansen
Toran Hansen 7 days ago
The kidnapper thing is so cheesy, I hope they patch it out. Maybe make it give 99% instead.
Ok dog
Ok dog 7 days ago
War elephants pls
nunya bidniss
nunya bidniss 8 days ago
I vote B and C
ירדן כהן
ירדן כהן 9 days ago
Sage Schispell
Sage Schispell 10 days ago
Emporer of the most catholic empire known to man "I'm an atheist." Hold up.
Arthur Boytsov
Arthur Boytsov 10 days ago
pls continue the series!!!
GGaD 11 days ago
how can you be like it might need fixing while using cheats lmao?
Jarbropro nie
Jarbropro nie 12 days ago
Can u give a download for thewe decisions
Stopit!!! 13 days ago
34:42 "When in Rome, just... bang your sister"
James J
James J 14 days ago
...You didn't need to do any of that. You can convert to ANY religion at ANY time. Literally. Including dead religions. Or just make your own.
Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell 14 days ago
Never cheat on Spiff
MrMegaPussyPlayer 14 days ago
28:20 Missed opportunity! You should have spelled it: _"Cheddarsr"_ . ... Would have made it as cheesy as the exploits ...
Kenneth Heikkinen
Kenneth Heikkinen 15 days ago
Likeahorse88 15 days ago
More please, more
Michael Booser
Michael Booser 15 days ago
Colony Time
Goldlion 5212
Goldlion 5212 15 days ago
I need moreee 😂
Get Bullied
Get Bullied 17 days ago
Morgan 17 days ago
Yes, he uses cheats, but he also shows how the game can be exploited in like 50 different ways even without the cheats. The cheats were more so he can get all this in one video and not have to deal with the little stuff.
RenaldoSeguin 19 days ago
I’d love to see a video where you create 100 stat man, then play as someone else and try to defeat 100 stat man
Akhap 19 days ago
Stammesherzogtum ahahahahahahahah
A Smith
A Smith 19 days ago
D - Conquer the African Continent
Kyle DeepNutt
Kyle DeepNutt 19 days ago
I wish there was a mod to make your player character immortal
Valliac 20 days ago
- Majority of comments screaming because he used mods - Most of series involves using mods for crazy timeline-tweaking bullshit MADNESS
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson 20 days ago
Thomas TomBlom
Thomas TomBlom 20 days ago
How dare you attack my contry denmark lol
Dezibel 21 day ago
I want this mod
lonewolf501st 21 day ago
You got an advertisement from Microsoft!! Well done man!
Jonathan Steppig
Jonathan Steppig 22 days ago
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 22 days ago
Use the war elephants to conquer France.
abortionclinic33 22 days ago
you cheated piety and think buying a claim is unbalanced, normal people wont be able to afford it the way you did
True Family friendliness
True Family friendliness 23 days ago
today i found out why do the 1110 kings had so many children it was for the skill point exploit
Robs 23 days ago
More. Pls
RexusprimeIX 24 days ago
So to become a literal god, you have to first become Swedish. ]Everyone in Scandinavia except Sweden disliked that]
Teaeth Baggeth
Teaeth Baggeth 24 days ago
Oh my god you can marry them off to toddlers😂
been man
been man 25 days ago
Daniel R. Golightly
Daniel R. Golightly 26 days ago
camokiler 26 days ago
Legend says there is a 1000 stat man named GigaChad
TheFatherOfPelle .___.
TheFatherOfPelle .___. 26 days ago
amin p.0001
amin p.0001 26 days ago
Young G756
Young G756 26 days ago
Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel 26 days ago
Elephant 🐘 for the win
Chase Cunningham
Chase Cunningham 27 days ago
Jean-Louis Bourgeois
Jean-Louis Bourgeois 27 days ago
Norse > Christianity > Islam.
Acura/Pontiac 27 days ago
I can confirm, spiffing Brit does give you -100 stress
Patrick Pedigo
Patrick Pedigo 27 days ago
I nearly spilled my coffee when I almost forgot to like video. But not a drop spilled and a blue thumb at bottom.
Juan Escalante
Juan Escalante 27 days ago
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire 28 days ago
I want to see you make the emperor gay.
Blake Arius
Blake Arius 28 days ago
Did anyone even watch the video after.. Where he describes how to get 100 stat man without cheats.. just fill out right side of diplomacy perks and befriend your 30 children. He used the Mod because it has channel references...
Mark Firman
Mark Firman 28 days ago
You didn't even become a cannibal... what a disappointment
Rowan Cohen
Rowan Cohen 28 days ago
C! As a Norse Pagan I definitely would love to see war elephants xD
Joe Cirello
Joe Cirello 28 days ago
derrick parker
derrick parker 28 days ago
fel krosis
fel krosis 28 days ago
when I saw jomsvikings I went off. anyone else catch that?
Yantwerpen 28 days ago
Take down France
Lavan Smith
Lavan Smith 28 days ago
British people never cease to amaze me
Lavan Smith
Lavan Smith 28 days ago
I love British people 🇬🇧
Aye DatboyUnreal
Aye DatboyUnreal 28 days ago
A then c
Wolfspaule 29 days ago
da da
da da 29 days ago
Spiff please do more 100 Stat man videos i beg you
Pannkakssmet 29 days ago
Nightwalker170 29 days ago
Funny enough I don't think that planning to capture/kill the leader of the opposing faction before declaring war in order to win said war as quickly as possible is an unfair or unintended exploit. It's historically proven tactic that the game rewards you for using.
HelloImNotaBot 29 days ago
ABC please
Hadmin 29 days ago
Medelpad! The greatest of Sweden. The Ibiza of Misery!
Till Buschmann
Till Buschmann Month ago
Cheating ain't fair chief
Ehwaz Tiwaz
Ehwaz Tiwaz Month ago
Please, God Mega Chad give us those lovely Elephants!
FadedDreams 135
FadedDreams 135 Month ago
D- Conquer the entire world.
Nicholas Risi
Nicholas Risi Month ago
Berk Karakaş
Berk Karakaş Month ago
christian van de bijl
christian van de bijl Month ago
27:00 YOU PRICK ENFORCING YOUR OWN WILLS UPON THE DUKE OF HOLLAND! XD tbh holland is the one thing im a exual nationalist about XD
Aldrich Unfaithful
Aldrich Unfaithful Month ago
tbf to him he did literally explain how it was possible to achieve similarly insane stats without mods
Teuonic Knight
Teuonic Knight Month ago
What’s the cheat menu called?
Sean Wilkes
Sean Wilkes Month ago
B and c
Tony Marik
Tony Marik Month ago
I love how he stacked pope, destroyed Christianity, is cannibal but the pope still loves him
Swag Nation Gaming
Swag Nation Gaming Month ago
SLAYER_72 GAMING Month ago
Restart the British empire old chap! Let’s show these rapscallions what tea power can do
Spencer Anderson
Spencer Anderson Month ago
Eldormen Month ago
let the Nors elephants stomp over the world
ToothpikcOriginal Month ago
War elephants pls
Caesar Is a Red
Caesar Is a Red Month ago
Bring back the Empire!
Regret Sin
Regret Sin Month ago
this isnt even exploits its just modding
Quiq Month ago
The methld: exploit The setup: cheating by getting rid of every provlem
Justin Hewett
Justin Hewett Month ago
Bruh you are not exploiting the game anymore you are just straight up using cheats. this isnt what any of us came here for.
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