Film Theory: Willy Wonka RIGGED the Golden Tickets!

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The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

11 days ago

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gem in the history of movies. It stands out not just for the acting and the main story, but all of the things you can find hiding beneath the surface. It is a surprisingly ominous movie and the character of Willy Wonka is at the center of the horror. We've talked about Wonka using the Golden Tickets to pass off his OSHA violations onto the winner, but what if that was not the only trick he's trying to pull? What else is Willy Wonka up to? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Test 2
Test 2 28 minutes ago
That creepy reading
Test 2
Test 2 28 minutes ago
Test 2
Test 2 29 minutes ago
This video is misleading
nate miller
nate miller 40 minutes ago
thank you matt patt its been a great decade im 21 now been watching you since i was 11 keep it up
Marisol Morales
Marisol Morales 50 minutes ago
I honestly wouldn’t mind having MatPat as my teacher 😂😂
zombiepikachulord19 Hour ago
Game theory: Remember you last batim theory it said "Benevolent demon"? What if that was SAMMY talking to the watcher... BENDY. Please do a theory on this also i love the channel P.s 14:58 Tas: Am i a joke to you?
LoneWolf 4263
LoneWolf 4263 Hour ago
That child who asked in class remanes without an answer sir.. did he ever actually get an answer????
RamenSoop 2 hours ago
Amazing theory just how I like em, I wanted to add a what if kinda question did the topic of Wonka bar prices might be different in different countries come into play? you see stores often like to place their prices affordable so that they can ideal to the consumers, if people in different countries get paid less then stores would have there prices placed less This is just a what if I could be totally wrong about this I’m no expert on this sort of thing
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 2 hours ago
moradan81 3 hours ago
The Link! Man, that made me laugh out loud.
Doctor Jay
Doctor Jay 3 hours ago
Film Theory Pitch: I'm not exactly sure how well this will turn out, but I was wondering if it was possible for Amelia Earhart in Night in the Museum 2 to have made it back to the Smithsonian and gotten back down to the storage area before sunrise. I heard speculation that she might have not. But then again that's just a theory... ...A F- OOD THEORY! Jk
Amanda P
Amanda P 3 hours ago
So Wonka isn't raciest, he's ageist.
Life sucks But I’m hear for it
Life sucks But I’m hear for it 3 hours ago
Danny = the creator and source of all of Matt’s theory’s and ideas
Xxy 3 hours ago
I always thought it was weird that 3 of the 5 were American but I also didn't know how huge America was at the time I watched it
thewrench01 4 hours ago
“The whole thing was rigged from the start” *queues fallout 76 theme*
Retro Metro
Retro Metro 4 hours ago
food theory:do they use real ingredients in the bean boozled set
Internet _idiot
Internet _idiot 4 hours ago
Y’know..if all of his channels reach 10M, thats gonna be SUCH a big flex. “Oh, I have 5M subs! ^-^” “Hah, beat this. I have 10M.” “20M!” MatPat: *I have 10M on each of my four channels. Each are about Theorys nobody ask for or needed, but wanted.*
Paska Sammakko
Paska Sammakko 2 hours ago
Life Rewinded
Life Rewinded 4 hours ago
Golden thicket idea!! Like the one Michael Scott had lol
croaton07 4 hours ago
I thought the idea of him rigging the contest was a theory since day one? He knew each character before they arrived, you could tell. Fun watch but not original.
Nicholas Lamey
Nicholas Lamey 4 hours ago
Surprised there is no conspiracy theory.
_Lizzy._.Sarah_ 5 hours ago
Theory Pitch: Which one of the men in 'Mamma Mia!' is Sophie's real dad.
_Lizzy._.Sarah_ 5 hours ago
Theory Pitch: So, there is this scene in Mary Poppins returns where they need to turn back time, so Mary Poppins enlists the help of the leeries (Lamp Lighters). There seem to be around 30-40 men. They all have ladders, which seem to be around 4-5 feet tall (I could be wrong) and they use them to climb up Big Ben. About halfway up the clock they run out of ladders, so Jack lays a ladder down vertically and walks across it. After he counts down a leerie jumps on the ladder and sends Jack flying up to the clock in Big Ben. I've been wondering if one, you could climb up Big ben the same way they did in the movie, and two, if you could put enough weight on a ladder to send someone flying as high as Jack.
