Top 10 Best JRPGs On PS4

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4 months ago

The top 10 best JRPGs on PS4! From mercenaries with massive swords to school kids battling psychic demons, you can't accuse this genre of lacking variety. Here are 10 of our top picks - let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!
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Lyndz Lyn
Lyndz Lyn 2 days ago
I liked ff13 2
Moiz 27
Moiz 27 5 days ago
Persona 5 is a masterpiece
AJ SOAD 11 days ago
Jrpgs are from japan. That guy is an idiot
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur 12 days ago
No final fantasy 4?
Alex Cuteyb
Alex Cuteyb 15 days ago
well dark souls reminds me of berserk so frickin mutch that it is for me definatly a jrpg
CyanRyanN64 !
CyanRyanN64 ! 21 day ago
Bruh i only didn't have two games on this list which are tales and val
CyanRyanN64 !
CyanRyanN64 ! 21 day ago
Im about to buy tales it's literally 10 bucks rn
Nxxb Nxjdhd
Nxxb Nxjdhd 22 days ago
D'Angelo Johnson
D'Angelo Johnson 22 days ago
As a persona 5/royal fan both of which I probably accumulated 500 hours combined and two play throughs its an amazing game i was hooked! And final fantasy 7 remake too beautiful game with lovely music and graphics just watching it makes me wanna play it again 😩
shioriryukaze 24 days ago
I love the Tales series. It's up there with Final Fantasy and Star Ocean as my favs
JP Seven Plays
JP Seven Plays 25 days ago
I'm late...but I agree with you! Dark Souls isn't a
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 25 days ago
Nier automata is best played in Japanese
Angel RT
Angel RT 26 days ago
FFVII Remake
Suban Subz
Suban Subz Month ago
I'm with your bruh. It's stylistic. I love my Bloodborne but that is not a JRPG imo
Geo Nif
Geo Nif Month ago
dark souls is an JRPG ; I mean the rinse and repeat, the patient, the impossible odds, the silent protagonist, the powerful lords-shoguns, the assimilation of the western icons and ideas in the weirdest way possible
Ems LionHeart
Ems LionHeart Month ago
JRPG- JUNIOR role playing game 😆
Kwing Plays
Kwing Plays Month ago
What a funny argument about JRPGs lol! :)))))))))))
diafenix Month ago
Nier Automata is my favorite PS4 game so far.
Alex VerWoert
Alex VerWoert Month ago
Id say JRPGs is a tradition, more than a style. A tradition descended from Dragon Quest.
Jason Hemsath
Jason Hemsath Month ago
Yes!!! Mhw made the list
Keithcass Month ago
Am I the only one still of that idea that JRPGs are RPGs made in Japan?
Leonel Garza
Leonel Garza Month ago
Rob is right
Mr. Wilder
Mr. Wilder Month ago
I only made it about 5 hours into Persona 4 Golden on the vita and then deleted it. Couldn't take the day to day calendar mechanic/time limit and the mundane maze-dungeons. It felt claustrophobic and stressful. Is Persona 5 any better? I love the visual style.
Ghulam Muhiuddin
Ghulam Muhiuddin Month ago
Just waiting till nocturn hits the screen.
Elias Cervantez
Elias Cervantez Month ago
Dark souls is not a JRPG!!
Umer Rehman
Umer Rehman Month ago
There’s no way FF7REMAKE is better than Ni Nu 2
Michael Pegasiou
Michael Pegasiou Month ago
Nino kuni 2 is not equally brilliant as Nino kuni,no way.
Disconnected Roamer
Disconnected Roamer 2 months ago
Persona 5 got me into jrpg’s and now I’m torn between dragon quest and kingdom of hearts
Seamus Yarr
Seamus Yarr 2 months ago
The reviewer kind of sounds like Mark Corrigan from Peep Show
Thomas Cameo
Thomas Cameo 2 months ago
Let's face it what Rob considers JRPG's are just the ones he can actually beat lmao. love you Rob. Would love to argue games with you sometime lol.
Visa Jero
Visa Jero 2 months ago
Code vein?
Chisaten 2 months ago
@9:22 is the "best" part of this vid!
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 2 months ago
I figured that JRPG was a RPG that is Japanese styled like artwork.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 2 months ago
I figured that JRPG was a RPG that is Japanese styled like artwork.
hazi91 2 months ago
Nier Automata is not an jrpg, it's mix of many genres but mostly action DMC style slasher game.
hazi91 2 months ago
Monster Hunter World is not an jrpg however Monster Hunter Stories is
hazi91 2 months ago
Jrpg is basicaly rpg with anime graphics. If it havn't got anime graphics it's not jrpg.
VanillaCore 2 months ago
Kingdom Hearts is NOT a jrpg......... and MHW is not a open world game....
GeninGeo 2 months ago
Ew trun based. Bring out Kingdom hearts the quintessential jrpg of the past 20 years. Dark souls is in fact a jRPG with the stat based leveling system an all
GeninGeo 2 months ago
Mon Hun world is a Jrpg like kingdom hearts and dark souls
Sunny Kenny Suseno
Sunny Kenny Suseno 2 months ago
No kiseki series?
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