Bhojpuri Dance Video
Bhojpuri Dance Video 5 hours ago
Ewan Kirby
Ewan Kirby 5 hours ago
I love how he said slugworth
Bugside almighty
Bugside almighty 6 hours ago
He stretches this so much I can't take it
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 6 hours ago
You should’ve said “the rest of you all should just play MINECRAFT on your phone” I mean, fortnite? Really?
Naw Say
Naw Say 6 hours ago
Could’ve talked about this before the beloved man passed away.
OmarPlayZ 6 hours ago
I'm only watch the 3 channels food l, game, film theory channels
Rachel Falder
Rachel Falder 8 hours ago
i bet you could get even more granular on the population data, and that might even push the odds even higher
A human ?
A human ? 8 hours ago
1:39 I am a gummy bear I am a gummy bear I am funny looking yummy little gummy bear Oh yea Only 5% of people will get that ( plz tell me , if you get I want to know if I’m alone )
Paska Sammakko
Paska Sammakko Hour ago
This is the worst comment i have ever seen.
Firebird 8 hours ago
Food theory idea: Why on Earth people still buy Hershey's "vomit flavoured" chocolate. They leave the butyric acid in the chocolate which gives it a vomity under/after taste (or in the case of a mini almond bar or theirs, taste entirely of vomit, never again...).
David B
David B Hour ago
Funnily enough, there's a video already out there just for your question:
Did I ask You?
Did I ask You? 8 hours ago
Bro I jeast watched the 2 year old vid
Hmmm 8 hours ago
You should have also excluded the populations of Eastern Bloc countries and other communist nations (unless they were included in the USSR's population)
S. W. L. Shepard
S. W. L. Shepard 8 hours ago
Man, what did Coke do in '79 that got them into so many places?
Did I ask You?
Did I ask You? 8 hours ago
Did I ask You?
Did I ask You? 8 hours ago
S. W. L. Shepard that would be coo,
S. W. L. Shepard
S. W. L. Shepard 8 hours ago
Make Conspiracy Theory a thing!! I would be so cool!
shad Fuad
shad Fuad 9 hours ago
Meme theory?
Master Noob
Master Noob 9 hours ago
Theory pitch: where is Star Wars :/
Master Noob
Master Noob 9 hours ago
Master Noob
Master Noob 9 hours ago
Poor mattpat...
Herribeater 9 hours ago
I think MatPat was trying to tell us that he was hit in the head by a stray ball at a baseball game as a kid
RoseSpark 10 hours ago
11:28 Wait a sec why your not using the T-34 for Russia!
SAFFIRE COVE 10 hours ago
That beginning was good
Willy Wanka
Willy Wanka 11 hours ago
Children are our future after all
Paska Sammakko
Paska Sammakko Hour ago
Great name.
Pentax 25
Pentax 25 11 hours ago
You can take this one step further and say that the specific children picked were rigged as well. You have Augustus Gloop, someone who is obsessed with candy and chocolate, a decent candidate because he’d probably be quite secretive and protective over the factory and unlikely to sell it on. There’s Mike TV, who doesn’t really show much of an interest in the factory but he does show an interest in the technology. With Wonka experimenting on the TV station like that Mike would be a good follow up because with those resources he’d probably continue to push the tech. There’s Veruca, who’s father already runs a huge business so she would have access to good lawyers and probably pick up some business sense from her father so that Wonka is successful. And then there’s Violet, who simply must be the best at everything. If she inherited the factory she’d probably keep striving to be the best and beat out any competition, taking the brand forward. Finally there’s Charlie, someone who has nothing and has come from nothing. Probably the wild card of Wonkas choice but he’s optimistic and loyal, as we see him taking care of his family. If Charlie inherited the factory, Wonka would know that it was in safe hands. And remember it’s just a theory, a COMMENTS theory! Thanks for reading.
Boat Pui
Boat Pui 12 hours ago
Flim Theory:Is Mr.Bean an alien?
K_ Den_Night
K_ Den_Night 13 hours ago
What i got from this is Danny is a mad genius just take how long it took to make the video and that's how long they got a break from that class.
steven universe fan
steven universe fan 13 hours ago
Food theory pitch what can coke disintegrate
Liam Bogur
Liam Bogur 13 hours ago
Anyone got Deja Vu from this episode, like they’d already watched it a year or two ago?
Brain_ Buffering
Brain_ Buffering 13 hours ago
Say it with me Matpat:dem-oh-graff-ick
Petra Lynn
Petra Lynn 13 hours ago
If USshow ever dies like vine and matpat should become a teacher 😂
Gh0stlyy Guy
Gh0stlyy Guy 14 hours ago
food theory theory: milk first of cereal first
Endarkened Eyes
Endarkened Eyes 14 hours ago
Film Theory Idea: Something I have always been curious about...what would Scooby and Shaggy’s metabolism have to be in order to consume the mass amounts of food they eat without ever gaining weight? I am rather envious
trevor lawson
trevor lawson 14 hours ago
He says he ruins childhoods but his channel has become part of my childhood now
Lulu Lolu
Lulu Lolu 14 hours ago
Never got see the orgnl movie but i saw the remake
Isobel Holmes
Isobel Holmes 14 hours ago
It takes place in Munich it’s a small village in Germany
Bradley Davis
Bradley Davis 15 hours ago
I would like to personally thank mat pat for not including Tasmania as part of Australia
dr07828 15 hours ago
That's just the movie. In the book how could you tell?
Mahdis seydi
Mahdis seydi 15 hours ago
Ps. I loved dis epidode
Muskaan 15 hours ago
Roald Dahl was British though
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 16 hours ago
That 70’s Show Theory: Where is Fez from?
Flame Pig 06
Flame Pig 06 16 hours ago
Nathan Almeida
Nathan Almeida 16 hours ago
Duuuuude, stop bragging so much! I’ve followed you since the beginning of your channel, gosh you practically teach me English and inspired me to pursuit my dream and profession and I have a lot of thanks to throw at you. But stop with the “OMG I work so much on this research , I love doing this these are my channels bla bla bla”. I can presume how difficult USshow is this days and how your responsibility has grown over the year, but your work always talk by it self, you never need to stretch your own publicity like this, at least not in the middle of the video... we’ll just my opinion, great job as always, and I subscribed to all your channels
Muahmmed Hayyan
Muahmmed Hayyan 16 hours ago
I always watch your videos while cooking it keeps me entertained thx a lot matpat..........and Austin
Muahmmed Hayyan
Muahmmed Hayyan 15 hours ago
@abbsnn cose I keep it on the shelf and cook that's all
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 15 hours ago
only sporadically on shelves? It seems the video assumes a 1:1 ratio of bars to people in its calculations but shows that's not the case with Veruca Salt & adults in general.
Joaquin Banks
Joaquin Banks 17 hours ago
Should make a theory about how many subscribers are real and how many are bots and what sort of signs can you notice
Fosi Palaamo
Fosi Palaamo 19 hours ago
Nia not Jax likes wresting because her picture is bianca belair and Nia Jax is a wrestler too
mujtaba khan
mujtaba khan 20 hours ago
Omega Wolf
Omega Wolf 21 hour ago
i wasnt the only one tripping out when the rainbow hands with candy bars went by right? super trippy
Gregory Swan
Gregory Swan 21 hour ago
One more detail for the theory. If i recall correctly, all tickets have one specific date on when to visit the factory. What are the chances that *all* the tickets are found before time runs out?
Sebastian Scarneo
Sebastian Scarneo 21 hour ago
Best. Plot twist. Ever.
Aiden van Dijk
Aiden van Dijk 22 hours ago
If this channel would hit 10 mil subs, you would have 10 awards youtube awards; 2 diamond, 4 golden and 4 silver
Ocean Rain
Ocean Rain 22 hours ago
Question: If GTlive and Game theory are part of the same section in the wheel, Flim Theory the right line thing and Food Theory the left bottom. What’s the right bottom section?
Ocean Rain
Ocean Rain 22 hours ago
If you don’t know what I mean by GTlive and Game Theory sharing the some section, check their channel pfp😉
Xero Aishintu
Xero Aishintu 23 hours ago
I'm sorry you got caught up in all of this. From where you're sittin', looks like a run of bad luck. But the truth is... the game was rigged from the start.
EdinMike 23 hours ago
So Willy Wonka was racist now too ! Jeez it gets worse every week...
Sharron Duron
Sharron Duron 23 hours ago
At -0:02 its viewers in a nutshell
Sgotach _
Sgotach _ Day ago
Wonky a pedo? 😂😂 canceled!!
Professer 420
Professer 420 Day ago
Johnny depp version>Gene Wilder version don’t @ me
10 Gamer
10 Gamer Day ago
New channel Idea, Book Theory, I have some good ideas for vids.
Bryan Petroff
Bryan Petroff Day ago
But don't you also need to take into account the # of bars produced & their geographical distribution? How do we not know some markets were flooded w bars while others were only sporadically on shelves? It seems the video assumes a 1:1 ratio of bars to people in its calculations but shows that's not the case with Veruca Salt & adults in general.
Grant Widmann
Grant Widmann Day ago
Yay!!!! Arthritic fingers
Gene Autry
Gene Autry Day ago
You should of mentioned the fact that people had TVs so we at least know the film is set in or around the late 40s or 50s. Other than that, this is one of your best videos.
Desert Punk75
Desert Punk75 Day ago
It is EXTREMELY LIKEY that Willy Wonka fixed the entire contest: 1) In the book, one of Charlie's grandfathers worked for Wonka before he the workers with the Oompa Loompa [due to theft of formulas, etc.] 2) It is VERY likely that Wonka knew Charlie's grandfather, and all former workers under surveillance [knowing Wonka's character]. 3) Wonka would have learned about Charlie's character from these observations. 4) It is not beyond presumption that the candy store owner [depicted in the movie] was one of Wonka's agents, and Charlie was chosen from the start. 5) Watch carefully at the Candy Store Owner, when he presents Charlie the bar with the winning ticket. 6) Look at Wonka, when Charlie gives the Everlasting Gobstopper back to him. It was like he was expecting Charlie to pass this last test all along, as if he already knew Charlie's character.
RC Gamex
RC Gamex Day ago
And then Charlie grew up to build an eternal engine train to survive the end of the world.
Cal Not ahowing
Cal Not ahowing Day ago
Wait what about the 4th part of the logo? Is it blue?
Ambria Day ago
But Charlie found a 50 pences coin which is not America currency I am so cunfused
Enigma Kitty
Enigma Kitty Day ago
When do we get food theory live.
gt live Should be blue
CommanderDoom 500
CommanderDoom 500 Day ago
You forgot about the store locations because most of the people In Africa or India wouldn’t have that many candy stores
Faixthii Day ago
Musical Theory?
Jeff 4 the Raid
Jeff 4 the Raid Day ago
Mario's what
Ryan Day ago
Do a Carrion theory
Pickycow Day ago
next channel is conspiracy theorists
Mickey J
Mickey J Day ago
MatPat: Do you see how deep we get into these niche topics? Me, a 28 year-old: My guy, I am being entertained and educated, which is more than my schools ever did. Do NOT stop these deep dives!
Dunkleosteus Sashimi
Dunkleosteus Sashimi Day ago
If I had a nickel for every time film theory talked about willy wonkas chocolate factory, I'd have 2 nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's wierd that it happened twice.
Purple Lemon
Purple Lemon Day ago
Problem: You didn't factor in the probability of it going to a kid. It could have gone to an adult.
First_Comes_Rock Day ago
is ant man in the right universe?
Niqht Productions
Niqht Productions Day ago
Could you PLEASE do a theory on Adventure Time.
Wyatt Mccoy
Wyatt Mccoy Day ago
ive noticed something about all of matpats videos. first they start out real simple and as the video goes further is gets more complicated.
Aidan Lambert
Aidan Lambert Day ago
This was a really cool and very well researched video, but I gotta say I disagree with using coke as your Wonka Company stand-in. Especially because you then excluded countries based on Coke's specific circumstances. I feel like it would've been better to go with Hershey's, but just assume they had the distribution power of a large company LIKE Coke.
skinny legend foxy
skinny legend foxy Day ago
Matpat can you make a Veggie Tales Theory
wes messer
wes messer Day ago
is this a re upload I swear I either saw this idea somewhere else or here? *shrug*
Ernestas Day ago
We need more of the good old intro of matpat and the film theory
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